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Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Fashion Tips - Live Stand Up Comedy

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Jeff Foxworthy performs his live stand up act about Red Neck Fashion. May contain offensive language. SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!
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Text Comments (30)
Bill Mason (2 months ago)
He's always funny and clean.
Butterfly Paint (11 months ago)
kingluois (2 years ago)
its great
brian blake (2 years ago)
Back t*****s
Elizabeth Roberto (2 years ago)
i can SEE why he doesn't do stand up comedy anymore & he's not on regular TV either anymore as well but i do have one of his d.v.d movies called......."JEFF FOXWORTHY (1992) You Might Be A Redneck IF....... & Check Your Neck" that I've had since..... 6-23-2004 & also 3 of his c.d's one is called......"JEFF FOXWORTHY LAUGHING HYENA (1989) AMERICA'S FUNNIEST STAND-UP COMICS THE REDNECK TEST" that I've had since...... 8-5-2004....... 2nd. one is called...... ""JEFF FOXWORTHY Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered" that I've also had since..... 8-5-2004 & 3rd. one is called...... "The Best Of JEFF FOXWORTHY DOUBLE WIDE SINGLE MINDED" ................ p.s & thanks for uploading this video thecomedyclubchannel's channel :=) :=)
bagnome (2 years ago)
Really? It's no big city, but it's no small town either. It's halfway between Dallas and Shreveport.
Elizabeth Roberto (2 years ago)
+Benjamin Cravey don't even know or even herd of where this place called......"Tyler Texas" is even though i myself am from...... "Austin Tx".........
Benjamin Cravey (2 years ago)
He was in Tyler Texas doing stand up back in October of 2016
Steven Gardner (2 years ago)
r. u. fucking. kidding. me, these. r. just. jokes. its. not. Meant. to. offend. anyone. hello! he. Doesn't. mean. anything. by. it. Jeff. foxworthy. is. one. of. those. rare. comedians. who. Doesn't. feel. the. need. to. curse. to. be. funny. not. like. the. punk. comedians. they. got. today!
Kathryn Poole (3 years ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again.... the ONLY reason Jeff Foxworthy is not dead and can get away with the redneck stuff is because he is from here, and we know ourselves it's true......... b u t DON'T let anyone else from somewhere else say this stuff !
Corbin Stuart (4 years ago)
he did not he is awesome
Ann P (5 years ago)
I usually really like his comedy, but he went a little too far this time.
Cam Copponex (5 years ago)
LOL LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grizzfan08 (5 years ago)
6:25: AMEN!!!
Tom Bateman (6 years ago)
two full grown racoons fighting in a bag of feed corn XD me and my family were playing poker and i played this oh my god my dad almost shot beer out his nose
bbabe0214 (6 years ago)
This is AWESOME!!! hahaha
Patrick Flynn (6 years ago)
Dude... Shut the fuck up...
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
damn stright !!!!!!
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
cool and when's that !!
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
ugh was just eating while he made the grand ma joke i almost threw up !!!! :(
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
same here !!! : )
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
this and bill engvall's15 seconds off normal part one is funnier than all get out!!
Ryan Beers (6 years ago)
of course theirs not a lot of supermodels shoppt wal mart !! *
dawn huizenga (6 years ago)
My favorite!
Sydney Brown (6 years ago)
i have the same birthday as jeff foxworthy
Michael Stewart (6 years ago)
240p we meet again
Seraya Mathers (6 years ago)
The Only Dislike!
Winter Rose (7 years ago)
totally agree
BooMagoo (7 years ago)
1 comment
Devon Lindstrom (7 years ago)
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU JEFF! oh and by the way 1 COMMENT!!!!

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