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Homemade alcohol

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Homemade alcohol Not so long ago, I posted a couple of pictures of alcohol, obtained in my home. Judging by the comments, this topic is of interest to people. In this post I will try to describe in detail the process of cooking alcohol. First you need to make home-made beer, from which we will drive out the alcohol. I used the classic recipe for mash made of sugar and yeast. The dishes served three glass bottles with stoppers dvadtsatilitrovye adapted for quick fit. Yeast: for each bottle, 100 grams Sugar - 4 kg each portion Spring water - 13 liters Water was warmed to room temperature and stir it in sugar and then pour into the bottle Yeast bred in warm water and poured into the last turn After all the components are filled into a bottle, it is necessary to cut off the air. For greater fidelity shook tape cork The bottles are placed in a warm place for 10-14 days After two weeks of waiting, when Braga stopped "gurgle" in hydrolocks and brightened, you can proceed to the distillation Putting the machine Cube I have 20 liters, it turns out one bottle - one batch distillation Fill Braga finished in a cube Here is the machine on a plate This is a common type of hoses During primary distillation of the refrigerator is not used on the column, water is not supplied to him for this Hoffman clamp fully twisted. Impurities in the distillation of wash constantly "generated" directly in the cube when heated. The fact that yeast that are inherently microorganisms before boil alive isolated Braga unnecessary boiling impurities including fusel oil. So first you need to conduct the distillation at a maximum heating performance and to the yeast died quickly and allocated as little as possible undesired substances. For this reason it is strongly recommended that the second distillation with fractionation. Crude alcohol distillation at a maximum speed turns a small fortress As a result, I got out of the whole mash three 3-liter jars of 60% and two banks 35% crude alcohol, each distillation took about three hours Now you're ready for the second distillation - fractional. Instead mash is poured into a cube raw alcohol, pre-diluted to a fortress of 20-40% A small trick gleaned from the Internet by me: if you add in the crude alcohol 3 teaspoons of baking soda, the alcohol will much "softer" After the column heated to 75 degrees in the upward refrigerator supplied with water from the tap To this end, Hoffmann-adjustable clamp 20 minutes vapor completely condenses on the cooler upstream - operation on Then reposition the clip back to the water supply pipe in the upward refrigerator and start slowly, with pauses after each half revolution, closing up until the output drops appear overhead. From that moment, the selection of the first fraction "heads" After screening 150 ml to 20 liter cube can proceed to the selection of "food" faction. The temperature is stabilized in the vicinity of 78-82 degrees That's the result! Close-up The lower the temperature of the cube, the lower the system performance, the higher the product fort. During the distillation bottoms temperature increases. "Food" fraction is taken to a temperature of 87 degrees in the cube. When it is not possible to keep the temperature below 87 degrees, it is necessary to change the receptacle and collect "tail" fraction. The second distillation is much slower than the first one, I have it took about 12 hours, while I spent only half of the resulting crude alcohol . Here's what happened It is believed that the house do alcohol is much cheaper. Now you can roughly calculate the cost, considering not only the sugar and yeast, but also gas, cooling water, gasoline, in order to bring the spring water, and other components. But most importantly - the time it takes to do something to get a decent product. After all, it received only alcohol, but to cook out of it delicious drinks, will take a lot of time. But for myself, I came to the decision that the drink of own production is much tastier and safer. This is my first post, do not judge strictly, although critics essentially even be useful. If the topic is interesting, it will be possible to continue on the subject of cooking directly drinks themselves.
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Video Plus (17 days ago)
Let clear something, after distillation process I will get ethanol, water and what else evaporate from that fermented sugar?
1 looper (3 months ago)
Fuck Yeah Awesome

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