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Oracle DBA Justin - How to disable user password sensitivity.

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How to disable user password sensitivity.
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Russell Cannon (1 year ago)
So, you show folks how to disable password case sensitivity during logon without ever explaining the security ramifications of doing so. They're huge. It is one thing to know how it can be done. It is quite another actually doing it in practice. New DBAs should be warned about this. Maybe one might do this with a throwaway, practice database, but no DBA worth his pay would ever set the parameter to false for any development, test, or production database. Doing so is just asking for trouble. Cheers, Russ (I know these are all old videos, but as they are still out there, there is some value in providing meaningful comments.)
steeveepee33 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the videos Justin. I'm hoping to get through all of your uploads and I hope to see them keep coming. It's a great way for me to learn.
Abdul Qadir (6 years ago)
THANKS for uploading and it is only 11g feature guys
das (6 years ago)
Hi Justin, I am waiting for your videos since 2 months.. good to see your video again. thanks alot. thanks das
Aleksandr Sidorov (6 years ago)
Great video, Justin! But sound quality was better in early videos.

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