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2-Acre Tropical Food Forest Project: Start to Finish

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What Your Permaculture Design Course Isn't Teaching You! This 2-part series (Ft. Myers, FL) takes you through the entire process of establishing a food forest, from start to finish. We share with you how a paper design hits the ground & discuss the triumph, the trials & everything in between so you can apply the lessons we gain to your own permaculture farm or garden. Be sure to come back for part 2, but in the meantime - be sure to check out our full "How to Create A Food Forest" Playlist. We have over 30 videos on projects of all different sizes & "how-to's" on just about anything you are seeking. You can find the playlist here - https://bit.ly/2ragmL2 Intro Music: Vacation by Dirty Heads **Listen Here to Original on Soundcloud - https://bit.ly/2rjitwb Remix Credit - ADDCT on Soundcloud - https://bit.ly/2JI09Dq ____________________________________________________________ Want to support GreenDreams for FREE?!!! http://amzn.to/2uAXvKV Simple, Fast, FREE Shipping with Amazon Prime http://amzn.to/2uFsAf8 ______________________________________________________________ To learn more about us, as well as our products & services: https://www.greendreamsFL.com Follow us on Social media https://www.facebook.com/greendreamsflorida https://www.instagram.com/PeteKanaris ______________________________________________________________
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Text Comments (219)
Christian Larsen (8 days ago)
its all about the money...
Darryn Jones (12 days ago)
Why on earth would you plant sensitive weed (mimosa) on purpose? It's such a horrible invasive species!
Darryn Jones not this species. This is Mimosa strigillosa and has no thorns. It can also make a great lawn alternative.
Darryn Jones (12 days ago)
+Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL it gets the nitrogen from the blood of people who walk on the lawn with bare feet after it has established itself!
Darryn Jones because it’s a Florida native, and it fixes nitrogen. It’s an excellent ground cover here in Florida!
Katrina Harvey (19 days ago)
This is truly motivational. I love it.
Tararaina Vairere (2 months ago)
The trees seem to be planted so close to each other. Looking beautiful
Naxxa (2 months ago)
Jake Colvin (3 months ago)
What is all the Grey mineral around the trees?
Jake Colvin that is azomite, it’s a trace mineral we use on all of our installs.
Silverthorn Landscaping (3 months ago)
great stuff
julie fulcher (4 months ago)
OMG! I'm a Mango Tree lol!!!!$
Chris B (4 months ago)
You already had me with dirty heads! Already there it was a good video xD (Y) Dope project, keep it green! :-D
1semiauto (4 months ago)
What would be the cost for something like this?
Linda Hodgkinson (4 months ago)
Ally Miller (4 months ago)
Just found you guys and I'm so grateful. I recently bought some acreage and I'm definitely going to give you guys a call soon!
Ally Miller thank you! We look forward to your call:)
Josephine Dorion (5 months ago)
rafiqa11 (5 months ago)
mangos like sand, and no fertiizer?
Jim Johnson (5 months ago)
This will be very hard to top anywhere! I am jealous lol! Great job!
Thanks Jim! We are currently designing 1acre waterfront site that I think might give this one a run for it's money :)
John Doe (5 months ago)
I wish I lived in area where I could grow year around and not just spring/summer.
david o (5 months ago)
Yop!!! thank´s for the video!!! I will like to make the same as you in Ecuatorial Guinee!!!! Asewe Namaste!!!
Karchilo (5 months ago)
how many years will it take before it will look like a forest?.. awesome job BTW...
Village TV (5 months ago)
Charles CHUCKC (5 months ago)
I live in Ft. Myers Fl and am looking to do something similar to thise but on a much smaller scale. I've got 10 trees so far on 1/2 acre.
Charles CHUCKC great area to be growing! If you need any help give us a holler.
Hague1970 (5 months ago)
If he says ‘growing on’ once more, I’m going to do time....
Ken Tichy (5 months ago)
I fertilize my mango trees regularly and have excellent results. Just don't use too much Nitrogen. My 12 foot Glenn has 100 mangoes on it this year as set fruit. They also really like the mulch I give them. Maybe you're missing Magnesium. Poor soil is poor soil. There's nothing in it. If your mango can't find nutrients it will not do well because there is nothing to thrive on. Sand has nothing.
FunkyMonkeyz (5 months ago)
OMG absolutely love this video, you definitely know what your talking about. Studying to go into horticulture, happy to have found this channel.
FunkyMonkeyz thank you! Good luck with school:)
Real Victoria (5 months ago)
I have almost no stomach lining which causes a lot of bacterial infections, I’m thankful if it’s once a month I get food poisoning. Short story, take zofran aka ondesetron , blend ginger, blueberry, lime juice, plain yogurt, and a capful of apple cider vinegar, water blend and slowly drink over an hour. Instantly fixes nausea and headache. Keeping teeth brushed with minty toothpaste helps too.
Real Victoria wow that sounds terrible, I’m sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Garden Inspiration SAFA (5 months ago)
very beautiful, good job , thumb up
Doc Steven (5 months ago)
Great project. You should consider getting a clip-on mic.
Victor Martinez (5 months ago)
Beautiful i have several tropical fruit plants grown from seed and cuttings but there are only a couple months old they are in the ground already
Johnald (5 months ago)
Just found the channel. Very excited
Andre S. Rodriguez (5 months ago)
❄the white sand under the trees, looks like white snow ❄☺
Luis Becerra (5 months ago)
Do you need a lot of nitrogen fixers?
Jacqui Baxter (5 months ago)
This is amazing! Love it!!
Diba Lowen (5 months ago)
I really enjoy your tours and am learning more about fruit tree. Are there any food forests that I cam visit in Lake Mary FL or Orlando area?
MoonSeven (5 months ago)
Love the intro music, true words!
diggs (5 months ago)
Living the dream buddy thanks for sharing the video and I am now subscribed
diggs thank you! 👊
Achyuta Krishna (5 months ago)
Awesome work boss. Keep rocking.
Grounded (5 months ago)
Pete; It is all good a wonderful creating a food forest in Ft. Myers, Florida where the weather is ideal for growing most anything. But in Northern Minnesota, zone 3, where growing a food forest amounts to nothing more than a vegetable garden during the summer. Not many fruit trees can be grown here, and even a number of vegetables are hit and miss to try and grow here. Every video I come across about creating a food forest are all in areas of the country that allow a person to grow food year round. Very discouraging for those of us living in the frozen north.
Murphis55 (6 months ago)
Me next!
shai egosi (6 months ago)
What a cool video! Whats been growing on?? YOU have!
johntae jackson (6 months ago)
Love this, just purchased home cant wait to get started
johntae jackson thank you!
Chelby Fouts (6 months ago)
Hire me for an internship!!
vega120 (6 months ago)
Great Video..Thanks :^)
Love it.........
Pablo Alfonso (6 months ago)
I am open to creating an indoor ecosystem if possible, but I'm not sure what edible plants to grow indoors. And in case anyone is wondering, I'm not talking about clandestine type indoor activities, I mean fruit and vegetables.
Pablo Alfonso (6 months ago)
Hi Pete. I live in Tampa and don't have a backyard, but I have a covered patio and an electric outlet. I want a mini edible garden, so my question is can I grow something edible in my patio while supplementing sunlight with LED grow lighting?
Gabriel Sosa (6 months ago)
Excelent Job Pete! Empowering me to do so at my place!
zak karto (6 months ago)
Moving North to Ft. Myers in a month. Looking to a similar idea shortly, just on a smaller scale. Looking to your video for inspiration. Excellent video.
zak karto thank you! This was my first experience in this part of Ft Myers, I really liked it.
rsinfelt1 (6 months ago)
Pete: take a helpful hint......the less you make the viewer look at you talking.....the better. Show actual stuff.
rsinfelt1 love you too 😘
Luke Morrison (6 months ago)
looks like atleast 20 grand worth of compost.
Luke Morrison we hardly used any compost, maybe 20 yards on the front and back yard. Lots of fill dirt and mulch though.
Catherine Long (6 months ago)
Do you know anyone who can do similar work in 7b NC? Not as elaborate limited resources...less property....1.5 acres clay sand /depleted soil....cost to help design /advise how to prepare and incorporate existing mature landscape. To get a food forest started in my area.
Catherine Long I would check out spiral ridge Permaculture, they are doing some great work. I think Asheville has some a few companies also.
Ha Ly (6 months ago)
I love the introduction and the song so mucb. So inspirational!
Ha Ly thank you!
metalshredmetal1 (6 months ago)
any property turned into a "tropical food forest" in 10 days is NOT permaculture
LucasGrowsBest (6 months ago)
Wow! Awesome video! What camera did you use?
Very cool!
LucasGrowsBest (6 months ago)
Ok, thanks! I am looking into getting a better quality camera to up my YouTube game! Thanks for the compliments on my channel, I really appreciate it! I want to start making some videos with special effects on After Effects soon..
Hey Lucas! I use a Sony A6500 with a sigma lens and a gimbal. Nice channel and thumbnails! I’ll check out a few of your videos, keep up the good work 👊
RobCruz (6 months ago)
Looking so good Pete!! Much love!
RobCruz (6 months ago)
Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL absolutely! Would be delighted to do so 👌
RobCruz thanks bro! Your ears must have been ringing, I was just talking about you to Alex L. I wanna plan a Hawaiian Permaculture tour for 2019, I’m hoping you can guide me around Kauai 😉
Family Of 5 (6 months ago)
This is my dream ❤️❤️❤️
Chris Dutton (6 months ago)
👍👍👍Pete ! Oh my, where does one find that much biochar? Also Oak Tree providing Citrus with help against the bloody disease?? Can you share anymore on this, what could be a HUGE thing? ✌️❤️😁
Chris Dutton (6 months ago)
I shall look for it.... while I have you..... are you ware of anyone with a Mamey Sapote forest? I have a local brewery interested in a large amount.. Thank you sir! 👍👍👍👍
Chris Dutton we buy it by the semi load. I also sell bulk. I have a citrus video you should check out
Nadia (6 months ago)
Hey, thanks so much for the video! You said something about the sad looking mango reviving after heavy pruning, and wonder whether that can apply to other kinds of trees? I've got a wild almond tree about 4 feet tall - it was dormant and the branches were all crooked when I received it as a gift from a farmer. I pruned it gently, but when it started sprouting leaves and shoots, all the shoots were again coming out from all the wrong directions. I had to prune it back more aggressively (again) but as soon as I did that, the leaves became all sad and dried up. I also made the mistake of leaving it in the sun for a week, watering only once ... Could it be dead? Or should I wait? Thanks so much!
Nadia (6 months ago)
Thanks so much Pete! Indeed, I've placed it on a rooftop under the solar panels for shade, as unfortunately I don't have an area with dappled tree shade yet. I'm checking its soil and watering it about twice weekly during our warm Mediterranean spring, but no sign of it coming around for the past 3 months. It just looks like a bunch of dead branches. How long do you think one should wait before such a tree is declared as 'officially' dead? Hopefully it isn't dead, but I really don't have high hopes, alas :/ Once again, well done for the video!
Nadia glad you enjoyed! I would wait it should recover with proper watering. I’d try to find a spot with dappled light until it recovers. Good luck!
Bruno Oliveira (6 months ago)
To work with high carbon mulch, check out Dhar effect. With some phosphate, it breaks down a lot faster.
Sulcata Grove (6 months ago)
It’s great that you offer this service here. I’ve had several customers asking if we will plant our trees for them. I pass along your info :)
Sulcata Grove it’s definitely a hike for us. These road jobs are challenging to say the least, I’m hoping more people get into the business. Thanks for spreading the word!
nolaa64 (6 months ago)
If we could only get our classrooms outside into the real "Life"!
nolaa64 right!
nolaa64 (6 months ago)
Thank you for sharing! This is so motivating!
nolaa64 thanks!
Vegan Nurse Practitioner (6 months ago)
Big Hug, you'll feel better soon, if you know anyone with Kiefer water, it should clear your extra bad bugs in your gut right up. Kiefer water is packed full of about 40 strains of Army Fighters (good bugs/probiotics) to annihilate what ever has taken 'temporarily' over your gut :)
Vegan Nurse Practitioner thanks so much! I’m much better now. I need to try that kiefer water, it sounds great.
Crank Start Media (6 months ago)
Hey Pete , love the channel , just wondering what camera did you use to shoot this video, on the walk around ? Cheers PD
Crank Start Media (6 months ago)
Thanks Pete, for feedback, the blurred background works really well in your vlogs, keep up the great work ! Cheers Paul
Crank Start Media thank you! I use a Sony A6500 with a 16mm sigma lens.
Rudy Avina (6 months ago)
Nice video Pete!
Rudy Avina thank you!
Janet Hansen (6 months ago)
Those baby mangoes worry me. Would you be picking the tiny fruit off to minimise stress, and I can't see those young branches taking the weight of any mature fruit.
Janet Hansen most will be removed. In some cases it’s actually good to let a mango tree fruit young. They are so vigorous it will help to slow them down, especially in a high intensity grove.
Dave Cannon (6 months ago)
Love this! How much would a project like this cost to design and install?
Dave Cannon a rough cost would be 75-100k.
Balberto de la chiniguez (6 months ago)
Ordering Fruits and salads if you have to eat out will probably help avoid food poisoning if they serve that kinda food...
Balberto de la chiniguez I actually got sick eating something at a family get together for Easter.
Balberto de la chiniguez (6 months ago)
One of your best videos! The Intro Song Gets me pumped too go Plant the rest of my Fruit plants in my mini Food Forest....
Balberto de la chiniguez thank you! Good luck with the food forest 🌳
Jerry Snelling (6 months ago)
Great video! I'm curious--are the mounds on contour to catch water or are is it for eye appeal? I can't tell if there is a slope to the land or of it's flat. It's a beautiful project!
Jerry Snelling no the design is mostly for aesthetic appeal and function. The beds are specifically mounted because the backyard holds water in the rainy season and during hurricanes.
Michal Cukrowski (6 months ago)
Amazing job Pete. This is a fantastic property
Michal Cukrowski thank you! 👊
Jodie Thuy (6 months ago)
Hi Pete, that’s a big project! Looking good! You mention about putting a water system! With all the rain in fort Myers do you need to water the fruit trees?
Hey Jodi! We find the irrigation essential for initial installation and during dry season. Most of these trees will be flowering and developing fruit while normally we are in dry season, the irrigation will help greatly with fruit development and production. Also because of the raised beds due to flooding problems they will dry out quicker.
Lucas Gabes (6 months ago)
hey pete i love what you're doing out here, thanks for sharing
Lucas Gabes thank you!! I appreciate the support
Lalo Alvarez (6 months ago)
What a gorgeous piece of property.
Travis Mathews (6 months ago)
great work
Travis Mathews thank you!
603ginob (6 months ago)
Love watching your videos. We're in South Florida now for the growing and outdoors. I enjoy the outdoors growing and planting more than anything. can operate equipment have CDL are you hiring? Would love to help/learn and have a job I love!!
603ginob thanks! Not at the moment but the company is growing. We are based out of the tampa area.
Clint Culberson (6 months ago)
Your attention to detail is inspiring. Such a well designed forest. Great video
Clint Culberson thank you! I really appreciate the feedback.
Samir Paleja (6 months ago)
you mentioned mangoes don't like nitrogen fixtures, but you planted one besides a mango!
Dan Skups (6 months ago)
i'm jealous of this guys lifestyle haha and this house as well.
Dan Skups living the dream
Jonathan Kosyjana (6 months ago)
Video looks awesome. hears the same new age youtube shit types this gettin tired of the unoriginality people on youtube capitalize on,,,I'm just a grumpy dude i guess
Jonathan Kosyjana (6 months ago)
Great content otherwise, dont let people get you down
Jonathan Kosyjana (6 months ago)
i somehow missed to put music in there, the music is what I didn't like and I couldn't see theemoji
Jonathan Kosyjana 🤔
I Am (6 months ago)
Less about you more about nature.
I Am well this is my channel and it is a VLOG. I’d consider myself pretty humble compared to other channels. I’m just sharing my experience and knowledge so others can learn.
stephdt3 (6 months ago)
What program do you use to create your landscape designs? Looks great!!
stephdt3 we didn’t design this project, just installed it. I’m not sure what they used.
Thunder Rolls Media (6 months ago)
If you are looking for a land protoge, I have 2 acres that need to be converted. You supply labor, and all food bushes and trees, and I let you turn my land into a Food Forest! :D ( I wish! ) Great work!
Thunder Rolls Media hahha I wish that was possible! #goals
HufflePuk Wudgie (6 months ago)
You wouldn't believe just how excited I am that we can keep our live oak in front of our home AND that citrus will grow BETTER in its understory! We have two live oaks and have to get rid of one in the backyard because it's right next to the septic (we only have a 1/4 acre). May I please have the link to your other video where you mention citrus growing better near live oaks? Or any info you have Please? Thanks! We're in zone 9b. 😄
HufflePuk Wudgie (6 months ago)
Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL THANKS!
HufflePuk Wudgie we love live oaks! https://youtu.be/7vB05MRfOD0
Skibrzy (6 months ago)
this vid looks like HGTV you re becoming great at filming and being on camera now the question i dug up 40 lbs of smiliac the vine tubers new plants coming up any other ways to get rid of them
Skibrzy thank you! No unfortunately the smilax battle can be serious, you must remove any and all tubers. I’ve never tried to solarize them...
HufflePuk Wudgie (6 months ago)
connie frye (6 months ago)
Your projects are always so, amazing ! I could you your video's all day. Thanks for all you do. God Bless !
connie frye thanks for the support!❤️
Orlando Gardener (6 months ago)
I'm very very grateful for this video it's inspiring and let's me know there's more people on the same page as me I've started to redo my yard 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Choppa Trillion (4 months ago)
suck my dick
Nassem (5 months ago)
Very very inspired, from down here in Miami, FL. I aim to convert our backyard here into an organic garden/rec area. Thanks for making this video!
Orlando Gardener thanks brother!👊
War.is.a. Racket (6 months ago)
Pete, for food poisoning get some powdered activated charcoal. First sign of stomach sickness mix up a teaspoonful of charcoal with water and drink it then follow with at least one whole glass of water. Charcoal with mop up food poisoning and you will feel much better. Also good to keep around for bug bites, wasp stings, etc. Enjoyed the vid!
Iris Starlight (6 months ago)
This is exciting to watch! :D My husband and I are moving to New Zealand [North Island: the winter-less north] next year, and while my husband is applying for in-person jobs; I will be staying on our 10-acre property [laying-out fruit trees and herbs] food forest style. :) I shall be on the future homestead for a total of three months [then making the 'big-move' back there shortly after]. Thank you for posting this amazing video. :D This is great inspiration, and reminds me in ways of what I will be doing in the beginning stages of 'The Butterfly Forests Homestead.' ^^
Grady Vasil (6 months ago)
Hey Pete, greetings from Portland, Oregon. I'm 22 and want to start an edible landscaping business here in the PNW. How do I get started and what should I invest in first?
Grady Vasil if you don’t already have experience in standard landscaping and know the local plants I’d start with someone local possibly doing native landscaping. The compost tea and biochar service is a big one for me and would be huge in your area. Just selling cookie cutter raised bed packages is also another way to get your feet wet.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (6 months ago)
Pete, what do you do if the property is pure clay? do you bring in loam and plant above it or is the clay fine? thankyou
BetterYouBetterWorld good question. I’ve never had that problem in Florida. I guess we would plant high with a well draining soil around the trees.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (6 months ago)
i see you whats ripening! haha
BetterYouBetterWorld he cant hide! 😜
BetterYouBetterWorld V (6 months ago)
magos hate organic matter and nitrogen? and here i am using sifted compost and urine whyyy haha
BetterYouBetterWorld yeah I have clients who get their yard regularly sprayed and never get mangoes.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (6 months ago)
how the hell do you guys grow potted fruit trees so well lol
BetterYouBetterWorld this was the homeowners good work.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (6 months ago)
Jeff (6 months ago)
After some time enjoying your video's, Pete, it still does not get old in sharing how outstanding these are. Appreciate all the effort you put into these. :)
HufflePuk Wudgie (6 months ago)
Jeff it doesn’t get old reading your comments brother! Thanks for not getting bored with me 😉
HawaiiGabriel (6 months ago)
Planting in sand... HAHAHAHAA Hey I guess they paid the bills tho....
HawaiiGabriel this is how we do things in Florida.
Urban aquaponics (6 months ago)
20:51 right of screen behind fence. Taro patch. Grow something that provides shade at the fenceline and watch it move in. Also indicative you can add it to the forest easily.
Diane Hammer (6 months ago)
This is my dream! I’m just south of Ft. Myers in Naples on 2.7 acres. I love watching all the homesteading channels but none of them I can totally relate to since our weather and what we can grow down here is so different! I’m so glad I found you!!
Omni Nova (6 months ago)
Idk if you did this on purpose but your land is shaped like a guitar! ♡
Omni Nova that was luck!
Rich Kate (6 months ago)
Wow, really well done video! Blessings, -Katrina

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