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8 Hottest Irish Stars in Hollywood -- Hear Their Swoonworthy Accents!

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More from Entertainment Tonight: http://bit.ly/1xTQtvw Jamie Dornan, Michael Fassbender, Saoirse Ronan and more stars you might not know have Irish accents.
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GUD GUD (24 days ago)
Daniel Day Lewis is English. A limey. Not Irish. And he can't act. De-list him now ET.
Dianne DuVarney (1 month ago)
You mispronounce the names, treat Ireland and Northern Ireland as one country, and even include people who are not from either. Lastly the commentator is way too "cutesy" and brainless. The reason I stopped watching ET.
Keith O'Neill (4 months ago)
lol, "co star Sillian Murphy" Jasus, come on thats an easy one.
ClaireK115 (6 months ago)
Why did she pronounce the "C" in Cillian as S??
marz_xox (6 months ago)
This bitch is after butchering two of the actors names bejasus
kara mel (7 months ago)
Colin O'Donoghue? (Don't know if I spelled it right tho)
Cian OT (4 months ago)
Hes from my town and i only learned about him yesterday
Nicki GC (5 months ago)
ye he lived in killbarak in dublin
Meowshu02 (6 months ago)
flip inheck (11 months ago)
Daniel Day Lewis is not Irish so should not be on the list.
flip inheck (10 months ago)
"Day-Lewis has held dual British and Irish citizenship since 1993.[67] He has maintained his Annamoe home since 1997.[66][68][69] He stated "I do have dual citizenship, but I think of England as my country." "Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis (born 29 April 1957) is a retired English[1] actor who holds both British and Irish citizenship. Born and raised in London" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Day-Lewis
M (10 months ago)
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill I didn't say anything originally! I hijacked yer conversation cos I'm a maverick like that
flip inheck (10 months ago)
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill He now lives in London, his father was Anglo Irish and his mother was English.
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill (10 months ago)
M that’s not what you said originally. You said he’s not Irish I was merely correcting you
M (10 months ago)
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill It's a video about Irish accents. He has an English accent.
Wpc Vargas (11 months ago)
I came here just for the blonde girl, and you just give me 19 seconds? stupid video...
Wpc Vargas (8 months ago)
jajaja aparecio el INUTIL, mejor anda a escribirle al maricon del Antonello ya que te gustan los transexuales, negro? jajaja no te confundas meshica vengo de familia alemana y se lo que busco, mejor anda a buscarte un par de meshicas bigotonas jaja esas si te quedan como anillo al dedo jajaja
Lutin החיים (8 months ago)
Wpc Vargas jajajaja buscando blancas minimo eres un negro
bloom bloom (1 year ago)
mrsDenmark1 (1 year ago)
Jamie Dornan is my favorite. Any time, any day. Love love love him.
Macxz Crevan (1 year ago)
Sherriff graham
Nf (1 year ago)
Sira Mea (1 year ago)
Ruth Negga is pretty hot right now
joannix (1 year ago)
Why people still don't get that Ireland and Northern Ireland are totally different places.....one is a country and the another one is part of the Great Britain: England, Scottland, Gales and Northern Ireland.
flip inheck (2 months ago)
+WC yet he has an OBE, explain that one.
Ellie 26 (4 months ago)
No we get it,we have people like YOU to remind us of the divide 👌
WC (8 months ago)
Liam identifys as irish not british
Ulster Groundhopper (11 months ago)
Oh dear. Both the original poster and yourself have fallen for so many misconceptions of Northern Ireland. 1: Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain, hence the term UK of GB and NI. 2: Being Northern Irish is being part of the island of Ireland. the term Irish can be used to refer to a citizen of the Republic of Ireland as a nationality or as someone from the island of Ireland as being of a geographical region i.e Scandinavian. 3: Northern Irish people are not born as Irish citizens in the nationality sense. According to both British and Irish law [1998] They are born British citizens with automatic entitlement to claim Irish citizenship. This claim is made official the moment a Northern Irish person first applies for an Irish passport. 4. The Republic of Ireland, despite being an independent nation, remains part of the geographical area known as the British Isles. The term British in this sense has nothing to do with nationality and refers to the Greek term naming the islands after the ancient Britons. Centuries before England, never mind the UK even existed. This term predates the concept of British as a denonym to describe someone from the United Kingdom and is the same as a Canada being part of North America despite not being governed by America or being American.
Niall T (11 months ago)
Anyone born on the island of Ireland #IRISH. 🇮🇪
SoWonderfullyWeird (1 year ago)
Sillian? You mean Cillian as in "Killian" 😏😏
Storm Shaker (1 year ago)
you guys forgot Sheamus, Becky Lynch and Finn Bàlor
tori parks (1 year ago)
❤❤❤FINN BÁLOR❤❤❤ but he's not an actor

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