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Sia - Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

1252197 ratings | 268778937 views
SUBSCRIBE to Sia: http://bit.ly/1sudphS Official video for Big Girls Cry the new UK single, out now. Download on iTunes http://bit.ly/1kwammClisten on Spotify http://spoti.fi/1yAVLKh Watch the video for Elastic Heart, the US single https://youtu.be/KWZGAExj-es download Elastic Heart on iTunes http://smarturl.it/SiaElasticHeart listen on Spotify http://spoti.fi/17bGRD4 Big Girls Cry directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler, and choreographed by Ryan Heffington. 1000 Forms of Fearout now - download on iTunes http://bit.ly/1kwammC Amazon http://amzn.to/1mvfWGq or listen on Spotifyhttp://spoti.fi/1zdiMWn Sia wigs, dogs, & unicorns OH MY! Play the new Sia app/game Bob Job in the App Store and Google Play. It's free to download, and supports Best Friends Animal Society. Download the game: http://smarturl.it/bobjob Website: http://siamusic.net Twitter: http://twitter.com/sia Facebook: http://facebook.com/siamusic YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/sia Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1fKpbS0 Playlist Best of Sia https://goo.gl/99ubCj Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/UA7cug"
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Text Comments (72349)
Reko Xx (14 hours ago)
wtf is she doing with her face
Eduardo Castro (11 hours ago)
Sometimes,Maddie Ziegler is down
Mercedes Vera (14 hours ago)
Maddie did amazing movements. I tried to imitate them and I failed completely.
who loves you? I sure (23 hours ago)
ليش مافي حد عربي😐😭
Galaxy Violet (1 day ago)
Just don like ppl make her so stupid but she is pretty.
Yesenia Hdz (1 day ago)
Se Parece a madie
Marianne Walton (1 day ago)
The first Sia song I ever Heard
Me encanta esa musica me gusta demaciado sia
israel israel (1 day ago)
motorist Andrey (23 hours ago)
Это перевод???
Kam Is Great (2 days ago)
All I see is sia tossing her head around
Daniel Ramos (2 days ago)
Amo sia
Daniel Ramos (2 days ago)
Esqueci de paixão sia sempre isa
Daniel Ramos (2 days ago)
A minha palavra amo
Vinicyus Gomes (2 days ago)
Imagine Adele and Sia making a song together. The world is not ready!
She calls me sin (2 days ago)
I wonder if maddie has seen sia
DataVanKult (3 days ago)
What the @#$%. What with that blond girl. Useless smackhead shes on meth
Bleeper Jeepers (3 days ago)
Here from Bart Baker lol
Angie Castro (3 days ago)
Msp Ilovepurplehair (3 days ago)
I still love this song tho....,
Noland Ryan (3 days ago)
If this is dancing, there's a crackhead off Telegraph Ave in Oakland you guys will love.
Roseanne Chae Young (4 days ago)
05/16/2019 I'm crying right now
Animal Lover (4 days ago)
Love this song
taylor malone (4 days ago)
Good song. Video is shit though.
Patricia Nongrum (4 days ago)
I'm also crying when I miss dad and when I heard this song cuz this song touch my heart to feel emotional in my heart when it broke out
Kyma Faux (4 days ago)
Marilyn kristel (4 days ago)
Su mamá de erick lazaro se llama carmen y su viejo darwin alias loco loco
Marilyn kristel (4 days ago)
Mas parece un emo de mrddd
Marilyn kristel (4 days ago)
Sia cachera hdppppppp
Sandra Jovanovic (5 days ago)
No hate but what is she doing thats little weird ... no hate 😂😂😂
Sara Abumahfoud (5 days ago)
Is this girl Maddie Ziggler
David Seddon (1 day ago)
It most certainly is!
GachaLife Sparks (5 days ago)
The meaning almost made me cry but this is too much negativity for an 11 year old like me
Its called reality.
Bernadette Okoli (5 days ago)
Reminds me of this thing they call Tourette syndrome
Sarah Salvatore (5 days ago)
Gorgeous girl😍
Big Dave Kilbride (6 days ago)
AKANKSHA SINGH (6 days ago)
This world act so but actually no one cares and understands " A Girl " .........😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 whatever country , religion, or community they belong to So Big girl cry. ............yes they do ........😢😢😢😢
Eduardo Castro (7 days ago)
David Seddon (1 day ago)
Yes it is.
luiz henrique (7 days ago)
Parece que quando a garota morde a mão ela fala em seguida: dói!
Lamar Trowers (7 days ago)
Love you Sia
meesh lays (7 days ago)
Thony Linares chavez (7 days ago)
Peru 2019??
Kaio Alexandre (7 days ago)
A garota é meio exagerada kkkkk
Danna Franke (7 days ago)
What is writed on she's hand?????
m k h (8 days ago)
Tóth Sándor (8 days ago)
I like Sia but this nice song would deserve a much better video clip
DJ TX (8 days ago)
i lobe this g
Rayssa Lima (8 days ago)
Só eu acho esses vídeos aleatórios
Jeon Bianca (8 days ago)
Celina Böhme (8 days ago)
Bin ich die einzigste die sich fragt was sie in ihrem Gesicht macht und bisschen verstört ist?
Sunnystudios Gatchas (8 days ago)
Yeah Maddie from dm dance moms
Jean-Luc deshayes (8 days ago)
c'est dur
Mara Neves (8 days ago)
Zenilde Reis (9 days ago)
Cody Mitchell (9 days ago)
Get out, right now, it’s the end of you and me
SHeinsh (9 days ago)
好き邦ロックが (9 days ago)
Emiliano Mihanovich (10 days ago)
Control mental
Rosalina Teodoro (10 days ago)
Essa cantora é ` .🎼•💓°💋. MARAVILHOSA `🙄💭
Ivan Ristic (10 days ago)
i understand everything she's trying to present in this video but...why i felt it on my face while watching it :O
Doggo (10 days ago)
2:47 till the end touched me so bad Love coming back to this song 🖤😢
Orianne C. (10 days ago)
Ignorat Mus (11 days ago)
In the end she looks like Lady Gaga. YAS QUEEN!! Anyways, 2019? Anyone?
Whyamihereagain (11 days ago)
how old is she-
Sheroo (9 days ago)
Whyamihereagain 11 years old
Cardenio Alvarez (11 days ago)
Laghing so hard right now no offense
Donald Trump (12 days ago)
She got tourets syndrome
Charmaine Phasoana (11 days ago)
That's bad
Felipe Cesare (12 days ago)
osama rajab (12 days ago)
This song makes me cry Im not even a girl god damn it
ellishalara (13 days ago)
Life is a valley of tears.
Nick Wood (13 days ago)
So I wonder how many comments and Likes and views this video still gets. I only found it today May 7 2019 so I'm 4 years late 😳
Pelin Ersoy (13 days ago)
Yep thats true sia:)
Vaibhav Saxena (14 days ago)
Every time !! It is just powerfully extraordinary !! 👍👍👍👍
Coolmale Vids (14 days ago)
This is such a good escape the night song!!!
fernando castro (14 days ago)
Este video es guapisimo
Billie Eilish lover (15 days ago)
The Blue Eyes (15 days ago)
Maddie So Cute Here 😍💕💕
no time for love, hate or Drama... i still think after all my experiances that even that is what though Girls/women are missing… and if they do a guy like that… they run away… which is sad :(
У тебя тоже пошли мурашшки?
EMCOcompact (15 days ago)
Super - super more of those harmonic tunes!
Rikki Parrot (15 days ago)
Что за пипец
deepak kumar (15 days ago)
Love you sia💓💓
deepak kumar (15 days ago)
Sia's voice is unique and beautiful...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Miley Mulherin (15 days ago)
Me and all my personalities
alessandra llusco (15 days ago)
😔😔😔 ♠️🖤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Ivanaldo Alves (15 days ago)
Que sentido tem disso
cold soul (15 days ago)
2009: Big girls don't cry 2015: Big girls cry
Reem hell (16 days ago)
This art deserve billion views
Valeria Reshetnikova (16 days ago)
💜 💜💜 💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜💜 *Big Girls Cry*💜 💜💜💜💜💜 💜💜💜💜 💜💜💜 💜💜 💜
Valeria Reshetnikova (16 days ago)
Roses are red , ❤ Violets are blue , 💖 Big Girls Cry , ❤ And I did too 💖
vien semana (16 days ago)
XD XP =] =D =P =] =[
세은{중1} (16 days ago)
Maria Sandieson (16 days ago)
OMG I sooo get this!!!! After a lifetime of trying to figure out how I became this way I felt this exact way during this time!! I sooo get you and am surprised to see something that parallels my experiences.
didn't know a great deal about her music, but i began to listen to that really unique sound that she produces...the burning piece sold me on both voice and talent. she is a talent in voice, style, and presentation. love it!
Willemien Prisset (16 days ago)
Love Sia❤️👏
Annika Berrendorf (17 days ago)
I love this song😍😍actually every song of Sia is beautiful
Malachite (17 days ago)
Fergie: big girls don't cry Sia: big girls cry Me: I AM CONFUSION
Angelita silva (17 days ago)
Love sia love music💖💔 Love Madison Nicole ziegler ✌💖
Andrea Taylor (18 days ago)
Maddie Ziegler is hard not to LOVE. She has turned into such a gorgeous young lady, as well. I hope she always feels the LOVE <3
R 72 (18 days ago)
الله يشفيك.🤦🏻‍♀️
Elle R (18 days ago)
Did they really need Maddie for this though she didn’t even dance
Elle R (18 days ago)
I just really wanna know if she was standing or sitting in a chair
ahmed elsayed (18 days ago)
Wash away other things you've taken ... Big girls cry when their heart are breacken 2019 💔
subscribe please (18 days ago)
Fergie: big girls dont cry Sia: yes they do

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