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Micam 2014 | Royal Republiq | Footwear Designer Interview | City Soles TV

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Shop Now: citysoles.com SS: Hey guys welcome to City Soles TV. I'm your host, Scott Starbuck, and we're here at MICAM looking for spring and summer 2015. This is a new line for us, called Royal Republiq. You guys gotta teach me how to spell "Republiq." Robert: It's Royal as in "Royal," and "Rebupliq" with a "q" instead of a "c." SS: A "q"?! Robert: Yep. SS: This is Robert. He works with the brand. Robert: Pleasure SS: We fell in love with the stuff. As you guys said, it's really classic with a twist? Robert: Classics with a twist, yeah. We try to make timeless pieces that take into consideration the time we're living in, basically. SS: So like, new people that will actually wear these shoes. Robert: Exactly, yeah. That would be nice. SS: Good. So the line, how long have you guys been around? Robert: We started in 2006 with belts. Now we've grown into what it is today. SS: Handbags, belts, small leather goods, accessories. This is a fabulous line of shoes. Are shoes the biggest part of your line? Robert: Pretty much. It's 50/50 with the bags. SS: Wow. That's great. So men's and women's. Classics with a twist, so you do the sneakers in both men's and women's. Robert: Exactly. SS: Obviously some of the super man-tailored stuff you don't do in women's. Robert: Yeah. SS: What is key about the line is the price point. Robert: Yeah. That's our strongest point. We make really good quality products, and we try to do it at a fair price, and I think we're managing quite well in that. SS: So they have a look and a feel, an Italian look and feel, but they're really great. Everything is produced where? Robert: In Portugal. SS: Portugal. So that keeps the price point approachable, but it's still a beautiful product. It's still a European product. Robert: Exactly, exactly. That's what we're going for. SS: Cool! So yeah, the price point is super approachable, and men's are sophisticated. They're great, but they're very fun things. Classics. And this is a classic nowadays in today's world. Of course, this is a classic. But stuff like this is more my speed. Robert: It is. SS: Anything exciting you want to tell me about the company? Robert: Ah yeah. Well it's pretty much like the Danish. Work hard. Play hard. And then you can go all the way. SS: Well we love that. We love the shoes. Look for them for spring and summer 2015 at City Soles and citysoles.com. Thanks, man. Robert: Thanks. SS: Nice to see you. Have fun in Europe. Robert: Yeah. SS: Ciao.
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