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The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar On Amazon vs $7500 Froggy Bottom!

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Subscribe: ► http://geni.us/subs ♥ Your Support Appreciated! What is the cheapest guitar on Amazon (£31.99) really like? is it playable? How does it compare with a Froggy Bottom that costs 250 times more? In the coming months I'll be exploring what we can do to improve it, adjusting the action, nut and bridge heights, new strings and a setup with luthier legend Charlie Chandler! http://www.justinguitar.com See my web site for hundreds more free lessons, loads of songs and detailed courses for beginners and intermediate players getting into blues, jazz, fingerstyle and many lessons on technique, aural training and loads more... And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships, no hard sell and spammy emails, no free ebook. Just hundreds and hundreds of great lessons :) To get help with this lesson and get additional notes and tips, use the Lesson ID in the search box at the top of the web site! Hope you enjoy it - if you do please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and come find me on my socials below. Much appreciate the support! • YouTube Lessons https://www.youtube.com/user/JustinSandercoe • YouTube Songs https://www.youtube.com/user/JustinSandercoeSongs • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/justinguitarofficial • Twitter https://twitter.com/justinsandercoe • JustinGuitar Community (forum) https://www.justinguitarcommunity.com
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Text Comments (1659)
JustOneSecond (11 hours ago)
you still can make a crap guitar sound good, tells alot about your skill level :)
Driss Amahri (21 hours ago)
Thats my guitar :')
Klei Buzo (1 day ago)
One tip for begginers I have always use thick strings when u start out my first acoustic had really thick strings and everytime they broke I got thicker ones as time goes by you'll find bar chords very easy and will be able to play any acoustic guitar no matter the how thick the strings are
James Orrell (2 days ago)
I remember that I got a £37 3/4 scale classical guitar from ebay as my first guitar and I still own it close to 10 years later. It was a Hayden Alexander...
J O (2 days ago)
To BUY great china guitars at Aliexpress, try this seller. I bought my guitar there. "Wuhan Justin music shop". This guy.. u can chat online with him in ENGLISH. later use wechat if you have more questions. no issues, perfect guitar - better than Martin or Taylors and the price is oh-so- reasonably-cheap. They original equipment manufacture for many major brands. I compare my China guitar for USD250, much better than original Taylors / Martins selling at 4-10times the prices. I tried it, many Americans bought from China Aliexpress. You try and see their COMMENTS.. they have original and they say it's the same or better. " Wuhan Justin music shop" - try it because I did and no regrets...Gonna buy more :) :) :)
RockTheSix (3 days ago)
Its not the guitar that makes the music. Its the guitarist making the music. Cheap acoustic or spendy....DOESNT MATTER.. MAKE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!
Shale Rithyreach (3 days ago)
How much boss?
ChillAssJavi (5 days ago)
You don’t need a expensive guitar to start off
a rubber shoe (5 days ago)
Froggy bottom is the most British thing ive ever heard in my life
bs27v1b (8 days ago)
Justin, when you got on that cheap thing it sounded like a million dollar guitar.
greencityman420 (8 days ago)
If your action is ever this bad just lower your tuning and play with a capo on the first or second fret. Of course this may make your frets buzz but it's a $40 guitar.
terrypussypower (8 days ago)
I bought a cheap Fender new from Toys-R-Us reduced to £35 after my friend bought it for her son for £80, got it home and there was one of those little plastic bridge pins missing, so she took it back and they gave her a Squire acoustic instead! So I called them up and told them I’d take it as is and they sold it for less than half price! And considering how cheap it was it was far better than the Squire they gave her! Once I fettled around with it, and set it up it plays pretty good! The action is real low and it sounds fine, way better than the boxy sounding one in this vid.
Akoostick (12 days ago)
norm mcdonald lookin'
Eric Straub (12 days ago)
What would you call that style of blues he's playing? It rocks
Mr Lang (13 days ago)
I suppose if you can learn to play on the cheap guitar you could probably play on anything
MMJ Edition (7 days ago)
Yes, I feel the same way.
Mr Lang (13 days ago)
What acoustic guitar would you recommend for a beginner?
Anthony F (13 days ago)
What happened to the guitar....
Music with Pete (13 days ago)
Lol 🙈 you still make the Amazon guitar sound good lol but ye deffo not a good guitar lol
george balmer (14 days ago)
Cheap guitar=torture instrument. 😫 What doesn't kill you... Neitzcher. He also said life without music would be a mistake, haha
Anthony F (13 days ago)
That was Henry Winkler.....lol
twitchster77 (16 days ago)
I mean to be fair...you could hand this dude some construction paper and a couple of strands of yarn and he'd be able to make it sound amazing.
whiskey and ice (17 days ago)
If looking for a cheap guitar try to compare it with yahama f310..... I think for a beginner it's a really solid guitar ..not exactly cheap but can hold its own against the more expensive ones.....
clipside (21 days ago)
It sounds pretty decent for that price... alot better than ovation acoustic
Flat Earther (21 days ago)
Lmao there is no much diffrence he just wasted 6968 u usd
Ekul The Antelope (23 days ago)
It sounds like a banjo 😂😂😂😂
Chad Coady (25 days ago)
I started learning on a "First Act" super cheap 3/4 scale acoustic. I learned a couple chords, but it was difficult to play because of its quality. I kept having the desire to learn, but it wasn't until I shelled out $300 for a decent fender acoustic. THEN I really started to learn. Now I have a Martin, Seagull and Fender acoustics and for electric, I have a Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, and a couple kit guitars that I built, a few amps and a bunch of cables. I'd say get a guitar that retails for at least $300. You can get a used one for about $150. Spend $60 to have the action adjusted and learn how to change strings and condition the guitar. If after a year, it's not your thing, you're not out much and you can sell it without losing much money.
Cutter Driftwood (1 month ago)
This is very good review! I accidentally tripped and fell backward against my acoustic that was sitting on its stand! Unfortunately(and sadly) i completely broke the neck! So because i loved the guitar so much and even more so because i was broke, I did the repair myself which was the first time i had ever done such a major repair! An it turned out really well! It sounded and looked great! However, over time that previous damage has started to really effect it and become a constant issue. An with my financial situation still not being the best, I've been searching for a new guitar to buy that i can get the best quality out of for the lowest price! An videos like this have been tremendously helpful! If you(or anyone) have any recommendations please share them! I'm desperate to get something to play in the meantime while i save for a new higher quality guitar. I'd rather have a cheap but decent guitar to play while saving rather than not being able to play at all!! That would be very hard because playing guitar literally saved my life at one point & brought happiness back into it!!
Tipu Singh (1 month ago)
that sound sucks
Siit_DoWN207 RD (1 month ago)
It sounds good
Hayte Yuu (1 month ago)
Oof..just found out my mom bought me the cheapest guitar..I literally have the same exact acoustic guitar you have..
wayne shafton (1 month ago)
I'm just surprised it has a truss rod.
Randy Reyes (1 month ago)
I saw a c40 classic guitar for like $150, what do you think?
Deacon (1 month ago)
Randy Reyes I’m glad I could help... OH yeah yesh
Randy Reyes (1 month ago)
Deacon oh yeah yeah
Randy Reyes (1 month ago)
Deacon cool man Thanks
Deacon (1 month ago)
Randy Reyes if your a beginner.. maybe consider getting a normal acoustic for about... well like you said 150 or maybe 200
Franklin Archambault (1 month ago)
I made the mistake of buying a Washburn from china but when I ordered it no mention of it being a bad copy was said and I could not keep it tuned for any amount of begging the great God of guitars
davepin11 (1 month ago)
The cheap guitar has got more solid bass notes than the expensive one, especially around low g. Much stronger fundamental
MrPickle (1 month ago)
What's the accessory that holds the tuned keys in place so it never detunes.. i'm trying to find the name it looks like an square item that covers the headstock? ty
formationIT (1 month ago)
Bloody awful sounding. Cheers.
stirange (1 month ago)
The high e and b string...... oh man. Sounds like it’s being played through a 1970s cutlass’ speakers that’ve been sitting in the sun. I imagine a set of strings would improve it quite a bit.
David Jackson (1 month ago)
My acoustic guitar cost me £79 and the tune out of it is really good and I love so cheap is not necessarily always bad and l am a beginner and it's perfect for me
Satria Samudra (1 month ago)
I know this guitar is indonesia made hahaha
Alx L. (1 month ago)
Why does it sounds like a banjo?
james A (1 month ago)
justin is doing a great job with his guitar lessons but this video is crap.When you want to make a believable point about Cheap guitars you bring a brand name best selling entry level guitar,not a no name crappy thing from Amazon.
It's Maria (1 month ago)
Can you please send me any guitar? I don't have any and I don't have much money to buy .....
James Rogers (1 month ago)
Try a Orangewood. It wil lhang with the other crap guitar you have, You lean toward tha expensive guitar because you got reamed on one.
stephen Bet (1 month ago)
nice blues riff on the amazon guitar
Mr. Use (1 month ago)
My guitar so cheap and sucks, I can't even play Smells like teen spirit in a good way, either my fingers would hurt or I'll give up and put the guitar.
ADF Audio (1 month ago)
Is that cheryl crow or however you spell it
joseph pray (1 month ago)
i bought 2 cheap guitars , ones electric , not everyone can afford a real guitar , so i got what i could afford , just to play around with , i am 53 , i will never be a pro at it anyway .
Wiktoria (1 month ago)
Hey! I have been learning with your website (so very helpful btw) but I also have some private lessons. I've been learning to play for a month (but practice a lot) now and started playing some songs recently too. I am using a really cheap (£50) guitar and looking to get an upgrade one for £300 - 500? Could you recommend one? I was thinking yamaha fg820, as a first okay guitar? Please help :)
Rashod Smith (1 month ago)
Mate, you ever gonna set this guitar up right?
Chill Bill (1 month ago)
One thing I've often wondered but never tried, is to get a cheap steel string guitar and restring it with nylons...anyone ever tried it, just to make a cheapie more playable...?
Maxi Hong (1 month ago)
what is the song in 5:48
Wandalen2 (1 month ago)
12:10 I think it sounds cool, a bit rusty and wether worn :)
Peter Scalise (1 month ago)
2:02 nothing more suspenseful than tuning up a string especially an acoustic string
Gail Gibson (1 month ago)
Is that a tampon. Could u do me a favor and shove that tampon in my ass
dieselmupke (1 month ago)
This guitar is a bit of a surprise, it's thin sound suits the blues I think. Wouldn't recommend a guitar with a high action to beginners, that's what did set me off first time playing a guitar after buying a second hand country guitar with a tough action and steel strings, and all I thought was how I ever would enjoy playing without aching fingers. But after replacing that guitar with a modestly priced Spanish guitar the learning was much easier. Did I know about filing down the nut and buying better strings things would have been different with that first guitar, but because there was no YT in 1980...... So after filing down the nut and changing the strings (maybe for nylon ones for the absolute beginner) this guitar may be a decent student guitar.
Big Nerd (1 month ago)
i want a guitar very bad and it hurts to see everyone call this dream shit
ismail debich (1 month ago)
The amazon guitar sounds like a banjo 😂😂😂
FatTonyCologino (1 month ago)
That sounds like a banjo
jeffwads (1 month ago)
You could be Norm MacDonald's twin. https://www.vegasnews.com/wp-content/uploads/Macdonald-Norm1-588.jpg
autocrow (1 month ago)
The irony is an experienced player can play a cheap acoustic guitar easier than a beginner.
Will Kruger (1 month ago)
Nice video Justin, showing the comparisons. The thing about a good quality guitar is the better you get the better it sounds. Ditto on Oletta's comments $250 to $300 is a good starting price.
J. Robertson (1 month ago)
A beginner should ALWAYS start with acoustic... (Personal opinion).. Why try and add distortion to notes you arent even properly playing yet.. Need to properly learn what a guitar is before you jump into electric.. Thats like building a house.. Without a foundation
Domo 230 (1 month ago)
Was the follow-up video, improving the guitar, ever put on YouTube? Would love to see if it's viable to make this suitable for a beginner, because I am new to guitar, want an acoustic, but am broke.
Cod Zilla (1 month ago)
Where is the follow up?
robert fripp (1 month ago)
any guitar can be made to play easy...
Primitive Death7 (2 months ago)
Are you stoned?
M (2 months ago)
I bet you can make a tennis racket sound good
Justin Y. (2 months ago)
boy choosing guitar choose the best sound nice string n more girl pink
Justin Y. (2 months ago)
9:26 call the ambulance hes cutting his own finger
Isely Mills (2 months ago)
Personally, my first guitar was a cheap acoustic steel string, and I learned to play bach on it. It was difficult, but it made me better when I moved to nylon because my hand strength was much higher.
Richard Blackhound (2 months ago)
I must say I do like Justin's froggy bottom.
CRAZY (2 months ago)
The cheap one sounds like a trashcan banjo
Love N. Rumba (2 months ago)
CSI: Louisiana
xzysyndrome (2 months ago)
Some of my best years on a guitar were spent on $200> guitars; mostly because I couldn't afford anything other then that. It took me 15 years to finally get into the top shelf...and what a difference it makes. You do a great job giving that little amazon guitar a fair shake...My first guitar came out of a Fingerhut catalog.
Wow Alex (2 months ago)
UUugh. Listening to the cheap guitar and the expensive one is like night(crap cheap guitar) and day(beautiful sounding expensive guitar)
Edward Mcgann (2 months ago)
David last plays orla
Yoscolo (2 months ago)
Andy Theaker (2 months ago)
For 30 quid lol. Brilliant. How do they make these for that price?
Miles Greenwood (2 months ago)
Question. What if you buy a cheap guitar and change the strings on it??
Tom Pakri (2 months ago)
I started with much worse :)
Jason May (2 months ago)
I'm gonna buy my kid that guitar just to see if he really wants to learn. LOL...JK
Nathaniel Rada (2 months ago)
keep playing the blues on it i actually really liked the sound there... lol other wise knock the nut down and it might play a little better but there is better just as cheap choices i would go with a rogue rd80 or ra90 there decent nicer sounding for sure def not a martin or washburn
frisco baculio (2 months ago)
can i have that ? :D
Leon G (2 months ago)
Got my self a 150 dollar Yamaha and I’m really happy because the sound is quite good and the quality is nice and the strings are hard but as a beginner I think is good because you don’t have any strength in your fingers so you need to work hard to make it work!
Nolan Flynn (2 months ago)
The cheapie sounds a bit like a banjo
Fabian Pruitt (2 months ago)
Hey Justin, Would you recommend this guitar from Amazon to start learning to play. I don't want to pay loads of money if I can't play the guitar and it ends up in my attic after a while. Thanks.
Nam Giang (2 months ago)
I actually love these guitars while playing some slides on it :D Bluesy!
Pemba Tamang (2 months ago)
i m using cheapest hollow guitar in the world. but trust me , it doesn't sound bad.
Andrian Hendrawan (2 months ago)
Seems like they put classical body and internal padding with steel guitar neck & headstock. You can find this cheap / knockoff guitar a lot here in Indonesia. I personally don't like the sound and playability is simply bad.
HARRY NUTZAK (2 months ago)
It looks a little bit like a Rogue guitar. You can pick one up in a fender shop for around $60.00 or less. They are junk guitars.
Richard Brouwer (2 months ago)
Hexosan17 Gaming (2 months ago)
Why would you recommend a new guitar player to play an electric guitar first? Serious question. I think it'd be better to play an acoustic guitar first because of the thicker neck, wider frets, and tougher strings. If they play the acoustic guitar for a while before an electric guitar, it would be easier to transition from acoustic to electric than from electric to acoustic.
Sour Gelockte (2 months ago)
12:45 Do you have a lesson for this amazing bluesy jam? I Love it so much ::)
Wynter Wynd (2 months ago)
The Amazon guitar sounds a bit like a banjo.
Isaiah Furrow (2 months ago)
Gonna check your channel, but do you have any tips on decent 3/4 guitar tars for a kid as their first instrument? Want something decent enough she will actually be able to learn on, but can't justify -$300-500 until I know she will have dedication... Was thinking Yamaha and Ibanez both make some for $125-150
bobbymalta73 (2 months ago)
So those guitars are good for begginers, or you need to buy espensive ones to learn?
Usul573 (2 months ago)
Better than nothing, but I would recommend spending at least a little more. I got this garbage one for $70 that I eventually returned and got this nice $150 Yamaha that is great. A garbage or broken one can be very frustrating. It's best to go to a Guitar store and try out a bunch. You might spend a bunch of money and time getting a cheap Guitar to work well and there was another one that sounded great first time you touched it.
ozzie321 (2 months ago)
Froggy Bottom didn't sound 250 times better to me. They sounded like they were in the same ballpark. Must be my cheap speakers ! Just needs a proper setup and new strings tuners nut and bridge. It's never going to be playable out of the box for 30 quid.
Jeff Panetta (2 months ago)
I live above Blackhorse music and the owner is like 75, and man can that motherfucker play the guitar 😍
Paige Werden (2 months ago)
Maybe this is why I can’t do barre chords 😂
Conbro098 (2 months ago)
3:30 sounds like an angel singing to my ears😂
Gabriel C (2 months ago)
This is exactly what is going on on the market now. Huge price for difference for similar quality products. Basically 90% of that huge price is just the brand

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