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Adam's Slingshot Training, Equip 2 Endure

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Just wanted to share some of my slingshot training with the hunting slingshot that was made for me by Madison Parker. Let me know what you guys think, these slingshots are serious tools.
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joescustomffinish (2 years ago)
suggestion.....shoot more talk less...you will be amazed.
Khan Loo (5 years ago)
Your technique is Rufus Hussey style. Check out Rufus Hussey on the Youtube. He was the best Slingshot Shooter I have ever seen. Check him out. He called the Slingshot shooting as Bean Shooter. He is gone now. There is a guy on the Youtube who shoots like Rufus. His Youtube site is PFSHOOTER. Check him out too. The way you shoot, you will not hit your hand or your slingshot frame.
nutthrower (5 years ago)
so I see tube dimentions have not yet been asked for - would you be willing to give the I.D - OD - and wall thickness for us, if not understood - and thanks for a great site, you guys do an Awesome job
bassetter1 (6 years ago)
Hi Adam . I strongly recommend you to try shooting thru a chronograf , those tubes look extremely heavy and i bet you could go 10 lbs down and still get the same speed or even more if you shorten the tubes an inch or so. But the frame look real nice . Happy shooting and cheers.
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
My training has been through our team member Madison Parker. Sharing knowledge is key, so please take some video of your slingshot and it's use. Then Please share your skill with the E2E viewers. Thanks for watching and your input! Take care. -Adam
Nino (6 years ago)
Line up the slingshot horizontally.make sure the bands are even with the tips of the arms of the slingshot.then only elevation and power come into consideration.
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
I am getting my training through our team member Madison Parker. Sharing knowledge is key, so please take some video of your slingshot and it's use - Please share it with the E2E viewers. Thanks for watching and your input! Take care. -Adam
johnny blaze (6 years ago)
Those bands are crazy long, I use a dankung sling shot and I make my own bands and I keep them at about 5-6 inches and they still hunt quite well with animals up to raccons
Rprecision (6 years ago)
Right! sorry #1 It is an illegal form of take in my state for good reason, #2 I dont find it to be a ethical form of hunting for a deer. If you think a projectile that can be stopped by a sheet at 10 yards is a practical method to killing large game, go give it a shot, you will learn what insecure means!
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Just letting you know that we have Adults interested in sling shots. We have classes to both make them and then use them. Take care
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Joe has many of his own videos that you may watch and comment on. You can also email Joe Flowers directly. -Adam
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Have fun Jim. Thanks for watching -Adam
USMC65UH34D (6 years ago)
Nice shooting. I have to get mine out and practice, you got me hyped. Jim
Rprecision (6 years ago)
That opens a whole nother can o worms there. I am just giving you a hard time. To each his own.
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Well we have team members taking Deer during hunts with these sling shots.
Rprecision (6 years ago)
Thats pretty cool......like when your 12 years old
TheTraditionalarcher (6 years ago)
Hey Adam, I dont think there is such a thing as holding your slingshot "to gangster" hahaha
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Thank you Nechi! Those little girls keep me busy :) Hope you had a good day as well. -Adam
survivorman86 (6 years ago)
"fun for the whole family" lol, keep the videos coming brother
Dale Reynolds (6 years ago)
Tired of knives? Can't happen :)
Sanctus Vianney (6 years ago)
You'll shoot you eye out! Nice vid Adam!
KennethKramm (6 years ago)
Good video. I'm new to slingshots.
Henrik Bylin (6 years ago)
Nice Vid Just one Q. are you left or right handed. I´m right handen but i draw the slingshoot with my right hand! just like to know
Klangw0w (6 years ago)
where can i buy that band? ;)
woordenstroom7 (6 years ago)
That crazy German is truly insane :) One of the most creative slingshotters out there. If David had his pencilgun, he would have taken out the whole Philistene army instead of big ole Goliath alone...
Igunsmart (6 years ago)
Nice. Im big on slingshot hunting and I hold about half gangster and deep draw. Just like madison but I was wondering how much will they be on sale for cuz im not payin 100 bucks for a slingshot. Thanks
Kanzee (6 years ago)
HAPPY FATHERS DAY AdamFrancis-RobertOliver-MadisonParker-TonyNester-ChanceSanders-and all others of the Great Equip 2 Endure Team!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY to you all. Cheers ;-))
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Thanks Nechi! Cheers -Adam
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
Thanks for the tips! -Adam
EnduringEagle (6 years ago)
Hey Adam.. Bring the projectile to your cheekbone for consistent placement and look through the forks for aiming. Also hang a coffee can with some wire. It is smaller but you get feedback like shooting on steel. Also you should be wearing glasses..
MountainMistWanderer (6 years ago)
Of course you now that the E2E legion will have Madison busy for some time.
Kanzee (6 years ago)
good Bean shoot practice , nechi!! Check out "2010 chinese slingshot competion" on YT. Now that issome amazing Bean shoooting. cheers. Keep practicing, it all pays off. Cheers ;-)))
hinckleypoland (6 years ago)
Adam, don't draw to maximum and hold... just as you reach the max point release.
Zachary Hawkins (6 years ago)
love the videos, hate the intro. aggravating to have to skip an Ad, then skip an intro. Even television shows have gotten smart and have started doing without long intros. But love the videos. You guys do a great job.
Unknown Reject (6 years ago)
Half gangster
turningandknives (6 years ago)
why you shooting from your waste and not form near your eye
Josh Burke (6 years ago)
That's called a half homie.
Josh Proctor (6 years ago)
I like knives, but I don't like videos on them. Lol. But this is refreshing since I'm totally into basic technology for hunting and so forth. I love that stuff.. Thanks for the slingshot vid! :)
selfreliancetactics (6 years ago)
very nice vid, you can print out a bunny or squirrel on a piece of paper and stick it on the box. nice way to train. greetings vinny.
lonestarrider (6 years ago)
Very Cool!
DannoCrutch (6 years ago)
I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that a slingshot is a serious tool. Small, easy to carry, and effective for varmints which is mostly what we would eat if we had to survive in the woods. A large caliber rifle is great for a deer, but you'll find how many in a week? a month?
operationvexconrepo (6 years ago)
can you order these on your site? - Ryan
wills400 (6 years ago)
adam pull the band to the same position every time. use the top of fork in gangster style as ur aim point and look down the tubes as a guide btw flat bands are easier to pull and alot have a more power if u struggle there are few people on yt to help u (bill hayes) gamekeeper john the best good luck
Equip 2 Endure LLC (6 years ago)
LOL, I did a knife test that day as well! - Adam
Matty boo boo (6 years ago)
I remember when Adam was In his backyard testing knives ... The good old days
CRISROC21 (6 years ago)
your inner child was screaming AWESOME
Joshua Martinez (6 years ago)
Did you really say Giggidy, giggidy when you looked in the box?!
Joshua Martinez (6 years ago)
Hey Adam that is pretty cool! Your a good shot, it'd be no problem for you to get out there and get some rabbit in a tough situation! Keep up the great work!
buckarue100 (6 years ago)
Adam, here is a suggestion you might want to try. Use an old cotton tee shirt for a target. Take the tee shirt and roll it up like a newspapers than cut off a piece about 12 inches long and tie it in the center with a piece of cord. Suspend this wad a few inches in front of your backstop and you will have a target that will jump all over the place when you hit it, it will last forever, no mess to deal with and your ammo will fall to the ground and be easy to recover. A small game size target.
woordenstroom7 (6 years ago)
Am I correct in thinking you draw from the arm? Like bows I hink you could try a bit more by pulling your elbow back with your back only and forget about the drawing hand entirely. Not sure, I could be seeing this wrong. I never see he front of your gripping hand: the trick there is not to let your fingers go round all the way and touch your hand again. From what I see, you don't close up entirely (looking at the part of your hand I do see) so probably this isn't relevant for you.
Jonas .Sørensen (6 years ago)
I would say that if you want really accurate slingshot, you should make it a little smaller.
Murdock (6 years ago)
that's what they make slingbows for.
Oregonbushcrafter (6 years ago)
more joe flowers
nutthrower (6 years ago)
Awesome Slingshot, and some good shoot'n I might add, not sure how I came to finding your E2E site but have very much enjoyed all the vids so far - SS's have been in my life for , well say all of 50 years on and off, and now I'm in the "ON" stage and that has alot to do with Madison Parker and the big tubes, love them big tubes - would love to see some hunting vids with you two going after Turkey and such, keep up the good work - Jim
cavemanNCC1701 (6 years ago)
Now that's the way to channel your inner Huckfinn / Dennis the menace , nice shooting Tex !!!
Edi Balian (6 years ago)
Great idea using the lead shot! I'll keep that in mind. HOW ABOUT USING AN ARROW IN YOUR SLINGSHOT????
VuurwerkFan12 (6 years ago)

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