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Vedic Astrology Software - Jyotish Studio - Training 1

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Training for Jyotish Studio Vedic Astrology Software by Das Goravani. ________________________________________­__________ Das Goravani was a long-time Brahmacharya (Hindu monk), now Musician, Artist, Writer, Programmer, Astrologer, Teacher, Representative of the Search for Divinity, been to 26 countries. Das Goravani is the Creator of Jyotish Studio, one of the top Vedic Astrology software in the world. Das Goravani has been recognized by Shri KN Rao's Institute of Astrology in Delhi, India, for contributions to the spread of Vedic Astrology/Jyotish. Das Goravani official website: http://goravani.com/ Jyotish Basics - Vedic Astrology lessons DVD set: http://goravani.com/Goravani/DVDs.html Jyotish Studio - Vedic Astrology software: http://goravani.com/Goravani/Products.html
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Das Goravani (5 years ago)
Syamsundarji, right away, I do not, but I bet with a little help I could remember you.. were you at the T.M. Temple in it's early days and younger.. as was I then... long time.. Tell me, remind me, please.. I see old friends in your videos.. so you all have a temple in Eugene ? I'll visit... Talk to me [email protected]
lynx234 (10 years ago)
Nice vid! Can't wait to try this ;D
syamasundaradasa (10 years ago)
Hah! It doesn't surprise me to see you on youtube at all! I wonder if you remember me from Eugene. Guess what, I am thinking of studying jyotish. What is your position as far as non-Vedic planets?

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