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[9:56 Hours] Train Journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle, WINTER [1080HD] SlowTV

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Enjoy the beautiful Norwegian landscapes aboard the renowned Nordland Line (Nordlandsbanen), while you get to choose your favorite season. All four seasons here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNiN7gOcNI4&list=PLBNSj4twAXdLW44t7Z0fXLoedzXpHshec Map (the green part): http://raildata.info/sca04/sca0409k.jpg Source: https://nrkbeta.no/2013/01/15/nordlandsbanen-minute-by-minute-season-by-season/
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Text Comments (24)
Kim van der Riet (11 months ago)
Here are the stops I observed on this video, using Google Maps to follow along: 0:02:55 Trondheim 0:21:15 - 0:29:50 Hommelvik 0:36:45 - 0:38:20 Trondheim Lufthavn 0:41:38 - 0:44:15 Stjordal 0:56:40 - 1:01:15 Langstein 1:24:20 - 1:31:00 Levanger 1:40:55 - 1:43:35 Verdal 1:58:00 - 2:01:25 just short of Mære 2:09:30 - 2:11:15 Steinkjer 2:47:32 - 2:49:40 Snåsa 3:14:28 - 3:18:05 Grong 3:42:35 - 3:43:47 Lassemoen 4:07:00 - 4:08:30 Namsskogan 5:00:30 - 5:02:10 Trofors 5:28:55 - 5:34:20 Mosjøen 5:58:55 Drevvatn (slows down only, no stop) 6:20:10 - 6:21:10 Bjerka 6:41:55 - 6:46:40 Mo i Rana 7:20:15 - 7:22:20 Dunderland 7:48:00 Arctic Circle Centre (approx., no stop) 8:02:55 - 8:04:45 Lønsdal 8:27:20 - 8:28:20 Røkland 8:38:00 - 8:39:55 Rognan 8:59:50 - 9:11:00 Fauske 9:20:20 - 9:20:50 Valnesfjord 9:45:20 - 9:46:20 Mørkved 9:53:25 Bodo
EcceHumanitatis (2 months ago)
Thank you!!!!! You are a saint for doing this.
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
Wow we're impressed. Please watch and comment on all of our videos like that, thanks! :)
هذا الفيديو يساعد على النوم
video-S-music (3 days ago)
Ranger29 (17 days ago)
Amazing video. Thanks.
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (23 days ago)
jetho69 (8 months ago)
video speed is not consistent
Mathias Fuica Brevis (10 months ago)
its a pity that there is no description where the train is at the certain points of the journey, and that there is no music
petre Tepner (13 days ago)
Music would totally spoil it.
Max Banziger (1 month ago)
SlowTV - I applaud your decision not to spoil the video by adding some meaningless pop music, as seems to be the fashion. You're quite right: if someone likes music with it, they can play it on another device while watching the video. Congratulations.
SlowTV Relax&Background (9 months ago)
Check out Kim van der Riet's post for direction. Also, play your favorite music if you don't like train sounds.
RussianVideoVlogGuy (10 months ago)
holy shit its not 10 hours
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
LOL! We are so sorry...
Peter (11 months ago)
I'm having trouble viewing it abruptly stops says loading then switches to a different video, is it me or the upload.
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
Definitely not the video, we checked it. Maybe your YouTube settings?
Michael Hill (11 months ago)
This video is owned by NRK1, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's (NRK) main television channel. You need permission to use it. This is copywriter infringement.
Bob Beckring (1 month ago)
Thank you for taking time to post this beautiful film! So soothing when waking.
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
You couldn't be more wrong. NRK released this under Creative Commons. https://nrkbeta.no/2013/01/15/nordlandsbanen-minute-by-minute-season-by-season/
awfulguitarplucker (11 months ago)
was this filmed in January per chance?
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
To be honest we have no idea. It was a film project from the (Norwegian) NRK to film the same train trip in four seasons, more info here: https://nrkbeta.no/2013/01/15/nordlandsbanen-minute-by-minute-season-by-season/
guy jones (1 year ago)
This is very cool, thanks!
SlowTV Relax&Background (10 months ago)
Which season do you prefer and what are the best parts of it? Let us know with time stamps!

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