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Inside New York's Most Exclusive Vintage Shop

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New York Vintage is a clothing shop in Manhattan that sells high-end designer labels and houses an archive of rare fashion items. In this episode of Invitation Only, Bloomberg's Kim Bhasin gets taken to a hidden room where only celebrities, stylists and fashion designers are allowed to enter. Invitation Only is a video series by Bloomberg that explores the most exclusive shops in the world and how they do business. Luxury reporter Kim Bhasin visits VIP rooms, personal shopping suites and secret boutiques to see how they operate and meet the people behind these unique shopping experiences. Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (605)
Maryam Zahid (2 months ago)
aquablushgirl (2 months ago)
I hated the way she took such pride in saying she vets her clientele - and yet she will let in a Saudi Princess who has no taste and splashes money around like it is water with no idea of the history or value of an item. All seems very vulgar.
Samuel E. Landeros (2 months ago)
OMG! 4get lady gaga, it was a "Josephine Baker's" costume piece. 🤩
David Thom (2 months ago)
Yuk. $O dreadfully ta$tele$$le$ and vulgar.
fux u dave (2 months ago)
You know something is lame when it's introduced as 'most exclusive' 🙄
Diane B (2 months ago)
She seems like a really nice person, down to earth.
Diane B (2 months ago)
What a beautiful store, with beautiful items. Only in my dreams could I afford to shop there. The downstairs is probably too expensive for me
Maria Garcia (2 months ago)
I think i was a millionare in a past life bc my broke ass just likes expensive ass things RIP
Star Fighter (3 months ago)
That bun has to go. No matter if your a hipster, gay or just another guy who has no self identity. It has to go.
Tin Truong (3 months ago)
yes please!
isabel kaliope (3 months ago)
My high school fashion club stopped here spontaneously on our way to visit FIT. The guy behind the counter was totally great and told us all about the pieces. They have beautiful pieces and everyone there was genuinely dedicated to the collection.
SwankyCity (3 months ago)
sharpaycutie2 (3 months ago)
very integress of her to say no to the saudi princes. alot of america dont preserve their own history ESPECIALLY NY, i mean it hard to find an authentoc 18th century building nowadays.
Red Balloon (4 months ago)
So special that I haven't even heard of the majority of the brands. It's sad how the majority of celebrities have forgotten where they came from. Not only from a financial perspective (grotesque display of wealth) but also social. I for one couldn't care less about the size of my bank balance. I'm not financially motivated (aside from basic survival - Maslow) and have not sought gratification from material items
mc mc (4 months ago)
Her hair needs some intensive conditioner.
Jeremy Boulat (4 months ago)
Another stupid Pomeranian
Ky (4 months ago)
1 8 8 0 ' s
Natalie Clausen (4 months ago)
When she said Josephine Baker wore that bra I was jaw dropped
Mister Professor (4 months ago)
Anyone else terrified by the zoom out at 4:25?
skylar mccready (4 months ago)
Someone needs to get that chick a hairstylist. The haggard look is NOT chic. SHE looks vintage
button willows (4 months ago)
bitch needa brush her hair
I, Adaora (4 months ago)
I am drooling. Amazing!
basejump (4 months ago)
she is amazing!
Oscar Kavanagh (4 months ago)
This guy is not a "Luxury Reporter". Try boujee vlogger
Thomas Hull (4 months ago)
This guy irks me, he isn’t smooth or suave enough to report on a cool place like this
Quick, run! There's a cop coming!
Bianca Chua (4 months ago)
Wow I wish I could go in there someday 😮😮
Raju Kumaran (5 months ago)
Any used bra and panties?...I have a niche clientele of Japanese purveyors .....value goes up if used by woke Manhattan based ball crunching feminazis....
Varshita Kolipaka (5 months ago)
you know that a shop is high end when you see more couches and décor than the actual stuff. XD
Courteney Campbell (5 months ago)
I would love to work there
Courteney Campbell (5 months ago)
Them shoes 😍😍
Natasha Harper (5 months ago)
This is amazing and I hope they are always open.❤️
Sirron Carrector (5 months ago)
Whew, can I breathe now??? Luv, luv, luv!!!
Nakul Narotham (5 months ago)
U're a luxury reporter. Get ur teeths done atleast.. Damn!!!
ffic4life (5 months ago)
They show all these pretty pictures of fancy people and then THE UGLIEST FUCKING PICTURE OF BETTE MIDLER THEY CPULD FIND hahahaha HAHAHAHAHA
Hye Ri Kim (5 months ago)
It's so beautiful
Sherry Brown (5 months ago)
David Arthuren (6 months ago)
MissMandy789 (6 months ago)
I would LOVE to see the hat collection 😍
Cassowary (6 months ago)
Very cool
Sita Antel (6 months ago)
this is my dream
Veronique Delphi (6 months ago)
3:30, isn’t that considered domestic violence? Why do women get away with hitting men?
kawaiid (6 months ago)
Look at that -- the series logo is in the same font as the NY bar, Employees Only.
Aaron Jones (6 months ago)
He needs dental work
Akshay M (6 months ago)
I want to tour New York so baldly.... stunning
Lisa Stallings Keelor (6 months ago)
Make me puke_obama🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Lisa Stallings Keelor (6 months ago)
Not exactly an A list for that hotel mentioned.
pinksugarfluff (6 months ago)
Another white person who acquired stuff.
Chris Kalogeropouls (6 months ago)
Vetting people?? Sounds elitist. I guess if you're not an A list person, you are a second class citizen.
Martin (6 months ago)
What an awesome woman <3
NathanNightStar (6 months ago)
"A lot of famous breasts were on this rack"
Jennifer Morris (6 months ago)
That woman’s blonde hair is in some serious need of a treatment.
Please. I’d stay away as far as possible. Snot city
Angel Rios (6 months ago)
They're NOT impossible to come by, you just have to know where to look.
Matt Yamamoto (6 months ago)
Wait i dont get it, so the vintage clothings on yhe second floor are for rent only? Not for sale? Thanks
TheSproutarian (6 months ago)
"you've got to have credentials".
Anthony Marquez (6 months ago)
How is that stuff washed?
Ellen Huang (6 months ago)
Floor one: peasants. Floor two & three: only for wealthy, and not just any kind of wealthy. The kind of wealthy where we have to to a background check. Peasants are too beneath us they can't even look at pieces of cloth and sequin.
Niko Gwaj (3 months ago)
I mean it's not like the average person could buy most of the stuff from there.
sailorstarfairy (6 months ago)
So people have to be vetted, what if some a lister just randomly shows up? Like "sorry we have to see some id and you have to leave a $10000 deposit before going upstairs."?
Ggg (7 months ago)
6 figures for a bird ? And they say there is no money to feed children in Syria ...?
M M (7 months ago)
I swear I’ve been here I didn’t even know about the top floor
Dominique Porchi (7 months ago)
That woman seems so lovely. Usually places like this or designer stores the workers are usually snobby. Even while talking about the very rare pieces she’s not snobby about it
Second Nature (7 months ago)
i'm a poor SOB who started thrifting a few years ago. this is my porn.
Lukas (7 months ago)
So much salt here. Y'all just mad that she's living her best life. You think a youtube comments going to do anything?? Lmao musty
meng ku (7 months ago)
I dont really like beyonce tbh
Tracy Edmonson (7 months ago)
In love. I have a business degree in fashion and one of the things I loved most was going to universities to view their collections of historical fashion
Raquel Merlo (7 months ago)
Love the idea. Dislike her attitude. She comes across as extremely snob and mean. This place is wonderful, though
Julio Hernandez (7 months ago)
isn't he mateo from superstore?
misssophisicated (7 months ago)
She should've led w/Josephine Baker then Gaga
I agree with you (7 months ago)
I lived at the Hotel Chelsea and worked at a vintage store on 28th street in the 1990s. Must have been just before this shop opened. We loaned tons of items every day for editorial, except 1920s dresses had paillettes made of gelatin, so they disintegrated like crazy. This shop is like a museum!
Good things Out there (7 months ago)
She need make over as soon as possible!
Coder Gurl (7 months ago)
Oh that princess who wanted to buy carries feather died yesterday
ueowsdows (7 months ago)
fucking cringe worthy....
seigeengine (7 months ago)
You definitely are.
Justin Escalona (7 months ago)
tell me why this host cant afford anything he ever looks at lol
Nsh Nova (7 months ago)
IMO the stuff there aren't special
Lisa Akinlabi (7 months ago)
Host is all into luxury yet does not exude luxury himself. Hope the building that houses this collection is checked for water leaks and damage on a regular basis so nothing happens.
Jules Mpc (7 months ago)
this host gives a sense of "cheap wanna be"
ayyi ramadhini (7 months ago)
i love vintage stuff. i guess I am phoebe buffay in the family. I dont believe in mass produce goods. it's better to own stuff that has history in it. love every pieces in the video!
Ricardo Ferrer (7 months ago)
JuaniqueVerde (7 months ago)
YAS! I’d definitely like to visit here. You surely cannot judge a book by its cover. This place is so cool! 😱😍🥰🤩
Maryam Choudhury (7 months ago)
I wanna hear how she collected all those pieces I feel like she has a lot of stories
Dora Tiscareno (7 months ago)
Dora Tiscareno (7 months ago)
Isaiah Trofimenko (8 months ago)
There's absolutely nothing special about this guy. He has no knowledge, no charisma, no style, he has problems with diction, etc... How the heck did he get this job?! There must've been a thousand people seeking it! Also, never sit the way this woman is sitting in the video.
Bianca C (7 months ago)
diversity hire of course...
silkq (8 months ago)
I may not be able to dress or live like the other half, but I thank you Kim for SHOWING us how the other half lives with your videos. I love these!
Eduardo Aguire (8 months ago)
Thumbs Up for Michelle Obama <3
Isabella Petrillose (8 months ago)
claims she knows luxury brands. says versa-chee 🙄🙄
Sam Estell (8 months ago)
Vetting required to go up some stairs. Wondering what her thoughts on immigration are...
li j (6 months ago)
Wow so friggin smart!
P F (8 months ago)
Lol ! Best comment EVER !! 😂😂😂
Marie (8 months ago)
This shop looks great and she seems really cool but I couldn't get over how dry her hair looks. I know, I have issues
huub1989 (8 months ago)
Thought she said she vetted her clients for the second floor? If she lets Saudis in then I hope they don’t bring a bone-saw next time she turns them down over the feather!
emiliamejia (8 months ago)
I love how history make this pieces invaluable. Great collection.
lilo the libra (8 months ago)
ive been in there and might i say that it is intimidating being surrounded by clothing you cant afford
Patricia Parra (8 months ago)
How she gets all these pieces?
mjb ventura (8 months ago)
Very cool and humble woman!
Greg Dundee (8 months ago)
big woop. Just clothes
syarifah faradina (9 months ago)
Lovely review
Tanblondalex (9 months ago)
6 figures my arsssss...you only wish
asambi69 (9 months ago)
So its a thrift shop with outrageous prices?.
asambi69 (8 months ago)
She probably goes to thrift shops for her stock lol.
ironictoaster (8 months ago)
asambi69 I mean if you can get 1900's vintage clothing and rare pieces of Versace in your local thrift shop then power to you
Rachel Gee (9 months ago)
That's interesting, my aunt used to design clothing in NYC in the 1960-1995 time period. She is no longer alive, so wish I know who she had worked with/for...
Miriam Havard (7 months ago)
@Rachel Gee I hope you DO!!!!!
Rachel Gee (7 months ago)
@Miriam Havard I am going to try and find out more, but all my family is passed away. My grandfather was a jeweler and I do have a family crest. I would love to write a book about my family, as the only people left is myself and my sister.
Miriam Havard (7 months ago)
@Rachel Gee Ooooh, that is SO cool!!!! 😃😎🌟💅💇💃👚👘👛👝👜👜👠💖
Rachel Gee (7 months ago)
@Miriam Havard have been trying to she owned an apt across from Centreal park in the 70's,had quite a few purses I remember and later realized they were Birkins (I was maybe 10 and thought they were "square aunt and gramma bags". She used to sew a lot of her own skirts and dresses that were amazing....
Tuan Nguyen (9 months ago)
Amazing vintage shop

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