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Awesome Train Journey in Swiss Under The Snow

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Awesome Train Journey in Europe (Swiss) Under The Snow The beautiful journey was from Palézieux to Romont in Switzerland. SUBSCRIBE HERE: . Share on facebook app and remember to LIKE IT !!! Now this looks like one powerful . Kiwirail attempting to plow a route through to Christchurch today from Arthurs Pass made for some spectacular images. 07 June 2012. In this video you can watch the beautiful train cab ride view from Stainach-Irdning to Bad Ischl to Ebense and finish at Gmunden. SUBSCRIBE HERE: .
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Jerry Doolittle (2 months ago)
The views were beautiful but you ruined them by trying to deceive us.  Not going to waste my time subscribing if you have to chop and repeat the same segment multiple times....
Amilton Ottoni (2 months ago)
Olá Fhilip Marshall vê se vc poste vídeos de cab Ride mais mostrando a cabine do train que muito bonito mostrando a velocidade em 2019 pois e muito bonito o train aí na Suiça 🇨🇭 ok um abraço e parabéns pelo seus vídeos 👍👍🇧🇷
kenpalmer1965 (3 months ago)
Beautiful and awesome! My kind of train ride during the wintertime while wrapped up in a blanket with a window seat! Great job!
Kenil Mehta (5 months ago)
Wow so wonderful place it is amazing
Pragiya Tewari (6 months ago)
Amazing how journeys in snowy winters calms the mind https://youtu.be/zGM4sdg9s0I
Thomas Mann (6 months ago)
Why repeat? That spoiled a beautiful video. Show the journey once, to the end, then be done with it. (After writing this, I saw who posted the video. Never mind.)
천사Tar (10 months ago)
천사Tar (10 months ago)
Andres Gutierrez (11 months ago)
Pa gus?
Smeg somethingorother (11 months ago)
under the snow? Looked to be on top of it to me
Hanan Ali (1 year ago)
Who Is Contrary
ScottyNeedsIt (1 year ago)
7:55 Hands up!
Sandip Basu Mallik (1 year ago)
fantastic video i like it ! See this one too ! https://youtu.be/q-vpZqpUM00
multi transport (1 year ago)
Que s'est magnifique la ligne Palézieux-Romont quand un jolie manteau blanc recouvre la région! ;)Très belle vidéo!
David Farrell (1 year ago)
love this video fantastic job well done to the person who made it
Pizza Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice! Enjoyed.
Vik☼ru (1 year ago)
Ого! Стрелки с обогревом!
smPD cupid (1 year ago)
MsMsmak (1 year ago)
Weird how this train ride is like some kind of deja vous thing where you can literally see the world repeating itself on the same trip.
Cargul77 (1 year ago)
Very cool and interesting rides. I invite you to my channel and my movies from the cabin of the locomotive. I'm from Poland. Regards.
OGG (1 year ago)
is this sbb train
Debjit Majumder (1 year ago)
christmas wonderland train .........
Росен Михов (1 year ago)
Зимна приказка. Много прекрасно!!!
W Trolleybus (1 year ago)
'Through' not under the snow would be a more accurate description.
Darth Florist (1 year ago)
The video equivalent of Photoshop. Romont? TWICE?
SciFi Writer (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed it. Watched it on a hot, sticky, humid, day in July and it was a real treat. I love snowy days, anyway.
Ioan Szederjesi (1 year ago)
ja stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LDEGM Trainspotter (1 year ago)
Fantastic winter train ride! Lovely places and stunning winter landscapes! Good work! Thumbs Up Greetings from ROmania Respects - Andrew
Bob's Place (1 year ago)
This would have been much more interesting if it wasn't just chopped up repetitive segments. I mean, how many times did it show going through the same tunnel, etc., etc.
Martin Usher (2 years ago)
Thanks for a beaut video. I really enjoyed this cab ride as I haven't seen real snow (in England) since 1972. 👍🇦🇺
julianjturner (2 years ago)

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