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Seal - Secret [single 2010]

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Secret - Single by Seal The new album, 6 Commitment, out worldwide on the 20th Sep 2010 and 28th Sep 2010 in the US!
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Text Comments (86)
Tamriko Merkviladze (2 years ago)
Sam SHATOUILLE (3 years ago)
Marvellous song... so romantic.
oodlesmoran (4 years ago)
love it
Linda L (5 years ago)
great song and lyrics
Sue Mo (5 years ago)
The absolute best voice ever, at least for me.
tweedy151 (5 years ago)
it sure is - love it
Jonathan Powell (6 years ago)
Lenis cabrera cuesta (6 years ago)
es fantastica esta cancion
Rupesh Saxena (6 years ago)
beautiful essence of African voice.....!!!!
Chantay Link (6 years ago)
beautiful song beautiful
2011raerae (6 years ago)
@anandodasgupta lol ya watch it and see
anando das gupta (6 years ago)
@2011raerae haha no, it has that ?
2011raerae (6 years ago)
@anandodasgupta the song may not have it but have u seen the video for it?
pixie (7 years ago)
this one's got simple lyrics but the message is so great! i <3 it ^_^
Don Pelo (7 years ago)
@kiks740 This song is just simple and beautiful....plain words
Don Pelo (7 years ago)
Does anybody know where I can find the instrumental for this song?
calligal55 (7 years ago)
This song makes me sway.....love it!!
kika740 (7 years ago)
I didn`t know that this is his song! I thought he was just another stupid rapper or something like that...But this is really amazing! o.o
ria willems (7 years ago)
prachtige song
Eva Reintak (7 years ago)
he was in estonia last weekend and he was JUST AMAAAAAAZING. Go to concert .
miss ren (7 years ago)
seal for LIFE.
Tripp426 (7 years ago)
Listening to this I can't help but smile.
adam m (7 years ago)
10 people should have kept their disliking a dirty little secret!
anando das gupta (7 years ago)
finally a song which does not have sex ass dick and other body parts jerking around included.
Sifirela (7 years ago)
Oh wow...I didn't know this was NEW and by SEAL! Oh my...I LOVE this song! :)
nf255 (7 years ago)
@localeni 100% if ur heart be full of love of people , you will attract s(he)
feelingood512 (7 years ago)
this makes u cry so beautiful!!!
eleni smarda (7 years ago)
so sweet song! i hope someone sing it to me sometime... greetings from greece!
Maureen Be (7 years ago)
ich habe dieses Lied gehört und mein Leben hat geändert.
alain dupuit (7 years ago)
i like it!!!!!!! seal is very artist!!!!
pika txu (7 years ago)
encore une fois, sa voix fonctionne !! y a rien à dire...
Vanessa (7 years ago)
His voice brings us high....
Jeff Hudson (8 years ago)
Fantastic song.
lindaloo77 (8 years ago)
I love this song. It's gets to your inner soul.
Kendra Manning (8 years ago)
I love this song, and I love Seal.
Samuel Bland (8 years ago)
not a dooshbag with an electric guitar a talented singer singer singing about something meaningful good work
Carla Dawson (8 years ago)
Dace Woods (8 years ago)
One of the nicest songs I've ever heard! : )
Tiffany Payton (8 years ago)
i really love this song!!!!
Cynthia Minde (8 years ago)
I love this song. So real. Full of compassion.
Burak Doğruyol (8 years ago)
@Katerynale congratz
carl bushmann (8 years ago)
is there no justice at all-- in this crazy -pop-world--this record by Seal (Secret )should have been a uk no 1 selling--record--- this week--but its not even made the top 40---its the most --genuine heart felt / heart stopping---song -- Ive heard in many years -or ever will hear for a long time to come- -Im so -disapointed-- (spoof music2010)----
Svenja Kl (8 years ago)
i love this song. it's so beautiful♥
gabourel67 (8 years ago)
Beautiful, just like you.
Kateryna (8 years ago)
This is gonna be my wedding song!
amerikyz (8 years ago)
ahaha, i wanna [email protected]$% your secrets :))))
claire cauchi (8 years ago)
I love this song ! Beautiful !
jacqui s (8 years ago)
such a beautiful song
Britty Boo (8 years ago)
As usual his lyrics keep it so real. I love Seal
calligal55 (8 years ago)
He was on Jay Leno the other night singing this....and it was just BEAUTIFUL!! Sigh....
calligal55 (8 years ago)
@ThotherBrother TOO TRUE!! He could sing "My Dog Has Fleas" and sound good!! ;-D
Yosif (8 years ago)
whit black nails what is that man?that is merda.
ManjaroJam (8 years ago)
I dont mind knowing of Seal's and Klum's public relationship. It seems genuine. It feels like the two will age to senescence and die loving one another. Seal needs to get his song-writing mojo up a little bit because the quality of his output has declined since his "Kiss from a Rose". Having a gorgeous, famous and wealthy wife would make any artist lose hunger for his art. Good art is often born from deprevation, tribulation, pain and suffering, which seems what Seal is missing these days.
Cat (8 years ago)
Very nice song! Please also take a look on my first song on youtube... I need your help ... Just click on my profile and you will find it ;) Liza P.
electricstatic (8 years ago)
what happen his face
HAGIS3214 (8 years ago)
i love this song long time comming from this beautiful voice
Pam Cowan (8 years ago)
Israel Lòpez (8 years ago)
musica buena he
ykwilliams (8 years ago)
brillant!! one of the best songs and cd i've heard in a looong time!!
stubbostubbs (8 years ago)
no, no, no.....Cak!
john summerton (8 years ago)
CLASS !!!!
TaffmanGuyo (8 years ago)
Not unlike James Blunt's "You're beautiful", I like them both. For guitar stick a Capo on 2 & use G C G C G C GC Am D Am D G & so on.
ESKIMOOO6969 (8 years ago)
Laurence Fleurs (8 years ago)
quelle douceur ! c'est un départ pour un moment tres sensuel ! Superbe Seal cette magnifique chanson va rechauffer les amoureux pour cet hiver :)
KevinSobriety (8 years ago)
Nice. . . worth waiting for
The Crystal Lotus (8 years ago)
brenda walker (8 years ago)
i love it as well amazing beautiful, gorgeous, x
brenda walker (8 years ago)
simply beautiful, what a gorgeous song....
chockycake1 (8 years ago)
@chris103050 not all women are like that...you've just been a bit unlucky...
chris103050 (8 years ago)
What an incredible song..it makes me shiver ....wish I could express myself in this way... Still, it's finding a woman who'd appreciate it..they alll seem to want to get drunk & behave like a ladette, sadly
gill Redman (8 years ago)
trying hard to keep you secret, i belong to you, you belong to me xx :)
chockycake1 (8 years ago)
'I'm your hearts keeper'........
Oqprints Printing (8 years ago)
I love it , I want to be in love again
Libbyald (8 years ago)
Moving and evocative, going to send it to My secret.
craigsteelebrownable (8 years ago)
Respond to this video... so simple, so beautiful, just cant put it down
jai macp (8 years ago)
84smokey (8 years ago)
love this song xx
Lady T (8 years ago)
Makes me think of a secret love of mine
Eriq7001 (8 years ago)
hopelessromanticsam (8 years ago)
Absolutely love this song! Words and music together - perfect
steve carter (8 years ago)
tweedy151 (8 years ago)
Heard this is the car the other day and really liked it. Nice one mr seal. :-) Made me think of something. It will make everyone think of something !!
May Kpd (8 years ago)
So sweet ToT~
Steve Lekter (8 years ago)
ummm... great song... HOWEVER the way the lyrics flow and the chord progression in the chorus (most noticeable starting at 1:49) is "My sweet Lord" by George Harrison...
susan smith (8 years ago)
Great song...I love Seal!!

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