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Best Crazy Arabians Car Drifting Video Compilation 2016 ||Arabian Drifting, NO CRASH||

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Best4Fun (1 year ago)
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Jose R.B. (6 months ago)
Jeffrey Sprang (1 year ago)
All your new vids barely make the 10 min mark this is for ads so you make more money that why you want us to match the new ones block me i fucking dare you
Ruman Miraj (1 year ago)
Best4Fun up to
hızlılara özel (5 days ago)
Sizler nasıl bir manyak sınız lan
Scorpio Sex Lord (12 days ago)
Saudi Arabia and Japan have their own drifting style.
The Arabian Mood
Jose Gomez (24 days ago)
A car omost hit everyone
مقطع الكابرس كانه في الجبيل بالمشاتل؟
That One Sniper (29 days ago)
1:51 God DAMN that guy handles that landyacht better than I handle mine!
Zengai Dancy (29 days ago)
كل شيء إلا الإسلام
الله يعزك
1V1 gamer (1 month ago)
العرب كنق الدرفت
Rachid Khamlichi (1 month ago)
1:40 how close to the curb!! skillsssssssssssssssssssss
john S (1 month ago)
These saudis drive/drift better then these side show wannabes on YouTube
Scary Monsters (1 month ago)
2:55 high ping
pieds nickeles (1 month ago)
ça montre bien le niveau de débilité de ces mecs...
Abraham George (1 month ago)
Is te
Anubhav Chauhan (1 month ago)
You mother fuckers are crazy and this shit is badass
Joaowww Vitorwww (1 month ago)
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Ashraf Sokwalla (1 month ago)
Pls tell me what do they get ?or are they kings thats why they do nonesense.
Smiling Buddha (1 month ago)
I was waiting for someone to blow through an intersection under a green light.
Randy Griffith (2 months ago)
No cops? And I'm surprised that none of those cars flipped over.
Carlos Hernandez (2 months ago)
Very nice
Gucci Mane (2 months ago)
These Niggas wylin
Ross (2 months ago)
and they're doing this in toyota camrys and chevy malibus
Muhammad Ahzam (2 months ago)
Well, we went from camels to Cadillac too quickly don't we?
elektryczny LPS (2 months ago)
hope all muslims die in car crashes 🤣
JAMIE CUGEE (2 months ago)
Mohammad El-Saaidy (2 months ago)
Gerard Pique (2 months ago)
Allah belanızı versin!
THE ARABIAN WOLF (2 months ago)
Crazy??? this is normal here...we've seen the craziest 240km/h drifting could be that Crazy !
Fahad Javed (2 months ago)
All the oil in the world and here we are, drifting in a hilux
Tech boss (2 months ago)
Nice video
Max Larsen (2 months ago)
Max Larsen (2 months ago)
too risky.
Nawfal Krini (3 months ago)
شطر بطر
Fandom Cake (3 months ago)
I have a question: are these within the Najd region or the Hejaz region? Or somewhere else in the peninsula?
3zeez m7mmd (1 month ago)
In najd speciafically in riyadh dc
John Doe (3 months ago)
This driving sucks. Is very basic and reckless. Anyone can powerslide. Try racing a curvy road and actually controlling the slide/drift as opposed to just sliding chaotically. If you can do that and complete the race then you got real skill. Sad to see these people think theyre the shit over some amateur turns.
fortnite leaks 123 (1 month ago)
What we like about saudi drifting how amazing they can overspending driving and controlling the shit in danger But japanese doing it on boring mode keep spending around like its a circus games
M e d o (1 month ago)
John Doe write طعس on serch
fortnite leaks 123 (1 month ago)
Yeah everybody can do powerslide but saudies doing it on speed of 160 to 200 is not that fun bycycle riders 😂😂😂
Lance Johnson (3 months ago)
John Doe ur actually fucking retarded you retard lmao u so dumb lmao post a video of you going 100mph+ n snatching the hand break while counter steering with one hand for a sec then flooring tf out of it to do a fish tail across the whole road ya pussy now STFU wt ur dumb ass
shane feeney (3 months ago)
John Doe Agreed. Reckless as hell, and I'm surprised there's so much praise in the comment section. I mean, I hate to sound like a square but I'm a father and I would imagine some of these cars (not driving like A holes) have young kids in them.. take that shit to an empty parking lot or somewhere with less traffic to avoid endangering lives! Rant over.
مهاد عبدالله (3 months ago)
honda and Toyota best car in the world
Saira Farooq (3 months ago)
arabian are legends
Tabish Ahmed (3 months ago)
Muslims 🔥🔥❤❤
Anthony King (3 months ago)
exactly what happens when u give an arab a vechile
faris faris (3 months ago)
you have a shallow understanding. I am not saying there action is wise, I meant that in your culture there is a lot of madness that you should critique first before you critique the Arabs. How about me commenting on the madness of completely savage drunk people "exactly what happens when u give europeans grapes" .
Anthony King (3 months ago)
ya..that is wise i guess lmfao .. flick of his wrist and he's gone . (love this)
faris faris (3 months ago)
@Ronald King Said the "wise" westerner LOL. Your whole culture is madness materialism compare to it what those men doing is the wisest thing.
Ahmad Othman (3 months ago)
هبال علي اصوله
النفيعي (4 months ago)
نعم نعم ذا حنا تعلم يالورع انت وهو
Ronnie Bikerin (4 months ago)
i do shit like this all the time with my nissan skyline in saudi arabia
ShareAli Ali (4 months ago)
ARBAZ KHAN (4 months ago)
thestone30080 (4 months ago)
These Arabs are filthy RICH AS FUCK!! 💰
heeno Otaiby (4 months ago)
احترمي نفسك
ا.مت اتتوا (4 months ago)
كريم هشام كيمو
Batman (4 months ago)
Lol, it's okay they have their hazards on
Daniyal Gujjar (4 months ago)
Nicce driving
nasser N,F (4 months ago)
شرذمة من الشعب التعوسي الهنجي
آرثر دين (4 months ago)
The last man said .. Let them enjoy.. 😂 😂 😂 😂
2689 5467 (4 months ago)
arab money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samridhi Bhandari (4 months ago)
Welcome to Middle East!
Rossi 46 (4 months ago)
Fucking idiots
hamza hamza (4 months ago)
كس اخت الاجانب تحية لوطني العربي #سوري✌
Samsim321 Shaikh (4 months ago)
Total idiotic.. Allah has given u wealth( money) for help poor people & live simple life ur doing all this mischief thing insallah the day of jujment is near u have to pay for your sin...
Adam Neale (5 months ago)
Drifting a Toyota Camry... Lol Priceless never thought I would see the day. I bet there is never a boring day in DUBAI, or where ever this is.
3zeez m7mmd (1 month ago)
In ksa
jumana alattar (5 months ago)
and these vid are nothing it's much worst
jumana alattar (5 months ago)
we dont only drift we do more
Infinitive_ napalm (5 months ago)
These arabians have mad skill of drifting
Justin Lawrie (5 months ago)
Why aren't they driving into the crowds?
mujj i (2 months ago)
coz they are not americans
faris faris (3 months ago)
@Justin Lawrie Do you like this happened while you or people you love are among the crowds??? Why you wish it to others then!!!
faris faris (3 months ago)
@Fares 2 بقول ليش ما بروحو على الحشد , كانة بدو اياهم يدعسوا الناس
fahd (5 months ago)
هاه احد نداني
Iftj Trye (5 months ago)
They are your so called holy custodian. 💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💀💀💀💀💀💀💀☠☠☠☠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
نضام الطوارئ (5 months ago)
all saoudi record in 144p lol
heeno Otaiby (4 months ago)
Черный'проект نكتة ميتة
The One True Morty (5 months ago)
Of course Arabs won't do this they would risk their life's just to do something cool 😂
Mohd Ghafar (5 months ago)
Arbi is great driver Nice ya hababi Mazbot ya sadiq
heeno Otaiby (4 months ago)
Wow hahaha
فهد الدوسري (5 months ago)
This Saudi Arabia
Jim Braun (5 months ago)
This is not drifting , this is what stupid dose .
Mehriban Semedova (5 months ago)
Vamsshy Edara (5 months ago)
fast and furious-arabian drift
shailendra singh (6 months ago)
Very good stunt
goPlay (6 months ago)
the should do this on a track.
Pushpa Kumara Perera (6 months ago)
Fuk Arabi
faris faris (3 months ago)
@Pushpa Kumara Perera Hey indian, keep calm and go find a cow to piss in your face LOL.
Riddick G (6 months ago)
lionduRIF# R.faïde. (6 months ago)
Drift kamikaze 😏c'est à la mode sur la péninsule...
mo deq (6 months ago)
most of them are in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Hussan Nawaz (6 months ago)
stupid people
Diarra nohuohu (6 months ago)
bon courage
حسین شاغل (7 months ago)
از عرب جماعت خر تر پیدا نمیشه
ALKUKES (7 months ago)
1:25 if he didn’t move hes truck he got smashed
ibrahm 777 (7 months ago)
Did anyone see the school bus
في ذماي
بست كريزي عرب،،،
SUleiman Dan Alhaji (7 months ago)
Waw if its mee. It pass that
Paul Paulsen (7 months ago)
Too much sun and islam fucked up their pig brains
Beeran Khan P (7 months ago)
Supar verey naice
Shaukat Hussain (7 months ago)
Oil Moni.
Sonowske (7 months ago)
Every Arab either drives a Toyota Camry or some kind American sports car
Nana Kwame (8 months ago)
When u conquer your fears you conquer everything
Jb Hifi (8 months ago)
Fuckin idoits
Daro Zana (11 days ago)
Shut up kid you fucking bitch
Kenary NCTZEN (7 months ago)
Jb Hifi lol am arab but so true
Geo K (8 months ago)
I'd like to move there and open a tire and brakes shop! lol
Menaz Di (8 months ago)
عربهای وحشی ،برید خارج شهر این کارها رابکنیدنه وسط مردم
Munyok KAKABE (8 months ago)
where is the police? this is already endangering road users
shane feeney (3 months ago)
Sultan BAQUTEBA I'm surprised I had to scroll down this far to see a comment about this. And this technically isnt even "drifting" but instead "power sliding". Jesus H there could possibly be young children in some of these cars driving by! These guys driving are beyond careless, it's cringeworthy to watch.
Kwadwo Amo Sika (8 months ago)
When you're being told 96 virgins awaits for you when you die

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