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How to make home made alcohol quickly. Get drunk for cheap on juice wine prison booze.

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Cheap home made 20% alcohol, quickly. All that I did to make this was : 1. Empty 3 cups of juice from each jug and save the juice for later. 2. Add 3 cups of sugar (shake and / or sit in warm/hot water until the sugar is fully dissolved) 3. Add 20 grams of super yeast and shake the shit out of it. 4. Add condoms. The condoms have holes poked in them to allow for CO2 to escape and to prevent anything from getting in, buying a box of condoms is much cheaper than buying 24 air locks and they look nice and ridiculous. Baloons are just fine too, just not as funny. 5. The jugs were topped up with water the day after they were started and the extra 3 cups of juice from each jug was used to make a batch of crazy wine haha, I'll let you know how it is when it's ready. 6. Clear with gelatin (not important) and mix with similar juice or drink on its own! Please don't make this unless you are of legal drinking age and prepare for a hangover because if this shit is mixed with juice, that's an awful lot of sugar. (THANKS FOR REPLYING TO PEOPLES QUESTIONS FELLOW YOUTUBERS!) ====================== This was from 6 years ago and a total spur of the moment idea. I'd love to reply to your comments but there are too many and I'm a busy man BUT when I make part 2, which will explain things a bit better and show the steps, I'll answer some of them and give shout-outs to some of the posters on here who are absolutely hilarious. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (2044)
Metal Health (8 months ago)
Some of these comments crack me up, super fun. I owe you guys a new video. Just a heads up, I'm still alive!
BurnItUp Griffin (2 days ago)
Why did you do this?
Andy Wilson (10 days ago)
U can just use balloons instead of condoms, but I have a feeling you keep them close is cuz you wanna make sure you ain't sipping no virgin wine .
Vicious Bob (15 days ago)
gumbootiner looked like a Leno’s farm in your kitchen.
James Shelley (19 days ago)
It'll probably be another 5 years before we see another reply from #gumbootiner
John O’groats (2 months ago)
This is a more unlikely comeback than dirty den off eastenders. Well in my son. Well in.
asian1erTheDestroyer (15 hours ago)
Can I use the condoms afterwards still if I tape up the holes that's poked to let the CO2 escape?
Bens Dusty (17 hours ago)
Niggas gunna go blind
Youssef Lahbil (21 hours ago)
When you start to sell you shit
StayAwake _ (1 day ago)
Can’t pruno make you go blind?
GDogGaming (1 day ago)
So is that the new alcohol everyone was wanting? Alcohol from a shaped condom? You know you just breath from it... & you get drunk..? It was in the news couple of weeks or month's ago
joel42097 (1 day ago)
How many homeless friends do you typically have over for the holidays?
trill full (1 day ago)
That’s gross af bro ur so ratchet
Marcus Hill (1 day ago)
Condoms on bottles really my dude, how white boyish is that?
gabriel poulin (1 day ago)
What is the time of fermentation ?
Horace Moore (1 day ago)
I should put my box of rubbers to good use since I like shooting the club up
Matt L. (1 day ago)
This is why I never accept other people's booze... You never know what kind of fucked up drink you might be getting.
Dovrich Smythe (1 day ago)
Then you've got those two orange juices with chodes
Jon Snow (2 days ago)
This is the epitome of ghetto right here damn
Patches 616 (2 days ago)
Why the hell did this just show up on my recommended in 2018
Corey Burton (16 hours ago)
The YouTube gods finally decided that you're ready to learn how to make some homemade bum wine. Merry Crimmus!
texasrider 4D5 (17 hours ago)
Same here. Lol
The Alpha (2 days ago)
Health dept ask for the brown bag special.
lonnie broadfoot (2 days ago)
You know you could go to this place it's called a liquor store
Chris J C (3 days ago)
Hilarious. Not a chance your getting 20% though. The absolute max your gonna get is 17% if it is done perfectly (which condom man clearly isn't putting in that much care and precision). Most likely you'll get 12-15% doing this. Still cheap alcohol earns points for being cheap.
JDM 240z (3 days ago)
Looks like death in a bottle
Tobias Pål Davies (3 days ago)
part 2? prayers from a broke-student also, from a European, are these actual juices or is it like flavoured sugar drink? I can't tell, I read Peach drink on some of them soo..
Merv McRough (3 days ago)
Can i substitute yeast infection on the condoms for super yeast?
Rab Raza (3 days ago)
Damn still waiting
Michael Smith (3 days ago)
Looks like someone is going to have the shits. Don't make your own prison wine. It's 7$ a bottle and won't possibly kill you.
Chad Hughes (3 days ago)
Damn this is good to know for an apocalypse but I think I’ll personally stick to vodka😂👌
Matteo Dal Col (3 days ago)
Maybe your dad should have used the condom j/k around interesting video
Michael Daury (4 days ago)
Ice do this when I was in prison works really good 🤪
Why is this in my recommended?
Eduardo Manabat (4 days ago)
You can make an airlock on your own bro. Its a whole lot cheaper. Just get a 50mm diameter rubber tubing depends on how long you would need and a bottle of water.
Dan Marrero (4 days ago)
this how people die lmao. I literally just watched a video about a dude who made his own alcohol then he had a seizure and went blind because of the way he made it. theres a reason you need a license to brew alcohol. you needa know what you're doing or you could seriously die. im not even tryna give people a hard time about this im just tryna spread awareness cuz this could hurt someone. just cuz you watched a few videos doesnt mean you know what you're doing lol.
Redneck Savage (4 days ago)
Ha.... bet he slurps on every one of them condoms when he's done lol?
Miles Davis (4 days ago)
This is what I did with my first pack
I know its home made liquor but dude the latex rubber dicks look fuckin funny.
Casey Allen (4 days ago)
TaZ MoFo (4 days ago)
How do you know when the juice is ready?
chris galeana (5 days ago)
The headache you will get from this is so no worth it
Zedly24 (5 days ago)
It’s easier to hide a bottle of vodka than it is to hide a bottle with a condom on the top
Madeleine Rands (5 days ago)
such a cape bretoner thing to do lmfaooo
your local loser (5 days ago)
I don't know why YouTube recommended me this, but I'm here for it.
nanki b (5 days ago)
This was in my recommended in 2018 😜 also where’s the update
Timmothy McCandless (6 days ago)
Pretty sure that's how you get sick
Kendra Bratko (6 days ago)
Not even gonna watch the video...at least you have a use for all those condoms now lol... That is all lol
Bobby Dockery (9 days ago)
Well he can wait a few days for it.I am going to the ABC store now.
Bobby Dockery (9 days ago)
Ok here is the thing wouldn't it be cheaper and alot less work just to go out and buy a bottle of liquor
Andy Wilson (10 days ago)
You seem like a person who likes to save money , so I hope you recycle those condoms first. By the way you can use balloons it's cheaper and looks much less like sum weird shit is about to go down
yakob (10 days ago)
Lowkey wanna try this to see if it works😭😂😂
MF Wesley (11 days ago)
How to go blind with one drink 101
master Chu (14 days ago)
Almost a million views
master Chu (14 days ago)
He sure trying to find out what taste the best i like his style
Connor Cascon (14 days ago)
Use grape juice and do not poke a hole in the condom and also rinse the condom first.
Joshua Anderson (14 days ago)
Lol he sounds like Ricky
Tempted INC (15 days ago)
Justin Ostertag (16 days ago)
That's something you would see on the trailler park boys
Stephen Miller (17 days ago)
I used to think this shit was so cool at such an impressionable age, then, i grew and turned 21 , faithfully never having done this, bought real liquor and had way more fun. This shit is discusting and sad.
master Chu (22 days ago)
My homey used to make the best strawberry and watermelon wine this way and we drink one glass and the. Glass lf water and have killer buzz on he passed recently miss him alot he taught me alot of stuff like this
I see all these videos with them out in the light. I thought they were supposed to be kept in the dark for fermentation. Was I told wrong?
L. Collins (1 month ago)
How long do you let them sit?
Pigs Gooo (1 month ago)
So Let me get this straight you stick condoms on your jugs mate I must admit that's a new to me
TeaMaster1978 (1 month ago)
I will keep asking this question on YT until I get an answer. Methanol...Does this method produce high amounts?
Piak Piak (1 month ago)
Condoms are cheaper and so do balloons.
Aspen Rain (1 month ago)
You don't need a balloon or condom. Just lightly put on the cap so gas can leave. I'm make my own. It gets me drunk cheap.
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
Do you have to disinfect the juice?
Dilhan Gunasekara (1 month ago)
Can you be more specific , 1) how much juice liters 2) how much grams of sugar 3) how much grams of yeast 4) how long do we have to keep it without removing the airlocks ? 5) after removing the lock how to clear the yeast and use ? thanks
xjesusxchristx (1 month ago)
"Condoms are cheaper than airlocks..." I mean, kinda? But not really... Considering an airlock costs less than 2 dollars for the cheapest kind, and it can be reused indefinitely, the few cents you save this one time with condoms would be moot upon using the airlocks a second time.
Chibz92 (1 month ago)
Are you Canadian? And from Nova Scotia? Asking for a friend.
Angel Solari (1 month ago)
Im gonna try this in a big mason jar, the proof is in the pudding like the brittish say... will offcourse leave a comment to let you's all know how it turned out 😇 Ps, allways love reading comments, lol!!!
Joe B (1 month ago)
balloons are cheaper then condoms, so much sugar be really sweet in that much juice
Anonymous Anonymous (1 month ago)
How long are you supposed to ferment the juice?
Joe B (1 month ago)
drink it in 2 weeks
prajeesh nair (2 months ago)
Sorry to know you had so many unused condom lying around 😜
Laingerr (2 months ago)
Only in fuckin Nova Scotia eh?
Andy Dressler (2 months ago)
Im 12! Thanks for showing me how to do this!
Jesse Wightman (2 months ago)
You good for nothing fucking drunk
Enzo Warren (2 months ago)
This is some serious Trailer Park Boys shit. Hilarious.
Explodingtraps (2 months ago)
So it's been 6 years since a promise of an update...i wouldn't drink this shit!!
Christoph420 (2 months ago)
How long does the fermentation last? is there any indication when it's done?
Joe B (1 month ago)
2 weeks your drunk
Tide Pods (2 months ago)
Kidney has left the lobby...
Beetle Juice (2 months ago)
He's become the liquor. The liquor is calling the shots now
ej dadoy (2 months ago)
question! can you shake it when you put the yeast?
Joe B (1 month ago)
if u want
John O’groats (2 months ago)
The greatest story never told! I’m gonna get a grant to make a film about this! The comeback kid. True romantic stuff
Chuck Stanley (2 months ago)
Wouldnt it be better to use glass bottles
Jarrod Penton (2 months ago)
Instructions unclear used juice bottles for condoms and condoms to hold my booze
Got a Strike (2 months ago)
And get blind
Got a Strike (1 month ago)
this risk with burning your own alcohol is that ethanol can also be produced in the process (same thing that can fuel cars). That shit can get you permanently blind.
Joe B (1 month ago)
no duh
ripthedeadman (2 months ago)
Do you tryna fuck tonight? Nah fam just enjoy some wine.
Toonz Brah (2 months ago)
Brah. Just crush grapes or fruit up in a bottle with some water and sugar. Sit it for few days. Strain the juice and bobs your uncle enjoy ya drink in the sun
Sea Bee (2 months ago)
Im curious as to whether any additives in the juice can be broken down into toxins. Hows the hangover from said hooch?
jill prejean (3 months ago)
is part 2 posted? what's it called? define 'clear it w gelatin'
Matt Fuller (3 months ago)
Clear It With Gelatin? PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!
Thorne K (3 months ago)
bunch of JUNK!!!
Jimmy johns (3 months ago)
Or you can buy some vodka at the store.
Nepeta Leijon (3 months ago)
Does any type of yeast work?
Joe B (1 month ago)
use champagne yeast higher alcohol
Shanae shanae (3 months ago)
He in 8013
TheChompyz (3 months ago)
where the flying fuck is the update.
chris lion (3 months ago)
Are these condoms reusable and if so will my pecker get drunk?
Ashish khaitan Vlogs (3 months ago)
Product porn
Yanick Veraart (4 months ago)
why do they have the cap in the condom
P2D (4 months ago)
How long did u ferment
ROCCO CIPRIANI (4 months ago)
Where you from
Justin Reyez (4 months ago)
so it's finally come to this....
Jae T (4 months ago)
I clicked this video like, are those condoms😂
Silver Haze (4 months ago)
Now that's what you call "HARD CIDER"
James Hard (4 months ago)

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