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3 True Traumatizing Online Dating App Scary Stories REACTION!!!!

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Get your own 'Haul Ass Tee's/Tank Tops here: https://www.bonfire.com/stay-calm-and-haul-ass/ Here's my reaction to "3 True Traumatizing Online Dating App Scary Stories" Link to video: Business Inquires email: axaclass1992gmail.com
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Ella_junior16 Jaco (13 days ago)
My hand 🤚 is shaking gator idk why 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ishouldstopnow (1 month ago)
He’s 20
Ishouldstopnow (1 month ago)
My brother met his girlfriend in high school and now their married and are having a child
DeXeTeR Da Prime (1 month ago)
Good video man keep up the good work and that advice at the beginning of the video was really helpful thanks 👍🏽
King Improve (2 months ago)
Is that a dick in the thumbnail?
Kyle Newey (2 months ago)
Way to blame the victim dude
Teca (2 months ago)
my friends also tried to get me to use tinder after a breakup but nope im not gonna get cluked up
TheThugThizler (2 months ago)
Haahahhahahn, gattor said "you got the whole 9 yards man "
Tina Underwood (2 months ago)
You seem very confused about the girl who had been raped turning the opposite and being more free with sex. In understand your judgement it makes sense but it is true it is a side effect to being raped. Really sucks for the victims of the types of crimes. You should look it up and read about it. Quite saddening. “The more you know” 🧐🤔🙀
Desmond Smith (2 months ago)
Sup tho
Cadance Yarnell (2 months ago)
Thanks for the advice. ☺ I'm glad I am choosing the right path already. 😇
coolkid playz (2 months ago)
I'll make sure when I start to date I bring my adidas
Cameron smallwood (2 months ago)
Graduated high school last year.
High level Productions (3 months ago)
What about nike or jordans??
BL4CK N1NJA (3 months ago)
Gattor you really need to add captions it would be a lot more helpful
Rap Devil (3 months ago)
Don't have school lol I work a night shift as a security guard
Benoh (3 months ago)
my man gator out here giving free advice
ryahpapaya. (3 months ago)
Story 2 was a whole mess!! I dIDNt wANnA bE rUDe 🙄🙄🙄
armin delic (3 months ago)
My best friend died today in a sleep :( im so sad, watching your videos cheer me up little bit, thank you budd
Frxnch (3 months ago)
I’m a sophomore
NBApl4yer 321 (3 months ago)
17:56 “OH WAT”.
Fox Miles (3 months ago)
for story three if someone has a sarcastic sound to them and their personality just instantly drop talking to them trust me you won't regret it
Jayrock Entertainment (3 months ago)
I wore adidas on the first day back to school
mincy poo (3 months ago)
Gattor, Most men don’t understand how society guilts and shapes women to think the way the girl did. For example, I have literally been told that because a guy drives a certain time to see me, I OWE him something. Thank God my parents raised me to not be shaped by society, but it’s real and many girls think this way.
Andre S. Lamontagne (3 months ago)
I laughed so hard at 17:57. 🤣 idk why
Andrew Manes (3 months ago)
Gattor there is nothing like good advice for High School
GamingGodJon (3 months ago)
#1 and 2 there retarded especially if you cant tell a boy dressed as a girl
UndergroundGains (3 months ago)
How tall are you?
TypicalBlox (3 months ago)
react to "inside a tornado" Tiv 2
Black Disciples (3 months ago)
Almost 400K Gattor, moving on up.
Black Disciples (3 months ago)
Gattor speakin big facts
Kcajorfa21 (3 months ago)
Tineka Johnson (3 months ago)
You should react to Mr.haunted
Kcajorfa21 (3 months ago)
Lowkey miss when gattor would start his video with “ sup tho” and would get straight into the video..
Carlos- Lazaro (3 months ago)
I can’t hit u up on Snapchat gattor , all it says is subscribed there no message thing poping up
FAL Z ELITE (3 months ago)
I just hope am the time e to me because and you are a ge is your the last day you are a man ok, gattor!
Bimj (3 months ago)
On the 3rd/Last Story if you search up "HELP ME FIND THIS GIRL ! HER NAME IS : GABRIELLA PEREIRA !" it will come up to Fender's Youtube, called 'Lilian Bessa' aka Fender, back in April of 2013, go check it out if you want some chilling comments and Video, the title alone is chilling.
Raven Samone (3 months ago)
17:56 took me out 😂😂😂 omg
Joel Spencer (3 months ago)
I subscribe
Joel Spencer (3 months ago)
Check this out skinwalkerhttps ://youtu.be/SA7OycKIxUs
GamingGodJon (3 months ago)
Dat intro doe 😂😂😂 im starting college soon cant wait
dark saiyan (3 months ago)
ayyyy anime
john waterfall (3 months ago)
Gattor Martin, my school just recently started and i bought new Adidas backpack
reaction mania (3 months ago)
I dont start till September
J Wright (3 months ago)
I'd like to see your reaction to this video: 5 ghost video you shouldn't watch alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9S7B6rVxgA
Prince Sathyan (3 months ago)
Yo you should seriously be an adidas sales man bro seriously. FUCKING STOP SPAMING ADDIDAS AGAIN AND AGAIN LIKE THAT 😂. Camoon gattor ma boy you know better And video is very good 💪
XxHBKxX 1K (3 months ago)
I said wow as soon as gattor said wow #subscriber Bond 😂
Mark Dorado (3 months ago)
You need your Own Brand of PopCorn I swear 🍿🍿🍿
elephantPUNCH (3 months ago)
you probably are the worst content creator I have ever seen
Lorenzo Baxter (3 months ago)
elephantPUNCH said nobody ever. Except to keem, logan, and Jake.
Siona Perks (3 months ago)
anyone else type their name into youtube just out of curiosity?
ItsRoshaeBallyall (3 months ago)
Dope shirt
Ryder (3 months ago)
Damn straight bro. I was a lone wolf in high school dont need no friends. They need me tho 😂
Fallout Gamer (2 months ago)
Ryder if they need you, pretty much means they just want to use ya
Auxtrility (3 months ago)
17:57 LMAO
crazypeach (3 months ago)
i wanna go back to school those days were so good i miss them 😢 now im big and hate everyone
Karan Katoch (3 months ago)
Darius Miller (3 months ago)
Obviously Gattor right on the money with high school advice but nothing wrong with having friends eventually everyone gets them don't rush it plus relationships hay it's hard out here in life but I believe everybody here even our boy Gattor going to find someone
Neil Christian (3 months ago)
Ayyyyyy about to turn 9th grade Tuesday
- lllusionz - (3 months ago)
High school was ass I’m glad I’m done with that bullshit
black reaper (3 months ago)
I'm going to 8th grade can someone give me tips for the 8th grade
YadiPlayz (28 days ago)
Chapstick daley people like u need help
Niner Nation (3 months ago)
Just good luck man. Remember to study and please by all means make sure to avoid bullies. All I can say for you is just have fun, remember to study, and stay strong. Best of luck to you
crazypeach (3 months ago)
shougun ward just be happy ,play ,be careful becoz you will remember those days when you grow up and you'll cry so just have lots of fun and study hard goodluck to you bud god bless you 👧
DP Savage Tv (3 months ago)
Dude you so funny 😂🙀
madden Brown (3 months ago)
Ice wollow come 1 (3 months ago)
Am I the only Australian that watches him? If not show gator the aussie love
Ra'venge (3 months ago)
@Gattor Martin I just got into high school so ty for advice xDDDD
The light gamer 101 (3 months ago)
I'm going into high school on the 28th and tbh I think it's going to be good but it's a terrible school well the middle school is fucking awful but I have heard that a couple people have DIED there and while I was in 7th grade I think there was a school shooter threat but there was no shooting (unfortunately lol jk) and people have hidden weed in their locker so we have a saying when we see a police car or state cop we say "oh shit hide the weed!"
Dragon Ghost (3 months ago)
thanks for the advice Gattor, and especially Hauling Ass
AgentWhiteGuy (3 months ago)
I’m a senior got any advise?
Andrew Manes (3 months ago)
AgentWhiteGuy yeah make good memories and make it the best year of your life
Tineka Johnson (3 months ago)
You should react to we shouldn't be here
John Hargis (3 months ago)
Going in 10th😭
DuckFeet (3 months ago)
Gattor your videos always make me laugh they make my day!
World of Anime (3 months ago)
I talk to one person fuck everyone i went to school with i was ready to go all my so called friends were fake and bitches
hey michael vsauce here (3 months ago)
he had every thing but his Adidas XD
Kingg Atom (3 months ago)
React to Rob Dyke
Classy African (3 months ago)
Truthful advice gattor. I made all these friends in high school and once I graduated this year, everybody went their separate ways and I never heard from them again. Focus on yourself and you'll do fine.
Grace J (3 months ago)
Classy African Best way you can make friends is to not make them at school. It was hard making them at school for me and then I lost them after school. I didn't bother with dating either because I had no interest.
DuckFeet (3 months ago)
Gattor coming in with that double upload!!!!
Kennette Melendez (3 months ago)
Gator what happened to the SUP THO then you start the video right away now you talk for like 30 minuets then start the video
Dante Trill (3 months ago)
Dante Trill (3 months ago)
Lil' Gamer Guy XD (3 months ago)
Gattor, you should put "Adidas Sold Separately" on the back of your shirt lmao.
Lil' Gamer Guy XD (3 months ago)
Gattor, on your shirt, you should put "Adidas Sold Separately" on the back if it lmao.
Alberto Rincon (3 months ago)
10:06 if you need to hold your pee, it might help if you think about sex. Sounds weird but works
crazypeach (3 months ago)
Alberto Rincon 😂😂😂 true
fluffkin 29 (3 months ago)
I'm old-fashioned too!! Yeay ain't the only one hahaha
mythic4l murd3rer (3 months ago)
7:13 where the Adidas at tho????😂😂😂😂
Juliax 559 (3 months ago)
36:15 lmao ☠️
josh dietz (3 months ago)
Well gattor I did get my girlfriend from Instagram and is 100 percent real so I guess thier is a chance that some girls that you can meet online are real sometimes
Justin Cioschi (3 months ago)
Ayee 9th grade here gattor
josh dietz (3 months ago)
I think we all know that the guy in the story has clucked up to the max and that the girl named Kat has saved his life and that also not to try and date someone from match.com am I right or am I wrong guys
failed_._._ abortion (3 months ago)
Im going to 9th grade with my new adidas
Juliax 559 (3 months ago)
Don’t hold your pee because you get Kidney stones look it up so when I have to pee I go ASAP 👍🏾
Rowdy Jr. (3 months ago)
Drizzy 559 You also need to drink plenty of water to prevent kidney stones from growing on your kidneys during winter. Water is the solution to prevent kidney stones. But I never knew that holding your piss can create kidney stones. Hmmmmmmmm that's interesting.
Juliax 559 (3 months ago)
When you keep holding it all the time fu
Jayme Splendid (3 months ago)
Drizzy 559 ??? How the fuck does holding piss in your bladder create stones in the kidney? Bacteria CAN travel to the kidney if you hold pee in and have other shit going on. When you sleep, your body tightens the urethra (holding pee in your body for HOURS!!) in fact chances are that you spend more time holding it while you sleep then you will normally do when awake. There is ALWAYS pee forming in your kidney's down to your bladder and your body "holds" on to it by itself with out you even knowing until there's enough that it triggers you to go. When you die, you will expel it regardless if you just went 30 minutes before hand. Your muscles no longer hold it in. There are a few reasons on what can cause someone to get stones but 90% of them are made out of calcium and it starts when urine is formed in the kidney - *THIS IS WHERE, HOW AND WHY ITS CREATED* I've been getting kidney stones (about 1 to 3 every 5 years or so) for over 15 years and nowhere have i ever seen, read or been told that holding my urine may be a factor, even when the doctors at the time didn't know what was causing mine as they were unable to analyze the first few I had. We went through every thing on what may be the cause (it was calcium intake turns out) and holding your piss ain't on that list. And just to make sure, I did try to look it up and nowhere (besides a Reddit post and someone's blog) did I find it posted on WebMD, mayoclinic etc..Yahoo answers and random blogs don't count.
crazypeach (3 months ago)
Drizzy 559 thats great
josh dietz (3 months ago)
Drizzy 559 true that
Shawnee Suddeth (3 months ago)
I graduated recently in may. Had a lot of 'friends' throughout the years that i got rid of. Took a while to realize they dont mean shit to me and you got more time in life to get real friends.
Garion Pope (3 months ago)
Also number 2 was screwing up real bad
Hayli Hill (3 months ago)
Gattor I just added you on Snapchat.
Awesomeness TV 14 (3 months ago)
It’s not bad I actually like it personally
Awesomeness TV 14 (3 months ago)
I’m online dating right now
The Weeknd (3 months ago)
Thanks for advice gattor I'm going into highschool in 5 days (9th,) thanks
Sean Brown (3 months ago)
The Weeknd I am a 9th grader but I just started high school
3WayGRLA (3 months ago)
burn1down99 99 Tf
failed_._._ abortion (3 months ago)
The Weeknd same actually im going in the 14th
Kadyn Shuler (3 months ago)
Thanks for the advice any tips for middle School
failed_._._ abortion (3 months ago)
Kadyn Shuler middle school si great abuse it while you can abuse the fuck outoff it my middle school 8th and 7th grade years were the best years of my life just have fun (and pass)
Diamond Olivia (3 months ago)
Why are people so stupid, i always feel smarter watching his videos he has great life advice - he should have merch that says: always wearing my Adidas 😂
Marvin Lee (3 months ago)
I could relate to this video 👏 👏 👏
Rusty__ (3 months ago)
Angie Cordova (3 months ago)
I'm going to be a freshman in 2 weeks . Summer went by so fast and I am going to a different school than my friends.
Jugz (3 months ago)
I start Wednesday lol your lucky to start in 2 weeks
Big Man (3 months ago)
Angie Cordova you’ll be fine trust me
Ryder (3 months ago)
Enjoy being young bro. Make some memories to look back to 😎
julian d. (3 months ago)
Literally the same thing with me I moved this summer and I start school Monday I’m totally not ready
Marcus Richard (3 months ago)
Eddie Rattlehead (3 months ago)
I'm about to enter 10th on Tuesday, any advice because 9th was hell for me
Jordan S (3 months ago)
Just be yourself, do your work and you will have a blast. I wish I would have been more comfortable withmyself in high school so don’t make the same mistake as me
Jay Reyes (3 months ago)
Yo gator hit up the dark web

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