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Joyner Lucas - Frozen

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Frozen available now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0PPKDmCpEfX8rdkagtCr8u Written on Tully: https://bit.ly/2BFcGEV Shop Black Pyramid Now: https://bit.ly/2zq0Bnm 508 Project Available on Spotify and iTunes: https://atlantic.lnk.to/508-507-2209 Follow Joyner: @joynerlucas Vocals by Jade Novah. Jade appears courtesy of Let There Be Art/EMPIRE.
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Text Comments (39750)
Carter Severns (37 minutes ago)
Get not her sorry
Quackity Quack (2 hours ago)
Damn its getting harder to even live now
VIKAS JHANJHAVAT (6 hours ago)
I guess Grammy doesn't deserve a touch this legend
Proevan (10 hours ago)
I can relate, My little cousins mom was a loved woman in our family and bring everyone together when we had losses until it was her turn to be prayed for.because some guy was texting and driving,my little cousin had to live with our best uncle and best aunt,but he doesn’t know that his mom died,and still doesn’t till this day. The next week his dad hung himself from battling from depression and cancer.her funeral was heartbreaking,but I was too young and selfish to understand what this event meant,and the day of the funeral I told my mom I didn’t want to come,but we did anyways,and to this day I regret it.
ShruggedHook 9 (10 hours ago)
Don't text and drive.
Yohan Khamissi (12 hours ago)
That One Boi (11 hours ago)
Molly Holland (13 hours ago)
I was going to get my learners in a few days. Im kinda scared now
leonrueim (13 hours ago)
This is so messed up but it's the truth i cry like 3 times listening to this
Hannah Perkins (15 hours ago)
This so sad😪
Grace Feagans (15 hours ago)
Fav song
Yo Girl Kamari Kelly (21 hours ago)
is this real because I almost broke my winsow
Belle's Life! (16 hours ago)
Not this isn't real it could've be though that's what it's trying to say to you.
Navarion Leavell (22 hours ago)
This is the sad
Quentin Sojka (1 day ago)
The production quality in Joyner's videos are amazing...
LeakyLine (1 day ago)
I lost my best friend in 2008 to distracted driving. He was hit by a woman driving a minivan talking on the phone. I was only a kid and it's still extremely painful to this day to think about. Put your fucking phones down, take a cab if you're drunk, and follow the rules of the road. Breaking the rules put in place for driving doesn't make it cool, it makes you a fucking retard.
BigGameClips (1 day ago)
My mother texts and drive. And when i yell at her she yells at me to shut up. And in my head im thinking " what the fuck mom do you love me? No matter hoe careful you are shit still goes down. All could happen like that, stupid." Tomorrow imma send this to her. Imma say "dont tell me shut up when i say put your phone away when you look down thats 3 seconds all it takes. I dont care how "careful" you think youre being." All because of stupid bitch wanna text n drive.
Vloging Chante2001 (1 day ago)
I cried
Bryce McCleary (1 day ago)
This kills me cause my friends mom was pregnant and an 18 kid who was texting pulled out and hit her. She was alive but the baby just died today 😭
Rhonda Brogdon (1 day ago)
Bryce McCleary (1 day ago)
You are evil or pressed the wrong emoji
Drippy ツ (1 day ago)
I’m really crying
Journal Book (1 day ago)
The 1st one i was crying why would a mom kill her daughter just bc of stupid phone 😓
Nothing M (1 day ago)
Jonyer raps about the dark stuff that needs to be acknowledged
Having been in a 70mph accident where my car flew and rolled over 3 times, I feel this shit so well I’m crying. Nobody else was involved, just me, my car and the road, and I’m so glad I did not hit anyone or else I would not have peace for the rest of my life. Drive within speed limits my dudes, the short time you get the thrills isn’t worth it as it can all end in less than two seconds.
Lazlum (2 days ago)
It's to painful to watch it twice
Kitty Kawaii (2 days ago)
When he woke up with his family i started crying😭
Caylee's World (2 days ago)
My dads 42 and he loves me ): I’m crying
Undead (2 days ago)
As someone who was in a car crash at the age of 13 I can say that it really makes you think about your whole life and all of your choices that had led up to it.
Christine Wood (2 days ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the white dress and cute shoes represent innocence don't they
Christine Wood (2 days ago)
+Love Shine yes I was right. Wow. Makes sense, she barely got to experience life. Thank you very much.
Love Shine (2 days ago)
Yes it does, good catch (btw love the profile pic
Jesus Vazquez (2 days ago)
I was listening my eyes got a lil watery 😞 gotta admit it's sad but it's reality
Petha (3 days ago)
even after this, a countless number of human beings have the audacity to continue to play on their phones while driving on open roads . lmao smh
dwayne betreen (3 days ago)
Who is this vocalist. She is amazing
Richboyalive Lol (3 days ago)
Wonder if this is real
nachosNapples (3 days ago)
i'm always fuckin nervous when cars are parked in a line i'm like eyin em' down to make sure there's no kids
J Velilla (3 days ago)
Kiara Mcnamara (3 days ago)
shit the whole family is together thats sad but happy at the same time i dont know why.
Trooper Burgess (3 days ago)
so sad
Encripta Wolf (3 days ago)
Ooh. I felt this.
Reationgirl 111 (3 days ago)
Oh they were all family.....😭😭😭
This acctually scared me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Belle's Life! (16 hours ago)
Beach girl
BlitZHyper YT (3 days ago)
his songs are more stories
Belle's Life! (16 hours ago)
They r both
TexasAdam 8498 (3 days ago)
They should show people that have crashed from their phone this this was too hard for me to watch
HUNKY FUNKY MAN (3 days ago)
No abusive language No girls dancing in appropriately No drugs No alcohol Only true talent
JG THE 1st (3 days ago)
😤😔😣😖😫😢😭 Like if sad
JUST FOR FUN ONE (3 days ago)
Whole family died because of doing things while driving :Don’t text and drive: :Don’t drink and drive: :Don’t be a crazy driver either: (Remember this)
Joseph Foree (4 days ago)
This sad
edgar bustillo (4 days ago)
This is really sad😢😭😭
fcantil (4 days ago)
I just found out about you and most of these songs have really great messages in them. You really deserve more.
Jerrick Kelley (4 days ago)
Woah...when she started singing it just gave me chills
90s (4 days ago)
Hey how is their mouths moving
Case Maulden (4 days ago)
Love this song yo shit go hard dog lost to many ppl to these dumb ass's
TeriZen Bear (4 days ago)
oh fuck... This shit got me emotional, i used to think there wasn't really a purpose to life until i went to a therapist because shit got hard in my life, wrists got bloody, heart got broken.. this made me totally realize how lucky i am to be alive.. Bless You all.
Supreme Burrito (4 days ago)
Miranda_ Vlogs (4 days ago)
2019 anyone????????????????????????????????????
Floridapotato (4 days ago)
Tbh this is depressing
Ziggy Zeal (4 days ago)
This happens everyday, People need to stop this. People die from this dont drink and drive dont street race done text and drive either be smart and be aware.
Randome Guy (4 days ago)
Every time I listen I cry....😭
Pineal 1990 (5 days ago)
Hopefully that deal doesn't end the production of profound songs such as this. Much more is needed, homie, don't let them steal your creative control.
gaming raccoon (5 days ago)
Wow texting and driving is no joke
Ben Divina (5 days ago)
Rip all people who died for nothing because people text and drive,drink and drive, and this people are idiots beacause they took a life because of them
A Human (5 days ago)
Joyner is a master at sad songs ( I'm sorry, ross cappicioni, and frozen) thanks you so much for your good music man. Sorry if I spelled the Ross song wrong.
Aim Higher (5 days ago)
He is the most influential rapper right now in my opinion
Amaya Strother (5 days ago)
I am crying cuz my cousin I was really close to went to jail for drinking and driving bad car reck 😭😭😭
Chanel Stokes (5 days ago)
2019? Anyone
Jake Clail (5 days ago)
2019 Anyone?
Spicy tea (5 days ago)
Oh my fucking god...
Sammy Huerta (5 days ago)
no more mc donulds and getting dieibedis after one bite all becuse you sayed the n word that shits not all rite
alexandria garrett (5 days ago)
This made me think about good and to inspired not texting , drinking and driving that's sad tho but really good acting 💯😉😁😂
Thicc Boi Come (6 days ago)
That’s deep
Megat Faris (6 days ago)
2019 n this song is so good istg
Sol Tarano (6 days ago)
All this dude's music so damn good you can tell he puts his heart into each song, fuckin breath of fresh air keep it goin
teno_drew (6 days ago)
Yo Joyner, you deserve everything positive coming to you bro 🤙
شيخ جوجل (6 days ago)
Damn this is good
Cheesy Apples (6 days ago)
Quardavis Patterson II
Mariah The Lemon (6 days ago)
Dude this made me very sad dude I am crying.
Jimmy Dazz (6 days ago)
Damn this shit deep
NoObGaMiNg MiLlS (6 days ago)
I feel like that's me idk why
TOO LESS Emmanuel (6 days ago)
Best rapper alive
Hazard Goggles (6 days ago)
That’s actually fucking dark😂💨💨
Barbara Strawa (6 days ago)
Is this real or you just made the song😁😁😁😁😁
Christian Harper (6 days ago)
I just noticed at the end all of them are in the bed
Jacqueline Garner (7 days ago)
that was so sad 😥😢😭
Clarensky Benoit (7 days ago)
I've been listening to this song for a while but I never realized the depth of the lyrics.
Biggie Nav (7 days ago)
Joyner is a lethal bomb! This was so smooth!
Frankie Eisenberg (7 days ago)
Joyner, my God! These music videos are like PSA’s!
Damn, that got deep...
Avery Reed (7 days ago)
This good vid had me crying. Thank god im alive
lindsey Lit (7 days ago)
My friends friends pushed her into a moving car with her sister and her sister died.😢
dragon plays (7 days ago)
This is depressing
Ellie Cresswell (7 days ago)
Me and my boyfriend were in a car crash we were hit by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, I made it but he didn't 😢😭 I miss u bby xxx
nece 21 (7 days ago)
How you think they faked the car crash and car flip
Don't text and drive this is what we get
Lil ugly (8 days ago)
I'm finna Cry
Lil ugly (8 days ago)
The first one I almost laugh but I like the first one
floasher (8 days ago)
2:07 When the beat comes in too. Agh.
JJ Squad Bailey (8 days ago)
Is that real it is sad 🙁
flying wig (8 days ago)
I lost my 17 year old brother 1 month ago because of a drunk asian man
Belle's Life! (16 hours ago)
To young.
Ship Hoarder (8 days ago)
The image of the little girl on the concrete... I'm crying
funny kid Saul (8 days ago)
Please don't text and drive or drink and drive😭😘
Makumbha Shanti (9 days ago)
Damn, I don't have my drivers license. I only have my learners. My resentment everyone for not teaching me to drive, has me tempted to say fk all yall. I'm gonna just buy a car off the street so I don't have to show id and drive regardless you can't stop me I'll be free. I'm looking at a 1600. Price on the window shield as I head into the Goodwill thinking maybe he'll take payments of 500. I'll turn on the GPS. I'll drive. I drove before. Never alone but fuck it nobody wants to help me I'll show them I can do it on my own. Then my conscience said no that's not safe to other people's lives. Just pay for driving school. Be responsible. Vehicular homicide is a serious case against you. Not to mention the family of whoever you killed incredible loss. With that being said this song just convinced me once and for all to get driving lessons before I take unnecessary chances.

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