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HOW TO be More Confident - The Best Tips to Boost your Confidence

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Learning how to be more confident can change your whole life and improve almost every situation you are put in. This is going to be a pretty long video with tons of information on how to increase your confidence. The whole thing is going to be centered around the idea of changing yourself. I know lots of people are going to comment about why you shouldn’t change yourself, but let me explain. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. If you want more in life, you’re going to have to change, and in relationship to this video when changing we are always going to grow, that is in a positive manner. To be more confident, you’ll definitely have to change your thinking. Now, there is a fine line between thinking confidently and thinking arrogantly. If you think arrogantly, you’re going to become a scummy person and fall into the pitfalls and failures of an egotistical person described in Ego is the Enemy. Your goal should be to think positively. Specifically of yourself. ---My Details--- What I make my videos with: http://bit.ly/1QxBJI0 Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych Check out MY Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome
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Text Comments (600)
Demon raider (17 days ago)
Thanks a lot for your support and guidance on how to get the Outlook for people
Haeun Jung (26 days ago)
This is so very true💕 thanks for this video you help me a lot
lukkash (28 days ago)
Remember about REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) by Albert Ellis (beginnings of the CBT) and his ABC method: Activating event — Beliefs — Consequences (thoughts, emotions, behaviors). If our deeply rooted beliefs about ourselves, other people, the world are too negative, too paranoid or even delusional then we cannot think, feel & act positively that’s why it all needs to be revised for our own good.
lukkash (28 days ago)
Great that your definition of the law of attraction is more psychological rather than that esoteric-like bullshit.
Jacob Kneeland (1 month ago)
Thanks for video.
baynardrustin97 (1 month ago)
Do a video on how a gay man can get past the shame of being gay.....
84ALiEn13 (2 months ago)
When did the definition of cognitive dissonance change?
Kason Fearon (2 months ago)
I really appreciate this entire video, I needed this
Nadir Log (2 months ago)
how old are you ?
Sandra Carli (3 months ago)
Nice video but the music is too repetitive!
Jeffry Larin (4 months ago)
I love your channel and your vision! God bless you in all your endeavors. You have helped me in so many important ways.
PLIER HYGEMES (4 months ago)
Your videos have really made a difference thank you for putting in the effort to make them
Zhou Theiben (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips. It is very timely because I am under depression due to stress, overthinking, frustration and insecurity.
Grant Kiple (5 months ago)
Auxie- (5 months ago)
First tip: Identify your weaknesses Second tip: Avoid thinking about your weaknesses as they will manifest
2:53 i have been focussing in getting a girlfriend for the past few monts xD
Kathleen Kavanagh (6 months ago)
This was the best self help video I have ever watched including Ted talks! Especially intrusive thoughts, forgiving yourself but just everything was so incredibly formative and helpful I am sure to so many people. Thank you so much! Kathy
Thank you
Amir J (6 months ago)
Cognitive dissonance isn't a theory. It's pretty much fact. Humans just can't deal with inconsistency and hypocrisy
Ben Crosbie (7 months ago)
thank you
Z0n3 :P (7 months ago)
This video makes me cry, but it's so true.
Jean Woolvet (2 months ago)
Z0n3 :P
Johnny DeepMind (7 months ago)
I really like this video, thank you!
Ranga Timilsina (9 months ago)
Thank you for the great video.
leah _ (10 months ago)
Marcin Grobelkiewicz (10 months ago)
I like u but u do not go to conclusions. Being positive or telling truth
Anuja Shende (10 months ago)
Very informative...keep posting 👍
Commando Master (11 months ago)
Fake it til you make it. Strive to improve on yourself everyday.
R S (11 months ago)
I could careless about being confident...confidence doesnt make the world revolve. well my world
David Babalola (11 months ago)
These tips are helpful. Thanks. Henceforth, my eyes gonna be fixed on everyone.
Mudbug Toby (11 months ago)
Talks about owning a Lamborghini. Draws a Ferrari.
Paulie Tonoro (1 year ago)
Ive forgiven myself for alot but one thing is to hard to forgive myself for I'm not gonna let it hold me back but until I can apologize for it I can't forgive myself
John Nickel (1 year ago)
JZAC is dope
Barry B. Benson (1 year ago)
"compare your self with your past self" I was in shape when I was like...seven
JF LOVECRAFT (1 year ago)
This the first video ive ever seen that says forgive yourself. 💯
ChaoticEvilCanary (1 year ago)
Being confident isn't about making yourself someone different, just a better version of yourself. Insecurities I can't change: asperger's, height, my upbringing. I only want to kill the elderly when they drive very slowly in front of me.
ASWIN DEV R (1 year ago)
Jack Sitilides (1 year ago)
I love these videos, they have helped me out so much, thanks for that and keep it up!
The Cool Panther (1 year ago)
I dont really understand every you say,so I need some advices from you,if you reading this you have to know that I need some answers to some questions(about a girl) If you would manage to help me I would be very happy and I would find my answers
Je t'aime (1 year ago)
Cognitive dissonance 4:06
Ross Sheridan (1 year ago)
Confidence is the key to life
Azimaousa (1 year ago)
I like this video very much, and change the way I think and feel. You are true it is about changing your mentality and rest everything will follows.
Joanie Espejo (1 year ago)
you are a big help srsly
Practical Psychology (1 year ago)
+Joanie Espejo Thanks :)
Rageboy J (1 year ago)
Your hairline is like my dick size. How’s that for confidence?
miauw (1 year ago)
In my life i never found not even one YouTube channel which I have watched many videos in a row and liked them so much! I have never commented so enthusiastic, I am really glad I have crossed path you your channel! And I appreciate your work! Your videos are my shortcut to the "how to start way" in my life, I wanted to change some things in my life they are huge, so I thought, I have to start at the bottom you strengthen my foundation and build on it! And you have made me realize where to start, that knowledge, for me its wisdom, really educated me, So Thank you very much!
Thanh Tùng (1 year ago)
Do you have transcript of this video ?
Béa 動畫心理學 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. I learned a lot from your channel! I’m trying to do some Chinese version of improvement videos. Even though VideoScribe does not support Chinese characters, I still manage some ways to do it. I will keep your words in mind and keep doing new videos. Again thank you so much for your lesson! Just want to let you know you really encourage me a lot !
Raga Etsenna (1 year ago)
Watch the thinker
Steve Haley (1 year ago)
Thankyou so much i like to think I’m already pretty confident but this is going to help even more😁
Lobke Stienstra (1 year ago)
Thank you!
NATZ (1 year ago)
Who's here in 2018 if you are subscribe to my YouTube channel just do it is not going to take for ever
Tuhin Roy (1 year ago)
You're such a GREAT Guy! I came here from *Alpha m.* ’s video & After watching your videos, I'm thinking WHY THE HECK I DIDN'T FIND YOUR CHANNEL PREVIOUSLY!
oop nikita (1 year ago)
please make a full video on the intrusive thoughts
fernanda1002 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I'm learning and growing with your videos.
Nathan Lerche (1 year ago)
Easier said than done practical..... easier said than done
Walker Girl (1 year ago)
Great tips I am like almost to that complete confident mark. But I tend to get side tracked and lazy, but these tips are very helpful. I am nervous to tap into my insecurities, but I know I have to face these demons at some point. Wish me luck! :)
Video cruzer (1 year ago)
I have a question for horse lovers. what drugs would you give a Gelded horse to get it randy enough to pop a boner and mount a 25 year old mayor? because when mayor broke his leg and the vet came to put him down with the needle, the first needle Buddy ( my dead horse) just looked at the vet with a look, is that all you got and actually winked at the vet, the vet just had a confused look on her face as the horse still was standing, not even a dam wobble in his body fro the death drug. she pumped him a second time before he laid down on the ground. He just looked at all of for what was too long as the vet had to give him a 3rd death needle before he finally failed to the death drug. I thought vets are trained to figure this shit out with one dose, not three. but it was the confused look on her face after the first death shot that was the give away that something was strange. when i asked her why it took 3 needles to kill my horse, she just said again with a confused look on her face, sometimes they are really strong and it takes alot to drop them. just another funny story about needles being half full.
1 Step Ahead (1 year ago)
Confidence is the key to success! If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to believe in you. Practical Psychology youtube channel has inspired to start my own self improvement channel. Be sure to check it out to be 1 step ahead. Eniton
Travis Stewart (1 year ago)
“I play c o d” 😂😂
Sitara Sardar (1 year ago)
Does someone know here the name of this background music??
Brian Walker (1 year ago)
Ok this is strange, I'm already super confident so I almost didn't watch this video because I figured I didn't need it, based on the title but now I've watched it over 3 times... Hmmm...? that's an interesting thing to ponder. But anyway, thank you for your excellent video
Kevin Odom (1 year ago)
Great point. This whole be who you are thing is a joke. If everyone just says to hell with it I’m going to be who I am and not try and change for the better I think we will have a mess!!! You must always try and improve yourself unless you’re just so damn perfect u don’t want to but I doubt that’s true
justin the fake human (1 year ago)
I love wearing baggy shirts it started with me hiding my man tits but now I just love baggy shirts especially with slim fit pants
Mr. Santana (1 year ago)
I'll tell them to kick rocks
Mr. Santana (1 year ago)
Just do the Dwayne the rock Johnson haircut lol
Reverse Kris (1 year ago)
You're awesome!
thirteen XD (1 year ago)
I don't always watch your videos when they come out, but when I start watching thin I watch atleast 4 or five back to back
Markus Solberg (1 year ago)
what was your reddit thread?
Brenden O'Brien (1 year ago)
Hey if anyone reads this comment, I would like some, I don't know what to call it. Advice, I guess. So basically in school I have a friend that I have a few classes with, im also friends with her. But I also want to be more than just friends with her. But she is a really easy person to ruin that chance with. We are friends and we hang out in school a lot, we like some similar things, and we go to the same church. I don't go all the time though. Ever since I met her I have constantly tried to become a closer and closer friend with her so I can be one step closer to that big milestone. But like I said, it is really easy to ruin that chance with. She has trust issues sometimes, I have helped her with a few simple things like if she needs a water bottle for her trombone(which we both play trombone and I had an extra bottle and we are in the same band) I would give her my extra. I also let her use my trombotine. We are both good people, we are both kind, although she is more so than me. We have some similar personality aspects we have most of the same friends, and I have her number. But I want to be able to get to that final step of finally being with her. I know most of her family that she lives with and she knows the family I live with. But like I said, I want to get to the final step but I don't know how. Also my school has a thing called formal. Basically is middle school version of prom. But I kinda think that would be a good time to make an advancement, a big one. I would do basically anything for her, that's reasonable of course, like, not bad things. We are also both in 8th grade. I have also been extremely low key in taking on the task of getting closer, but carefully. I want to continue getting closer untill I am at the final step, the last milestone, the end goal. But I don't know how. Like I said I think formal is a good time to make a somewhat large advancement but that is months away, all the way in may I think. But I want to continue getting closer and I don't know how. If anybody has any advice, please reply.
Down Jump (1 year ago)
I Love You Man...
Jennifer Ademoye (1 year ago)
very inspiring and wonderful :)
Abhi N (1 year ago)
thanks practical psychology u are doing great work
a b (1 year ago)
Hey please make a video on intrusive thoughts... If possible please make it very detailed. Thank you.
Joe Swanson (1 year ago)
just stop watching porn and masturbation and watch ur confident get boosted up
sacred NGARONOA (1 year ago)
Intro very wide words
Mohammad Amer (1 year ago)
Slizk (1 year ago)
Thanks very much. This has gave me motivation which I will drive with.
Kaneki- kun (1 year ago)
He calls 9 mins video a loongg video! xDD
Aayush Tyagi (1 year ago)
When i meet my gf i gets little bit confidenceless... How can i overcome on this topic...🙄
Aayush Tyagi (1 year ago)
😢Thank you... Sir... You helped me to build up my confidence again... I am very great full to you...😇
Bob production's (1 year ago)
These videos have helped me out alot man
Farhat (1 year ago)
Without confidence you're already dead and waiting to be burried some day. You can be the most handsome guy or girls but with no confidence, and you will achieve so little in life. Confidence is the key to living happily.
Lynx Boss (1 year ago)
Thank u so much ,u made me make the decision to change myself
PhantomDominator (1 year ago)
Awosome video, thank you very much, the music could be a bit intrusive tough.
Moosa Butt (1 year ago)
Thanks yaaar ab bachiiiii mil Jaye gee news batao GA aapko
Anindya Ghosh (1 year ago)
Yeah yeah I got some things that keep on running through my mental Like why you keep on complicating life? This shit is simple Break it down let me tell you the essentials: Writing rap recording documents so it's official Law 1: Doesn't matter black, white, brown Rich, gay, straight, poor you gon' end up in the ground About six feet down You might live 'til you one hundred Or you might never make it out to see it past your twenties Slow it down son, I know the world is fast paced That's why I'm out here trying to live it like my last day 2: Can't express this one any clearer You can lie to the world but not the man in the mirror So keep it real with yourself I'm watching people plummet 'cause they dumb and Never keep it 100 Number 3: Every man and woman gotta eat Don't be ashamed about what you do to get your money every week I don't care if you a nurse Or a blue collar work Or you doing overnights Even McDonald's flippin' burgers Number 4: Always take care of your core Talking family and your friends And loved ones you adore It's law 5: Be good to your body and mind Treat it right 'cause that's the only way you survive All the pills, coke, dope smoked Fast food, no joke Alcohol will kill you leave your body dry with no hope 6: I won't lie this one is a challenge But everything you do in life It's all about balance Man too much of anything is not a good thing So be careful what you do and what it could bring Number 7 isn't easy but I swear it needs to happen Cut the people out in life that only causing you distractions I don't give a fuck if it be friends, it be family All that energy that's negative is nothing but a cancer Number 8: Imma go and tell you it straight Being insecure is your main reason for hate Number 9, Number 9 What a time to be alive Don't forget it It's a blessing That you open Up your eyes Every morning It's important Just to know it Never shake it off Number 10: Take it all with a grain of salt Even what I said Form your own opinion and get it through your head No one's got the answer we just learning as we live No one gave me shit I had to teach myself to give No one gave me shit I had to teach myself to give
Alison Pauline Moore (1 year ago)
Hanging around more confident people only makes me feel small, crappy and jealous :(
Lily Elgart (1 year ago)
Well crap what if you’re emo trash and don’t want to listen to hyped up music 😂😂
Another (1 year ago)
I need help ill try these thank you!
i fucked up (1 year ago)
the man who did English captions, better get his execution in the middle of Oxford University
christian ojala (1 year ago)
Own a Lamborghini in the end of the year and then draws a ferrari
Patrick Velardo (1 year ago)
You are helping alot of people inculding myself thank you practical Psychology
Darya Aleksandrova (1 year ago)
Actually you can trim back your hair line with some small scissors (that's what I do and some celebrities too )
Jeng T (1 year ago)
Interesting video. Thanks a lot for the very practical and inspiring tips and info. Keep it up. All the smiles & love from Manila, Phil. :)
JFrancisco (1 year ago)
Thank you!!!!!!
Joe Somora (1 year ago)
thank you this video has changed my life!
Hndoo (1 year ago)
Great video
Antònio Moura (1 year ago)
Hi, there! First off, I think this channel is awesome. I teach English as a foreign language in Brazil and it would be wonderful to have a video about how to be more confident when interacting in a foreign language. More power to you! Cheers
Cool Channel (1 year ago)
Thank you random human! Now i have the confidence to nuke USA. WISH ME LUCKK!!!
Miqueas Shakur (1 year ago)
Ni🅱🅱a I've been waiting for 5 months now! Hurry tf up!
Maddie S (1 year ago)
Dominic M. (1 year ago)
lol imma get confident now 😊

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