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12 Famous Logos With a Secret Meaning

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A logo is the face of a brand, and we often buy this or that item because its “face” is well-known to the world. Come on, don’t deny it! As for the best logos, they convey a hidden subtext that represents the company’s values, goals, or history. So, here are 12 world-famous logos with a secret hidden meaning! TIMESTAMPS: Airbnb 1:15 TripAdvisor 2:02 MasterCard 2:55 Dell 3:53 National Geographic 4:26 Vodafone 5:08 Haribo 6:00 Subway 6:37 DC Comics 7:29 Mozilla Firefox 8:15 Bacardi 9:09 Orbit 9:42 Preview photo credit: Firefox logo used since June 2013 (version 23.0 Beta), Previous version of logo, used since Firefox 3.5: By © The Mozilla Foundation, CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.es, https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Mozilla_Firefox_logo_2013.svg Animation is created by Bright Side Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY: - The logo contains 4 simple yet meaningful elements: the head of a person that represents a user of their site, the sign for a location on a map to show where the house or apartment is, a heart to represent love, and, finally, all of these symbols combine to make the letter “A” for Airbnb. - TripAdvisor’s logo is an owl, which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. As for its different-colored eyes, they show that each traveler has a choice to make: green means go, and red means no! - The international payment system we all know these days as MasterCard was established in 1966 as Interbank. Red stands for bravery, passion, and for doing what makes you feel joy. The bright yellow symbolizes prosperity. - Ever wonder why the “E” in Dell’s logo is all askew? Well, the founder of the company, Michael Dell, wanted to convey the meaning of the popular idiom “turn the world on its ear,” which means to change something in an exciting way. - National Geographic, the popular magazine and channel that broadcasts documentaries in 171 countries, made its logo a yellow rectangle. The rectangle symbolizes a door that’s open to the world of knowledge about nature, science, and culture. Yellow and bright just like the Sun. - Vodafone is a British mobile provider that operates mostly in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The company chose a couple of mysterious things for its logo, which looks sort of like an earphone. The designers wanted to show that, with Vodafone, users can talk to each other any time they want. - The Haribo’s founder combined the first 2 letters of his first and last name, Hans Riegel, and added the first 2 letters of his hometown of Bonn. - The arrows on the first and last letters of the Subway logo are there for a reason: they actually stand for the entrance and exit to the subway. This way, the company demonstrates that, with Subway, you can eat on the go, like in the actual subway! - Jim Lee revealed what the new logo of DC Comics actually means. The nooks and angles are meant to evoke the Superman “S” symbol, the Wonder Woman “WW” emblem, and the Bat-Signal. - “Firefox” is the English translation of the Chinese name for a red panda. This way, the company wanted to demonstrate how unique they are because this is a very rare kind of panda that’s actually endangered. - The legend goes that the wife of Bacardi’s co-founder saw a bat in their liquor factory. But instead of getting scared and running for the exit, he took it as a sign and decided that this was exactly what should be on the logo. - If you look closely at the Orbit's logo, you’ll notice that the capital “O” is split into 2 parts: one dark and one light. In the background you can see the image of an orbit. So, it’s clear that the “O” symbolizes day and night and a planet revolving around the Sun. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3771)
Rafia Ghazala (3 hours ago)
vodafone, mastercard, and national geographic
Animation trailers (3 hours ago)
LoL I thought that the Firefox logo meant that the world 🌎 is on FIRE 🔥
Kanchana Puranik (10 hours ago)
National Geographic
George the creator (1 day ago)
Lawrence Fiorillo (2 days ago)
Bacardi has a BAT for it's logo, because the liquor is made from Agave. Agave's main pollinators are BATS. It's a big deal. It was a simple search. Sure maybe some legend of a bat in the barn....but that's a common sighting in areas where Agave grow. I feel they just made up a bunch of hoopla.
What's your logo meaning
Vlad0044 (4 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue *This go boring* My grammar is bad And yours should too
Mateo Sadiku (5 days ago)
Night Hawk (7 days ago)
Felt like ive been lied for years now
Unknown Girl (7 days ago)
I want to know the hidden meaning of brightside logo😆😆
zylize (8 days ago)
It's a red panda...
6:56 wow you can get chips for your subway
R3zie _YT (8 days ago)
At first i thought Firefox was a hairy planet for 3 years until i saw the fox, i was like “IT WAS A LIE”
Kameo Kid (8 days ago)
I’m pretty sure this video is just a 11 minute ad
hussain wazier (8 days ago)
Good all days I used to use Fox and now I don't even use that website.
Benjamin Jackson (8 days ago)
I loved the Firefox logo meaning. I was a fan of Firefox before, and now it's been cemented as my go to browser. The red pandas are so cute. Thanks, Brighgside!
savita gupta (8 days ago)
1:06 you defeated PewDiePie 😂
Ishak S (9 days ago)
The_Addicted Gamer (9 days ago)
I will like this comment cause nobody will :(
Shahid Sumon (9 days ago)
awesome video! I enjoyed a lot.... to get more : https://bit.ly/2tY9eCq
Milo Burrage (9 days ago)
I love the Bright Side but the voice gets annoying when you watch it a lot!!! Also where did the voice even come from?!?!¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Swagness intheBagness (8 days ago)
I don't know.
aaradhya tiwari (9 days ago)
airbnb i liked my comment cause no one else will
Flaming Fire722 (10 days ago)
Your logo has a secret meaning its a d!ck
GachaGirl YT (10 days ago)
*This is not a FOX* *Yeah.i know its not a fox, it's a FIRE FOX*
Flaming Fire722 (10 days ago)
I have haribo!
RRKMS prajapati (11 days ago)
Kya tume fox nhai bhkta fire fox ke logo me
Mir Fais (11 days ago)
Ahmed Aman (11 days ago)
Does your logo have a secret meaning
Elma Lesly (11 days ago)
I use google Chrome i dont use internet explorer or Firefox ooooppps
miguel repont (11 days ago)
miguel repont (11 days ago)
*-oh ok-*
Nishima Zakaria (11 days ago)
It's not a secret anymore IS IT?😉
I've seen a red panda in person in 3rd grade
Peculiar Starstuck (12 days ago)
Fire fox was crazy
Sheikhy Baby (13 days ago)
Rubbish logo facts
Protik Shen (16 days ago)
please give website logo...suchas... messenger, wow box, flexiplan... ect..
Some people really overthink about these things XD
Miku kiku (17 days ago)
Miku kiku (17 days ago)
I love the WHAT THE DELL?
pew die pie (17 days ago)
U mean the t series logo!
Leon Kaspers (17 days ago)
3:39 Red stands for Joy, 7:10 Yellow stands for Joy.
Ev Sev (17 days ago)
It shows Lego in the beginning but never reviews it. THIS.WAS.CLICKBAIT!!
I think all pandas are endagered just to let you know
TryNot2LOL (18 days ago)
Such a scam
Ibrahim Abozed (18 days ago)
dell surprised me the most
Kim The Lion Heart (18 days ago)
Im got interest on National Geograhic logo
Emmanuella Louis (19 days ago)
While you were talking about the company Dell, This Ad came up and it was about Dell! Pretty cool right?
Theodore The Mouse (19 days ago)
1:13 it’s actually the illuminate triangle thingy lol
So true
_Mu5a_12 345Musa (19 days ago)
Anyone Watching In 2019 Like If U R
No no no im watching in 2020
Triple Angle (19 days ago)
vodafone is a 6
Mỹ Tâm office (20 days ago)
Zunairah Badar (20 days ago)
Sanyu Oliver (20 days ago)
You joined in 2017 and you ha e 23M subs???
Trinity Lusk (20 days ago)
It’s not a fox... It’s god
krista nool (20 days ago)
bruh where do u get this stuff from
Love Bodin (20 days ago)
Mozilla Firefox.! Why can not firefox be a fox!?? 😢😢😭💔 What's wrong with foxes?!? What is inappropriate on foxes??! What is bad with foxes!?? Are foxes an ordinary boring predator with nothing special at all?No! Foxes are my favorites animal. Sure, fox is better than red panda or am i wrong?
Rana Dey (20 days ago)
Was waiting for the FedEx logo
XDGamerKid (20 days ago)
i will add a 😉 for every like 😉 :(
AshleySoAwsome (21 days ago)
Wow I just ate subway today
Furry ASMR (21 days ago)
Who already knew about the national geographic
Addy Parise (21 days ago)
They could just be making this up you never know, because how do you know this if they are secrete
DEVIL GAMER (21 days ago)
Digdogger (22 days ago)
Is the amount of hidden logos equal to the amount of brain cells you have
BekfastOverseer (22 days ago)
Ryan Playz (22 days ago)
I browse using Microsoft edge
Revenge Kid (23 days ago)
Non surprise me actually 😌 many things have meaning behind the signs and logos 😏 just like my name here, there is a reason why I call my name this
Revenge Kid (23 days ago)
One thing I don't buy from people 😐is their love for people 😓many company use that to keep people on their side, it works 😕 now their fun really begins👉😈👈
nO-One FunnY (23 days ago)
Roses are red I’m not blue I never get likes Unlike lucky you
scampi games (24 days ago)
Why was durex 2 times in the intro...?
Bright side:which hidden meaning surprised you the most? me:none... sorry i usally leave nice comment in bright side's channel but the jokes were just so bad to day sorry :/
Auden Rodriguez (25 days ago)
Number 10 The Bright Side logo It looks like a light bulb but at the bottom it looks like the top of a water bottle so Bright Aide are actually squeezing stuff into your head that makes you click on their videos
Claire Claire (25 days ago)
Wisdom knowledge owl
I thought subway was gonna be "eat fresh sans"
Kay Denton (25 days ago)
Alonzo Ross (26 days ago)
Your voice is terrible
MaxYT475 (26 days ago)
At 10:13 I can read at the orbit pack the reading in Romanian language
Roblox Master (27 days ago)
I always know it's bright side when I see that crisp yellow logo even in my peripheral vision. Love me some bright side!
Tom (27 days ago)
Bright side: I bet you have a pack of Orbit gum in your pocket right now.Me: (Looks in pocket and throws gum out)Me: Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.
Maxinė Plays (1 month ago)
0:15Is this Ayala Cebu?
jubzzb (1 month ago)
Chandra Mouli (1 month ago)
The sun is not yellow, it's white
I think U R Rong about BatGeo;s golden door instead it represents NatGeo's MAGizine that has been a golden border around the MAGizine since it's beginning.
Dara Molloy (1 month ago)
Sooooooooooooooooubwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love that place cucumbers ketchup and ham sandwich
CrazyDom Studio (1 month ago)
a S E C R E T meaning
Funtime foxy (1 month ago)
I use crome and fire fox
disconnect crab (1 month ago)
That is *most certainly* a fox
Angie Hayakawa (1 month ago)
You said an adorable red panda is an endangered type of panda. RED PANDAS ARE NOT PANDAS!!! RED PANDAS ARE IN AN ANIMAL FAMILY OF THEIR OWN!!! (AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, THEN LOOK IT UP!) (Are you smarter than a 5th grader?)
Richelle Olsen (1 month ago)
Lords Land (1 month ago)
Is it just you running this channel if so great job man your vids are very interesting
Valor Vink (1 month ago)
I love you guys
Dr Rd (1 month ago)
Bacardi? From Cuba? Check again boys.
Joey Ronquillo (1 month ago)
Ishita Takawale (1 month ago)
Yeah. That’s not a fox. It’s KURAMA!😜🦊
Pixelart205 iMovies (1 month ago)
7:15 White stands for TheOdd1sOut
Pixelart205 iMovies (1 month ago)
It's not Subway it's Sooubway
Layla Colarusso (1 month ago)
firefox suprized me the most. you are awsome and your videos too
RajSon Music (1 month ago)
Vodafone is also available in India
and in albania to
What's the secret of your channel's logo?
Levi Moscovici (1 month ago)
0.03 durex
Levi Moscovici (1 month ago)
0:03 durex
Alexander Bechara (1 month ago)
Guys click the link to watch funny videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1r6bPkIpC8
MrRdm1210 (1 month ago)
|\ | \ | \ | \ |

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