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2018 Hairstyles for Men Tutorial

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In this video, MC Barber will be demonstrating how to create a professional undercut. Interested in the hair cutting razor MC uses? Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/122352285907 -2:08 After parting the top of the hairstyle, MC starts with a 1 1/2 metal guard on Oster clippers to remove bulk and create a foundation. -4:04 MC switches to Wahl clippers. He uses a closed guard to begin his taper, adjusting the lever when necessary. -4:19 To continue tapering the haircut, he uses a 1 plastic guard on Wahl clippers. -4:40 MC switches to a 1/2 plastic guard on Wahl clippers. -4:52 Moving to the top, MC uses scissors over knuckles to remove bulk before blending it. -5:57 MC uses scissors over comb. -6:48 To further blend the sides and back, MC uses a hair cutting razor. -7:18 He uses Andis trimmers to create a shape up. -8:10 Moving to the top of the head, MC uses a hair cutting razor to remove length and bulk while creating texture. -11:07 MC uses a straight razor to sharpen the shape up. Enjoy!!
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Text Comments (528)
Daiana Perlo (7 hours ago)
Muy bueno!
robert simpson (5 days ago)
Went from fabulous to awful.
Manuel VillaHernandez (7 days ago)
What kind of scissor brand are you using to cut the top hair ??
MC Barber (6 days ago)
Noor Diamond (19 days ago)
Awsome and now the cust look younger n more fresh. Amazing skill 👍👍
JPR 21 (21 days ago)
Looked cool as fuck before, hair was thick and in great condition. Should have had a split hairs trim and that was it. The new haircut makes him look pretty basic. Those old style haircuts are crying out for the guy to be be clean shaven aswell - so many fuckboys walking about with the pompadour hairstyle and the fluffy face . Awful, have a shave it suits the clean tapered style so much more.
Maryann Anderson (22 days ago)
He changed from Angelina to Brad with one hair cut.
Ven Zulla (1 month ago)
Where are you
Ven Zulla (1 month ago)
king 59 (1 month ago)
09:06 😑
Moisés Correia (1 month ago)
Niguel Angelo Arevalo (1 month ago)
He looks great.
Christrose H (1 month ago)
Der Kameramann gehört gefeuert! Furchtbar! Seitlich sieht man gar nichts. Ich hätte gern alles, Schritt für Schritt gesehen! The cameraman is fired! Awful! Side you see nothing. I would like to have seen everything step by step!
Mauricio Delgado (1 month ago)
Very nice!
matcradle (1 month ago)
From extraordianaire, to being just a commoner with pompadours :(
Farid Asgerov (2 months ago)
Well done master.like from baku .
Marine Vet (2 months ago)
Very nice
Ray rodriguez (2 months ago)
i personally fell that skin fead is not for every head some looks if there brain is popping out in the back or there came out of chemotherapy some looks good ( not for every head )
dawn yasumura (2 months ago)
I'm of two minds...he looks great with the cut, but his hair was soooo beautiful!
Penny Goodwin (2 months ago)
I like a man with a grown up haircut. It was a little poofy but he looks hot.
الرجل الأنيق (3 months ago)
اكو عراقي هنا
Juan Sweet (3 months ago)
Como pasar de hombre rudo de las cabernas,pecho peludo vikingo rubio con hacha protege manada,a un chico comun y corriente igual a todos y quedar como el culo :v
ola cerise (3 months ago)
Kenny Howard (3 months ago)
I screamed why!?
Giovanny Moreno (3 months ago)
With this new hair-style this guy is ready to apply for a new Job!
Giovanny Moreno (3 months ago)
You need music in your videos bro
Giovanny Moreno (3 months ago)
This barber needs a barber
Techini Sirachatvarakul (3 months ago)
I want to be a foreign Barber. very good barber !
Mauel Perez (4 months ago)
Yor r d best MC Barber. No one like u man.
malek al farginy (4 months ago)
You are the best
the ajika nonome (4 months ago)
I love his long hair , it is simple hair style for every guys . No wonder
Mahid M (4 months ago)
It's so hard to find a good barber like.you
Joseph Swidas (4 months ago)
A work of art.
Jamille jamille (4 months ago)
Linda Jimenez (5 months ago)
Wow amazing! And I’m a long hair gal! Like I love men with long hair! But wow what a difference he looks so much more handsome with that haircut! Great job!!!
Arrasou no corte excelente
Nossa!ficou super gato👌 parabéns pelo trabalho
Jac. en Jorg Schouten (5 months ago)
Very nice! I just like the beard shorter.
Lisa Pratt (5 months ago)
Now he looks like another Johnny bravo...
Jude Katter (5 months ago)
Cute model. Call me 🤙
Ava Laroux (6 months ago)
Oh noooo he was so cute before and y'all ruined it with a basic fuck boy haircut
MC Barber (6 months ago)
Ava Laroux ok so watch the video backwards
MrDarin98 (6 months ago)
Do you ever keep the hair long? His hair looked good before.
MC Barber (6 months ago)
MrDarin98 I dont decide to cut guys hair they decide that and come to me for hair cut please stop with ignorant Questions thanks
Patric Hellberg (6 months ago)
Such a great job! What a handsome man indeed!
Michelle Pfefferle (6 months ago)
He looks hot
👍🏼 👏🏼👏🏼
Steve- in-Cornwall (6 months ago)
Amazing transformation.  I love it.
Carmen Echevarria (6 months ago)
So handsome! Wow this guy looks so good with this style. Nailed it!!!
Frontlinewarrior (6 months ago)
Beautiful transformation ❤
Officially Denni (6 months ago)
I ADMIT IT I'm only watching this because he is GORGEOUS 😍🍭 Kay-bye 👋🏽
Rajpoot empire (6 months ago)
Sir where is your shop
rina beautiful (6 months ago)
Oh omg he stop my heart♥
Berenice Morales (6 months ago)
Quedó guaperrimo! !!!!
EmilieVon (6 months ago)
That was a phenomenal job. Just have a question. At 12:30 it sort of looks like a thinned out patch right above his ear, I have had clients try to blame me for this, saying it's not blended. What do you tell them?
MC Barber (6 months ago)
Em Franco thanks but honestly my clients don't say anything
melisa Velasco (6 months ago)
Nice boy ❤👏😉
sebastian vasquez (6 months ago)
Wow!! Unique style you have Mr. MC thank you for sharing your knowledge
belinda hawkins (6 months ago)
Cut nice But Beard need to be tighter or defined Cleaner neck Excellent cutting style though for hair Next time match beard with that same excellent cutting style Just sayin Thank u for the download
Alex Alex (6 months ago)
I like it bro
Fatah Banan (6 months ago)
Homeless to an executive bussiness man.
Erwin Lase (6 months ago)
Jennifer (6 months ago)
A lot of people are complaining that he got a generic haircut lol
Jaqueline Torquato (6 months ago)
Nossa ficou lindo 👏👏👏😎
jessica anderson (6 months ago)
Mini Thor? 😍
No Filter Family (6 months ago)
That's hot
Nova 502 (6 months ago)
Sharp! I have 2 teen boys. They both wear a similar style to this.
camceed11 (6 months ago)
If the guy wanted to get a new look for himself, why should he care what other people think? Whether it is a "trendy" look that someone else is tired of or not, it is all about what the individual wants to look like at the time. Why make such a big deal about someone ELSE and their decision? Funny how some are slamming him for cutting his hair, and looking "like everyone else", at the same time as wanting him to stay with a look like their own. It is okay to have a look as long as it yours, right? Hey, I am not crazy about long hair, but to each his own...which should be the point.
Lam Park (6 months ago)
The guy has exactly a good looking but he more look good after this cut heheh
MX Female (6 months ago)
mmmmmmmm uhm
Andreas Vachtanov (6 months ago)
Greece is watching you MC...:-))))....great work...and your razor is sold out how can find it ?
MC Barber (6 months ago)
Andreas Vachtanov sorry no more of those razors that was special addition
failed host (6 months ago)
So sweet! But this guy with simple hair style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgsHcZ0-T9M would destroy you inspite of your beutiful haircut :****
miriamgonzalez1875 (7 months ago)
Su cara,k bonita 😍. Guapooo!!!😱😱
SadisticStang (7 months ago)
More professional? Ok...
Mariapaula Puentes (7 months ago)
Before and after were both great looks! Very meticulous work.
daigb (7 months ago)
No es necesario que hables tanto jejej buen video
Bri123 (7 months ago)
Wow with that hair cut he’s really good looking.Good job!!
SULTAN ASLAM (7 months ago)
Hi sir my name is asif Aslam I am poor man please u can give traing to my brother
Black Elmo (7 months ago)
He’s way more attractive in the new style 😍
Chris Holbrook (7 months ago)
Having had hair to my shoulders once, I would’ve kept it long & just had it cleaned up a bit. Having thick curly & wavy hair like that is so versatile.
A B (7 months ago)
His long hair was freedom
Zayna Philippi (7 months ago)
Wonderful cut .. u r great
PRO HEN (7 months ago)
He went from I Drive A 1985 Toyota 4x4 on 35s to Jessie Palmer just like that
Very nice
Súper Chica (7 months ago)
Que seres tan hermosos y necesarios son los hombres, los amo¡¡¡ pero solo a los guapos jeje
izadine (7 months ago)
You could have tried to get him a better hair cut without cutting it short. So predictable. Everyone looks the same nowadays add a beard and voila clones!
Kirstine Termansen (7 months ago)
Just be cut by this calm hands
Thi Huynh (7 months ago)
i mean...not attractieve...
Thi Huynh (7 months ago)
this is why..i love men with short hair...a good cut all the difference!! men with long hair..looks dirty and unwassed...just not good and attractieve.
Reny Diah (7 months ago)
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handsome 😉
Sommer McKenzie (7 months ago)
Such a dramatic difference, beautiful cut! Thanks!
Büsra Kara (7 months ago)
MasAllah! That friends is called skills
Holly Benwell (7 months ago)
You are really stupid for cutting off men’s long hair you must talk them into it
amilindaable (7 months ago)
great job!
Nice job... but he looks good either way
Nat Hetu (7 months ago)
Does anyone take into consideration what the client wanted??? As someone who has gone from waist length hair to shoulder length to pixie cut to almost all shaved off back to pixie to completely bald and is now growing it back out to mid neck length. I don't give two shits who likes my hair and who doesn't. I have spent years having people say "why did you cut your hair so short" "you should grow it out" "I thought you were a lesbian because of the short hair" and etc. I do what I want with my hair and my body. So what if he wanted to cut his hair like that maybe he wanted a change. You guys are so critical saying he looks good one way vs the other or how he looks like a clone. It's not your place to say what someone can or can't do with their body.
Aq Iep (7 months ago)
You got a skill bro
Domi LP (7 months ago)
He's smoking hot either long or short haired.. The hair cut was awesome!
Lore Sogge (7 months ago)
Beautiful. Perfect.
Daniel Tromanhauser (7 months ago)
That is not a tight fade at all
Marion Wheatland (7 months ago)
much better!

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