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How to Cope with Feeling Unfocused or Overwhelmed | Tim Ferriss

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Tim Ferriss shares tips on how to cope with feeling unfocused or overwhelmed. Learn more about Tim's new book here: https://tribeofmentors.com SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1dSzTkW About Tim Ferriss: Tim Ferriss is one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and an early-stage tech investor/advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ other companies. He is also the author of five #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers: The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef, Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. The Observer and other media have named him “the Oprah of audio” due to the influence of his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has exceeded 200 million downloads and been selected for “Best of iTunes” three years running. Connect with Tim Ferriss: Visit the Tim Ferriss PODCAST: https://bit.ly/2rYjUBr Visit the Tim Ferriss BLOG: http://bit.ly/17jDHw3 Like Tim Ferriss on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1avYUxq Follow Tim Ferriss on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/17d94TE Follow Tim Ferriss on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2IfH37J Follow Tim Ferriss on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2IfH37J
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Text Comments (337)
Naty Vega (6 days ago)
“I need to eat some fucking macademia nuts” is what I’m going to be telling myself from now on when I’m having down grading thoughts. 😂😂😂😂
山本隆紀 (21 days ago)
" Am I consuming too much caffeine? " *A sip of coffee
Tara Wagner (1 month ago)
I think one of the most important thing to remember is that overwhelm is a symptom of our HABITS, not our TASKS. If we don't look at the patterns that led us there (boundaries, routines, bad habits, mindset, everything), we'll just wind up there again.
Jewel Bency (1 month ago)
Are you learning too much your heads getting bigger
Cheyne Pearson (1 month ago)
Hot tip: "eat some fucking macadamia nuts" ha ha
priceandpride (1 month ago)
Facial hair tho
Elyse Chronique (1 month ago)
Is this video worth to see ? Like do we really learn something?
sentinel501 (1 month ago)
2nd thing on list: Am I consuming too much caffeine? Me: .......Godammit
Edgar Medina (2 months ago)
Thank you Tim, I think is very important to value the task that we are doing on this very moment in order to get focus, just do the task whatever it is.
Vineet (2 months ago)
We all get overwhelmed sometimes. Such is the life these days. The trick is to put things into perspective, prioritize, and finish them. I am sharing seven ways that have helped me not feel overwhelmed. Hope they help you too. http://somedaytoday.in/7-most-effective-ways-to-stop-feeling-overwhelmed/
T gh (2 months ago)
Simple ideas, but hard in application :/
Michelle Lamont (2 months ago)
Sometimes you just need someone to point out the obvious... i have crept up to 6 cups of strong coffee a day, no wonder! What a calming voice tim has. Thanks
MakeAnEffort (2 months ago)
Thank you Tim!
Gassen (2 months ago)
When you only had time to trim your left side
Nicole FaithH (2 months ago)
Everything is on point. I feel attacked. LOL
Suzana Grau (2 months ago)
Excellent gem!! Thank you!💖
Philip Greener (2 months ago)
Only shaving half ur goatee must be efficient :D
Island Utopia (2 months ago)
The intro was overwhelming.... lol. Thank you. Very informative video.
Fx220 (2 months ago)
Amazing one! Thank you so much
vanilla Hobson (3 months ago)
What do you do when you need to do certain things in the morning to be right that day, but feel overwhelmed just getting out of bed?
Elle Ellis (3 months ago)
made my own like button for Molly 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Vineet Kumar (3 months ago)
look at his house
Hatuey McFarland (3 months ago)
I'm getting a little fed up with Tim Ferriss but I have to thank him for this one. I am suffering major feelings of anxiety, chrinic fatigue and overall bad mood, and I think coffee is the culprit. I drink way to much of it (5 to 6, sometimes more cups of espresso). It's hard to cut back a few cups even but I'll try it if it helps.
Charly Imsel (3 months ago)
Haha yes the caffein anxiety is quite common :D It’s like a bad trip for me, that’s why I wouldn’t take any psychedelics :D
Chris (3 months ago)
ASMR Tim Ferris
Camille Lambert (3 months ago)
It takes a genius to give simple advice.
J G (3 months ago)
Here Tim looks like if Walter White and Jesse somehow had a kid
Eskil Andersen (3 months ago)
Run it’s Evil Tim... AAAHHHH!
Ryan MacNeil (4 months ago)
Thanks you!
Mitkovski Philosophy (4 months ago)
By cutting the nonsense and become a creator. Stop reading, watching and listening to everything and instead focus on inproving yourself and your work. Only those two things. Nothing else.
Knowledge Bottle (4 months ago)
https://bit.ly/2WSELmt - Animated Version of Tim's Ideas
Ali Mohebali (4 months ago)
This was great, as expected . :D Thanks tim
Fridolin nocho (4 months ago)
I journaled a lot and since i stopped it, I feel so much better. I got so much stuck in mind, cold feet and hands, anxiety and worries. I don’t like this over-mental reflections of your self.
Matthew Ison (4 months ago)
Awesome video Tim. Coincidentally, I just decided to cut out caffeine yesterday. I allow myself 1 serving in the morning ( I usually have 3) and then cut it out the rest of the day! The dreams last night were wild!
blackl1steddrums (4 months ago)
Just remember at all times that youre taking advice from a man with a HALF-BEARD
Brian Gawlik (4 months ago)
Geez that opening music was easily like 5 times louder than the content of the video. Enjoyed the content otherwise.
Jesse Garcia (4 months ago)
Try magnesium if you are overwhelmed from caffeine.
tanmay panadi (5 months ago)
Bought it (tribe of mentors) starting my journey thanks For the book
David Jerome Putnam (6 months ago)
I feel only discouraging envy when I listen to you. Just tell me how to get rich quick.
Z_Goombah (6 months ago)
Phenomenal advice.
Jason Mulderrig (6 months ago)
Also, drink more water!!
J K (6 months ago)
Fake expert. Is he a fake doctor as well?
Tazce Rogers (7 months ago)
My wiener smells like vinegar, what can I do? Will ketosis help?
Andrew Ericson (7 months ago)
he has half a beard what
John Connor (7 months ago)
That 20-80 percentage thing really turned on a light 💡 thanks man, imma write down my 20-80 tmrw, it’s waaay! Past my bedtime 😅
Joseph Vogel (7 months ago)
Bought the Tribe of Mentors, that makes book number two, after buying 4 hour work week, I was introduced to the 4 Hour Work Week, while standing in an airport newsstand looking at all the different options, a girl standing next to me said that she worked for the publisher of the 4 Hour Work Week, from the moment I opened it up I was a fan, everything is to the point and well articulated. Thanks for the amazing content Tim!!
tom tom (7 months ago)
Masturbation works well. Releases stress, pleasurable desires that were clouding your thoughts and gets the creative cells working again. Economic advantage of costing zero amount and good for the body.
Don Z (8 months ago)
One movie comes to mind when I see him......AMERICAN PSYCHO. But I really like his somewhat crazy ass.
Wendy A (8 months ago)
Book on "short advice"? The book looks like it's 2000 pages...and weighs 10 lbs! Hey, I guess I can use it in place of the kettle bell, double win!
ZJIGGA (8 months ago)
What do I do when I feel unfocused or overwhelmed? I watch a video about feeling unfocused and overwhelmed.
cybersphere (8 months ago)
Tim's lack of beard symmetry in this video is triggering my OCD
JDB JBD (8 months ago)
What are the 20% of activities or people that are producing 80% or more results of positive emotional states? What are the 20% of activities, responsibility and people that are producing 80% or more of the pain, headache and the negative emotional states that I prefer not to have? What would this look like if it were easy?
Eduardo (9 months ago)
Had this guy ever had hair?
Abhay Sharma (9 months ago)
Being bald ultimately makes you a little more efficient than those who have hair so as a matter of fact it would increase the chance of your success so I am also considering it and maybe I would also go bald.
New Cheese (9 months ago)
Cheers Tim
Amanda Strutt (9 months ago)
This is awesome. Thank you. The 80/20 ...never heard of that before but was completely "oh shite!"when I heard it, can already see how I've been off kiltered. Thanks for your words! Scoping out audible for the Tribe of Mentors now. Much love.
funguy29 (9 months ago)
Thank you. You nailed it.
Yellowhat Dick (9 months ago)
Oh Tim, you's so smart; can you give me tips on getting you to call me back? I'm so sorry babe; I'll never change out your meds ever again. It was a silly idea on my part and I know that, now, thanks to Dr. Jennings. Please take me back; I'm different now, just pick up the damn phone would ya' and give me a chance to explain. Here are Bridget's tips on how to land a date with Timmy boy and then lose him post haste. One, tight pants; he loves a good ass. Two, make 'him' feel like the chick in 50 Shades of Grey,a nd treat him like a naughty journalist- you take charge. Three, drug him without his knowledge. Four, do whatever things you like to do to unconscious guys- preferably several times. Six, (and this is how to lose him) rearrange his furniture before he wakes up and get his phone, call his mother, and try to set up a brunch together. There is no step five. Timmy Bear doesn't like fives. See hone, I know you; I truly know who you are. DAMMIT! CALL ME BACK! Quit makin' videos about tips. Here's a tip; life isn't a tip! Sorry sweetie, hope to hear back soon; kisses :) If not I'll give you a ring in a couple weeks on yer Big Boy Birthday.
Susan Chagalian (9 months ago)
OMG! this may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.
Real Food For Humans (10 months ago)
This was perfect and totally the reminder I needed today. I'm SO sensitive to caffeine. Anything more than a single shot latte or 3/4 tbs coffee in the morning and I'll feel great for a day or two, then totally spiral into overdrive, anxiety and set myself up for am adrenal crash. You know it's addictive when you find yourself justifying more even though you KNOW it will end in disaster, lol. Also remembering to eat. SO simple, but easy to forget and get caught up in the "existential crisis" once the blood sugar starts crashing. Thanks Tim!! <3
di3g04 (10 months ago)
I hate you fucking dubtep intro. Sorry. Liked the video
Baked Utah (10 months ago)
Three questions about his ketones comment near the start. So, I want to test fasting, but right now I have a very large cognitive load facing me. My understanding is that there is a time-limited hurdle to get over when starting a fast, during which the ketone thing hasn’t kicked in, but the regular fuel sources (carbs? Etc.) are rapidly diminishing, and so during which I’ll basically be dumb as f*ck 🙂 So, assuming that is correct (please say if otherwise): Q1: How long does it take to get past that initial hurdle? I’ve heard 3-4 days; if you’ve done it, what did you experience? Q2: How does intermittent fasting work in this respect, given that as I understand it the fasting periods are usually much less than 3-4 days? In other words, how does intermittent fasting ever result in ketosis. (And if it _doesn’t_ then isn’t it just hell?) Q3: what is the best science-based book(s) you could recommend — especially those who do this stuff successfully — to explain fasting, both intermittent and otherwise? I say science-based, but I don’t mean a textbook. I’m science trained, but not in squishy stuff (as Sheldon, from TBBT calls it). So, “non-woo” might be better term, but you catch my drift? 🙂 Thanks!
Garima Heath (10 months ago)
My favorite thought is ‘what if this were easy?’
Adrian Salamunovic (10 months ago)
Simple - need a book quick? Use our buddy Tucker Max's company https://scribewriting.com/ they are awesome. That's what me and Cameron Herold are doing. He's your friend right Tim? Although when I read 4 hour body I get the feeling you wrote the whole thing yourself. Did you?
Dennis Gordon (10 months ago)
I am actually more alert BUT also more clear in my thinking when I am hungry and skipped a meal. Food numbs you (usually), but sometimes its good to have that real alertness - when every smell is crisp, etc.
Heather K (10 months ago)
Tim, I much prefer you without 👨🏼and beard. I feel the same toward Ramit Sethi. We're the same generation though different cultures so and but why the heck would you guys do this? I think you guys look much better with the clean look: moustache and beard free. Btw, I live CreativeLive!
Cassandra Rhys (11 months ago)
#pareto the shit out of life I’ve had to recently curate my interactions. It was not easy to determine which to cut and keep. Discernment improves when you practice often and with self-awareness.
R1a1a1b1 RH neg (11 months ago)
"Eat some fuckin macadamia nuts." I need to get a job giving advice.
HISSEN DAOUD (11 months ago)
Will Try Your STYLE
The Linthicums (11 months ago)
Looking lean and mean, Tim.
DrumWild (11 months ago)
My occasional lack of focus and/or feeling overwhelmed is caused by my Asperger's. There is no cure for it, so not certain what to do about it. Yes, it was a professional diagnosis based on months of testing.
John Paul (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. What led you to seek a diagnosis?
Teayo Music (1 year ago)
keytones is my safe word
Bastian Rivero (1 year ago)
“I probably need to eat some fuckin makademia nuts” 😂
solomon johnson (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing this. I really needed to find this. I did not type this in the search but for some odd reason this popped up. I'm thankful for the strategies.
Elliot A. (1 year ago)
I love the bald head and goatee--I just wanted to share that.
sahan isuru (1 year ago)
Look who've watched breaking bad.
Goku Africa (1 year ago)
I make a plan, stick to it for a month or two, then I start losing focus and then I feel overwhelmed by my goals and just leave the task. Then after a week or two of goofing around I come back to the problem and realise it was not as bad as I thought it is. This has been a repeating pattern in my life. What can I do to minimize this? Or what would you recommend to yourself if you were in my shoes?
Vrushabh Chotalia (1 year ago)
Your head is abnormally huge
Hussein Horack (1 year ago)
I stopped watching this video once I noticed that I'm not actually going to be doing any of this.
Connor Ryan (1 year ago)
You look like Leo Gura from actualized.org
Theolyn Warrender (1 year ago)
From watching Tim’s videos, I’ve noticed he knows a lot about the details of what happens in his body (e.g. glucose, etc.). Anyone have any ideas of where I can start learning more?
H K (4 months ago)
Start watching channels like what ive learned. Dr Jason Fung. Dr Berg. Also google basic biochemistry.
Marina MacGregor (1 year ago)
Tim you are so amazing! America's education system sucks. You are si brilliant. Do you think you think it us time you take a look at it and change some things for better. There is too much BS kids don't need. President Trump will definitely appreciate what you have done.
zm5431 (1 year ago)
he looks like me when I'm coming up on LSD or MDMA
Tina Westunger (1 year ago)
"Trap my tought on tape..." Can be one of the best tip I ever heard... <3
Jon Smith (1 year ago)
short advice in 600+ pages)
Dylan Robertson (1 year ago)
as i chug a bottle of mountain dew he says STOPPP consuming so much caffeine
Hexa Fleet (1 year ago)
Hi Tim! The advice in this video has been surprisingly helpful and has really given me a bit of a breakthrough! Especially the part about the 80/20 rule. Although I'm familiar with the concept, I had never thought of it in terms of my positive feelings and emotions before. In the past year I have been battling generalized anxiety disorder and agoraphobia, and as soon as you suggested the question of which 20% of actions lead to 80% of positive emotional states, I realized that I am happiest while/after I face my fears. I avoid doing this all the time, because of my fear of having a panic attack in public or something bad happening, but in truth, every single time I go out and do something that I am afraid of, I come back home having had an amazing day and feeling very proud, happy, and accomplished. Even if I do have a panic attack, while it does dampen the mood a little bit, I still feel proud of myself for "surviving" it and for pushing through and not letting the fear control me. So thank you so much for this groundbreaking EUREKA moment! I'll be sure to put it to good use. You're all about optimization--so why not optimize my recovery? :)
greentara291 (10 months ago)
That's a helpful, real world example. Thank you!
Ali H (1 year ago)
Or you can just pop an addy
Justin Reinhart (1 year ago)
I love caffeine and take no issue with it but chili peppers make me feel anxiety and overwhelm. Apparently this is a thing in rat studies as well. Hope this helps someone.
modernmarvel (1 year ago)
How have I not subscribed to you?!? Problem solved....now, subscription achieved.
Tommie Geraedts (1 year ago)
if you place the lights a little lower or more on the side / backlight, it will look more beautiful :)
Javier delaCamara (1 year ago)
Taoist philosophy really helped me with tension and stress, anxious thoughts. Wu Wei. Learning Patience, getting in touch more with nature. "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu
Im sure coffee helps me focused - Just cant have 20 in a day
Mefist0 (1 year ago)
great advice. btw like you more without the goatee :)
dbsk06 (1 year ago)
wow looks like someone aged a lot... but yeah great video. this is exactly what i am feeling right now
Shawn Smith (1 year ago)
I have seen many many Tim Ferriss videos and this one hands down has to be one of the most helpful. When he addressed the issue of redlining with putting pressure on yourself that one really unlocked a lot of the mysteries about how I treat myself trying to achieve goals.
Janna A (1 year ago)
This video is for you Tim , watch it until the end : https://youtu.be/ifllgTA2pmY have a nice day .
Raymond Burton (1 year ago)
If I hadn’t come across this video, I would not have known about the book. I want the book, I’ve ordered the book, and that’s what good advertising is. Getting the attention of people that may want what you have to offer.
D. Smith (1 year ago)
OMG, I hadn't seen any of his recent vids, so shocked that he's bald! So sorry, it must be tough on a young handsome man.I'm not sure growing hair below a dome is complimentary though.
Samantha Ibarguen (1 year ago)
@:55 f* hilarious thanks for this reality check. @3:00 did this last night and my brain literally cracked open. SO useful, thank you.

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