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Chris Evans's Lifestyle ★ 2018 [Captain America]

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Music: Firefly - Pomking Music Free https://youtu.be/SA-Qc5Q03yQ Let's Go - Pomking Music Free https://youtu.be/rB15JwV0yi8 **See more video: Robert Downey Jr's Lifestyle ★ 2018 [Iron man] https://youtu.be/4coD7h76dac Chris Hemsworth's Lifestyle ★ 2018 [Thor Avengers Infinity War] https://youtu.be/rp8IxrEtIxE Scarlett Johansson's Lifestyle ★ 2018 https://youtu.be/7UubZsN_nlk Avengers: Infinity War Actors In Real Life https://youtu.be/SDeWBtf15So Elizabeth Olsen's Street Style 2018 https://youtu.be/4J-sLy10RXc
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Text Comments (216)
Kartik Krishna (3 months ago)
He is the strongest man
Rolston Mayers (3 months ago)
Surely the photographer got permission, to go inside the house, Chris needs another Captain America movie.  Hmmm The serpent society would be a great movie.
I'm Awkward (3 months ago)
that photoshop tho lmao
Ratan Das (4 months ago)
I love you handsome chris evans too much
CrystalTheMeme (4 months ago)
Im not liking the hate on Jenny. Please don't say these rude things about her, she was a lovely girl and If you don't like her, then that''s your opinion. Don't say things like "She's a gold digger" or "Chris needs a better woman than her". They chose to breakup and we should still continue to support what they do for our community.
He's and Jenny break up long time ago as far as I know
Mass Dhahir (4 months ago)
Super Captain America Never Ever Give Up
Carla Ivey (5 months ago)
I love him and he deserves his success but how many houses and cars does a bachelor really need? He went from just staying with his mom and dad when he wasnt filming to owning houses and cars that from the Spartan look of all of tbem he rarely sees or spends time in!!
Tkm 24657 (5 months ago)
From where do you have all this informations and fotos???
Tadeo Garcia (5 months ago)
House four 😱
Bharat Thakor (6 months ago)
My favorite hero
Bharat Thakor (6 months ago)
APlolOMQ (6 months ago)
Did anyone else feel gross about looking at the pictures of his house?
Prakash Modak (6 months ago)
he is my only hero
Poke - Leaf (7 months ago)
The first music ?
Zeke Zebra (7 months ago)
Chris Evans girlfriend played in VENOM!!!!
Burrito Bowl01 (7 months ago)
Nothing but respect for my captian
Yasmin Khan (7 months ago)
My boy
Bubbbles YT (7 months ago)
Anas khan (8 months ago)
My favourite actor
sandra bello (8 months ago)
I like your song
X_Guilherme_X (8 months ago)
well, he's not dating Jenny Slate anymore, it would be nice if he date with Hayley Atwell, who's approves? is she single too? since the first captain america's movie, i liked a lot to see those two together, and it was created a nice relationship between they.
Clari gonzalez (8 months ago)
I LOVE youuuuuuuuuu Chris Evans 😘 hermoso
Geovanna cruz brito (8 months ago)
I love Chris Evans , i love the Marvel . ( Capitain America )
samarth atiwadkar (9 months ago)
My favourite super hero 😘😘😘😘
Marie_ Bam (9 months ago)
Love him!🖤🔥
Harsh Vardhan (9 months ago)
Music was nice
꧁ HY gaming (9 months ago)
He married Jenny slate?
Sweety Zadalo (8 months ago)
I think ,they broke up ,already.
danny Castillo (9 months ago)
Eshan Raikar (9 months ago)
The first Avenger😁😊
Sri Bolai Lal (9 months ago)
my most favorite actor
Sukamani Sethi (9 months ago)
My hearts
Seb (9 months ago)
hee is not in spidermen homecoming
Nath Piggy (9 months ago)
He dont have a father ??
Crystal coolxd (9 months ago)
he appear on spidermanhomecoming???
Historical Diaries (10 months ago)
Ok not bad
GranpA (10 months ago)
Sebastian Stans ( Bucky Barnes ) life style please
Dizz Blue (10 months ago)
I m very sad to see cap leaving avengers in 2019 ;-;
lindo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Brasil Love Brasil
Syeda fouzia Sultana (10 months ago)
Love u man
Adeeb Shaikh (10 months ago)
Such a buff girlfriend
Ariadna Romero (10 months ago)
Your house is really beautiful 😘🏠
Marvelly 07 (10 months ago)
For some reasons, I always think that people who do lifestyles of celebrities are stalkers...
Gul Gul Guna (10 months ago)
Từ Duy (10 months ago)
Ai là người việt nam giơ tay 👆
Agus Vazquez (10 months ago)
Me encanta el video y amo a chris evans
Alee Paterson (11 months ago)
Captain America wasn't in Spiderman homecoming *forehead slap*
Leann Kerr (11 months ago)
He doesn’t go out with Jenny slate anymore they have broken up for good
Assamese boy (11 months ago)
Chris Evans is not in spider man homecoming
57 Gnn (11 months ago)
hєr gírlfríєnd íѕ rєαllч uglч (fσr mє хd)
imaginaerum3 (11 months ago)
I like his girlfriend style xD
Malinda Kidd (11 months ago)
I Love❤Chris's House
RICHMOND97 UK (8 months ago)
💋❤❤...。。。 💪 ,Je suis déjà saoul, mais Je suis très heureux … and .. I LOVE CHRIS EVANS … … Dieu vous bénisse 💋
Mishu Thakur (11 months ago)
I love you sooooooo much caption
yashswani singh (10 months ago)
Mishu Thakur captian* lol
Mishu Thakur (11 months ago)
Caption America is my favorite hero in avenger i love caption
kunal the genius (11 months ago)
My favorite superhero is Iron man
Nurdin Nahar (11 months ago)
They play together on Gifted Movie
Sage Halligan (11 months ago)
I thought he was born in boston Massachusetts
His father???
SHORTCUT 21 (11 months ago)
Cutest things are he himself and his dog
Robert Richardson (11 months ago)
Criss Eavens big fan Robby
Klaudix Bendix (11 months ago)
7:42 Wow there's a "PL" on rejestration sign (sorry my English is bad ugh), my Country Poland! <3 And there's Polish Football Stadion on background <3
sead japic (11 months ago)
2:32 ummm captain america a.k.a. (Chris Evans) Was never in spiderman homecoming .-.
RÏMÄ MÄHBØLÏSTÄ (11 months ago)
he break up with her m**fuckers
Theo Collomb-Muret (11 months ago)
Chris = captain
Theo Collomb-Muret (11 months ago)
And your left god it and my left
Theo Collomb-Muret (11 months ago)
Sur votre gauche
Young-sun Ju (11 months ago)
I like the house. It looks neat and cozy.
Claudia Armenta (11 months ago)
VAINGLORY HD (1 year ago)
he is not in spider homecoming
VAINGLORY HD (1 year ago)
where his father
Thuy Le (1 year ago)
Cap was on the tv in the classroom in Spider-Man Homecoming.
alexander garcia (1 year ago)
He never pop out in spider man homecoming
Ladylaila88 (1 year ago)
alexander garcia he did, as Peter and his classmates had to watch a short video in the gym, it was a video about Captain America and Peter whispered to his friend: „I had stolen his shield, but then he kicked my ass“ So yes, he was in Spider-Man home coming.
texting story lol (1 year ago)
Is chris in spiderman homecoming?
baekhyun _xoxo (1 year ago)
tv cap
Malinda Kidd (1 year ago)
Chris Is Always My one And only Favorite Avenger
baekhyun _xoxo (1 year ago)
Chayut Pojanasupawan (1 year ago)
Michael Morales (1 year ago)
Great Actor, Great Cappy.
shiva malvia (1 year ago)
My favriot avenger
shiva malvia (1 year ago)
Tluang Puii (1 year ago)
My fav actor
Sahiba khan (1 year ago)
He is so cute.. And lucky 😍😍
Vaishali Bharti (1 year ago)
Beautiful houses and furnitures....👌👌 swimming pool... amazing..👌✌️
Nafisah (1 year ago)
Love him 💕
Renegade Expert (1 year ago)
Biggest fan
Elena Santos (1 year ago)
Thank God he’s not dating Jenny Slate any more!!!😁
Oh, really! It s very good
Sweety Zadalo (8 months ago)
😂😂😂😂,We celebrate😂.
Shane Strevel (1 year ago)
Chris is a to total class act, HUGE fan. Great human being with mad acting skills! 🥂🎥🎥👍👌🎟🎭
Slay With Swaggy (1 year ago)
janny slate!*" they are not dating now😂😂😂😂 lol
Crwe Sealier (1 year ago)
I thought his house would be bigger
HOME OF GAMERZ (1 year ago)
He is not in Spiderman homecoming
baekhyun _xoxo (1 year ago)
tv cap
Tanmay Sarkar (1 year ago)
He is my favourite avenger
Project Heroes (4 months ago)
T. Kym (5 months ago)
Yesss me too
Chia kok keong (8 months ago)
Mee too
d G (10 months ago)
Me too
Falak naaz (1 year ago)
I love captain😘
Oliver Mezquita (1 year ago)
74 super el mejor
Frank Davis (1 year ago)
Really want to know your phone number
Yeasin Arafat (1 year ago)
I agree😍
Project Heroes (4 months ago)
Angela Reindollar (6 months ago)
You said bron not born
d G (10 months ago)
Yup you're right
ElderWand JB (11 months ago)
Born not bron
Marie Evans (1 year ago)
Chris is the hottest sibling
Slawek Wankowicz (1 year ago)
Co tam robi auto na polskich blachach.?
Krzysztof Czermiński (1 year ago)
Slawek Wankowicz też się zastanawiałem bo wątpię że Chris by je kupował bo po co koleś pewnie wrzucił foto identycznego samochodu
rohan kavin (1 year ago)
My favorite hero included the justice league is captian
SM sanjay (1 year ago)
Logan Paul’s house cost 6 million dollars
Carter Marcelo (1 year ago)
Good video, except the irritating music
Nikki Morrison (1 year ago)
I love him so much omg
Les Poitras (1 year ago)
Nice video ! 😄
Galatasaray Emre (1 year ago)

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