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Jeff Seid - Festival King | Best Moments

33116 ratings | 7588606 views
Interested in buying SeidWear (Jeff's own clothing)? ► seidwear.clothing/store/AESTHETICS/ ► Use the code SAVE15 for 15% off! Song: Da Tweekaz - #TWEEKAY16
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Text Comments (1537)
Aesthetics Unity (1 year ago)
Instagram: Aesthetics_Unity
Nadir Urnkonder (10 days ago)
Music please..
Liam Fisher (14 days ago)
you ulgy the girl is hot
Silvano Silva (4 months ago)
Aesthetics Unity wow
Ankit Rana (6 months ago)
Aesthetics Unity I
Alex Ockenden (7 hours ago)
lol massive cunt, from Australia.
Dhruv Joshi (9 days ago)
EMERSON (13 days ago)
No, this is NOT a rave! A proper rave is held in an abandoned warehouse, Underground DJ's who you probably never heard of but who are the best. Popping pills, not because it's 'cool' but because it's a part of the rave. Floating into the deep of space on the monotonous music. Everyone is your friend and you love everyone. If you want a proper rave, go to a rave somewhere in Europe. Those people know how to make a rave!
Hulky (1 month ago)
Arjun Patil (1 month ago)
And I live in fucking lame ads india. I ain't proud to be a fucking indian. India SUCKS
Bas van Eechoud (1 month ago)
Nadson JwMb (1 month ago)
Jeff fodão kkkkk
osku (1 month ago)
1:45 tells something about you when u have that kind of body but still takes videos of yourself kissing festival thots LMAO
NBA/NFL Mixtapes (1 month ago)
People are just hating because they wouldn’t be able to pull not one of these girls Jeff had
Zerschmettera Ufftata (1 month ago)
FEDERER Express (1 month ago)
Who's the DJ?
Aadi gupta (1 month ago)
mohit gupta (1 month ago)
you should be shame... y dnt u become a striper... or u can do some porn...😂 you are just a social media celebrity... asshole kid... i dnt knw y u parcipating in olympia... you dnt deserve that stage... just an idiotic sperm you are mother fucker..
andy juarez (1 month ago)
You mirin brah?
Trends Zone (1 month ago)
Fuck and girl you want there
Dünya (1 month ago)
Orospu çocuğu milleti özendirme sonra protein tozu alıp kalp krizi geçiriyoz amına koyım
ThePalaBow (2 months ago)
The Luck 😳
Bodybuilding Nutrition21 (2 months ago)
Name of the music plz..?
R. CIC15 (2 months ago)
This negga doin itttt
José Manuel Albarrán (2 months ago)
Trey Wilson (2 months ago)
What a sausage fest. It's like looking out at a sea of douchery.
chanitito bul (2 months ago)
This is my goal get built and hook up with different babes everynight
Ameer Rbahhh (3 months ago)
Fuck my life
NEVER GIVE UP (3 months ago)
Wow 😮 Superb Awesome 😊👌👌👌
SJW SafeSpace (3 months ago)
It's funny how shit like this gets over 7 million views yet intellectual discussions from even senior youtubers get less than 3k views. God the world is turning to mindless shit. And before you haters have a go - I have experienced the party lifestyle (and still do on occasion) but even when I was partying at my most (around 23 years old) I didn't think it was anything to brag about or thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. So many mindless brain-dead numbskulls in the world. It amuses me. I have to be amused or I'd go insane lolly.
yujiro hanma (16 days ago)
yer just some edgy fat pig that thinks everyone is dumb except you lmao... man stfu and keep eating porkie.
Zekie! (2 months ago)
SJW SafeSpace You said it yourself Theres a phase where people party and never live in their own worlds Just let them have fun. U mirin brah?
Bruno Bancalari (3 months ago)
ShaiyaStudios (3 months ago)
Stop trying to emulate Zyzz ya unoriginal douche.
Chiara Regina (3 months ago)
What adouchebag
TheNavySeaLion (3 months ago)
Who tf searched for his name after philions video???
TheNavySeaLion (3 months ago)
I wonder how many stds he got from this
al chemiste (3 months ago)
king Kumar (3 months ago)
hit like for jeef .........
Actitube (3 months ago)
name of this festival???
Black Eagle (4 months ago)
Fragman TV (4 months ago)
orospu cocu hakkımızı yiyo
JULIAN elPRO (4 months ago)
0 autoestim + drug = micro penis
Jim Ross (4 months ago)
and this is how you contract herpes
Keroro Gunso (4 months ago)
Jeff Seid - Hoe's King
JDFG (4 months ago)
Que locura menor
LaziMini 3 (4 months ago)
1:56 🙄
LaziMini 3 (4 months ago)
Furkan Çınar (4 months ago)
haram lan şerefsiz yanacaksın diğer dünyada
The Support (4 months ago)
Jeff Seid aslında bir müslümandır. İsmi Seit'tir.
Qassim Hussein (4 months ago)
Pierre Lumberjack (4 months ago)
Servet Yılmaz (4 months ago)
1:24 what re u doing broo
lichtsoldier (4 months ago)
you are a fucking douchebagg lmao, jealous tho.
A Platinum Scrub (4 months ago)
eh at least hes being loyal to his girl. couldve just been him being a hoe and hooking up with every chick he can manage to creep on
shtrkw b8naty
ソードマスター (4 months ago)
Lasto1766 (4 months ago)
This makes you everthing else than a beast, you got a very trained body and thats it
Anir Ff (4 months ago)
Why thoes sunglasses
ramy Yasin (4 months ago)
كلكم هنا كافره اول مسلم يدخل بلد الفرنجه ان
КоТэ (4 months ago)
Time to go to the USA! Russians with good English welcomed there?)
Phuong Cao (4 months ago)
đụ má mày tao yêu anh này rồi
Andrius Rumskas (4 months ago)
Douchebag lvl over 9000
redneck fighter (4 months ago)
. Love seeing the muscle stud party like a big dog. And just because he's got the perfect body doesn't mean he doesn't do drugs and f*** like a big dog. I still love get tweaked out and and dig up into every piece of pussy I can
LaziMini 3 (4 months ago)
klo bert (5 months ago)
omg the short dick gym bros crew is on
Luke St. John (5 months ago)
He will get a std from making out with random girls lmaooo
Finley Olsen (5 months ago)
you are such an L
Giovanni Carbone (5 months ago)
ImWonders (5 months ago)
Master GG (5 months ago)
That is the music?
Noel Leviathon (5 months ago)
Why you didnt fuck her
Zyzz forever Fuck!!!
Christian Hackl (5 months ago)
the first song (the speaking guy/mc) was showtek
Hazelnut (5 months ago)
Never forget Zyzz the pioneer of this mutiny
OG RRoyalty (5 months ago)
Awesome Brother 🔥
Denoo Daniels (5 months ago)
You mean hiv king
cute scientist1001 (5 months ago)
Devil is really good at manipulating people
denis deniss (5 months ago)
People think its about looks, when its about not being creepy or succeeding in being smooth
Αλέξανδρος (5 months ago)
Biggest douchbag ever xaxxaxaxa
Mohamed Ghorbel (5 months ago)
top model (5 months ago)
Lindo gostoso
IR!SH (5 months ago)
this dude looks like such a cunt
MaxSt1929 (5 months ago)
He took her to his penthouse then he freaked it
Farchan Fachrozi (5 months ago)
what is the song title?
Jord O'shaughness (5 months ago)
Santiago Mñ (5 months ago)
saurabh pokharkar (5 months ago)
I came here to listen to this song only :p
Fabian Brühl (5 months ago)
Geschnibbes (5 months ago)
steelersfan0714241 (5 months ago)
Tell me you piped that chick
Ov3rshot (5 months ago)
Fkin short ass LMAO
Jonathan Vang (5 months ago)
so much hate on here
S W (5 months ago)
I wish you were gay
Qlassicrepresent (5 months ago)
If these girls could be prety 😂
ANuj SHeth (5 months ago)
Introductory speech was so childish. Typical spoiled kid who doesn't know the value of money earned by on its own
hp20l (5 months ago)
its better to have a loyal gf
Sam McCormack Gray (5 months ago)
What’s the name of the first song?
Kpeezy Shaboi (5 months ago)
Why does hardstye use almost the same snare/clap all the same time
Sam Paterson (5 months ago)
This guy is an absolute shaggor 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 video kissing girls...someone order a legend???
Large Pizza (5 months ago)
Festival King ? Music is horrid , So many whores at the mainstage cheese will do anything for a douchbag with a buff bod
Crushing It (5 months ago)
Not sure how many strands of herpes and hpv are out there, but I'm sure this guy has them all
RecordsMiguel (5 months ago)
Lmfaoo he's a duche
RecordsMiguel (5 months ago)
Lmfaoo he's a duche
RecordsMiguel (5 months ago)
Lmfaoo he's a duche

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