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How to Brew Raspberry Rhubarb (Strawberry) Wine in the Alberta Urban Garden

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This week I show you how I make wine with raspberry rhubarb witch a pinch of strawberries. I am proud to say I grew all of the fruit for this wine! With the exception of some rhubarb my parents grew and brought down! Brewing wine does not have to be complected or expensive. I am so very excited to grow and brew my own fruit! It took awhile for me to collect enough fruit from my garden to produce the wine. I harvested Rhubarb three times this year and raspberries as they became available. I recommend two this about working with Rhubarb. Harvest the canes as early as possible as they will have more sugar in them and only harvest your rhubarb twice during the year. My plant did not produce much of a plant after the third harvest and was susceptible to slugs. While I dont doubt the plant will recover and produce this year it probably wont do as well as if I had left that third harvest on there. Freezing the fruit allows the cells to burst and more juice to be available for the wine. Below is the recipe I used this year. It is important to note that I have scaled everything up based on the volume of fruit I had. Please note cleaning and sterilizing your equipment before use is a KEY in producing a consistent and good product. Rhubarb Wine recipe 2013 19 liters or 5 gallons (approx 30 500ml bottles) 5.66 kg or 12.50 lb Rhubarb (cubed) 19 liters or 5.00 gallons of water 5.66 kg or 12.50 lb White granulated sugar 5.00 ea Campden tablets 5.00 tsp Yeast nutrient 1pk Montrachet wine yeast Starting specific gravity should be 1.090-1.095, Acid .60%. 1. Clean and cut up rhubarb and raspberries and put in freezer bags. Freeze until ready to use for brewing. 2. When ready for brewing place frozen fruit in primary fermenter and weigh. If the fruit weighs more then 5.66kg or 12.5lbs you can either leave it in the batch and split the batch at step 6 or move additional to another primary fermenter and begin a second batch. 3. Pour dry sugar over the frozen fruit. Cover with plastic sheet and allow to stand 24 hours. 4. Add the the water (bottled is my preference over tap water). Add 1-2 Campden tablets per gallon (3.7 Liters). Mix well and wait 24 hours. 5. Add the remaining ingredients including yeast, yeast nutrient ext.. Cover again loosely with a cloth or lid. let stand for 48 hours. 6. Stir and transfer liquid content from primary fermenter to carboy. If splitting the batch attempt to distribute equally. if you have a straining bag using sterile gloved squeeze the bag to allow the remaining fruit juice out. IF you do not a colander and metal bowl can work to complete the same thing. When finished you can top up the carboy if you wish. 7. Seal the carboy with a stopper and blowout tube. It is not recommended with fruit wine to use an airlock. The pulp from the fruit can cause blow outs. Place one end of the blowout tube in a red solo cup half filled with sterilizing agent. The other end in the stoppers hole. 8. Rack the carboy after 3-4 weeks to help clear the batch of sediment. If desired you can rack again after 3 months. 9. When the wine has cleared you can bottled. Prior to bottling you can add campden tablets to stop the yeast however I choose not to. 10. You may sweeten if required. You will want to use the campden tablets prior to adding any additional sugar. You can use white sugar, brown sugar, honey or any product that adds sweetness. 11. Age for 6-9 months following bottling. The flavors will greatly benefit from the aging. if you use corks store bottles on the side to prevent drying out and cracking. I have lovingly called my garden the Alberta Urban Garden. This channel is dedicated to Gardening and Brewing from our harvest. Please join us and join the conversation! Check us out on YouTube: www.albertaurbangarden.ca Google +: google.com/+StephenLegaree Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlbertaUrbanGarden Twitter: https://twitter.com/northern1485
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john E (2 months ago)
Wow Stephen, I used to watch your vids all the time. I was searching for a rhubarb raspberry Wine recipe and found you again. Thank you and hope all is well.
Brian Blom (5 months ago)
I use WD40 to remove the glue...it really works fast and well. You'll need to put them in a dishwasher to get the WD40 residue off.
Byron Hewitt (1 year ago)
Good off will get it done faster than sos or hot water
Ranjit (1 year ago)
Can I use plastic carboy made for beer and wine.?
Ranjit (1 year ago)
I live in chestermere gonna try this.
badwolf1940 (1 year ago)
You never cut rhubarb from the plant Try pulling
Lad Ladderson (1 year ago)
To remove labels, place wine bottles in a pre-heated oven 350 degrees for 15 minutes. The label will peel off. Some glue may be left over. Remove the remain glue with WD-40 and a scuff pad.
chance kiki (1 year ago)
after the 9 months how long is it good for
my pleasure!
chance kiki (1 year ago)
Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable thx
2-3 years
Crackerssouth (2 years ago)
Got introduced to rhubarb wine while visiting New Brunswick, now it is one of my favorites... You have produced one of the better videos that I have seen, and I have watched a ton of them. Very well detailed. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks for posting.
Thank you my friend! Hope your wine turns out!~
Anthony x (2 years ago)
why'd you freeze your rhubarb and raspberries? Too concentrate the sugars??
To break open the cell walls so I got the most juice out of them.
Sher Thom (2 years ago)
Nnever heard of rhubarb being being made into wine, though I can imagine it works well with other fruits. Haven't had much success growing rhubarb, it gets too hot in the summer. Very informative in the wine making process.
It is my favourite wine :) it takes 2 years to age but is divine ! Most fruit makes great wine I have found.
fefe hounsell (2 years ago)
Very good job
Thank you
Dar Nelson (2 years ago)
To get label goo off bottles, try Goo Gone, an orange peel based cleaner, it is excellent! Also, I had a question. I am making my first batch of rhubarb wine, and it was a lively red color before I added the Campden tablets. Post Campden, it is a pale peach color. Is this color change normal? Makes me sad. :(
Yup the colour can change back and forth through out the process. Most times you end up with a pink wine at the end. Just keep uv light off of it.
photogasm5 (2 years ago)
With the synthetic corks (nomacorc), you don't have to store the bottles ontheir sides, they can be stored upright.
+photogasm5 thank!
Polly Anna (2 years ago)
Use rubbing alcohol to remove the label, and some time & elbow grease!
+Deborah Flack Thank you for letting me know!
Ghie Sister (2 years ago)
Better way to get the labels off from a bottle is heat gun.
Ghie Sister (2 years ago)
No problem. 😊
+Ghie Sister That is a great idea thank you!
Oregon's Lonewolf (2 years ago)
Good to see someone knows what they are doing. great job. Champagne yeast is my fav.
lol I wish i had found brewing in University however I did find my wife so I think I came out ahead :) I have some strawberry wine I am just about to bottle now ;) I may have to take a crack at the vertical garden to increase my production! if I get into moonshine Ill make sure to ask for your recipe !
Oregon's Lonewolf (2 years ago)
How awesome man!! I do the same. 6 years ago I  planted 3 apple varieties for cider, and a honey crisp.  I don't like beer, but apple cider is an awesome treat.  Check out how to make a perennial Strawberry growing factory out of plastic 55 gallon drums.  One production cycle creates enough strawberries for a good 5 gal carboy batch of strawberry wine.  I make mine and call it "Love Potion #9".  My first batch I made in college as a science project, I got this fellow very cute classmate drunk........and well..things happened as they did.  Hence.........the name.  It's almost like a nice white Zin and is a perfect desert wine. Chicks dig it as I bet they do your Vino.  Try your hand and moonshine one day..........I'll be happy to share with you my process and Apple Pie recipe unlike any other.   Jesus turned water into wine.............I make moonshine.  :)
I love the fact that I grow all of the fruit and then make he wine from scratch ;) it is so much fun!  I prefer hard apple cider myself !
Oregon's Lonewolf (2 years ago)
Right on.  I know that feeling of joy when you can look at it, drink it, and share it with others knowing THAT is your creation.  I have done many many wines but prefer my Moonshine and Apple Pie mix for the Holidays.  Party on Wayne. :)
+Logan S Thank you! I am just about to bottle my rhubarb and strawberry wine ;)
Melanie Browne (3 years ago)
To get rid of the label goop try using Goo Gone, works excellent. It's mostly made from citrus fruit.
+Melanie Browne Thank you my friend!
Brian M (3 years ago)
Once you get most of the label off, like on that one bottle, I have found that to get the rest off, use steel wool (S.O.S pads) with hot soapy water. That works for me.
+Brian M Thats a great idea!  My wife I am sure has some.  I am off to root around !
Lukas Youiq (4 years ago)
Hey you can clean the stuff from the bottle by putting some wd 40. Wait a couple minutes then take a sponge and some strong dishsoap and the clean it, it cleans off very well
Sammy Russell (4 years ago)
I have good results when removing my bottle lables by just fillin the sink up with hot water and the 5gal fill mark on a bottle of Star San and let them soak for about 4 hrs...the labels float off rite in the water !!! which over the yrs have decorated my Fridge..LOL... Theres really not much access glue left on the bottles..But if there is..Few swipes from one those green pot scrubbin sponges cant handle !!! ANOTHER GREAT VID !!!... Im gonna def make some this next yr !!!
That's a great tip Sammy ! Thank you very much ! I would love to see how you do with your batch !
MarkT (4 years ago)
Great video. To remove label glue I soak the bottles in hot water and use a copper scrubbing pad ( similar to steel wool ). It takes the glue right off and it doesn't scratch the bottles.
Thank you Mark I beat myself up using a small knife and hot water !
Warden Pappy (4 years ago)
W/D 40 will clean that bottle up nice a little on a paper towel is all you need then wash and sanitize.  
Warden Pappy (4 years ago)
+Alberta Urban Garden No problem friend just soak the bottles in hot water take the label off and rub with W/D 40.I do all my bottles that way they look like they just came out of the box.Great vid too I will give this recipe a go. 
That's a fantastic tip my friend. I am going to have to try it ! Thank you!
Last night we finished up juicing all of those apple and put the raspberries in with the apple juice. Here we come apple raspberry wine ! Tonight we try the rhubarb strawberry wine from 2013 that has finally aged ! If your interested check out how we made it ! #organic #organic brewing #brewing http://youtu.be/1QeK0zGS3-s
You don't have to bottle it.  you can take it right from the Carboy (demijohn) if you like.  racking it helps get ride of the carbon dioxide that builds up in the wine and helps clear the batch.  Significantly improving the taste ;)
G C-W (4 years ago)
how was it, bet it was lovely?? once you've made the mix and it has started to ferment why do you rack it again, what would happen if you just left it? also is there a way of storing it in a demijohn, and for how long? and how long does it last when bottled or does it just keep ageing and the taste changing...?
forward900000 (4 years ago)
Where can I get those sick 20ltr glass jars/jugs?
The large ones I brew with?  or the smaller ones ?  Either or you can get from a brew shop in your town or City or better yet follow the Buy and Sell websites in your area and you can probably get a whole kit for brewing for cheap!  
Dylan Lewis (4 years ago)
i wonder how many people will try to avoid picking raspberries because of thorns, i picked some this morning, i don't have a single scratch 
Dylan Lewis (4 years ago)
my dad loves his boos and hes funny when drunk
he loves his raspberries and is a dedicated kid ;)
Dylan Lewis (4 years ago)
that kid is pretty accurate not to get scratched by a thorn bush
Probably a lot lol. My toddler figure out how to get them with out messing with the thorns :)
Kara Hamilton (4 years ago)
My Grandma always fills jars/bottles with really hot water and the left over stuff should just wipe off as long as the outside doesn't get wet, hope this helps :)
Thank you Kara I am going to have to try that
Dominik MJ (4 years ago)
Great video! For the label removal - like you said, it is always great to first soak the bottles in water. I like to use normal scrubbing pads and stainless steel sponges to remove the paper. Then the rest is sometimes tough [from some bottles] - turpentine [substitute] is a smelly thing, but usually works good. For some labels WD40 works good. Or ethanol.... it really depends - but try the scrubbing pads/sponges as first tool, it is worth it.
Dylan Lewis (4 years ago)
i found that it doesn't work as well with some bottles but it still gets the job done, and a clean one too
Dominik MJ (4 years ago)
+dylan Lewis I tried this as well - but it just works very limited and only for few glues. WD-40 is a bit better than normal oil - but is also not foodgrade [so you have to be slightly carefully]. Other solubles are similar.
I have not seen that before. I'll have to try that ! Thanks
Dylan Lewis (4 years ago)
i rub cooking oil on the bottles with a face cloth to remove labeling adhesive 
Those are fantastic ideas my friend!  I ended up using a box cutter to get most of it off and then a metal scrub brush.  dissolving with an solvent would work really well!!  now you have me thinking +Dominik MJ  Thank you for the kind words my friend!  Ill be doing more brewing videos through out the winter as I take from my garden and brew!
Gregory Cleveland (4 years ago)
Really enjoyed, and very well laid out! Perhaps I missed the recipe, I know you stated 21 lbs total fruit, what was the breakdown (percentage or lbs) of raspberries, rhubarb and strawberries? Have you sampled yet, how did it turn out, or done this one before? Any suggestions on changes such as more/less of each individual fruit? Thanks so much!
All rhubarb will be good but 1-2 lbs of raspberries will help round the flavour 
George I am glad you enjoyed the video ! The recipie can be found in the description or on my blog www.albertaurbangarden.ca It is fantastic so far but next year I might drop to a 40/60 sugar fruit split :) 
Naoexistemmaisnicks (4 years ago)
To get rid of that left over glue use some olive oil and rub it with a abrasive like material, maybe a sponge will do. Then wash with soap and there you go, clean bottles.
Thank you my friend ! I am going to give away a lot of this and really want to make them look nice !
Have you ever tried to make mead? For those who don't know mead is a honey based wine or beer (depending on the yeast used). You can make it with just about any flavoring. I recently made a 1 gal batch of Chocolate Velvet mead.
I absolutely have some. Just none of the really good stuff :)
LOL, it happens. Hope you have something ready to drink before too long. :) My mead is drinkable young, but it's always better after a couple of years. The Chocolate for example, it's drinkable now but it just tastes like a sweet mead with an interesting flavor. In a year or two you will really be able to identify the chocolate tones to it. Give it another five or six and it mellows to a soft smooth velvety flavor.
Lots of what I have has to age for 1+ years :) now I am just figuring that out.
That does happen, you just have to stagger your brewing so you always have some to drink. lol.
I am in the ageing phase of lots of my wines :) tons around none to drink lol. I should have a nice stash soon. I am doing a Saskatoon berry wine right now :) If love your fav mead recipe if you don't mind sharing. You can email me At [email protected]
Good morning ! I deduced this year to grow my own rhubarb and raspberries. I then made wine with them :) I'd love to know your thoughts.
ragweed1217 (4 years ago)
Hello Stephen. I know you are a busy man with a family, but I still (if possible) would like to know the exact fertilizer you use on your plants. When I see things that actually work I like to try to purchase them. Thanks buddy.
The 222 I use in the winter inside and the vegetable mix I think is a 334 :)
ragweed1217 (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree No problem buddy, I understand, but thank you very much.I appreciate it greatly. 
I got mine from earthsafe.ca sorry I got busy after I saw your last question :) they are all organic :)
Blake Kirby (4 years ago)
Ok, so if I ever visit Canada I need to wait until at least 9 months after the making of this video. I'll go mark my calendar :)
Blue Noko (4 years ago)
-30 isn't cold its compared to your 50 in Texas lol
I should show you the suit I am wearing today and the jacket I have over it :D
Blake Kirby (4 years ago)
Come on +Blake Kirby it is not that cold.  just -30 today :D +Ray Kodiak very cool!  I very much enjoy brewing!  I think this is my 4th video on brewing.  I have a few more coming :D
Blake Kirby (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree uhh... no way you'll see me up that far north this time of year! LOL
SavageNorthGarden (4 years ago)
I like the viewing option at the start. It would have been PERFECT for my last winded video! I like homemade wine :)
I find it makes it easier for you and it only takes a few minutes to set up :) thanks +SavageNorthGarden
Derek Doucette (4 years ago)
To remove glue residue from any surface use a little peanut butter on a piece of paper towel and rub it...You don't need much peanut butter, it's the oil that is doing the work...I would also recommend you use something like an apple sauce press for the remainder of the fruit, and press it out in a big bowl and then just pour it in the jug through the funnel...Trying to squish it out in a strainer over the funnel seems like a lot of messy work??? Maybe with a bigger funnel it wouldn't be so bad???
I really do appreciate the subscription and comments ! You want to avoid having the sediment in final product. It greatly impacts the flavour and is a distraction while drinking. It is like sand and people don't like it. I actually filter my white wine and the smell improves once the fines are out of solution. Oxygen is another reason. The oxygen can spoil the whole batch very quickly. Cheers !
Derek Doucette (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree Your Welcome, you can thank Ray, I checked out the channels he recommended in his video, out of all of them I only subscribed to you and one other... Yeah the peanut butter works awesome, someone showed it to me years ago to clean off old sticker glue from antiques and yard sale items...Since then I have used it to remove a lot of different residues from different surfaces... I have a question about the wine making process...I was wondering why you wouldn't want to shake the contents up a few times through the process to keep the thick sediments mixing with the liquid??? I am assuming it has to do with not wanting the extra oxygen in the jug, but it seems like the concentrate overall would be better if the sediment was continually mixed up in the liquid???  
I am going to have to give the peanut butter a try! I want to give most of them away when they are ready ( assuming its good ) thanks for the tip! That is a good idea for the fruit ! I used a fruit bag for the Saskatoon berry wine I am doing right now :) Thank you for coming by! :)
Food Farmer Earth (4 years ago)
Nice step-by-step instructions, +Stephen Legaree - thanks for sharing!   
I appreciate the kind words!  Thank you!
wildchook (Mary) (4 years ago)
Excellent video Stephen! Maybe one day, I will whip up a batch of this using my home grown stuff., will see... :)
If you ever do Id love to know how you do!
Wayne Meador (4 years ago)
This was a very cool video +Stephen Legaree. I know nothing about brewing or making wine so this is all new to me....but it looks SOOOOOOO Good! :) Awesome idea.
Thank you +Wayne Meador brewing is my other bobby and I was glad I could finally take from my garden to the brewery :)
Vegitate Gardening (4 years ago)
Amazing wine, I really need to start making that stuff. grow fresh where I live has all the stuff that I would need, just have to make a list. Do you have a list of all the required tools like all the hoses and stuff. Also your annotations wouldn't work correctly for me.
I will check them out after the Super Bowl :) I don't have a list on hand but most places should have a list or packages. You should also check out buy and sell websites. Lots of people start and don't keep going :) Of the top of my head: Primary fermenter Carboy Siphon rod Bottling rod Carboy brush Mixing spoon Airlock The cleaning stuff is important :) for that I would go to a brew store! Get the pink cleaner and the sterilizer !
allen2905 (4 years ago)
Hunt:  when cutting on your board, place a wet towel underneath and it should stop moving when you cut a item.  really loved the video
Thank you Allen :) my wife was just telling me that just a few minutes ago! Thanks for watching !
Frank (4 years ago)
A damp tea towel under the cutting board will stop it from moving around.
My wife said something similar lol. Thanks
Gardening & More (4 years ago)
lots to drink on that table 
I have well taken care of family and friends ! :) come one up and I'll split a bottle
bwakel310 (4 years ago)
Sweet setup! How often do you make wine? Where did you get the supplies to make everything? How do you clean your equipment before you use it? What are environmental conditions the wine needs while fermenting?
I am usually always making wine :) lots of people around me enjoy my products. I got my first set of equipment from a brew shop. You can pick up whole kits for much cheaper on buy and sell websites :) which is what I have been doing to get a few more sets :) I am glad you enjoyed the video !
Cragfire Gardening (4 years ago)
That's pretty awesome. :)
Thank you!
This week I take home grown Rasberries rhubarb and a pinch of strawberries and make them into wine. Check out how simple it is to make!
Very cool +Stephen Legaree ! I would love to do this, but my wife doesn't drink alcohol and she keeps me on a tight leash.
Lol well if your up north any time you can sample some from my stash! They also make great gifts :) cost effective and people love them ! There might be an in for you :)
really great video! i personally have been wanting to make my own wine from home, but with the dangers of brewing wine, it just really does not appeal as much to me anymore. but your stuff looks amazing!!!
If you are ever interested it makes a cost effective Christmas gift lol
+Stephen Legaree well then its also about making sure the sugar content is high enough, and all the extra technology... I just don't have the time, money, or a love of alcohol :) I will gladly watch you do it though. 
Luke you are a man who pays attention to details. I suggest if you start get a beer or wine kit and follow the instructions. Make sure to go to a brew shop and talk about cleaning and sterilize :) I might do an episode if you would like :)
+Stephen Legaree I have heard of a lot of horror stories with grape wine, and how temperamental is it, and all the sterilization that occurs, and the fermentation, then the corking, then the transferring to the carboys for racking, and all of that can end in failure. Then you run the risk of having the whole thing get mold, or go anaerobic, I would just rather buy it from a professional. 
Lol it can be if your not paying attention lol
dakotabob10 (4 years ago)
Thanks Stephen! Is that Saskatoon berry wine in the other jugs?
At the time of filming most of this it was in the freezer :) it is brewing away now :)
Rainbow Gardens (4 years ago)
This is a great instructional video on how to make wine straight from the garden. I would have never thought to use Rhubarb, something just about anyone can grow. Thanks for posting! :)
Rainbow Gardens (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree Haha, funny
I am glad you enjoyed it Donna !  I was struggling with what to do a few years back!  I was a little tired of rhubarb upside down cakes :D
Elyse Joseph (4 years ago)
Beautiful wine! I agree with Dale, looks like a Rosé, I would say the color is peachy. I'm curious, how does it compare to wine made from grapes? Is it sweeter like an aperitif or can it accompany a nice meal? For the glue, try a little bit of vegetable oil, let it sit for a few minutes, it helps to dissolve it, then you can scrub it off. It may take a few tries, but it works for me :)
It depends on the amount of sugar and how long you let it ferment for.  My fathers last batch was a little sweet but I adapted it to be a little drier and the raspberries should add a little tartness :) 9 more months until I get to crack this open :)
Dale Calder (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree   Looks very good almost like a Rosé. Sorry I don't have any digital pictures of Portugal and the roadside piles of cork that go  on for miles. LOL
SavageNorthGarden (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree Synthetic for me next time.  
I find the synthetic ones lead to less spoiled bottles as well :) not much chance for bacteria to grow on:)
Dale Calder (4 years ago)
+Stephen Legaree It's a very interesting process I forget now how many years between harvesting the cork bark but each tree is marked at the base with a number the last two digits of the year it will next be harvested in. 
Ill have to write that down.  I have to wait another 9 months to see if it tastes like one :)  Ya the cork trees were hit a few years back with some sort of fungal disease crashing their ability to meet the world supply.
Praxxus55712 (4 years ago)
Those jugs are HUGE!
:) each of them make about 33 bottles of wine when full ;)  I do like my Jugs :D

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