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NZME Trade Video 2018

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NZME brands connect with over 3.3 million* New Zealanders every week. Within our reach are all kinds of different audiences, each with different purchasing habits, lifestyles and aspirations. An NZME media plan is all about using our array of tools to help you talk to people who want to engage with your business, no matter how broad or niche the spectrum. Across our 80 brands and capabilities nationwide, we have every different kind of kiwi you can imagine. From business decision makers like Judy and household shoppers like Lisa, to mandarin speaking business decision makers in Christchurch looking to buy a new car. We're not just a newspaper company, or a radio, print, digital, events, experiential or branded content company. NZME is the full 360 media provider who can give you a direct line to your next customer. Whether you're a new business in Westport, a multinational launching into the New Zealand market or an established company looking to bring in new shoppers, we will create a bespoke media plan to fit your needs. Contact us to get started.
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