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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (4534)
Octane (1 hour ago)
Imagine: you’re wearing a shirt stay on a date. You go fucking, you pull your pants down, she runs away
FYL (6 hours ago)
This guy is giving men styling advice with that shirt on lmfao gtfho str8 clown lookalike at a rodeo shirt lol and says you need to find a good tailor wow what advice isn’t that common sense lol not interested button is getting clicked next rn
J J (7 hours ago)
Yeah because nothing turns a girl on quite like stripping a guy down to find out he’s wearing a shirt stay...
Deborah Hudson (8 hours ago)
Anybody rember tomato town in fortnite🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
pewdiepie fan (12 hours ago)
flyhighjavi YT (15 hours ago)
1:28. Imagine getting laid the day u wear these and she takes off your pants and she sees that thing around your legs 🤣🤣
steelspy 45 (1 day ago)
How can i make my dick biger
tristan graham (1 day ago)
8 clothing tips on pants
Jimmy Cen (1 day ago)
Good stuff
Airsoft Dylan (1 day ago)
This was so helpful thanks 🙏🏻
†ravis (1 day ago)
Пусть торчит, какбут джуджун большенный
Indy Singh (2 days ago)
I thought I was watching the junior version of Aplha M lol :D
DOCTOR WOKE (1 day ago)
You are
DJ DFC (2 days ago)
You're getting hot and heavy with the girl. You both start taking off your clothes. You pull down your pants and she says.... "WTF is that??? A men's garter belt? You say "No, it's a 'shirt stay'" She says "GTFO!!!!" 😂😂😂 I still opened plenty of muffins with my "muffin top" shirts but I bet none of them would have happened wearing a "Shirt Stay" aka Men's Garter Belt. I would feel wierd as fuck wearing that thing.
Risen W (2 days ago)
Ни пизды не сообразил, однако было любопытно
Espaço das Vendas (2 days ago)
And when we are without underpants the zipper cut my penis hehehe , a time happened with me and I cryed.
PhGamerz DanMarco (2 days ago)
Your d*ck is black tho i can tell
Boom Chik Fire (2 days ago)
it looks like you erected up ur monument😂
indrajeet sohoni (3 days ago)
Josë the zuninga
matthew brown (3 days ago)
Get a life
Steve Labs (3 days ago)
Who else watches these but never use them
Lil Trece (3 days ago)
2:50 I knew it was time to subscribe to this channel
Luca Labadini (3 days ago)
Che sfigato
Plug Walk (3 days ago)
My Wigga ✊🏽💯
Nattakorn Onn (3 days ago)
1:24 what is that the name of that thing please
Gourav Pal (2 days ago)
Shirt stay..
Good Talks (4 days ago)
Less content and too much unnecessary talks and words.Be specific.Viewers are more interested in content and new information but not in seeing u.
Ok Ko (4 days ago)
Real man stay real. Losers do this kind of things
Rafe Kiley (4 days ago)
Or you can just zipper up your jacket like a normal human being
Tacco Tacco (3 days ago)
made my day
Meejtis (4 days ago)
just wear sum freaking joggings dude
Xuesa (4 days ago)
@3:00 is the thumbnail. thank me later
Kevin Heaven (4 days ago)
This guy is the great value version of alpha M
Geo Arellano (4 days ago)
Can you do a vid like this for bigger guys??
JAJAMX GT (4 days ago)
I tried this and my mom got angry for taking too long -.-
David Edge TV (5 days ago)
Your hack for loose pants is to get pants that fit.…no shit
Wavy. Drizzle (5 days ago)
I only clicked on the video because I get boners a lot in class
m a n d a l o w (5 days ago)
Legends say the Tomato at 4:22 is what every mother got at home😂
Sam fab (5 days ago)
How many think he copies #alpham and copies tricks from insta Pinterest
Enes Xhemajli (5 days ago)
Pittsburgh tailor 30 years experience 👔👗 Message me for info👞🎩
Jaideep Panjwani (5 days ago)
About shirtstays, so what happens when after a date youre bout to get laid and she pulls your pants down. Do you have a tip for tackling that situation?...
Adam Cox (3 days ago)
Pull off your shirt stay and whip em around like numchuks and say "Wakaaw! These are my shirt stays babe. They keep mr shirt nice and neat"
my phone (6 days ago)
Excess fabric? Bullshit more like boner buddy i can believe he has the guts to fap and then put on jeans and take a photo so everyone can see your 1 inch boner and then post it on youtube better yet put it as a thumbnail this man...😂
Neo Craft (6 days ago)
Why did I get a McDonald’s ad in Spanish to begin this skinny plastic looking dudes video?
Happy Gamer 2000 (6 days ago)
Wow thank's like
Abdulhadi Tanveer (6 days ago)
Looks like you're a fan of Alpha.m
Angree boii (6 days ago)
thumbnail: stick your dick upwards thank me later.
Harry Lagman (6 days ago)
Erected your monument???
Kai ` (7 days ago)
He's so sexy:>
Dante Silva (7 days ago)
Who else thought from the thumbnail that one of the tricks was how to hide a stiff one
my phone (6 days ago)
Michael Cobbin (7 days ago)
Your a rip off from alpha m
Jake Bolton (7 days ago)
I just watched this video & great tips!! I love your shirt! Would you mind sharing where it's from?
caleb mykal (7 days ago)
Who else came for the thumbnail
Euan Elliott (7 days ago)
I just came for my girlfriend Lisa, she's in the bathroom while I'm sitting here smelling like a brothel.
Arvind Singh (7 days ago)
Indian alpha M
Lief Bennett (7 days ago)
These were some really good tips
Denzel Kuzeeko (7 days ago)
Very helpful.. 💯😎
Devang Bamania (7 days ago)
Who noticed "ERECTED MONUMENT"????😂😂😂🤣
Yashraj Raje (7 days ago)
5:27 just don't burn yourself
B. Couture Vibes Nyc (8 days ago)
That last hanger truck is gold 💯🔑
Binay Kumar (8 days ago)
Hindi bolo bhai
Ulysses Tello (8 days ago)
Tips for skinny guys
Maurice Martinez (8 days ago)
Alpha ?
TheDude (8 days ago)
What a douche.
adad (8 days ago)
says the stinky Indian.
BNX TV (8 days ago)
5:16 "Go to your girls bathroom" i think he doesn't know that i'm single 😭😭😭😭
you can always buy one if ur single. That's what i did i bought one of those sinse i'm single.
GalaxyDrxpz (6 days ago)
BNX TV your mom will always help😓
UNSC INFINITY (8 days ago)
Pays for YouTube Premium... *STILL GETS AN AD* ... 🙄🙄🙄
Patrick William (9 days ago)
It sucks being 6'3 and weighing 160 lbs lol I have no ass or waist im just a tall skeleton.
A D'Costa (9 days ago)
Might have to cop a shirt stay😂
JY Lim (9 days ago)
Fuck that shirtstay, it looks uncomfortable
Anurag Tripathi (9 days ago)
Is u r INDIAN????
Dominik Mendes Lopes (9 days ago)
Is he copying Alhpa.m?
Yo .Motha (10 days ago)
My pp big so it’s weird to stand up in class
yungrose (6 days ago)
Michael Stack That they keeping it real.
Michael Stack (6 days ago)
+yungrose then what you gon say to people that say theys is small
yungrose (8 days ago)
Yo .Motha Nigga yo pp small. Everyone who says their dick big just insecure about they self.
Ryder (10 days ago)
Wha did u say about my momma? Ima knock the fuck you up motherfcker, im the real deal fool !
Alex Ghil (10 days ago)
My Dick is big, no muffins there.
5:17 best hack!!
Peter Lohan (12 days ago)
woah!! Why the shouting?
“ woodys ready to go”😂😂
32mace (13 days ago)
1:55 Damn that ass
Lil Pump (14 days ago)
Bruh..... shut the fuck up
The second one is really a nightmare for guys who gotta really pee
Károly Papp (14 days ago)
You dont look good.Why do you think giving advice to other (perhaps lot more successful men) is your way ? Stop it. Get some help.
KILLER GAMING (15 days ago)
try to stand at one place
Dun Mealder (16 days ago)
?? So 1 lube it or keychain..i used wire..key chain is better...3 buy pamts that fit...didnt hear 4...5...get tailor? ....6...for fuck sakes bro buy looser shirts....7...iron dress shirts cause thats not obvious....8....hang pants properly...well i learned...alot
Rusty Mackem (16 days ago)
"zippers are an annoying thing" so says the annoying shouty thing !.
Logan Mclennan (16 days ago)
A third of the video is about one sponsored product. Sad.
Robert Martinez (17 days ago)
God I fuckn hate this guy I mean some stuff he shows you are pretty useful but wen he talks about the pants and the belt he supposed show u a life hack but this fuckn guy dose not show you shit all this fuckn fag says is “o your pants r too big around the waste and get some new ones” BITCH that’s y I fuckn watched your stupid video to deal with belt pants situation I watched your stupid ass video to get told to buy new pants fuck you dude I want to get help with this problem not buy a new one............ god I hate fake ass YouTubers I hope this Dumb ass nigga sees this comment if you do see it FUCK OFF U PEACE OF SHIT sighing OFF.3:16 in the video is wen he talking about it
B. Henny (17 days ago)
Why is the thumb nail wearing a boner and why are you pointing a arrow at the boner.?
Saurav Gupta (18 days ago)
Sorry man but cannot buy that shirt stay thing that you suggested. In this hot weather who would use straps to manage shirts. It is better to be careful careless sometimes.
balta balta (18 days ago)
I have benefited thank you.
Wi ll (18 days ago)
How do I get a smaller ass 😂
vinodztube (18 days ago)
5:17 And what if don't have a girl?
vinodztube (10 days ago)
+Swis Gaming 😢
vinodztube (10 days ago)
+Jrue Holiday I am not you. So can't.
Jrue Holiday (10 days ago)
Swis Gaming or maybe a mom????
Swis Gaming (14 days ago)
Just get a flat iron stupid..u must have friends that a girls
Oak Gaming (19 days ago)
Sean Wilkes (19 days ago)
Shirt stays might be the stupidest suggestion for an outfit I've ever seen.
PARKOUR ASIA (19 days ago)
Man reply me
YOTAS (20 days ago)
1:28 nice legs!
MrSeksyy (20 days ago)
Nope, I´m proud of my fake bonaz ;D
Darpan Pradhan (20 days ago)
Sir jab ham underwear pehente hai Toh kbhi kbhi down hotee waqt underwear ka brand dikhai partaa ha USS chijj ko kese thikk karee PLZZ a upload a video.
Ina Blink (20 days ago)
I'm glad I don't have to deal with this crap, nor care for it !
just Dyln (21 days ago)
Why did you assume I had a girlfriend 😢😂
Gonen Chen (22 days ago)
When do u come out???
What's Your name ? (22 days ago)
That's Tough
am (22 days ago)
And how would my image be if I wear shirt stays, I can't believe I said it's name!
Joe GodWarrior (22 days ago)
Thank you Mr. Jose for your videos. I put you in my surround sound in my bathroom lol..
pepe the frog (22 days ago)
Joe GodWarrior hmmm I’m doing that right now
Joe GodWarrior (18 days ago)
Thank you Jose. Is important for me to look on point when leaving the house. I get it from my Dad. He always made sure he look good when ever leaving the house. Even when going to work. (Foreman Construction) I guess in his head. He thought he was a male model. Lol..

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