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WINTER CAR crash - Snow FAILS compilation ❄

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Traffic slide on snow ....!! Please like, comment & share the videos ► 💪 Subscribe for more fails 💪 ► 😎 Thank You ✌ MY PC SPEC: › ASUS 24 inch http://amzn.to/2jqcqUK › Intel i7-7700 http://amzn.to/2wYvOOi › Samsung Hardd SSD http://amzn.to/2x49Okm › Graphic GTX 1050 Ti http://amzn.to/2f8r9Cs › MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch http://amzn.to/2jsFjji › Apple iPad Air Tablet http://amzn.to/2jsAmqN PHONE I USE: Apple iPhone X Unlocked http://amzn.to/2AjCSE0 Samsung S8 black http://amzn.to/2zexUbo Wireless Charging Pad http://amzn.to/2zdDElS SOFTWARE I USE: Adobe Video Edit http://amzn.to/2y9frwc GAMES I PLAY: Xbox One http://amzn.to/2y8iiFF Forza Horizon 3 http://amzn.to/2f8rpBJ More videos Awesome https://goo.gl/ZHu3Ze Epic videos https://goo.gl/675a5T Funny bloopers https://goo.gl/nPVGvk People are awesome https://goo.gl/Fb6ck4 Cristiano Ronaldo cars https://goo.gl/KmqFjM Expensive Car crash https://goo.gl/P3H8Pe Can't touch this https://goo.gl/BYBUCy If it were not filmed no one would believe https://goo.gl/koGztd USA Cars sliding and crashing icy hill in the snow, standing on snow and watching others coming down the hill, guys stand on top of the hill telling other drivers not to go down. traffic near miss, truck close call, car close call, driving on icy roads down hill, hilarious driving down hill on ice, funny drift on snow ice, Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip & Slide Winter, Weather 4x4s fails, 4x4s snow fails, pickup just rolls on down like a boss, Never hold down on the brakes because it makes your car/truck slide, first snow fall of the year. donuts, slide on snow ice, people sliding down hill frozen roads, funny people fail on ice snow, 4x4 truck fail, 4x4 truck crash, 4x4 truck climb fail. 4x4 climb snow climb fail, car crash on ice roads, Super car Hill climb, drift slide, Mad Driving FAILS Compilation ICE & SNOW Car Crashes FUNNY WINTER DRIVERS, SCARY SNOW DRIVING FAILS 2017 Top Ultimate Winter Retarded Drivers Fails Driving in SNOW can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. snow fail compilation. Winter Car Crash Compilation, hill slope, power slide, Cars Sliding Down Icy Hill, car crash, test drive on snow, FAILS and Crashes, funny moment caught on camera, Speeding car, driving fails, Luxury car fail, Luxury crash, snow storm slippery, car video caught on Dash Cam, snow fail compilation, frozen fails on ice, without winter tires or chains is a big mistake in the snow, Funny Fail, no anti-skid braking system, anti lock braking system, why not drive in snow winter, people try slow down car on snow, bus fail, prius snow fail, toyota prius fail crash, bus slide snow, truck fail winter, truck crash winter, YOUTUBE: Channel: https://goo.gl/6d9gpG Videos: https://goo.gl/T55V3w Playlist: https://goo.gl/LrphCJ Stupid BMW Drivers Compilation http://bit.ly/2lBFSrU Real Transforming Vehicles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HoBG EPIC EXPENSIVE LUXURY CAR Driving Fails Compilation http://bit.ly/2lxvBx0 Tesla Accidents https://youtu.be/DA5MacJK3oM Tesla Crash Compilation http://bit.ly/2gRLx8e Autopilot Predicts Crash Compilation http://bit.ly/2gRLx8e Upcoming Compilations includes amazing skills, road idiots, viral videos, awesome videos, great videos, Driving Fails, Epic Supercars, best fails cars, car dash compilation, truck idiot drivers, supercars, mercedes idiot drivers, IDIOT Supercars Drivers, Fail funny vines, best fails cars, funny fails, awesome videos, winning compilations, kingdom21, funny crashes, k21, dash cams, Funny Vines compilation, Epic videos, can't touch this, can't touch this compilation, you can't touch this cover, car crash videos, idiots, idiot drivers, cant touch this, car crash compilation, awesome, awesome cars, awesome videos, viral videos, drifting, best videos on the internet, race car crashes, compilation with music, 1 hour song video, car dash compilation, Ultimate Retarded Drivers, giveaways and more kingdom21 k21, need for speed, nfs, dirt rally, ride, the worst moments of the day, win compilation, fail compilation, win fail compilations, awesome people & cars. Fails & crashes, instant karma, instant justice, WOMEN CAR CRASHES, DRIVING FAILS 2017 - INSTANT KARMA BAD DRIVERS, super car fails, super car crash, bmw idiot drivers, illegal street drifting, suv fail,
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Text Comments (556)
CalebTheCashew (7 hours ago)
This is what happens when you dont have snow tires or studded snow tires man
Ritva von Hassenhoff (11 hours ago)
The Russians are extremely bad drivers. Education is apparently weak. They do not seem to have any understanding that they can not go on summer tires and bad driving skills.
Chris Keller (12 hours ago)
did anybody hear "suka blyat"?
Equinox End (13 hours ago)
Let off Your brakes and steer out of it
Maimo Moline (14 hours ago)
How to do ilegal drifting with a excuse...
Charlie Tango (15 hours ago)
Listen.....Russians cannot drive on dry pavement on sunny days. They should outlaw cars at the first snowfall.
В Ч (16 hours ago)
Это такое забава.
Karl W God (17 hours ago)
non of these have abs?
KingOfArchery 26 (1 day ago)
When I clicked on this, I was thinking about AR12! xD
KOM ALPINA (1 day ago)
Let's use studless tires in winter!
Jilleman (1 day ago)
The annual meeting of the summer tires club.
bluesboytyler (1 day ago)
The bald tires club
006 006 (1 day ago)
meanwhile in Canada...
Dmitriy B. (2 days ago)
На стоке Вашим - Боком (с)
Bruno Sterckeman (2 days ago)
When post-Soviet Russia meets car
Mariusz G (2 days ago)
a simple question! where did you learn to drive? what a joke!
Raw and Uncensored (2 days ago)
I like how people try to keep a vehicle that weighs tens of times heavier than them from sliding... on the snow... down hill.
Vbbh Gbbh (2 days ago)
а была шиповка у их то таких заморочек бы не было....а то все рассказывабт какая липучка офигенная, и "для чего мне в городке шипы"
Это Россия детка !!!
Rafael Pekov (2 days ago)
Русских выяснят сходу,хахахах
Brian Fischer (2 days ago)
Love all the morons trying to physically stop these cars!!! Darwin
Herr Bert (3 days ago)
so blöd
Jonathan Bush (3 days ago)
People drives way to fast in the snow and ice
Bruno Sterckeman (2 days ago)
Or way too much
david greenberg (3 days ago)
The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. My car is sliding down the road.... Let it snow let it snow let it snow..... 4
Patríc H (3 days ago)
Piesdiet Blyad Suka I know these 3 words by watching Russian crash compilation😂😂
Dmitriy B. (2 days ago)
Ну ты кадр
Patríc H (3 days ago)
What country is it?
Dmitriy B. (2 days ago)
Usa maybe)
OnceUponATwice (4 days ago)
Why won't they put gravel or salt or rocks on the road to make it less slippery that's what my city does
Mister Berzins (4 days ago)
Powering up a hill and stopping to let gravity ruin your day.
Ancient Warriors WR (4 days ago)
The best present for cars......
xKylex YT (4 days ago)
2:29 fuck this shit I’m out 😂😂
Daniele Sbordone (5 days ago)
Do these people know that where they live it actually snows . Hello , get some freaking snow tires ding dongs.
aaasnwbordr (5 days ago)
6:42 simply fixing their bad parking jobs on his way down! What a gentleman.
umefunasone together (5 days ago)
hills with snow/ice and people driving---stupid stupid stupid....
Egil Lomeland (6 days ago)
When it snows in places where they don't use winter tires.
Alexander Schmitt (6 days ago)
Just in Russia xD...
Salnikoff P. (6 days ago)
Were abs?
Karny Kutas za (6 days ago)
Ale urwal!
Toh Han Shen (7 days ago)
1:15 definitely not his first time on ice👌
T34 (7 days ago)
6.08 видать разницу меж чайником и профи
лупят машины и восхваляют неприятеля народа вову
Beyrek Mehdiyev (8 days ago)
o no 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Madison Greene (8 days ago)
They use this stuff called SALT in America and we plow the roads.... get a clue!
Madison Greene (8 days ago)
Stay home , you IDIOTS!
Art Moss (8 days ago)
The next time I go to Russia in the winter, I'll wait until summer.
Forbes Hutton (8 days ago)
You couldn't go broke or poor owning a body shop in Russia.
King4Kingz (8 days ago)
We all wanted to see that scion come on you know it. That's what made all of us click. Lmao
Sandy BoleYT (10 days ago)
Wheeeeeeee Ooof
ioan pena (10 days ago)
Nu...pagadi !!!
Lossmega (11 days ago)
No winter tires.... Ш
Fin Fraser (11 days ago)
The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful. My car is sliding down the road.... Let it snow let it snow let it snow.....
Teresa Ruest (11 days ago)
two words people, "WINTER TIRES!" all seasons tires are shit
Unless they are all on summer tyres, I don't see how this is possible.
Яков Байтин (12 days ago)
2 вещи необходимы: шипованная резина и мозги. Я прогуливался на Жигулях с прицепом (гружёные под завязку) из Москвы в Беларусь. Кое-где путь будто зеркало. Скорость от 60 и выше. Но, с разумом. А здесь не лишь дурачины бьются, однако и скупые и выпендриватели. Теперь пускай посчитают, как дешевле было таксомотор.
BMW ALPINA (12 days ago)
Пидор@сы кто снимает и смеётся !!!!!
Rik Nur (12 days ago)
Почему людям этак забавно когда кто-то поподает на козны?
Sergey Bodrov (1 day ago)
Потому,будто лицезреют долбоёба за рулём,конечно ещё на летней резине.
HUGO (2 days ago)
радуются нищеброды без автомобилей.
Hara uulen (4 days ago)
Добрым молодцам задание
Это злорадство. Но лицезрел ситуации когда и пострадавшие веселились.
Trevil McEvil (12 days ago)
I only watch one minute, is there more to this than assholes without winter tyres let me know and I'll try watch the rest of it.
Richard (12 days ago)
Why are bystanders laughing? Anyone who’s suffered the misfortune of having their car hit, finding a body shop, losing their car for a time, having their insurance premiums go up - not to mention suffering possible injury - will tell you this stuff ain’t funny. 😞
Водятлы вы хоть тормоз отпускайте когда пытаетесь куда то в лево право вырулить во многих случаях Водятлы сами делают глупости
DarwinBlame (13 days ago)
No chains no chance
Fructe De Padure (13 days ago)
10:00 i cannot believe that is possible, even for russian IQ
Bartnik Pszczelarz (13 days ago)
Summer tyres lovers !
Steve Stair (14 days ago)
That works every time retards!!! Slam on your brakes!!! 🤣
shalu shazz (14 days ago)
Cool Duck (14 days ago)
Looks like a lack of winter tires
Beeman Seawa (15 days ago)
You do the smart thing leave your car at home and these clueless idiots destroy it while it sits at the curb
K Zee (15 days ago)
The jingle bells music sucked. These crashes were probably not funny or joyus to the people involved in them.
Greased Lightning (15 days ago)
Is it wrong of me to enjoy this as much as I do....
Alex Ru (15 days ago)
Дикари!!!! Живут десятилетиями в экстремальных погодных критериях, неуж-то нельза зачислить простые меры людской предусмотрительности...В таких критериях даже животные адоптируются...
Yuriy ASGART (3 days ago)
не попросту дикари, а дебилы еще и ржут когда машины врезаются в товарищ друга...
Вальд с (12 days ago)
а ты не варвар??!!! Тебя 10 лет безвозмездно учили в школе ,а ты хорошо этак и не научился строчить!!
RY38RUS (12 days ago)
Слышь, ты, не варвар... Пословицу на "Ч" вспомни ))) и следуй !
Marcus Bustad (16 days ago)
What does "sooka" mean? I heard that several times.....must be like, "Oh shit?!"
Greased Lightning (15 days ago)
Marcus Bustad means bitch
Marcus Bustad (16 days ago)
1st part sounded like a party....wonder if these crazy Russians were passing around the vodka??!!
Stan Kushner (16 days ago)
90% of these fools all lock their brakes instead of trying to steer out of the problem.
KisaPutki (16 days ago)
Only russian idiot People 😂😂😂
maxbify (16 days ago)
these ppl using slicks?
Alexander Persson (18 days ago)
0:37 1:02 why the chasers though 😣
anttton (19 days ago)
i think someone forgot to change their winter tires XDDD
Seimor Skinner (19 days ago)
*hd* quality
77 55 (19 days ago)
They only did their driving test in the summer!
TheJukeboxhero15 (21 days ago)
TheJukeboxhero15 (21 days ago)
Steve/Beth (22 days ago)
And people jump out of a sliding, out of control car because???????
grand masters777 (22 days ago)
поначалу все уебутся и лишь позже будут дороги начищать,рашка чё
notmyrealname (23 days ago)
For sure the road conditions suck but I'm sure good winter tires would have prevented most of these
Caballo de Batalla (23 days ago)
No victims mortals.
Abdulrahman AL Qirad (23 days ago)
Pls i need the name of that music 1:42
Почему все заблокируют тормоза
Gord Farmer (25 days ago)
The jingle bells proves that we are all twisted for laughing at this
Go MGTOW (25 days ago)
Are there any videos of bad winter drivers who are NOT Russian ???
Mattbreizh 29 (27 days ago)
6:45 c cool la prius qui remet les voitures bien dans leurs places 😂
Capricorn (25 days ago)
i know what ure saying :D
Kitty Kat (29 days ago)
Why these people drive in the snow is completely beyond me.. walk fgs! Stop putting yourself and others at risk!
Michael Kensington (29 days ago)
Always the stupid russians. The guy that jumped of his car almost got run over.
С С С Р АЛТАЙ (30 days ago)
Владивосток-каждогодний городской праздничек любителей фрикционной резины!
gtapn (30 days ago)
A thing called snow tires people
Töröld ki a popit (1 month ago)
Fuck in russzia
Andi Beraj (1 month ago)
The due at
Del Toro Armando (1 month ago)
تيم/ Team (1 month ago)
pat14162 (1 month ago)
Je pense qu'il faut avoir un sérieux problème pour rouler en voiture sur des routes pareilles. Je serais curieux de savoir comment ça se passe avec les assurances. Si c'est en Russie, c'est pas étonnant, c'est un pays de malades, de dégénérés mentaux.
Nor Rilsk (1 month ago)
This is why i drive a beater for the winter
Tarnvir Dhaliwal (1 month ago)
1:20 AWD with snow tires = unstoppable

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