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The Row with designers Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen's The Row was shown at Hôtel Particulier during Paris Fashion Week. They teamed up with Bing to deliver exclusive content from The Row's Spring/Summer 2011 collection on Bing.com. You can see the collection in the making, including never-before-seen moving images from Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's studio, current sketches, casting models, excerpts of an interview of the designers and a selection of the SS11 collection shown on a "virtual runway".
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Text Comments (83)
Adam Greenwood (11 days ago)
I know the feeling it’s not me and you it’s uses
Adam Greenwood (11 days ago)
Well uses think the music, film and dance industry are a joke and have no residue the fashion industry
Laura Jones (3 months ago)
Y'all should do a plus size line
Laura Jones (2 months ago)
@Hailie Grace yeah that's true
Hailie Grace (2 months ago)
They're stuff is thousands of dollars a piece and most celebrities/rich people are quite slim so what would be the point in that
Devils Baby girl (3 months ago)
Are they’re clothes affordable?
Jenn Truong (5 months ago)
I love their style; I plan on getting one of their handbags soon and their clothing in the future!
Sparrow drinks Juice (6 months ago)
Child actress to Fashion designers
LICHICK il (11 months ago)
Sonny (11 months ago)
they look so young here
SKYFALL (1 year ago)
designers? interesting how fast they can use that name. they don't know squat about fashion design. they could literally put there name on a toilet seat and people would buy it. they don't even make the stuff hahahaha
Hahhw Ajjaj (8 months ago)
Fuck off..if u watched their movies and shows u wld knw it's always where they were gonna end up..so little time - both parents are fashion designers,when in Rome - they take a fashion internship..in every movie and show they did their fashion is on point!! U just bitter..they cld retire with the money from their Hollywood days alone and be happy,this is what u call passion and purpose.something u wld knw more abt if ya weren't such a troll
SKYFALL (1 year ago)
how much do they really do? they don't make the clothes. they just make up something they think looks good and have people make them, and girls buy anything they stick there name on.
San Dan (1 year ago)
Panda Monium (3 months ago)
San Dan m Yes. I HATE that shit. So distracting.
Ava Lache (1 year ago)
I miss how alive they were, but other than that, these woman are great fashion designers
Ltaya (1 year ago)
They truly inspire me with how hard they work and well they do
Joshwim (11 months ago)
Ltaya saaaame!
Violin Kid (1 year ago)
I have their sweater
Kayanne Fernandes (1 year ago)
Truly inspirational!
Laverne Coleman (2 years ago)
Boney as hell!
Glen Colly (2 years ago)
£270 for a viscous t-shirt Basically polyester! 😂😂😂😂😂
F E (9 months ago)
I think their tees are insanely priced but dude NO! Viscose and polyester are not the same; i know someone with insane allergies who is allergic to almost all types of fibres except like the most natural or delicate types, *including* viscose. They break out in a bizarre rash and look like a burn trauma victim if they wear polyester or wool or pretty much anything but cotton or viscose.
Cherese Stephen (2 years ago)
they are awesome normally folks with that cash and name are sold out and get lazy but they use their time wisely to make more money that's cool and I like that they are making cloths with luxe material. Shec but still comfy and versetile wear
Yanping Kee (2 years ago)
olsen twins seem to know their stuff! really ruling their fashion empire! gorgeous collection.
Yanping Kee (2 years ago)
well, high fashion runway models are supposed to be this skinny...thin, slender, lanky, whatever you call it. I mean, it's the hard truth we all know. And most of these models are on the skinny side to begin with and believe it a not, are naturally light I. e. wouldn't gain weight no matter what they consume, though I wouldn't rule out some models having problems with regard to their weight etc. but you can't just generalised them as unhealthy, anorexic etc.! NOT ALL are like that. Also, what could you do? Designers/casting team would only select these type of thin and tall models so whatever comments wouldn't really change anything. it's kinda sad though, but it's the way it is.
krisluvskev (2 years ago)
OMG their line that year was gorgeous, what about now 2016 I want to see what they have.
maya (3 years ago)
would they succeed in the fashion world without their name? obviously not, but even if they started out small and worked their way up as other designers i doubt they would have any place in the fashion business. their clothes are not unique, most of it remained the same for years and they are not wearable at all.. they have a very childish and shallow look on fashion.
Michael Pearson (3 years ago)
I try to keep up with both of you.  Sol the Sun God is at your Feet.  I noticed you both have the Largest Eyes in the Entertainment Industry.  🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Lizziegirlnyc (3 years ago)
I love the simplicity of the clothes. However, your body physique has to be waifey to look good in these kinds of clothes. I love MK & A's personal style.
LK89 (3 years ago)
I miss.... Passport to Paris MK and A. Def prefer them as teeny boppers, lol! Now, they're totally different people. I actually feel they're Trying hard to be different people. Too hard sometimes.
Johanna Arab (3 years ago)
Models have to be skinny bc of sample sizes bc fabric is expensive and then all of that turned into skinny being beautiful but yeah these designs for the runway are ideas so the least fabric possible
rebelramble (3 years ago)
the clothes are so ugly. I won't want to wear them even if they are given to me for free. The drape of the fabrics reminds me of the patient robes in hospitals.... I think it's like the story, the "King's new clothes where everybody was praising how the nude King's robe was so beautiful and well tailored!!! ". The moral of the story is, if you make enough people (through all kinds of influences, paid advertising, friendships, connections, etc, etc) lie about how beautiful the clothes look, they will become beautiful.... I just don't care for this. I'm not stupid. It's the psychology that is used over and over. Get enough people to say something is beautiful and then others feel pressured to say the same for fear of looking stupid if they don't. Psychology 101. The same principal is used by media over and over. There is no cure for human stupidity. Not that the Oslens are smart, just the regular people are stupid.
Selene Dion (5 months ago)
Well you don't have class so..
Lilly Rose (1 year ago)
These are basics. You ADD them into your style and outfit. They're not meant to be the center piece.
Killrodmanny (3 years ago)
So this is what happened to part of the "Full House" cast. Interesting.
Chloe wilson (3 years ago)
The clothes are absolutely gorgeous, out of my league that is for sure, and for what you pay for this clothing line they should be gorgeous. I know the twins do not design them but the Olsen's are smart.
iAmLouise (3 years ago)
Why don't they smile anymore?  And talk so slow? - It's like slow mo!
Levi Ripley (4 years ago)
LOL they sound so WEAK! girls eat some food!
Isa Wino (4 years ago)
Nice designers, nice models, nice clothes.
Katie McCann (4 years ago)
at 2:15 that model looks really unwell! i hope she's ok
D Jay (1 year ago)
Katie McCann deadass my 11 year old sister is thiccer than her:/ sad that the stander models need to be "very skinny"
Nicholas Wooden (4 years ago)
Looks nice ladies. And fun
Andrew J A Lee (4 years ago)
They are the pinnacle of elegant simplicity. Move over Coco there's a new LBD in town.
Carlo Anthony (4 years ago)
I worked in fashion throughout my early 20's and this is what the industry wants. There will be skinny girls with or without fashion. If you are not a model you have to understand that there are many different types of beauty, and this is just one variant. You can be beautiful in so many ways :)
Brintin (5 years ago)
The models don't look happy or healthy. Two very important qualities to have in this life. Not very attractive in my opinion. The Olsen ladies are beautiful and talented. I kind of expected more. 
Patricia Mosquera (4 years ago)
@Lia Moore ff
Brintin (4 years ago)
@Lia Moore Well put.
Lia Moore (4 years ago)
Yeah I agree, healthy is best but I think that obesity had become so normalised that now normal healthy people are being labelled anorexic or unhealthily thin which to be honest is disrespectful and belittling to those suffering from the illness! It's a really sad terrible thing to happen to a person.
Brintin (4 years ago)
Unfortunately most of life's initial judgments are made through appearance. If someone is too fat or too thin then they look it. It doesn't mean they're a bad person. Sometimes it genetic. Sometimes it's poor decisions. Big, small, skinny or tall. Healthy is hot. The fashion industry has only money in mind.
Lia Moore (4 years ago)
How can you tell by looking at them? All the "fat acceptance" people say you can't tell health by a person's weight but everyone feels free to make judgments about slim people based on their appearance! It's such absolute rubbish!
Anisha Ayrga (5 years ago)
Who plays the music? its so good
thatswhatsup0493 (5 years ago)
The models are all too thin that everything they wear just looks like a curtain. Im sure the clothes are nice, its hard to tell off of these models though.
Epic4Evr1990 (5 years ago)
Thank u Jbar06. i am a naturally skinny girl. i've always been really skinny i weigh 90 pounds and i'm 5"4. i get people telling me, "u need to eat." and " maybe if u eat some corn bread and all of this stuff. . .' And i eat, i eat a lot, i just don't gain weight, it's not my fault. I don't get how it's okay for people to bash skinny girls, but it's the end of the world to say anything about someone that some people may call fat.
F E (9 months ago)
Epic4Evr1990, I agree people absolutely should not be shamed for their natural body type -honestly everybody just needs to keep personal remarks and criticisms about other people's appearances to themselves- but at the same time, there are various "fit" models in the industry who are naturally thin girls taking it to the extreme, becoming grossly unhealthy and underweight, by intervention not nature, and that then influences and forces models for photoshoots to need to be thinner and so on. It goes beyond what's natural and normal and healthy even for a thin person's physique and it's an image perpetuated by the fashion industry.
Lily Lebowsky (1 year ago)
See ABUSE and bullying! When fat people get it they make it know...wheare as the skinny just brush it off..... still does not feel nice
Roberto Zarate (2 years ago)
Epic4Evr1990 cause fat don't like hear what they see in the mirror... so just do you boo
my synthesis (2 years ago)
Epic4Evr1990 I'm skinny too and same hight as you and my family and friends pressure me to eat still don't gain weight
KatyDelMar (4 years ago)
So true!  I get really annoyed wit the double standard.  I don't get all the skinny shamming going around and this is coming from a curvy girl.
Dave F. Macias (5 years ago)
I love the music... Who plays this music...
k (1 year ago)
wtf... it sounds nothing like that
ashley 5827 (1 year ago)
Dave F. Macias it kind of sounds like/reminds me of this song called baby's on fire. https://youtu.be/p1W1nvg0Ud4
k (1 year ago)
fuck me too man. i tried shazaming it but nothing came up. might be made for the video
Stella Johnson (5 years ago)
I adore MK & A but ..... OMG, all those anorexic girls in the video.... what is the world coming to??
Joselyne (5 years ago)
Shut up you people don't understand it, if all you're looking at are the models' arms then you have failed at this. Its about the designs, not the model. Models are skinny, get over it. It won't change. Get over it.
Lucyballet1994 (5 years ago)
That is always a misquote of Marilyn Monroe, she has never said that, size zero didn't exist in her day because the sizes were different!
Lucyballet1994 (5 years ago)
I think it depends on your body type, I have collarbones and ribs that stick out, I have never starved myself, I dance and go to the gym. Anyway I don't think we have a right to point out things like that on a woman, maybe she's not healthy but she most likely is, I don't see how it's out right to make comments on her body. Nobody would dare to say someone looks fat, but it also hurts people's feelings to say they look too skinny.
Aleasha Wallace (5 years ago)
2.18 you cannot say that is fine. bones sticking out of her back is not a good look
Aleasha Wallace (5 years ago)
most are ok but that one in the white dress has the skinniest puney arms and shoulder blades sticking out of her back and that definately does not look healthy
F Dombrowski (5 years ago)
The first model is unhealthily skinny. And it's sad that we now consider those kinds of models as being "thin and fit" because this is not fit, this is skinny. It's true that those kinds of models show off the clothes the best but we need to realize that those bodies are not fit...
Lo Tyler (6 years ago)
Are you serious?!!!! a couple of the arms I saw toward the end were skin and bones!! Very cool diting in this video though!!!
K.B. DuBeau (6 years ago)
These models are definitely not sickly thin. They're just thin and fit. You must be very big.... I don't mean that to be cruel I'm just saying it must be what you're comparing it to that has you thinking they're sooooo thin. I was actually thinking; Wow, these models look like real girls... Models are so thin bc the designers want it to look like it's hanging on a hanger. It's not to promote people being super skinny... It's to promote their clothes in a way they look best.
Melissa2Lovely (6 years ago)
I wish they did movies together for old times just like back in the day.
Memay Olita (6 years ago)
i love them.
MGNZAL (6 years ago)
they need to change the models in the high fashion industry. omg they looked so sick i wanted to puke :((((
Lucyballet1994 (6 years ago)
What are people talking about with the models? They look fine
Kee Kristie (6 years ago)
THe models are scary
allyvv89 (6 years ago)
coolest girls in the world, but their models are disgustingly thin
Jenn Truong (5 months ago)
True but that is how models are required to look in order to model for high fashion lines
I wish they were still actresses oops
XxSillyGirlx (6 years ago)
i love this
Rachel Roberts (6 years ago)
Coolest girls in the World.
itsCindybietch (6 years ago)
love it!

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