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Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?
What are the principles behind Homeopathy and does it work? Kurzgesagt Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cRUQxz Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): https://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt?ty=h Kurzgesagt merch: http://bit.ly/1P1hQIH The MUSIC of the video: Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2BI1Wb5 Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2sJaEmh Facebook: http://bit.ly/2qW6bY4 We would like to thank Dr. Natalie Grams, Dr.-Ing. Norbert Aust and Udo Endruscheit as well as Dr. Robin Fears and Professor Paul Glasziou for supporting us with our research. www.natalie-grams.de www.netzwerk-homoeopathie.eu www.gwup.org Quellen: Main principles of homeopathy: http://bit.ly/2En7XsQ http://bit.ly/2nmH29j Information Network Homeopathy Germany: http://bit.ly/2DEbSDO Homeopedia – German Online Encyclopedia: http://bit.ly/2DBII87 List of homeopathic remedies: http://bit.ly/2DPPBUw Information regarding different homeopathic potencies: http://bit.ly/2kf8xB5 http://bit.ly/2nobVtY Physical examination of dilution http://bit.ly/2EpX5dY Hahnemanns explanation for the efficacy of homeopathy despite dilution: § 270 Sixth edition http://bit.ly/2EwxkZr 18th century medicine http://bit.ly/29LJFuD http://bit.ly/1R8Pp0W https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctrine\_of\_signatures Hahnemanns rules for taking homeopathic remedies, Organon of medicine §260 Sixth edition: http://bit.ly/2rxz9T4 Studies about the lacking efficacy of homeopathic products: Statement of the European Academies Science Advisory Council September 2017: http://bit.ly/2w94FET Australian Study from the National and Medical Health Council, 2015: http://bit.ly/1BheAmR Systematic reviews from Mathie et al, employees of the Homeopathy Research Institutehttp://bit.ly/2GaWI7x Statement from the FDA demanding homeopathic companies must prove efficacy of their products: http://bit.ly/2f71t3j Statement from the FDA regarding their approach towards homeopathic remedies http://bit.ly/2BLq1tF Quote: There are no drug products labeled as homeopathic that are approved by FDA. Placeboeffect: The Placebo and Nocebo Phenomena: Their Clinical Management and Impact on Treatment Outcomes http://bit.ly/2BlOMg6 Placebo interventions for all clinical conditions http://bit.ly/2n5bfZs Components of placebo effect: randomised controlled trial in patients with irritable bowel syndrome http://bit.ly/2DCd9Ms http://bit.ly/2n5yYcS Placeboeffect on children and animals Caregiver placebo effect in analgesic clinical trials for cats with naturally occurring degenerative joint disease-associated pain. http://bit.ly/2DCdQW4 http://bit.ly/2Dxpph8 http://bit.ly/1n71rX2 Homeopathy is big pharma: http://bit.ly/2DQjQqd http://bit.ly/23Faftl http://bit.ly/2FBe5wW Homeopathic anamnesis/ initial interview: http://bit.ly/2Ew3apa Exemplary questionnaire for initial interview: http://bit.ly/2nsQpnV Marketshare and market development for homeopathy http://on.mktw.net/2DxS0Tp http://bit.ly/2n5wgnG Further reading: Blog beweisaufnahme-homoeopathie.de (German, some articles in English) http://bit.ly/2E0NKc3 ORGANON OF MEDICINE by Hahnemann Samuel (Original text) http://bit.ly/2EwxkZr Free ebooks on „Materiae Medicae” (German and English)http://bit.ly/2DtjNQW Deutsches Informationsnetzwerk Homöopathie (Short english version) http://bit.ly/2E3gP6P US Department of Health: Information overview about homeopathy http://bit.ly/1Nf0Miq Homepathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (Official Compendium of Homeopathic ingredients) http://bit.ly/2n5GnZX List of over 5000 homeopathic ingredients A-Z http://bit.ly/2E0RCKj FDA warns against the use of homeopathic teething tablets and gels http://bit.ly/2DVtfB6 THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US: Flavio Storino, Alice Balcon, Hari Krishnan, Warren Wiscombe, Sara Zeglin, Asiryan Alexander, maarten sprengers, William Northern, Kerem Mimaroglu, Yana Kultysheva, Josh, Keaton Anderson, Croconaw, Peter Steinberger, Jonathan Diamond, Troy McConaghy, Paddy, Darko Sperac, Peter Burkhalter, Chris Amaris, Tyler Lovell, John Ruble, Chase Henson, Arpita Singh, Edward C.P., Andreas Edlund, Ryan Bubinski, Paul Greyson, Jerry Ding, Austin Sundquist, Daniel Link, Tim Johnson, kayleigh dreste, Johan Sjöblom, Max Stuart, Mush Rain, Andor Baranyi, Eduardas Afanasjevas, Bill Clem, Jake Smith, Stephen Woerner, Jeff Sorensen, Christopher Damsgaard, Eduardo AV, Michael Gawenka, Florian Hoedt, Lucas Nyman, Nathanael Baker, Martin Wierzyk, Mauricio Streb, Karl, Rameet Chawla, Joachim Andersen, Avinash, Erik Golden, Glenn Stoltz, Elliott Nelson, Andrew Averett, Ben Wei
REBUTTAL:  Book Review of "Trick or Treatment" - Alternative Medicine On Trial
BLOG: http://blog.watershed.net/2018/06/01/rebuttal-book-review-trick-treatment-alternative-medicine-trial/ A medical doctor and an atheists scientist explain how natural health, or "Alternative Health" write a book called, "Trick or Treatment" by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst. Singh is a physicist and the writer of several popular science books. Ernst is a professor of complementary medicine.  Singh is an atheist.  Why is that important?  Well, let's just say that science and atheism seem to go hand in hand these days.  Is science a matter of belief?  Is health a matter of believing?  Check out the video below.  Dr. Bob's Latest Book: http://bit.ly/2szZnQX Chlorella-Spirulina Products: http://bit.ly/2tAswge Water Filtration: http://bit.ly/2u2BBRK Water Ionizers: http://bit.ly/2uBn4ty All Dr. Bob's Books: http://bit.ly/2uAZdKh Herbal Extracts: http://bit.ly/2trUQ5P Liquid Angstrom Minerals: http://bit.ly/2uVeEN0 Wholesale: http://watershed.net/distributor.html Contact: http://watershed.net/contact.html Website - https://watershed.net Shop Site: https://shop.watershed.net/ BLOG - www.blog.watershed.net Health Tips, Tricks, Hacks: http://healthtips.watershed.net Facebook.com/watershedwellnesscenter Dr. Bob's Twitter - @bobmccauley51 Instagram - dr.bobmccauley Snapchat - bobmccauley The Watershed Wellness Center 16280 National Parkway Lansing, MI 48906 phone: (517) 886-0440 email: [email protected] Dr. Bob's YouTube Channel is protected under 47 U.S.C. § 230, a Provision of the Communication Decency Act.
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Complementary Therapies - Alternative Medicine Review Top 5 Bestsellers from Amazon
http://www.healthcomplementary.com/blog FREE Doctor Videos/Audios on New Breakthroughs for greater energy, less fat, better moods, improved immunity and anti aging. Safe, simple science most doctors don't know yet. Click for free proof.
Local Alternative Medicine Review
Local Alternative Medicine Reviews brought to you by http://www.localpages.com. "Bringing Your Neighborhood To You"
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Safi Blood Purifier Review
Safi Blood Purifier | Unani Ayurvede Alternative Medicine Review I hope you guys enjoy the vid as much as we enjoyed filming it. note: please don't reupload this video. If you like the video or you want to use this for reference just share. :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ADD/FOLLOW ME: ❄FACEBOOK➜ https://www.facebook.com/denrussell.romeo ❄IG➜ denrussel.romeo For business inquiries: [email protected] Please don't forget to subscribe to our channel. More videos coming soon. Please like, leave a comment and share this video. Thank you
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Does Homeopathy Work?
This week Reactions pits homeopathy and alternative medicine against science and chemistry to answer the question--does it work? Homeopathy is a category of “alternative medicine” that emerged some 200 years ago. But does it work? Well, we've done our research. While a growing number of people are turning to such remedies to treat a range of health conditions, the majority of data in peer-reviewed scientific literature does not support its effectiveness. Clarifications: 0:23: This example more accurately describes allergen immunotherapy, rather than homeopathy. 3:46: Not all homeopaths and homeopathic manufacturers promote homeopathic products as alternatives to conventional medicines to treat or avoid life threatening acute health conditions. 3:57: In the U.S., homeopathic medicine manufacturers are subject to FDA oversight with regards to their production facilities. However, unlike for conventional medications, homeopathic products are not reviewed by FDA for efficacy or safety. Find us on all these places: Subscribe! http://bit.ly/ACSReactions Facebook! http://facebook.com/ACSReactions Twitter! http://twitter.com/ACSReactions Tumblr! http://tumblr.com/ACSReactions Producer: Kirk Zamieroski Writer: Sam Lemonick Executive Producer: Adam Dylewski Scientific consultants: Paul Glasziou, Ph.D. Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D. Sophia Cai Music: Smidi - Cadillac Candy Sam Leopard - Secret Bass Sources: http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-09/plausibility-test-homeopathic-medicine http://www.nhmrc.gov.au/_files_nhmrc/publications/attachments/cam02a_information_paper.pdf http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Homeopathy/Pages/Introduction.aspx https://www.quora.com/Does-homeopathy-work http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1365-2125.2002.01699.x/full http://homeopathie-wijtenburg.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/5-Linde-review-individualized-hom-JACM-1998.pdf http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/treatment/homeopathy Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others' butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it's OK to pee in the pool? We've got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day. Reactions is produced by the American Chemical Society.
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Stitches Alternative for Preppers: ZipStitch Review and Demo
Stitches is a very popular subject for preppers, and many of you know our thoughts on stitching up a wound...probably not a good idea in a disaster scenario, and can cause more harm than good. There are a couple of options rather than using someone as a pin cushion (or yourself) such as Steri Strips, and the Zip-Stitch that we showed in this vidoe. The Zip-Stitch is very easy to apply, and is more forgiving that regular stitches. Their website has quite a bit of information, and you can visit them here: https://zipstitch.us/
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Choosing the Right Treatment!
Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Choosing the Right Treatment! Visit us at http://complementaryandalternativemedicine.net/ Complementary and Alternative Medicine s (CAM, in short) is a subject of common discussion today. They say practices and merchandises used or meant to be useful for treating a patient which might be not part of the "normal care" are termed as complementary medicine or alternative medicine. Even in the USA where this discussion is quite definitely to the fore, the set of goods and practices which can be considered complementary and alternative medicine is constantly dealing with an alteration. Visit us at http://complementaryandalternativemedicine.net/ They say there's no alternative medicine and as believers in science and signs, we have to talk of medicine which is sufficiently examined and proven to be safe and successful and medicine which has not been sufficiently examined and proven to be successful and safe. Whether the restorative technique is eastern or western is unimportant; our focus needs to be around the individual and his disorder or ailment. Practices and goods which might be now CAM but are later shown to be successful and safe get embraced in the standard health care and aren't considered alternative and complementary medicine anymore. It's interesting to find that while the medical profession might not be joyful about "non standard" practices and merchandises - CAM - the patients appear to be turning to complementary and alternative medicine in growing amounts, as some surveys suggest. In 1998, a BBC phone survey in UK found about 20% grownups used alternative medicine in the prior 12 months. These amounts don't comprise use of prayers as alternative or complementary medicine as practiced by many individuals. Visit us at http://complementaryandalternativemedicine.net/ Related Searches: Complementary and Alternative Medicine complementary and alternative medicine pdf complementary and alternative medicine journal complementary and alternative medicine examples complementary and alternative medicine ppt complementary and alternative medicine articles evidence based complementary and alternative medicine complementary and alternative medicine definition list of complementary and alternative medicine Visit us at http://complementaryandalternativemedicine.net/ Watch Video Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Xaom1yygY Subscribe to us: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCScv4ZnOaeYi0yLzxboOVGA Watch Other Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQutIx4oL2k
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Complementary Therapies - Alternative Medicine Review Top 5 Bestsellers from Amazon
http://www.healthcomplementary.com/blog FREE Doctor Videos/Audios on New Breakthroughs for greater energy, better moods, improved immunity and anti-aging. Safe, simple science most doctors don't know yet. Click for free proof.
Larry Reese - Alternative Medicine Fighting Laung Cancer Chipsa Hospital Review
Larry and his Wife Conny came to CHIPSA seeking an alternative treatment as she had been diagnosed with laung cancer. In this review, Larry talks about their experience at CHIPSA Hospital. If you or a loved one are seeking treatment for cancer or and autoimmune condition please click www.chipsahospital.org or call us at 1-(855) 624-4772 and we will be happy set you up with a free doctors call and treatment customized for you.
Simon Singh spoke to Marek Bogacki at Alchemist Cafe Dublin. 12th Nov. 2008. Dr. Simon Singh, a science broadcaster and writer, and co-author with Prof. Edzard Ernst (the world's first professor of complementary medicine) of "Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial" talks about Alternative Medicine. Camera: Marek Bogacki Produced by DOCUMENTAVI 2008
Pharmacy Of Nature Review | (630) 755-4359 | Alternative Medicine
Pharmacy of Nature 12420 Archer Avenue Lemont IL 60439 (630) 755-4359 http://www.pharmacyofnature.com/ Beatta from Pharmacy of Nature is a really kind and knowledgable person. I needed something that would help me sleep, but I did not want to get prescription pills, so she gave me some herbs that helped to relax at night and fall asleep without having to move around for hours. Thank You Welcome to our family of health minded individuals who care about the future of their minds and bodies to use or take only quality products and services for the best quality of life.
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Best alternative for Laser Treatment. Review of Neud Hair Inhibitor.
This is not a sponsored video. Product Claims: Permanent Hair Removal Permanent Hair Reduction Get rid of unwanted hair Stops growth of unwnated body hair 100% Natural, Safe & Effective
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American Institute of Alternative Medicine- Acupuncture Masters Program
AIAM is an alternative medicine school and clinic located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio. AIAMs Masters Level Acupuncture program is the only program of its kind in Ohio, and one of the only acupuncture education programs in the mid-west. Visit aiam.edu for more information on this unique career.
Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Exceptional Five Star Review by Kathryn E.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews Excellent Rating I credit Dr. Del Junco and his dedicated staff with saving the quality of my life from complete obliteration. A painful condition called adenomyosis, 18 fibroid tumors and one large uterine cyst had been making me absolutely miserable for over 4 years. For 3 weeks out of every month, I was in pain to the point where I often could not get off the sofa to go to work. Dr. Del Junco's entire staff is outstanding. He's a warm, caring human being with a great bedside manner, and so are his other attending doctors. He hand picks each one, and it is clear that he is on a mission to give women better options to hysterectomy. I cannot believe I lived with so much pain for so long, when I could have just had this surgery. It's been 4 months since my surgery, and I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in over 15 years. If you are hesitating, DON'T 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) Review
Thank you for watching my video, hope you like and if you do, please give a thumbs up and subscribe. For more unauthentic information, you can visit IBAM's own website, http://altmedworld.net Read my newest review at https://www.malayteenager.com/indian-board-of-alternative-medicine-review Music by Bensound
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Allmax Nutrition A:CUTS Review: Amino Energy Alternative?
https://www.bestpricenutrition.com/products/allmax-nutrition-a-cuts-30-servings - John reviews the new Amino Acuts (A:CUTS) by Allmax Nutrition
My favourite Herbal Medicine Books
Herbal medicine books that have helped me along the way! I hope you enjoyed the video, please Like Share & Subscribe to the channel, take care and stay healthy, Leah http://www.thenaturallyyoucoach.com
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Perfect 5 Star Review by Carla G.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews 5 Star Rating It's been just over a year since Dr. Del Junco performed my surgery and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Having the surgery is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Del Junco and his staff for dramatically improving my quality of life. Every time I pause and consider my life now compared to the nightmare I used to live month in and month out for ten years, I am so very grateful to Dr. Del Junco and his staff. I am truly blessed and thank God for guiding me to this man whose skillful hands have changed my life. 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine
http://cam.org.nz - Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM), the Ministry of Health funded the development of a CAM website for New Zealanders between 2003 and 2006.
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Great 5 Star Review by Rose M.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews Excellent Rating It's been about 15 years since l had my Surgery and l feel great! The aftercare was wonderful too. I received many encouraging phone calls during my recovery . I feel my overall health is better since l was able to avoid having a Hysterectomy. 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Remarkable 5 Star Review by Alison C.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews New Rating Video Review 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Wonderful Five Star Review by Michelle C.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews 5 Star Rating I am 2 1/2 months post op. I traveled from New Jersey to see Dr. del Junco and I'm so glad I did. In New Jersey, 5 doctors wanted to give me a hysterectomy because of my age and the fact that I'm not having children. They felt that i didn't need my uterus. I did extensive research and knew Dr. del Junco was the answer to my prayers. Dr. del Junco is meticulous. And the fact that it was a bloodless surgery was an extra bonus. If considering the surgery, the nurses were great, and Dr. del Junco is phenomenal. I wish there were more doctors like him. Thank you so much for saving my uterus and restoring my health. 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Outstanding Five Star Review by Julia B.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews Excellent Rating I am truly grateful to Dr Del Junco and all the staff who worked to give me the best of care. I believe that God was in this as I prayed about it. As I searched for a doctor who offered female care and then I came upon the website of Dr Del Junco and I knew that I had found what I needed. After the surgery I was feeling very well but I thought I had to give it a few days until the pain 'kicked in'. To my surprise there was no pain to speak of. After my surgery I knew this was the beginning of new things for me. I continue to feel better as each day goes by. A big THANK YOU TO DR DEL JUNCO Jr. 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Institute for Female Alternative Medicine Review:  Outstanding Five Star Review by Cheryl W.
http://www.alternativesurgery.com/ (818) 997-5000 Institute for Female Alternative Medicine reviews New Rating I am very pleased and satisfied with Dr. Del Junco and his staff. My quality of life is 100% better since my fibroid removal 2 years ago. I no longer have pain or long periods and I am living a full life. Both my personal and professional life Have improved. I am able to enter physical fitness competitions now. Thanks so much! 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Panorama City CA 91402
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Alternative Medicine PLR Review Demo Bonus - JR Lang's Brand New 275+ Piece Content Pack
Alternative Medicine PLR Review Demo Bonus - JR Lang's Brand New 275+ Piece Content Pack: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/alternative-medicine-plr Quick Overview: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/alternative-medicine-plr What is Alternative Medicine PLR? Top niche PLR creator, JR Lang, just launched her latest giant (275+ pieces) PLR content package called "Alternative Medicine". It's an ALL NEW natural health package all about the "Alternative Medicine In The Modern World" and it's on a dimesale so be quick if it is something that will suit you. As always, JR has created a massive bundle, which includes an eBook, 3 reports, articles, videos and more: - eBook: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z – 10,000+ Words - Report 1: Naturopathy 101 – 19 Pages, 3,815 Words - Report 2: Exercise As Medicine – 13 Pages, 3,815 Words - Report 3: The Complete Guide To Nutritional Healing – 16 Pages, 3,720 Words - 103 Extra Sales Page Graphics - 11 Day Email Series: Alternative Medicine For You - 19 NEW Articles - Editable Cheat Sheet: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z - Editable Cheat Sheet Graphic: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z - 2 Editable HD Videos - 4 Editable Infographics - Editable Viral Images - Editable Collage: Alternative Medicine - 40 Inspirational Quotes: Healthy Mindset (1,102 Words) - 20 Natural Healing Alternative Medicine Inspirational Quotes - 40 Tips/Tweets/Social Media Updates – 999 Words PLUS.. Here's My PERSONAL Exclusive "Alternative Medicine PLR" Custom Bonus Offer for You: (High-quality and closely related to "Alternative Medicine PLR") - Bonus #1: Newbie Guide To Private Label Rights - Bonus #2: Newbie's Guide To Resale Rights - Bonus #3: 15 Day Resell Rights Success - Bonus #4: Launch Craze Profit Kit - Learn how to play the big money game and cash in with digital product launches! - Bonus #5: Digital Product Launch Kit - This exclusive training shows you exactly everything you need to build a successful digital product business online from scratch to your first $500 per day within your first month! - Bonus #6: Bob Bastian's Product Launch Secrets - Bonus #7: Easy Info Launch Crash Course - Bonus #8: How To Structure Your Product Launch - Bonus #9: $100 Product Launch System - Bonus #10: PLR Profit Secret Vol.2 How To Claim Your Bonuses? 1. Buy "Alternative Medicine PLR" by Clicking Here: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/alternative-medicine-plr 2. After making your purchase through my link, simply contact me subject "Alternative Medicine PLR Bonus" with your receipt, you will get your bonuses within 12 hours: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/contact-me/ IMPORTANT NOTE about bonuses delivery: Most of my bonus emails will be sitting in your email inbox "spam folder" because the word 'bonus' caught up by your email provider spam filter so always check your email spam folder before ask me again. Thanks! Quick Overview: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/alternative-medicine-plr Review: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/ Source: https://youtu.be/KxXWVxS0ehk Alternative Medicine PLR Review Demo Bonus - JR Lang's Brand New 275+ Piece Content Pack: #AlternativeMedicinePLRReview #AlternativeMedicinePLRDemo #AlternativeMedicinePLRBonus #AlternativeMedicinePLRJRLang #AlternativeMedicinePLRDiscount #AlternativeMedicinePLRDownload #AlternativeMedicinePLRPDF #WheretoBuyAlternativeMedicinePLR #GetAlternativeMedicinePLR Watch Related Product Reviews: Total YOGA Mastery PLR Review Demo Bonus - With LIVE Instructor YOGA Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTOJibV36SU Back Health PLR Pack Review Bonus - Brand New Top Quality Back Pain PLR Content Pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fGFFYi1dbM Joint Health 101 PLR Review Demo Bonus - Brand New Premium Health Niche PLR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqOjcBdzYR4 JR Lang's Chronic Stress Management PLR Review Demo Bonus - 300+ Piece Giant PLR Pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXCIfJWqoq4 Raw Food Formula PLR Review Bonus - Raw Food Dieting The Natural Way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMEYAAPlEPg Holistic Wellness 270 Piece PLR Bundle Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjjWvLhnnak JR Lang's Complete and Total Wellbeing, Your To Do’s For The New Year Giant PLR Pack Review Bonus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9WBuqw66mk Connect With Me On: Subscribe to My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBrIqTnwqNWvZL37Es-4YQ?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuickMarketingCrew.Leo Blog: http://www.jvzoowsolaunchreview.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBrIqTnwqNWvZL37Es-4YQ
Blue Dream Strain Review From Wickenburg Alternative Medicine
Blue dream is a Sativa hybrid 60\40 with a THC level that ranges between 17-24% with a 2% CBD and 1% CBN. CBN is one of the cannabinoids responsible for making consumers sleepy especially in Indica strains, but in a sativa, for me, it helps with my migraines better than better than Cannabis without CBN even a small percentage really helps in the concentrates not so much with the flower. CBN is also beneficial with topical antibacterial, bone health and bone disorders reducing the risk of osteoporosis, now this is really what attracts me to strains with CBN because I had a complete hysterectomy before I was 30 I am a higher risk for it and it’s just one more thing that’s so amazing about cannabis. Blue Dream descends from Blue Berry X Haze and Sativa Haze to create a potent earthy, fruity, and sweet vanilla taste that will have you uplifted and happy almost immediately. Blue Dream is a great hybrid if you’re looking for a good mix between head high and body high leaving you with a relaxed, energizing, focused and creative mood allowing me either the energy and pain relieving effect to get some housework done, writing, or leaving me able to relax into a good movie. Blue Dream’s effects are happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and creative. The medicinal effects will help you with stress, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, ADD\ADHD, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Migraines and headaches, hyperactivity, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, and PTSD. Like any medication, they all have side effects so that list includes dry mouth and eyes, dizzy, paranoid and anxious. As far as side effects the list is short and a lot shorter than any other medication I’ve ever taken how about you? I took my first hits this morning of Blue Dream and my pain level was about an 8 with sharp stabbing pains down my right leg, my bladder is really pissed this morning. I have Interstitial Cystitis and I’ve had it for almost 20 years when my bladder is pissed my whole body is affected as well as my mental state. The pain can be unbearable at times causing nausea and vomiting and honestly makes me wish for death. After smoking this morning I could feel and see when I re-watched part of my video, I have a hard time re-watching my video’s I turn into my worst critic, my whole demeanor change. When I do a live review I feel I have to give them as much energy as I can keeping the reviews as upbeat as possible and not showing all feelings I’m feeling, purely because I owe it to the cultivator, dispensary, and you guys the best fun video’s I can highlighting the product and its effects. I do the video’s so you guys can see the transformation with cannabis not just read about it. After about 10 minutes the pain level drops to about a comfortable 5, allowing me too much on some melon and salad and keep it down!! The effects lasted about 1 1\2 before I had to smoke again. During the afternoon I was able to clean a little of the house including the smoke room, I did a little gardening, and relaxed the afternoon away writing in my comfy chair. Blue Dream Originating out of California the best thing about this strain is that novice and veterans can sit and enjoy this strain enjoying the effects fully. Thank you so much Wickenburg Alternative Medicine you outdid yourself with this beautiful concentrate even with a sugar wax looking shatter it’s amazing. https://freemycure.org/2018/10/blue-dream-concentrate-review-from-wickenburg-alternative-medicine/ STAY FREE, FLY HIGH, AND AS ALWAYS FUCK CANCER! WEBSITE: https://freemycure.org/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCas-hO7QoWkk4BJVvrL59-g?view_as=subscriber GOOGLE +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/116619152326926934870 Free My Cure FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/freemycure/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DocGreenhaze TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DocGreenhaze1 P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361
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Evidence-Based Evaluation of Alternative Medicine Part 1
The first part of a three-part presentation discussing how to evaluate alternative medical therapies, especially in veterinary medicine, from a science-based perspective. This part illustrates the limitations of unstructured evaluation, such as personal experience, trial and error, and historical traditions, and introduces the principles and techniques of evidence-based medicine.
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XXX SPACE CAKE REVIEW From . alternative medicine
Space cakes review bought from. Alternative medicine in upland CA
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Alternative Medicine Therapy Review | Caldwell, NJ
There is a secret to why alternative medicine therapy in Caldwell, NJ at Mind Your Body is loved. You know taking care of your body is a life-long commitment. But there is a special way to make alternative medical therapy work for you. Your body is a reflection of your entire history, all our choices, as well as our on-going inner dialogue. When we have something to integrate or we want to bring our health to the next level, it’s essential to honor the mind-body connection. That is one-way alternative healing therapies work. VISIT US: 14 Forest Ave. Caldwell, NJ - 07006 http://mindyourbody.us EMAIL: [email protected] CONTACT: 201-259-0862 Mind Your Body - Massage Therapy Center: Clifton NJ, Sports, Physical Therapist Clinic Online: Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106919104289673421071 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindYourBody.US/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MindYourBodyNJ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCryo2pdp2xdW-OSHMSrVQ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mind-your-body-nj/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindyourbodynj/ Tumblr: https://mindyourbodynj.tumblr.com/
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Alternative Medicine PLR Bundle Review - Plus EXCLUSIVE BONUSES - (Alternative Medicine PLR Bundle)
Get Alternative Medicine In The Modern World PLR Bundle Here: https://bonuscrate.com/g/5769/43960/ Review of Alternative Medicine In The Modern World Giant Content Pack With PLR by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group. The clunky title of this product is the only thing about it that's not great. This is a huge bundle of content from one of the hottest evergreen niches there ever was - Alternative Medicine. You have e-books, reports and videos to sell and give away or to use as content for your niche websites. If you look at my exclusive bonuses you will see that I will even show you how to set up a website completely from scratch if you don't already have one. There are 275 pieces in this in total at the front end, including an excellent 11 e-mail series on alternative therapies to put into your autoresponder, and all for under $20 giving you very high value. That's why we give this PLR product and Elite Tigers Group rating of 4****/5.
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M.D. turns to Alternative Medicine to treat patiens
Alternative medicine is not quackery, the real quacks are traditional doctors who don't study nutritional science. Detoxing your body and eating quality food and water is the only way to cure anything! By Malissa Stawicki, www.health2heal.com
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Alternative Medicine PLR Review, Bonus From JR Lang
More info at https://www.marketingsharks.com/2019/03/11/alternative-medicine-plr-review-bonus-from-jr-lang/ Alternative Medicine PLR 275 + Piece PLR Pack Alternative Medicine PLR – ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE In The Modern World With 270+ Pieces Of Content Promote a very high quality product loaded with very detailed and very well-written eBooks, reports, sales materials, newsletters, articles, professional graphics, images, professional high quality HD videos and more with tons of editable source files so your customers can really make the elements their own and brand and edit as they wish. The wide variety of content allows for unlimited possibilities, including selling any of the eBooks as their own, educating their customers and web traffic, affiliate marketing, website promotion and much more. Alternative Medicine PLR FRONT END INCLUDES eBook: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z (10,000 + Words) – Editable eCover With 9 Different 2D and 3D Styles – 48 Copyright Free Images – Sales Funnel W/ Video Sales Page Minisite, Sales Copy And Thank You Page -Editable Sales Video – Editable Sales Video With Pro Quality Voiceover 103 Extra Sales Page Graphics 11 Day Email Series: Alternative Medicine For You Report: Naturopathy 101 (19 Pages/3,783 Words) – Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs – 27 Copyright Free Images – Custom Squeeze Page Report: Exercise As Medicine (13 Pages/3,815 Words) – Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs – 13 Copyright Free Images – Custom Squeeze Page Report: The Complete Guide To Nutritional Healing (16 Pages/3,720 Words) – Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs – 26 Copyright Free Images – Custom Squeeze Page 19 New Articles Mind/Body Practices Strengthen Communication Between Mind And Body – 600 Words 5 Science Backed Uses For Acupuncture – 630 Words 6 Key Reasons Millions Of People Use Alternative Medicine – 912 Words 7 Key Benefits of Holistic Doctors – 630 Words Affirmative Prayer 101 – 641 Words Alternative Medicine For Insomnia – 702 Words Are Natural Remedies for You – 616 Words Aromatherapy 101 – 608 Words Autogenic Training – 601 Wordsanti-aging diet PLR Ayurveda 101 – 607 Words Can Hypnosis Help You Break Bad Habits – 610 Words Music Therapy 101 – 801 Words Naturopathy 101 – 618 Words The Alexander Technique 101 – 609 Words The Benefits Of Natural Medicine – 623 Words Traditional Japanese Medicine – 725 Words Traditional Korean Medicine 101 – 629 Words Traditional Tibetan Medicine 101 – 677 Words What Visualization Meditation Can Do For You – 636 Words Editable Cheat Sheet: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z Word and PDF Editable Cheat Sheet Graphic: Alternative Medicine Therapies A to Z Editable Powerpoint, High Def Web Ready PNG and PDF 2 Editable High Quality HD Videos anti-aging diet PLR Each Video Comes With – Editable Powerpoint Source Files – Professional Voiceover – DVD Cover Graphics – Royalty Free Music 4 Editable Infographics – 6 Key Benefits Of Holistic Doctors – 6 Benefits Of Music Therapy – 5 Science Backed Uses For Acupuncture – Key Reasons Millions Of People Use Alternative Medicine Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def PNGs 26 Editable Viral Images: Alternative Medicine – PDF Report Made From Images – Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def Web Ready PNG Editable Collage: Alternative Medicine – Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def PNG 20 Natural Healing Alternative Medicine Inspirational Quotes 40 Tips/Tweets/Social Media Updates – 999 Words PLUS AWESOME BONUSES Brand New Giant Front End – $19 Dimesale ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE IN THE MODERN WORLD Brand New Giant OTO/Upsell – $24 Dimesale MORE ALTERNATIVE AND HOLISTIC MEDICINE CONTENT OTO 2 Upsell/Downsell – $27 $110 WORTH OF PLR FROM MY STORE FOR $27 OTO 3 Upsell/Downsell – $18 GIANT BUNDLE OF MY PLR AT A BIG DISCOUNT 275 + Piece PLR Pack
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Alternative Medicine & Therapies  Dr. Walt Larimore & Costello Book Review
Finding alternative medicine & therapies, holistic practitioners, chiropractors; reviewing therapy, low back pain, help with muscular or skeletal issues Balanced Health.
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Cronutes Concentrate Weed Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine
Cronuts is an indica dominant hybrid 65/35 and she is another form of Girl Scout Cookies, crossing the Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies and Sin City Kush. She is a super fresh, sweet, woody, taste with a slight diesel aftertaste with THC levels ranging from 15-20%. Cronuts aroma is an earthy, sweet, spicy floral tones that euphoric effects can last up to 2.5 hours for a novice smoker. Cronuts will give you a strong body high with minimal head euphoric effects that are great for healing Chronic Pain, muscle spasms, depression, fatigue, inflammation, Cohn’s disease, gastrointestinal disorders and lack of appetite to name a few. The buds are small dense olive green popcorn nugs with flaming amber hairs that are sure to get your taste buds salivating. I am an Indica girl, so cronuts is right up my alley if I’m having a lot of pain like this morning a couple good dabs will keep my morning productive. I started this morning out with a pain level of 8 after smoking 2 hot and hurtful dabs I’m ready to start my day, writing reviews and my book, cleaning up around the house, not to mention getting ready for the day, and sadly that can take a couple of hours depending on how bad my day is. Today was an ok day still having pain and bladder spasms but after dabbing they are manageable. Before cannabis in order to relieve my pain from the Interstitial Cystitis, ulcerative colitis, cancer, just to name a few of my disabilities I was on 60 Percocet and or Vicodin, 100 diazepam, 60 muscle relaxers, not to mention the drugs I was on for the actual problems and then the drugs for all the side effects, and this was monthly, I was on about 30 different pills a day, crazy right? I talked to my physicians and slowly started tapering myself back with their approval. With all of these big pharma drugs and being on them for years at a time I missed memories, memories of vacations, memories of my kids birthdays, memories of them growing up, it definitely ended my first marriage, and hurt my body in the long run. These are side effects of big pharma it’s doesn’t just affect the person’s body but can poison the patient’s entire world!! Again Wickenburg Alternative Medicine you will always be in my heart, great job on the concentrate it tasted amazing, the effects OMG!!!, and I can’t wait to try more. See you guys soon! https://freemycure.org/2018/10/cronuts-concentrate-strain-review/ WEBSITE: https://freemycure.org/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCas-hO7QoWkk4BJVvrL59-g?view_as=subscriber GOOGLE +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/116619152326926934870 Free My Cure FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/freemycure/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DocGreenhaze TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DocGreenhaze1 P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361
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Banana Split Concentrate Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine
Banana Split descends from OG Kush and Banana Strain, her THC tests around 25%, and I’m not sure on the CBD as the information about this particular strain is lacking. I picked this concentrate up from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine in Surprise, AZ and the concentrate itself has a sweet berry spice, pungent aroma. Banana Split is a 70\30 Indica dominant strain. I actually did 2 video reviews on this strain, because I did a hot and hurtful dab and it went straight to my head, a hot and hurtful dab, if you don’t know, is where you get the banger bright red and dab. The effects can be pretty funny for onlookers as well as intimidating by doing a hot and hurtful dab it’s going to hurt for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes, it knocks my breath out, I get hot all over and start sweating. Once you get your breath back the uncomfortable cramping stops, I start feeling the euphoria and pain-relieving effects of the cannabis pretty much immediately, the antinausea effects will start kicking in about 10 minutes after I smoke and I have to be careful not to cough too much because the first dab can trigger vomiting. I was super excited to try this strain, and it didn’t disappoint, she has a sweet, berry, spice flavor with the aftertaste of a ripe banana. The effects of Banana Split are relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, and hungry. I also warn you, doing a good big hot dab of this will give you a great couch lock effect that will even allow a midafternoon nap. This strain is great for Insomnia, Stress, depression, pain, and lack of appetite. I found the munchies started to come on after about 30 minutes and honestly I probably could have just fallen asleep but as most of you know I am trying to curve my eating disorder. The negative effects for this strain are pretty simple and basic Dry mouth and eyes, dizzy, paranoid, and anxious, which I really didn’t experience however a large hot dab is more for an experienced dabber. I actually want to do another review of this strain using both the flower and the concentrate I haven’t had a chance to do a review this way. Showing different forms of the same products such as flower and concentrate, I’m hoping will help not only curve the stigma around medical marijuana but encourage people to do some of their own research. Overall Wickenburg Alternative Medicine you never disappoint, thank you so much for all you do. https://freemycure.org/2018/09/banana-split/ STAY FREE, FLY HIGH, AND AS ALWAYS FUCK CANCER! WEBSITE: https://freemycure.org/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCas-hO7QoWkk4BJVvrL59-g?view_as=subscriber GOOGLE +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/116619152326926934870 Free My Cure FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/freemycure/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DocGreenhaze TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DocGreenhaze1 P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361
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Alternative Treatment For Cancer Is One Better Than Another
Alternative Treatment for Cancer Is One Better Than Another http://drthomaslodi.com The question, is there one great alternative treatment for cancer out there available for people? The short answer is no, there is not. There is no magic bullet as far as cancer treatments go, however, the human body and the immune system is the magic bullet. The longer answer is there are many effective alternative treatments for cancer that people can take advantage of that are available now. There is no one therapy or treatment that can handle cancer on its own. The problem today is we are over-complicating things in the scientific world. We are constantly trying to break things down rather than realizing the things made by nature are perfect. As an example, someone might say, I need more lycopene. Guess what, there are no lycopene trees. There are no vitamin c trees as nothing in nature occurs in isolation. Nature is a synergistic happening all the time. Let’s look at all the nutrients in an apple; fiber, vitamin c, vitamin a, magnesium, potassium and on and on it goes. Then, the question becomes how much of each nutrient do I need relative to the others? The apple is made perfectly but humans try to understand the apple while the animals just eat the apple. We are trying to figure out the best part of the apple or the essence of the apple. We are always looking for that “best part” in everything as a society and that is our insanity. Cancer is not a thing, it’s not a one thing that happened. Cancer comes about by a fundamental defect in cellular respiration. And, there is no one thing to eradicate cancer. It’s controlling and managing all the variables that lead to cancer that is the answer. When we work with people who have cancer it’s a multi-factorial approach. We need to change your biochemistry so that your body is no longer making a good home for cancer. Call us directly at 480-834-5414 or visit our website for more in depth information. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKTjY73tu_1-SZT5bj31kgY42Kx9-Kpy9 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYu61175aI-xV-U4_vtGE5A/videos
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Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies Book Review - Friday Finds
A fantastic color illustrated book with many different alternative medicine approaches for common acute and chronic illnesses. Must have! Follow me: http://www.colorfulcanary.com Voted one of the top 25 Green bloggers for 2012 Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/colorfulcanary Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColorfulCanary Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/colorfulcanary Google+: https://plus.google.com/117241184200251556646/posts ♥ ♥ ♥ Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100174. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/licenses/..
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Indian board of alternative medicine students
Take a look at the Indian board of alternative medicine registration before you jump to any conclusion. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is a Government registered institution Registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860. Visit http://www.altmedworld.net/
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National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine website
A tutorial on using the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine website.
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iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch - Alternative for Crutches and Knee Scooters https://amzn.to/2DhLhxq BENEFITS Get your life back! Hands-free, pain-free mobility Functional independence Tool free assembly Go up or down stairs safely and easily Clinically proven Inexpensive and effective FEATURES iWALK2.0 is a FDA and CE registered Class 1 Medical Device FEATURES Tool Free Assembly Easily converts for left or right leg Push button height adjustments for upper and lower leg height Fully adjustable straps with comfort pads Quick release buckles - on/ off in seconds Ergonomic knee platform with three layer, dual density pad Non-slip, replaceable Vibram tread STOP CRUTCHING, AND START IWALKING! Now that you have confirmed that you can use the iWALK2.0, what are you waiting for? With so many benefits, why would you ever use crutches or a knee scooter? The iWALK2.0 hands free crutch is the future of mobility. It gives you hands-free / pain-free mobility for below the knee non-weight bearing injuries. More important, it gives you back your independent, functional lifestyle. So go ahead and carry that cup of coffee, take your dog for a walk, push a shopping cart, cook in your own kitchen, go back to work, get your life back, with the iWALK2.0. My list of tools and gadgets Painting Master Airbrush Brand Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth http://amzn.to/2HtNPGO Iwata NEO TRN 1 Trigger Airbrush: http://amzn.to/2EBSwMO Badger Air-Brush Co Sotar 2020: http://amzn.to/2ECHHy5 Vega 2000 Airbrush: http://amzn.to/2Ex9DiH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tools Mr. Nipper Side Cutter : http://amzn.to/2ogHvcZ Tamiya Saw: http://amzn.to/2EALcF6 Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutter: http://amzn.to/2Cu4zdc Tamiya Tools - Basic File Set : http://amzn.to/2sHjt0e TAMIYA Weathering Master 6-Sets: http://amzn.to/2FdqPeo TAMIYA Panel Line Color All 4 colors: http://amzn.to/2BBT2vt Tamiya Craft Tools Disign Knife: http://amzn.to/2sCZ109 Tamiya Extra Thin Cement: http://amzn.to/2o6FTTS Miracle Buff & Shine Block: http://amzn.to/2BFjftp Nail Files Double Sided 180 240 Grit: http://amzn.to/2CwY3lM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caveen Rotating Display Stand: http://amzn.to/2EQWi9i ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAMERAS Face and Review camera Sony A6000 Mirrorless camera: http://amzn.to/2CtXF7S 7artisans 25mm F1.8 Prime Fixed Lens: http://amzn.to/2BBEAne AC-PW20 AC Power Adapter Supply: http://amzn.to/2BCyL9h ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overhead and 4k Video Camera Panasonic G7 "best bundle for money": http://amzn.to/2Fe3OrL VIVITAR Telephoto & Wide Angle Lens Set: http://amzn.to/2C5Gu0q DC Coupler DMW-AC8 AC Power Adapter: http://amzn.to/2ohq1x0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vlog and B-roll Camera Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II: http://amzn.to/2CtVrW9 ND Neutral Density Filter: http://amzn.to/2ogy0ub ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio Rode VideoMicro: http://amzn.to/2o89zzQ Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone: http://amzn.to/2HtMnEm Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone: http://amzn.to/2HtCDts BEHRINGER XENYX Q802USB : http://amzn.to/2o9CfZf RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Arm : http://amzn.to/2HqLQTB Neewer Swivel Mount Arm: http://amzn.to/2FemEPB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Headphones Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: http://amzn.to/2Fe4pK1 Creative Sound BlasterX G5 7.1: http://amzn.to/2EDOHeg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #iwalk2.0 #iwalk #kneecrutch Have question or want to contact me by EMAIL: [email protected] IWALK 2.0, Hands Free Knee Crutch, Alternative for Crutches and Knee Scooters, iwalk 2.0 review, iwalk 2.0 hands-free knee crutch, iwalk 2.0 assembly video, iwalk 2.0 honest review, how to use iwalk 2.0, how to use iwalk, knee crutch after surgery, why use a knee crutch, knee crutch vs knee scooter, knee crutch vs walker, knee crutch vs crutches, iwalk 2.0, hands-free crutch for walking, iwalk crutches, iwalk hands free crutch reviews, iwalk crutch, hands-free crutch
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Bring Me The Horizon - medicine (Official Video)
aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм oυт now: http://bmthorizon.co/amo ғιrѕт love world тoυr http://bmthofficial.com/tour мercн http://horizonsupply.co/ Video animation by Extraweg http://instagram.com/extraweg Art Direction and Direction: Oliver Latta Concept: Oliver Latta, Bruno León Producer: Bruno León 3D Artists: Oliver Latta, John Lee Siebert (Previz), Lucas Dörre (Sculpting head effects) Render Support: Robert Schrötder Special thanks to: Claudia Redlich, Ignas Blažys, Ivan Flugelman, Anthony Piper and Mate Steinforth LYRICS: Some people are a lot like clouds you know, 'cause life’s so much brighter when they go. You rained on my heart for far too long, Couldn’t see the thunder for the storm. Because I cut my teeth and bit my tongue til’ my mouth was dripping blood but I never dished the dirt just held my breath while you dragged me through the mud I don’t know why I tried to save you 'cause I can’t save you from yourself when all you give a shit about is everybody else And you just can’t quit Why don’t you deal with it? I think it’s time to stop. You need a taste of your own medicine Cos I’m sick to death of swallowing watch me take the wheel like you Not feel like you Act like nothing's real like you so I’m sorry for this, it might sting a bit. Some people are a lot like clouds you know, 'cause life’s so much brighter when they go. and I spent too long in a place I don’t belong couldn’t see the thunder for the storm But you won’t admit Why don’t you get a grip 'Cause you can’t keep going on and on and on like this No you just can’t quit Why don’t you deal with it? I think it’s time to stop Category 12 Date of classification 08/02/2019 11:03:46 BBFC.insight (shortform) disturbing images
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HoodRiver Business Review: Gorge Greenery:  The Best Alternative Medicine  Dispensary
http://tv.youbeallyouare.com/ HoodRiver Business Review interviews Kirsten Cook Of Gorge Greenery Hood River Oregon Talks about the topic and gives Excellent Steps On How To Get A First-class Service In Hood River Oregon Hood River, Oregon's Dispensary for your Alternative
Natural Healing with Alternative Medicine for Health and Wellness-Dr. Holly (604) 764-5203
Natural Healing with Alternative Medicine for Health and Wellness Dr. Holly (604) 764-5203 http://www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca http://www.drhollybooks.com Dr Holly is a holistic health practitioner who provides REAL solutions and treatments to eliminate underlying causes rather than synthetic drugs that manage symptoms. She operates a mobile health and wellness clinic that allows her to come to you in the comfort of your own home or office to assist in your rapid recovery from your illness. She offers a wide variety of options from nutrition to herbal tinctures to homeopathics to counselling and much more. Working with leading edge research she brings to you options for everything from depression to cancer to arthritis and much more. There are over 600 articles on: http://www.ChoicesUnlimited.ca Her published books are available, along with FR**EE downloads and videos, on : http://www.DrHollyBooks.com She provides the science behind the illnesses; unbiased reviews; and suggestions for what she believes to be the best natural health products and alternative medicines available to eliminate the cause of the symptoms. The www.drhollybooks.com provides FR**EE downloads, books and videos on a wide number of health issues. Have you ever thought of how illogical it is, to go into a physician's office with a compromised immune system, sit in that office waiting...with how many other people who have compromised immune systems? Only to see a physician who has no training in nutrition and to get a man-made synthetic pharmaceutical drugs that are toxic; deplete the body of nutrients; and create more symptoms you have to take more drugs for. It's very interesting system. On the other hand you can go to a wide number of different health practitioners from doctor's of natural medicine, to doctor's of nutrition, to herbal medicine, practitioners, to naturopaths, homeopaths, etc., etc. These types of practitioners are more interested in identifying the underlying cause of your symptoms and help your body engage in it's natural healing processes to resolve the issues rather than simply manage the symptoms. For more info on my Mobile Health Clinic and how it can assess over 60,000 issues go to http://www.choicesunlimited.ca For books, FR**EE downloads, and videos go to: www.drhollybooks.com 14751 - 34A Ave Surrey, BC V4P 0B3 (604) 764-5203 http://www.choicesunlimited.ca Want to know your best choices for alternative health? Dr Holly offers a Mobile Health Clinic which can work with you in the comfort of your own home or even virtually through the internet. - Dr. Holly Fourchalk (604) 764-5203
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Allergies with Dr. Konrad Kail
Konrad Kail, ND Naturopathic Physician (480) 905-9200 Konrad Kail, N.D., was certified as a Physicians Assistant and received a BS in Medicine from Baylor College of Medicine in 1976, got his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in 1983 and is a Fellow of the American College of Naturopathic Family Medicine and Minor Surgery. He is co-founder of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, and is the director of the Southwest College Research Institute; past president and serves on the advisory board of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians; and is a member of the Advisory Council to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes for Health. He is chairman of the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Board of Medical Examiners and he is the Research and Development Director for Western Research Laboratories. He has lectured nationally and internationally and is the author of over fifty publications. He is on the editorial board of Alternative Medicine Digest, an editor of "Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide"; and is co-author of "Allergy Free" published by Alternative Medicine.Com. He was named Physician of the Year in 1997 by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians; and was awarded the Tyler Naturopathic Pioneer Award in 2001. Konrad Kail is a Naturopathic Physician (N.D.) and a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), which gives him both conventional and alternative medical licenses. He is a leader in natural health care, with over 25 years of experience. He has been practicing "integrated medicine" since 1983. He is a past president and serves on the advisory board to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (A.A.N.P.) and was named their 1997 Physician of the Year. He is a co-founder of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, and director of the Southwest College Research Institute. He is one of 18 advisors to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health appointed by the secretary of H.E.W. Dr. Kail completed a 5 year study on the Natural Elimination of Allergy Therapy (N.E.A.T.) which was published in Alternative Medicine Review (April, 2001), a peer-reviewed, med-line reviewed journal. He is an authority on electrodermal screening for diagnosis. He is doing ongoing research in electrodermal screening under research protocols approved by the Institutional Review Board of the American Association of Acupuncture and Bioenergetic Medicine. He has a teaching text in progress on how to do electrodermal screening for diagnosis. He teaches a continuing medical education course on the N.E.A.T. therapy to doctors around the world. He is the author of fifty articles and books. He was the editor of the stress chapters in "Alternative Medicine, the Definitive Guide" and is co-author of "Allergy Free" both published by Alternative Medicine .Com Books. Dr. Kail is a much sought after speaker and has lectured nationally and internationally. Dr. Kail has a research based practice at Naturopathic Family Care, Inc. a multi-specialty Naturopathic group practice, and is the Director of Research and Development for Western Research Laboratories. He is a consultant to government agencies, the natural foods and insurance industries.
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Complementary Therapies - Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncture in Mcallen TX 78501
http://www.healthcomplementary.com/blog FREE Doctor Videos/Audios on New Breakthroughs for greater energy, better moods, improved immunity and anti-aging. Safe, simple science most doctors don't know yet. Click for free proof.