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Opie & Anthony - The Bare Bottom Spanking Incident
After 3 hours of verbal tension on-air, Jimmy insists that producer Sal be disciplined to restore order to the show; Joe DeRosa in studio. Remember way back when girls would strip for the show? 02/07/13 All rights belong to SiriusXM. I do not own any of the content in this video. Subscribe @ www.siriusxm.com
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SPANKING Girlfriend for 24 hours 👋🏾💢🍑
#TEAMJEFFRIE we got her good with this one. Her cheeks were hella red at the end of the day 😂😂😂 Let a brother know if this was a good one or not 😎😎😎 Also guys feel free to follow us on social media, we update from time to time and this way you can stay in touch with us on a daily basis 👌🏾👌🏾 Our Instagram – (JJ_Ourjourney) https://www.instagram.com/jj_ourjourney/ Jeffrie's Instagram - (Jeffriiep) https://www.instagram.com/jeffriiep/ Joana'a Instagram - (_Joana.Carina) https://www.instagram.com/_joana.carina/
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NOPIE & Anthony - Joe Derosa #50 - Trashing Bob Deniro / Bare bottom spankings
NOPIE and Anthony - Joe Derosa #50 - Robert Deniro gets trashed on.. Bars bottom spankings with Sal and Sam Roberts.
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Spanking Japanese!!!!
Spanking Japanese!!!!
Views: 121550 Superheroes Fun TV
MUST SEE! Old School Babes Spanking and Getting Spanked - And She is Loving It !
These Old School Ladies Are Having a Great Time Spanking and Getting Spanked! Like, Comment, Subscribe and hit that bell if you want to see more!
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Tommy Dreamer Gave Kelly Kelly The Extreme Spanking During The Extreme Rules Match ECW.
Subscribe For More Videos. Tommy Dreamer Gave Kelly Kelly The Extreme Spanking During The Extreme Rules Match ECW.
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Licked Or Spanked By 100 People | Would You Rather? | Cut
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When A Cowboy Loves A Woman - A Contemporary Spanking Cowboy Love Story
Bridget Cooper, an assistant trainer at a small western barn, has fallen hard for horse handler and cowboy, Caden Price. Their days together are idyllic, their nights filled with torrid passion. She believes they have something special, and is stunned when she discovers him in the arms of another woman. Strong-willed and defiant, she rebuffs his attempts to contact her, and hoping time and distance will mend her broken heart, she accepts an offer from an exclusive dude ranch several hours away. Shortly after she arrives, she is alarmed and distressed to discover that Caden is the trainer who supplies the horses. Bridget is in for a second surprise. She is unaware that Caden has a dominant, salacious side, and is a strict disciplinarian. Finding her alone and still unwilling to hear what he has to say, he pulls her over his knee. “You never let me explain what you saw. You just jumped to conclusions, and I’m gonna spank you until you agree to sit quietly and listen.” Will Caden’s hot hand make her pay attention? Will the spanking spark her body as his romantic love sparked her heart? Will the love and passion they had once shared be rekindled, perhaps even inflamed when the truth of Caden’s true nature is revealed? And what about the exclusive dude ranch? The celebrity clients and the other staff members? What temptations might be there in the isolated, luxury paradise called Dudley’s Dude Ranch? Amazon Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010BTQ3PU
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Obeti a vrazi - Triple spanking / belting scene
The crazed father basically ends up spanking everyone with a belt in this scene! First the daughter, then the son and then finally his wife when she tries to intervene.
Views: 247216 Ben Michaels
Little Women aborted hand spanking
He considers punishing her by striking her palms with a ruler but then decides to have some mercy and lets her go.
Views: 23040 John Micah
Spanking in the bedrrom
Very hot scene!
Views: 131503 Terry Stahm
Spanking Games [18+ or something]
Spanking Games [18+ or something] Weird "kids/girls" internet games! Spank the booty 2 http://www.gahe.com/Spank-The-Booty-2 Spank Naughty Celebs 2009 http://www.addictinggames.com/funny-games/spanknaughtycelebs2009.jsp Spank the Monkey http://www.addictinggames.com/funny-games/monkey.jsp Lovers spank booty http://www.mafa.com/Lovers-Spank-Booty All great games! Specially for kids! Yes very! Here's awesome people playing dumb games like these! Weird Childrens Games - SPANK DORA BUTT? Nude Baby? WHAT THE F#$K? Draegast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDr4qLLKKmA&ab_channel=Draegast SPANK YOUR BOYFRIEND GAME... PewDiePie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWsxR-jN3mo&ab_channel=PewDiePie SPANK ELSA'S BOTTOM! 😱 (Weird Frozen Games) MrWilliamo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETzjioBXVOY&ab_channel=MrWilliamo Ok thats enuff... Man..
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OTK M/f spanking - Martha (1967)
The captain spanks a woman over the knee after she has become a bit flamboyant. Of course this only makes her angry!
Views: 114649 martin mandesky
angel gets and gives a spanking
she was supposed to get spanked for the u tube but she is a fighter and ended up giving one right back to her boyfriend eric
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Mrs Smith's Method for Reforming Intractable Girls - film trailer
Dreams of Spanking is delighted to introduce Molly Malone as Mrs Smith: a Victorian disciplinarian with a tried-and-tested method for dealing with intractable girls. A religious woman, she considers it to be her god-given duty to take care of wayward young women and help them towards the path of righteousness. She advertises her services in the local paper, inviting hapless mothers to come to her if they cannot control their offspring. Enter Millicent Heaton (Amelia Jane Rutherford): an impertinent girl delivered by her useless mother (Pandora Blake) to Mrs Smith's country home. When Mrs Smith reveals the methods she intends to use to reform Millicent's character, Millicent doesn't believe it at first. But as she is whisked away to prepare for her 'interview' by Mrs Smith's maid Hayes (Adele Haze), it starts to dawn on Millicent that this time, she may have met her match. This trailer previews an epic Dreams of Spanking feature film which has been a year in the making, which is now available to view on www.DreamsofSpanking.com. This is a darkly comedic historical birching fantasy based on the (nearly) true story of rogue disciplinarian Mrs Walter Smith, who caused a scandal in the 1890s by applying the birch to the bottoms of well-brought-up young ladies at her private school. It is our honour to bring this fascinating personage to the screen in this cinematic historical spanking film written by Henry Labouchere, and directed by Pandora Blake. Watch the full length film here: http://dreamsofspanking.com/scene/item/method
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Confession Trailer. Spanking For Pleasure
Trailer for the 2017 movie CONFESSION featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford.
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Bare Ass Spanking Gypsy Style
It’s not fun when it’s happening to you.
Views: 641 Tob Lin
Spanking Bare Bottom Bubby
Views: 1448 Rabbit Abstract
TV spanking - Morde & Assopra (2011)
The sound is messed up but the hot brunette woman is spanked over the knee by the man as shown. From a hispanic tv show from 2011.
Views: 200017 martin mandesky
Enzai - Spanking Guys
Views: 83773 Rubette la Lette
Dinosaur gets a spanking from his mommy on his bare red bottom !! IN HD
The only way to contact me use this link http://dinosaurboy.deviantart.com/ This spanking video is intended to be funny, cute, educational AND NOT SEXUAL!!!!!!! please enjoy. This is two requests from two people who want to re mane anonymous Dinosaurboy gets a spanking on his bare bottom for Five long minutes causing his mommy`s hand and his bottom to turn RED ! dinosarboy is from my deviantart account user name dinosaurboy I own all rights to this video. dragonkid508 productions all rights reserved copyright 2013 Please subscribe !!
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Ellez spanking 4 girls
ellez loves a challenge.
Views: 100619 Carnivale Risque
Spanking Girls for FAKE $100 Bills Prank
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Francine Likes Getting Her Ass Spanked - American Dad
From American Dad, Season 8 Episode 15 "The Missing Kink" Not owned by me. Used for entertainment purposes only.
Views: 151989 Jairek Henry
How to give a spanking  (Sensual)
http://PervertedPodcast.com Education is meant to help people new or curious about BDSM/Kinky play to get started in a safer way so they can have a positive experience. We are not experts in anything and this video should be watched for information and entertainment purposes only. Always follow Risk Aware Consensual Kink practices and don't rush into anything. Please check out Perverted Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Podbean or just go to http://PervertedPodcast.com
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Spanking Her in Public | Jordan Danfyu
A hilariously funny excerpt from SHOOT 'EM UP starring Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci, Paul Giamatti, Stephen McHattie and Greg Bryk.
Views: 133368 Jordan Danfyu
The Blue Lagoon OTK spanking M/b
From "The Blue Lagoon". The cook spanks two kids looking at his personal things. Actually he just gets to spank the boy on his bottom over his clothes when he puts him over his knee. He goes to spank the girl too after she bites him but then something happens to interrupt it.
Views: 247309 gts fan
Mary spanking my bottom trying to show the jiggle
My bottom getting spanked by the fabulous MARY KATE MORRIS. Her goal in life seems to be having evidence on camera of how my bottom jiggles if you hit it. LOL! Just for a laugh.
Views: 19353 Abigail Parker
Spanking of Naughty Silicone Sex doll Ass (MUST WATCH)
www.thesiliconehut.com Spanking Video of one of our most popular sex dolls (Julia Ann) Visit our website for more beautifully crafted silicone sex dolls.
Views: 71522 The Silicone Hut
It's Spanking Season Boy
It's Spanking Season boy, and I've got a hankering for some spankering
Views: 133129 rshiwman
Mildred Pierce F/f spanking
The mother at first slaps the daughter in the face and then in a rage she grabs her and spanks her OTK.
Views: 95912 Brian York
bts spanking each other
crack (wait until the very end for a surprise) SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT FOR MORE STUFF LIKE THIS IDK WHAT I'M DOING WITH THIS CHANNEL also i'm very soft for jungkook in this ep, idk what's up with that🤒😒
Views: 124462 hoeji
Spanking Video Funny !!!!
Spanking Video Funny !!!!
Views: 83204 Superheroes Fun TV
Le jour et la nuit (1997) spanking turns her on!
Scene from a film where an older man spanks a much younger woman and she loves it! The spanks are ont he bare bottom too and this is shown. Good scene.
Views: 124969 roger huerta
Pants Down Spanking Report/Monkey Friend Memorial
I read many passages about the pants down spanking here and see that I works for many families. I was spanked in the same way as a child and I am now almost 25. I believe that it works for me at last resort. I have been spanked in this way for less than 10 times. My mum would pull down my pants to spank when I was really bad and in serious situation as a punishment. Notice, it's whole pants and underwear down. Keep the frontal nudity not only on the bottom. Once I was spanked in this way, I will try my best to behave well and my mum did not spank without any reasons Therefore, I have some questions here: 1.The whole pant and panties down also to make frontal nudity or just bare the bottom? 2.For every spanking, pant and panties need to pulled down? 3.You pull down or order your kids to pull down themselves?(I was asked to pull down once) 4.Did you ask their feeling about the spanking after that?If yes, how did they answer? Please advise. Thanks a lot.
Views: 150726 Food Films
entertainment provided by torn lovers, Gill and Luke. Enjoy the riviting piece of bedroom antics
Views: 5784 lisa G
Teacher being punished - Old Janitor Tales
Spanking a bad teacher. I often had to “rush the job” because I had to have the bench prepared for the “highlight of the day” for four o’clock p.m., when the afternoon lessons ended. The headmistress took there the guilty female teachers. This concerned practically only the young ones. “The old frumps” were making sure that “I don’t become lazy”. These young teachers were able to wear an indifferent expression but when they undressed and I asked them to lie down on the bench , their courage was over. I put a cushion under their hips so that they had their bottoms stuck out nicely and I tied them firmly because in these cases, the whip, a really nasty instrument was used most frequently; this instrument could also hurt someone, but I could be sure that “the old hag” is watching together with her loyal colleagues and so, even though I was sometimes sorry to mark that beautiful ground, I always did the lashing with full might. When I started lashing their beautifully grown bottoms, the adult young female teachers yelled just like all the other girls.
Views: 161634 Vídeos Guerra
Booty popping and ass spanking on stage in night club.
Four girls spanking ass on stage.
Views: 155100 Terry Ws Crunk TV
The Iron Maiden (1962) hot brunette gets a spanking punishment
She wrecks a farm device and the man pulls her off and spanks her on the buttocks.
Views: 140074 Ernesto ida
Children Spanking
My views on hitting children
Views: 53769 Thesweetonemanda
Kid Politely Says 'No Thank You' To Butt Spanking
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An introduction to paddles and spanking.
This video will show you the best paddles to use for the kind of pleasure you seek, whether you like a sharp sting or a harder hit. Find out more at Her Sensation. http://www.hersensation.co.uk/collections/whips
Views: 149653 HerSensation
The Spanking
Watch a grown man get spanked. Funny By Association is a new comedy sketch group. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/funnybyassociation Created by and starring Funny By Association: Romel De Silva, Emerson Gregori, Matthew Lawrence Jennings, Levi Austin Morris Directed by: Emerson Gregori Director of Photography: Wisdom Morm Edited by: Emerson Gregori and Romel De Silva *Funny By Association is a Sag-Aftra New Media Project.
Views: 198889 Funny by Association
Bare Bottom Spanking with an Absinthe Spoon
Sub us! If you'd like to hear this show in it's entirety, it's on Podbean and iTunes: https://robandslim.podbean.com/e/rob-and-slim-149/ itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rob-and-slim/id992986831
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Embrace Your Inner Domme -Spanking
Join Mistress Mona and Goddess Roxanne as we share the tricks of our trade. Bring out your inner dominatrix and teach your partner how to worship you...
Views: 189229 Mistress Mona Dair
Texas mom explains spanking teen son who stole BMW
The mom who spanked her son in traffic after he took her BMW says she feared for his well-being and others. more on this story: https://abc13.com/4517503/
Views: 20237 ABC13 Houston
bottom spanking
Joff gets his bottom spanked in an asda car park by a bollard
Views: 2806 beadlehand2
Domi Dollz Intro to Kink -- Spanking
In this Intro to Kink video, Nina Payne and Mona Rogers give meaning to the sweet spot when it comes to spanking.
Views: 146681 gasm org