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Ocean Storm with Relaxing Rain on Window and Tin Roof, Waves, Wind and Thunder Sounds - 10 Hrs Video
Relaxing ambience with sounds of an ocean thunderstorm at night with low frequencies rolling distant thunder sounds, wind and fluctuating rain on window and tin roof of a shelter. High definition natural audio, recorded at 96 kHz - 24 bit and designed for ASMR relaxation, meditation, study and sleep. *Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Thank you. * © All the video, graphic and audio materials on the Relax Sleep ASMR channel are recorded, created by the channel owner or have the appropriate license certificates for commercial use. Copying, reproducing or re-publishing them in whole or in part is strictly forbidden.
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Sea Storm with Relaxing Rain Sounds, Wind and Rolling Thunder - 10 Hrs Video w/ Soothing White Noise
10 hours of rough sea ambience, storm with lightning and rolling thunder, howling wind and fluctuating rain intensity with stereo panning sounds, designed for relaxation and sleep. *Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Thank you. * © All the video, graphic and audio materials on the Relax Sleep ASMR channel are recorded, created by the channel owner or have the appropriate license certificates for commercial use. Copying, reproducing or re-publishing them in whole or in part is strictly forbidden.
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THUNDERSTORM Sleep Sounds | Heavy RAIN Sounds, THUNDER & LIGHTNING at Night (24/7 Storm)
Thunderstorm sleep sounds. Heavy rain sounds, heavy thunder and lightning at night (24/7 Non-stop storm). These soothing thunder and raining sounds with lightning will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer at night. Allow the relaxing sounds of nature to create a calming ambience for deep relaxation. These rain storm video can help provide natural relief from insomnia and tinnitus symptoms. Sit back and relax and let the rumbling thunder, relaxing rain, and lightning strikes to reduce stress or anxiety. Nature sounds also create natural white noise that can help drown out distracting background noises while studying or relaxing. We hope you enjoy this heavy thunderstorm sounds video featuring pouring raining sounds, loud thunder and lightning for sleep and relaxing. Please share with family and friends if they have need help for sleep and relaxation. Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds 😊 🌀 MP3 DOWNLOADS: https://www.stardustvibes.com 🌀 SLEEP HELP: https://stardustvibes.com/blogs/news/top-5-sleep-aids 🌀 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/stardustvibes/ 🌀 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stardust_vibes/ 🌀 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/StardustVibes 🌀 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2Kiaqau 🌀 THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/EagqgCq0FyA #thunderstorm #rain #rainsounds #thunder #lightning #storm #sleep #sleepsounds #relax #relaxing #nature DISCLAIMER: This video should not be used to replace any medical or psychological treatment. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner immediately. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this recording. © Stardust Vibes, 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
Horrible Moments at Sea | Seafarers Life | Ship in Storm
Enjoy in ship in storm compilation, check our channel for more 🔥 Visit our site for free gifts: www.thesealad.com 🔥 ⚓️ For more videos like this click like and subscribe ⚓️ ⛳️Copyright: Mentioned in the video | The Sea Lad ©️ 🔴For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] 🔴For any use of this video please contact Us🔴 You can find Us on: FB: https://www.facebook.com/thesealad YouTube: https://goo.gl/PcwM6k Google+:https://goo.gl/kHOOO9 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thesealad Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSeaLad1 Seafarers Jobs: http://jobatseas.blogspot.com Watch more maritime videos on our channel: https://goo.gl/O7dM4Z Ships in storm videos: https://goo.gl/xs1r9b Fail / Crash / Launch videos: https://goo.gl/mHcrQd Documentaries: https://goo.gl/5wkRNB Inside the ship tours: https://goo.gl/Al8Da2 Time Lapse videos: https://goo.gl/zE989s Ship Simulator Games: https://goo.gl/V2K3YY Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Most of videos are from different Internet users filmed and are freely distributed. All rights remains to the authors of videos. If you are author of one the videos and you want to remove the video from our channel, please contact us.
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⚡️ Thunderstorm At Sea Sounds For Sleeping / Ocean Thunder Rain Sound, Storm And Lightning Ambience
Thunderstorm At Sea Sounds For Sleeping / Ocean Thunder Rain Sound With Storm And Lightning Ambience. +++++ I have all the licenses & commercial use rights for this video and sound +++++
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Angry sea - The Perfect storm in reality
A collection of clips demonstrating the power of the sea, furious winds and gigantic waves that are not for the faint-hearted.
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⚡️ Thunderstorm At Sea Sounds For Sleeping, Relaxing ~ Thunder Rain Ocean Sea Lightning Ambience
Buy "Thunderstorm At Sea" MP3 Here: 2,5 Hour Version: https://sellfy.com/p/3piu/ €3,50 8 Hour Version: https://sellfy.com/p/c5zg/ €5,50 -Suggestions, Likes and Comments will be much appreciated! -Subscribe for more of these sounds. ⚡️ Thunderstorm At Sea Sounds For Sleeping, Relaxing ~ Thunder Rain Ocean Water Sea Lightning Ambience
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30 Days Timelapse at Sea | 4K | Through Thunderstorms, Torrential Rain & Busy Traffic
Follow my adventures on Instagram! http://instagram.com/Jeffrey.hk 30 Days of Timelapse, about 80,000 photos combined. 1500GB of Project files. Sailing in the open ocean is a unique feeling and experience.I hope to capture and share it for everyone to see. Route was from Red Sea -- Gulf of Aden -- Indian Ocean -- Colombo -- Malacca Strait -- Singapore -- South East China Sea -- Hong Kong Music: Philip G Anderson - Winter (from 0:00 to 4:37 and 8:00 to 10:00) Buy Winter here: https://philipganderson.bandcamp.com/album/winter Stellardrone - Billions And Billions (from 4:37 to 8:00) Camera used: D750, Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 0:32 Milky Way 0:53 Sirius Star (I think) Correction: Jupiter the planet according to some viewers 1:17 Approaching Port of Colombo 1:45 Cargo Operation 2:08 Departure Colombo with Rainstorm 2:29 Beautiful Sunrise 3:13 Lightning Storm at Malacca Strait and Singapore Strait 3:29 Clear night sky Milky Way with lightning storm 4:01 Camera getting soaked 5:09 Arrival Singapore 5:56 Departure Singapore 6:20 Moon-lit night sky 6:48 Another Sunrise 8:30 Headed due north and you can see Ursa Major rotating neatly around Polaris. 8:36 Squid Boats 8:54 Chaotic Traffic 9:15 Arrival Hong Kong =====10 Reasons Why Maritime is AWESOME ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U18AHZbS_M =====10 Reasons Why Maritime SUCKS ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdMYEKwxTyo =====How To Anchor a Mega-Ship ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62O7KYfb4GA =====Where did I go last 2 months?? Cancun Adventure====== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsizwRUXoa0 =====Navigation Bridge of a Mega Ship===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj3_peT4u9M =====A Tour of Mega Ship's Engine Room===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7BhBsVigZw =====HEAVY SEAS! Bad Weather in Atlantic Ocean===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZA6gNeZ5G4 =====Cargo Operations on Ship===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj7ixi2lqF4 =====Top 6 Questions about Merchant Marine===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBpQ9Y4jEfg For licensing and usage, contact: [email protected]
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Scary Sea - Angry ocean, Sea storm
Watching my new video: Ultimate Forklift Skills Compilation : https://youtu.be/w35fehiBOlI The Perfect storm Scary Sea - Angry oceans storm
Ocean Storm Sounds for Sleep or Study | Loud Thunder, Waves, Howling Wind & Heavy Rain | Stormy Sea
Ocean storm sounds for sleep, study or meditation featuring loud thunder, crashing waves, howling wind, & heavy rain. Please enjoy this stormy sea white noise relaxing nature video. These thunderstorm sounds will create a soothing ambience for relaxation. Thunder and rain provide relaxing sounds for sleeping, studying, and meditating. This natural white noise for sleep will also help relieve tinnitus and drown out background noise when studying. This was filmed at Ballintoy Harbour in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, which is where the Game of Thrones television series is sometimes filmed. This video offers you a realistic Game of Thrones Soundtrack for relaxation. Watch the choppy sea wash along the harbor wall and the glowing street lamps quiver in the strong wind. We really hope you enjoy this relaxing nature storm video. Please share with family and friends if you think they would enjoy. Stardust Vibes create guided meditations, affirmations, relaxing sounds, and meditation music. 🌀 MP3 DOWNLOADS: https://www.stardustvibes.com 🌀 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/stardustvibes/ 🌀 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stardust_vibes/ 🌀 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/StardustVibes 🌀 GOOGLE+: https://youtu.be/Q68t3RPUwgI 🌀 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/I8guP5 🌀 THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/hwsEjtlr9yw #thunderstom #strongwind #storm #thunder #rain © Stardust Vibrations, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
Deadliest Catch - Bering Sea Power | Redemption Day
Don't miss an ALL NEW episode of Deadliest Catch, Tuesday at 9PM e/p, only on Discovery. Catch MORE Deadliest Catch at http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/deadliest-catch-season6-episode10/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1 All hell breaks loose as the fleet battles a monster Bering Sea storm.
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The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big Waves 20 m
The Greatest STORM in the WORLD 2017, big waves 20 m This video was created for Educational Purposes, for people who want to know how a Beaufort scale 12-point storm looks like and what will happen when the 12 point Beaufort scale storm with 20 meters waves hits different objects in the sea, such as ships, oil platforms, lighthouses Copy Right Claim : Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. The link on this video https://youtu.be/Le-tHm3OLMo 📌For More Top 10 Videos visit📌 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t9VvQ4CDQKUO1xlTztOPA/videos The Greatest Tsunami in the World HD footage https://youtu.be/Ca-b2jD9uzU top 10 ship in hurricane storm with great wave https://youtu.be/jDbD9KouViM
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⚡️ Rain, Thunder & Lightning over the Ocean / Thunderstorm, Wind and Sea Ambience at Rainy Night
Rain, thunder and lightning over the ocean. Relaxing thunderstorm with wind and sea ambience at a rainy night. This ambient sound is great for sleeping, relaxing and blocking out background noises.
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Hurricane. strong wind. Sea .okean. beach night. l
Hurricane. strong wind. Sea .okean. beach night. lightning. storm. Night Ocean
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Lightning storm at sea.
Tuesday 8th December 2015. Quality is a bit average due to having to use a high ISO (6400). Recorded off the coast of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.
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I Didn't Think We Would Survive... (Epic Storm)
Florida thunderstorm season is here and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share our story with you. We were kite fishing offshore off the Florida coast, when a dangerous thunderstorm started to develop on shore. Before we knew it the Epic lightning storm was quickly approaching and we were stuck in a crazy life or death situation.This was a scary experience and one that could have taken our lives. So many things could have gone wrong, from being struck by lighting, to our boat capsizing or being swept out to sea. Don't try to outsmart nature and stay safe out there. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ For business inquires: ►Email: [email protected]
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Night Storm on the Baltic Sea
Views: 3555 Joel Merchant
Cruise Ship Storm at Sea
Check out Nina in this storm video. She says 60 KM but it is 60 Knots or 69.1 MPH.
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Sea Storm with Relaxing Rain Sounds, Wind and Rolling Thunder
Ocean waves sleep video - big waves breaking and crashing at night. Many people find that they sleep especially well if they listen to a repeating sequence of soothing sounds. If you're struggling with insomnia you should really try listening to this video when you go to bed. It will help to watch for a while until you are sleepy (video is dark, so won't hurt your eyes) and let it continue playing as you drift off to sleep.
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Stormy Sea at Night, Lancing Beach, Storm Force Winds 6m Tide, Shingle On The Road.
The storm force 10 winds and 6m high tide, pushed the waves over the top of the recently improved sea defences at Lancing, opposite Brooklands park. 14/02/14.
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Rough seas at night
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🎧 Thunderstorm at Sea with Heavy Rain | Rainstorm Sounds for Sleeping & Relaxation,@Ultizzz day#21
Thunderstorm at Sea, An Epic Thunder and Rain video bring together 11 ambient sound hours of rough ocean waves and thunder, in the midst of a Sea storm. The visual also includes lightning strikes to bring everything together. Use this Rainstorm video as your ultimate sleep and relaxation source. Ultizzz day#21 Ultimate Ambient Noise Soundzzz Channel uploads Ambient Noise, Rain sounds, Sleeping music, Nature soundzzz, Relaxing music, Sleeping sounds,White noise and more… .By creating these videos we hope it stills the mind of the constant self-talk noise.
⚡️ Ocean Thunderstorm Sounds For Sleeping/Relaxing ~ Thunder Rain Storm Waves Sea Lightning Ambience
-Suggestions, Likes and Comments will be much appreciated! -Subscribe for more of these sounds. ⚡️ Ocean Thunderstorm Sounds For Sleeping/Relaxing ~ Thunder Rain Storm Waves Sea Lightning Ambience
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LUNA SEA - STORM [God Bless You - One Night Dejavu]
2007.12.24 Tokyo Dome Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song. Sweet energy. Enjoy^^
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Sea of Thieves - Perfect Dark Achievement Guide - Sail through a storm with no lights at night
Sea of Thieves - Perfect Dark Achievement Guide - A lady once sailed through a storm at night, turned off her lights did she to show off her might More Sea of Thieves -- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBmi6vaTfD_cRq1ohm3eZYxskTswqiq2E Subscribe -- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Maka91Productions Support Maka91Productions on Patreon -- https://www.patreon.com/maka91productions -- Check out DocCupcake84 on twitter: https://mixer.com/DocCupCake Additional Credits: CultGamerAlliance, Camran Riaz, MclovinLegend, NoblestSteed, Inferno21, hamadriano & ElDylto1612.
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Best lesson. How to paint storm on the sea. How to paint sea waves
Learn to paint sea storm Master class of one of the best Russian Artists Alexandr Uzhakov translated by Las Vegas Artist Alex Krasky. Enjoy.
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RCCL, Voyager of the Seas. Storm in Mediterranean sea
Шторм в Средиземном море с палубы круизного лайнера Voyager of the Seas
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Sky News "Brexit Trawler" Project -  Rough Night At Sea
The 2nd report from onboard the Aalskere looking into fishing and Brexit. This report gives an insight into the conditions trawler men face at sea. Full details on the project here: http://news.sky.com/story/brexit-trawler-uk-fishermen-have-high-hopes-for-future-10652880
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Art Reproduction (Aivazovsky - Storm on the Sea at Night) Hand-Painted Step by Step
Process of Museum Quality Hand-Painted Reproducing performer: https://www.TOPofART.com Art Reproductions Studio title: Storm on the Sea at Night, c.1849 artist: Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky location: The Grand Palace at Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia You can order museum-quality hand-painted reproduction of "Storm on the Sea at Night" at the following URL: https://www.topofart.com/artists/Aivazovsky/art-reproduction/27/Storm-on-the-Sea-at-Night.php Your Art Reproduction will be painted by the same artist from the video. You can see other paintings by Aivazovsky at the following gallery: https://www.topofart.com/artists/Aivazovsky/
Sea Fishing Movie - Day and Night Fishing | FULL DOCUMENTARY
Join Graeme for another sea fishing movie as he attempts to go beach fishing during the day and night. This full documentary is packed full of fishing tips. The episode starts with Graeme doing a solo fishing trip on the beach, where he battles it out with constant weed. He shows you the rigs, tips and tactics that he uses. On the second trip he heads to a different beach and fishes with Tony Kirrage from Tony's Tackle. This episode has plenty of beach fishing tips for beginners and experienced fisherman. Hopefully you pick up a few tips to help you catch more fish! Thanks for joining the adventure.
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Rain, Thunder & Ocean Sounds | White Noise for Sleep or Studying | 10 Hours
For intense relaxation and help falling asleep, listen to the soothing rain and thunderstorm from the comfort of your beach villa. The ocean waves lap against shore, thunder rumbles and the rainstorm pours down steadily hour after hour. This relaxing white noise sound will help you get to sleep and stay sleeping all night long. If you like this ocean and rain video, please check out these other popular videos featuring ocean and rain sounds: Rain on Beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PazxB... Ocean Waves Crashing on Rocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wATW8... Rain and Thunder Sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgT7V... With all that lightning, don't go swimming in the ocean! Please subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Relaxing... Please check out our website to buy MP3s of your favorite sounds: https://relaxingwhitenoise.com/ Follow us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2a3k3HB DISCLAIMER: Remember that loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing. When playing one of our videos, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician. The sounds provided by this Youtube channel are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders or tinnitus. If you have significant difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, experience fitful/restless sleep, or feel tired during the day, please consult your physician. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Distant Lightning Over the Ocean at Night From Cocoa Beach
Distant lightning lights up a pitch black sky over the ocean as seen from Cocoa Beach tonight.
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A Night in a Storm (Sea of Thieves)
My first proper storm on the Sea of Thieves. I was trying to head west, but eventually settled just trying get out of the storm.
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storm at sea
atlantic waves rock and rolling dutch motorvessel Africaborg during it's voyage from quebeck to Barahona with canadian army support equipment for Tahiti
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Stormy Night at Sea
Got bored at work, decided to make the Photoshop equivalent of a paper cutout stage scene. Added in some Advanced Lightning in After Effects, an ambient light and some point lights, made made the stars twinkle and some keyframe animation. The fog effect is layered in over each of the four layers of water behind the front layer to help add to the atmospheric depth and was generated using Motion from the Final Cut studio. All sound effects came from www.soundsnap.com
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Rain Forest Thunder & Rain Sleep Sounds | White Noise 10 Hours
Buy Rain Forest Thunder MP3: https://goo.gl/cTK86l In a South American rain forest, thunder rumbles across the hills on a drizzly evening. There are no city noises in this nature preserve to distract from the soothing rain sounds. The background ambience creates a sphere of tranquility as it blocks out noises from the outside world. Leave your worries behind and calm your mind. Fall asleep quickly and let the white noise continue to block distracting sounds so that you sleep well all night. Many people will also find this nature recording useful in helping them study, read or write. And, some people may find the white noise useful to temporarily relieve symptoms of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Norway Sea Trip - Part 7: High Waves after a Storm
High waves during the morning of February 24 after a storm that peaked at Sea State 7 during the night. Waves up to 25 ft. were observed from the bridge.
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🔴 THUNDERSTORM 24/7 for Sleeping, Relaxing, Studying. THUNDER and Lightning
Thunder and Lightning and Rain Sounds Non-Stop at Night (No Music, No Cracking Thunder). Enjoy a thunderstorm and Rain while watching the spectacular lightning which adds a nice ambiance to the screen. Ideal for Relaxing and Studying. Some viewers will enjoy the thunder and rain for Sleeping and Meditation. Don't forget it may be useful to share with family or friends too. Enjoy your Thunderstorm :) 🔴 SUBSCRIBE & click bell 🔔 http://goo.gl/esU634 ►Like, Comment, Share helps support the channel ►Open 2 or more tabs for heavier sound My other LIVE STREAMS:- ►LIVE - Gentle Rain: https://youtu.be/UNBLamE6cTM ►LIVE - Rain Sounds: https://youtu.be/evL1MzgnabA ►LIVE - Thunder & Rain: https://youtu.be/zV6nIR4ruNQ ►LIVE - Thunderstorm: https://youtu.be/vJgBsyRRzBU ►LIVE - Mountain Rain: https://youtu.be/hI9S2Ql7hCI ►LIVE STREAM CHAT RULES: No Political, Religious, Racist, Sexual, Hate, Violence, Swearing, Spam, Promoting a Channel/ Product/ Service. Our community is here to Relax/ Sleep/ Study etc. Family Friendly or you will be BANNED ►All of my Relaxing Videos: http://goo.gl/esU634 Some of my Popular Relaxing Videos:- ►Gentle Night Rain 8 hrs: https://youtu.be/Yp60yUb6nYo ►Warm Fireplace 8 hrs: https://youtu.be/r8PuxH4ahTQ ►Snowfall & Music 8 hrs: https://youtu.be/WPvfhLDj0c8 ►Sleep Spaceship 8hrs: https://youtu.be/3YSc4xwdKGc ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therelaxedguy ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/therelaxedguys ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therelaxedguys #thunderstorm #thunderstormsounds #thunderandrain #thunderandlightning © The Relaxed Guy 2014 - 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Oil painting. Seascape. Storm on the sea.
Dear viewers and subscribers. I opened a channel by subscribing on Patreon. On this new channel I publish my video lessons (at least two videos each month) with comments painting process in English. Classical and experimental painting, watercolor, gouache, digital painting. Follow the link and subscribe! I hope you will be interested! https://www.patreon.com/Paintinglessons How do I become a patron to a creator - https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203913709-How-do-I-become-a-patron-to-a-creator-
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4 hours of rain and thunder, real storm sound for good sleep |Thunderstorm #1
This pleasant rainstorm will help you relax and sleep. Enjoy it! Image freely available under the Creative Commons 0 https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en Original image: https://pixabay.com/en/lightning-storm-arizona-monsoon-1158027/ Image Credit: WIKIDESIGN, https://pixabay.com/en/users/WKIDESIGN-1940642/ #rainandthunder #rainstorm #thunderstorm
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Electric Storm at Sea
Wild Electric Storm the first night aboard the Carnival Freedom. Filmed it from my balcony, but It seemed to have lasted all night long
Views: 1050 Michael B
Sleep Music With Ocean and Jungle Sounds – Relaxing Blue Screen Scene – Ocean and Full Moon
Soothing sleep music with relaxing ocean waves sound and gentle jungle forest sounds, calm sleeping sound and HD video with relaxing night ocean and full moon scene, sleep... Playlist SLEEP MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYwFNfjiOd7Ojwi-fjCHxemjuLhVoy-v1
Inside the Cruise Ship During Storm
How its feel like to be in a cruise ship during rough seas .🌐 Stay connected : A collective of 770K+ members! 🌐 » Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/HASFacebook » Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/HASInstagram » Tweet us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/HASTwitter Submit your Seafarer Videos : [email protected] HAS is a team of citizens of different nations dedicated to the cause of sharing, appreciating and highlighting the lives of Seafarers. For media inquiries, please contact us at https://www.humansatsea.com
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Sea Storm 3D Live Wallpaper
Play Market links: Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digimindsoft.wallpaper.seastorm3d.free Pro: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digimindsoft.wallpaper.seastorm3d.pro
Starry Night, Starry Sea 2 MV | OST "Deep Sea of the Past" (Engsub) | Bea Hayden Kuo & Feng Shaofeng
Fan-made music video trailer contains the 2017 romance-fantasy TV drama series The Starry Night, The Starry Sea [那片星空那片海] Season 2 where a human girl falls for merman who torn between kinship and love starring Bea Hayden Kuo, Feng Shaofeng, Sunny Wang and Liu Enyou. Please note that I am NOT making any monetary from this MV or any of the videos on my channel. Please enjoy more of my fan-made videos that available at my channel www.youtube.com/c/yingyang
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2.5hr Thunderstorm at Night "Rain Sounds" No Loops
MP3 Downloads of many of my videos http://www.texashighdef.net Please Subscribe and help me grow my channels. #rainsounds #sleepsounds #whitenoise Welcome to the Yogaduke & TexasHighDef Channels. Where I try to make the very best high quality ASMR White Noise Sounds for Sleep and Meditation form Rain and Thunderstorms to Waves and Fans and all kinds in between.
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Luna Sea  --  Storm
HD version of Luna Sea's song called Storm.
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Batman Arkham Knight - Night Storm by the Sea - DreamScene [Live Wallpaper] - 4K
To download this video, copy the url and paste it onto this link: http://keepvid.com/ To set as wallpaper you will need DeskScapes installed. This can be found here http://www.stardock.com/products/deskscapes/
FREE HD video backgrounds - storm clouds over sea with thunders and rain seamless loop 3D animation
Free HD video backgrounds | Free HD stock footage VIDEO DESCRIPTION: night sky with storm clouds over sea, thunders and rain far away, reflections and mist seamless loop 3D animation CATEGORY: 3D rendering, 3D animation, nature VIDEO No 00188 VIDEO FORMAT: MP4 VIDEO RESOLUTION: HD 1080p - SEARCH and FIND great FREE HD and 4K stock video and footage! - USE them FREELY in your PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL projects! - SHARE them and HELP many more! - SUBSCRIBE to our channel to support us and produce more FREE HD & 4K Ultra HD stock video and footage 3 videos uploaded every weekday at the below scheduled times (EDT-Eastern Daylight Time): Monday to Friday: 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 AM Total 17 videos per week Download the free HD / 4K Ultra HD stock video / footage from our e-shop from the direct link provided at the end screen of each video. THANK you for watching and your support. You can find more creative content for your productions at our e-shop: https://sellfy.com/3DCOR Whether you are a professional, student or a hobbyist there’s something for everyone: drone footage, green screen footage, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, time-lapse sky and clouds videos, underwater footage, abstract backgrounds and more. Browse our FREE HD video backgrounds playlists and find what you are looking for: - Abstract (technology, effects, and loops): https://goo.gl/YunKS8 - Themed Backgrounds (Fantasy, Celebrations, Dark, Adventure) : https://goo.gl/xFKivA - Green Screen (Elements, VFX ): https://goo.gl/41gsfA - Drone Footage and Footage (forests, sea sides, underwater, animals) https://goo.gl/2Vn72y - Time-lapse Videos (Clouds, Sky ): https://goo.gl/SNkUbw And many more at the playlist tab of our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/3DCoRCompany/playlists Creative and Original Productions by © 3D COR - Savvas Karampalasis Software and Hardware used: 3D Studio Max, BlackMagic Fusion, Adobe Premiere, Iclone5-6-7, Daz3D, CTA, GoPro Hero 4, Nikon DSLR, Canon DSLR, DELL Workstations, 100 nodes render farm. FREE HD Video Backgrounds, free stock footage, free stock video, free to use videos, free to use footage, royalty free footage, free video backdrops, stock video clips, free creative content, evergreen content.
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