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Maykel Fonts - Salsa - baila Cuban style -  Exciting Salsa !
dance video: salsa dancing - salsa cubana - Casino - and exciting dance with Cuban born Maykel Fonts
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How to Do the Basic Cuban Step Styled | Salsa Dancing
Watch more How to Dance Salsa videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/496872-How-to-Do-the-Basic-Cuban-Step-Styled-Salsa-Dancing Hello, my name is Jorday Rivera, and I am an expert in salsa. I own two dance studios in Queens, New York. We're going to be learning a progression of salsa moves so we can actually go out, practice, take it to the clubs, take it to a party, and you can show off all the great moves you learned. Now this is the basic Cuban step with styled. Let's go with music. Now this is the basic with the Cuban style. This is the break down. We're going to do a regular basic dip. Basic and one, two, three, five. We're gonna define, one, two, three. Your body, move your body, move your body. It's like you're brushing off your shoulders. Like you're telling somebody "Get off of me ok?". Five, six, seven. One, two, three. Five, six, seven. And start that again. Basic and one, two, three. Now really define okay? One, two, three. Frame and arch your body. And drop, open up, drop, open up, drop and basic two, three. Five, six, seven. That's the basic step with a Cuban styled.
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Summer SALSA :: Cuban style :: TIMBA Dance school
Little cuban salsa freestyle on our first daily Salsa Dance Party at Tabacco :) Follow us on FB::: https://fb.com/SalsaKlubTimba or instagram:::: @timba.obrenovac Dancers: Aleksandar Ljubinkovic, Srna Obradovic Song: Calle Real - Bienvenido
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Jorge & Indira, Cuban Style Salsa Dancing!
Awesome and energetic dance show by Indira Mora and Jorge Fernandez from Cuba (now teaching in Vegas), their first time visiting Phoenix, AZ! https://www.facebook.com/jorgeluis.fernandez.9849 https://www.facebook.com/In2star http://www.azsalsa.net https://www.facebook.com/AZSalsa
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Cuban Salsa with Baila Habana
Nelvis and Noel, dance teachers of Baila Habana
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Learn Cuban Salsa: Basic Step - Guapea
Learn the Cuban basic step known as Guapea in this video lesson. Guapea is danced in both Casino (Cuban Salsa) and Rueda de Casino and consists of both partners stepping back and forward at the same time as opposed to stepping together in the same direction like in other styles of salsa. Visit http://dancepapi.com for more free Cuban salsa tutorials. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel http://bit.ly/dancepapi Leave us a comment and “Like” this video if you enjoyed the lesson. Salsa Cubana Instructors: Nicholas Van Eyck and Serena Wong Get Social with Dance Papi Free VIP Email List: http://eepurl.com/SyfKX Facebook: http://facebook.com/dancepapi Twitter: http://twitter.com/dancepapi Youtube: http://youtube.com/DancePapi Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dancepapi Website: http://dancepapi.com Dance Papi is the best place on the web to learn Salsa and Cuban Salsa online for free.
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Salsa Snack #18 - Cuban Style Basics
In diesem Video stellen wir die fundamentalen Basic Elemente des Cuban Style. Diese Elemente kann man auch sehr gut in Rueda de Casino brauchen. Mehr unter: http://www.socialdancingblog.com
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Salsa pura cubana en Paseo del Prado de La Habana
https://www.facebook.com/lisandra.garcia.94695 http://www.alocubanolisandra.com Lisandra Garcia y Geonys Boloy Music: Alexander Abreu - Belleza Latina Camarografo: Nikita Zverchukov (niqui bestia) Asistente: Olga Eremenko
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Salsa Cuban style - Exciting Salsa!
Хочешь научиться так танцевать? Приходи в Expression Dance Studio! Зажигательная САЛЬСА с преподавателем из Кубы! www.exds.ru https://vk.com/exdancestudio
Cuba Dancers
Visiting a Fine Arts College in Cuba the 1st week of October 2011. Dancing students performing!!!!
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Cuban Salsa Basic Dancing - Real Salsa (From the stands)
This is the original authentic Salsa "Casino" Dancing on Timba music, the latest cuban music that falls into the "Salsa genre". This one minute video is a clear clarification on how Casino salsa is danced today. The guy shines, but please disregard him first. Watch the girl. This is how dancing delay / A-tiempo On3. See the girl maintains her right foot forward instead of backwards (North American Styles). This is dancing on full counts, see her footwork when she "syncopants" between the 4/ 8. See how the guy plays with the tiempo but the girls stick to the timing, footwork, and angle. There is no "Mambo" forward and backward motions. That one has been discarded in the 60s, the onlly "mambo" retained is at the horns section of the music. In fact at 0:53 the singer (live band) yelled "Mambo" to call the horns jam. This is the major difference on how the authentic salsa is danced to comparatively with the others. There is no forward and back motion on 2 points (slot style), there are 3 non static points, thus makes the rhythmic circle, which is the core basic of the latin musical structure. This is how "sabor" and feel is transcended onto the dancers. If you see Zouk dancing the original (Porto Seguro), Lambada, you will notice almost the same thing, and the same can be observed in Dominican Bachata. The girl maintains the rhythm from the start, the guy maintains only leads and get back to her. The guy's footwork is an interplay of rumba - columbia footwoork and freestyling. This is not rumba-guaguancho. If he had done guaguancho he will be bend over a bit, knees bend and his arms would have left her and he would be executing the "vacunae". Her footwork is not based on his, it is pure precision footwork based on the tempo that has been decided at the opening of the song. Btw it is a timba song, the song bailar casino from the celebrated Baila Cuba (CubaVision) show which is being televised down on the ground floor with a Rueda team, or could be couple competition. Not too sure. I got this video a long time ago.. from Rumbanana.org. Feedback / comments welcome
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▶ AMAZING CUBAN COUPLE DANCING SALSA l CUBA . COUPLE DANCING SALSA IN CUBA! ENJOY TRADITIONAL CUBA DANCING (SALSA DANCE). __ 🎥 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6iyjjBD96Vqovq9t_NnHQ?sub_confirmation=1 __ 🆒 Do you like this video? ↪ Thumb up! 🆒 Do you want leave feedback to my video/channel? ↪Write a comment! 🆒 You don´t want miss a new video? ↪ The subscribe button may help you :) __ Short HowToStalk-Tutorial: It´s easy to follow me here: 👊 paul.the.one Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paul.the.one 👊 PAULTHEONE Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/108884839269746265016 __ Music: video intern
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V1 SALSA BATTLE 2016 | Cuba - Russia
Saint-P Russia
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Cuban Salsa Dance Styling - Havana, Cuba
Clip of Boogalu Productions - Mueve la Cintura Video Features seven remarkable Cuban dance couples (professional and amateur) who dance together as a group, and who also dance as individual couples demonstrating their personal styles, at slow and fast dance tempos. Visit our catalog of Cuban music-dance videos http://www.boogalu.com/video/catalog Be Hosted In Havana - Personalized Cuba Travel http://www.hostedhavana.com
Jorge & Indira Cuban-style salsa social dancing!
Indira Mora and Jorge Fernandez from Cuba/Vegas, social salsa dancing, Cuban style, to song "Azucar" by Orquesta Los Hacheros, taped in Tempe, AZ! https://www.facebook.com/jorgeluis.fernandez.9849 https://www.facebook.com/In2star http://www.azsalsa.net https://www.facebook.com/AZSalsa
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Cuban Salsa For Beginners Master the Basics
Cuban Salsa for Beginnners Master the Basics Discover the fun and exhilarating world of the Cuban Salsa, with detailed instruction and easy-to-follow demonstrations helping you master the basics. In a series of simple lessons you will learn the eight basic steps and the 27 essential figures you need. We start by exploring the basic principles of Cuban Salsa, helping you to establish your technique. Then we look in detail at the steps of the male and female partner, showing what the couple have to do for each figure, while underlining the most important aspects. As your beginner s introduction to Cuban Salsa continues, each lesson conveys a sequence, which becomes longer and longer, and increasingly difficulty. At the end of every lesson there is music to help you put the theory into practice and master the basics of Cuban Salsa. Cuban Salsa for Beginners lets you learn at your own pace and practice regularly without attending expensive dance classes. This programme was conceived by Happy Dance, a long-established dance school recognised and appreciated for its educational instruction. Discover: Basic Step * Simple side step * Opening step * Cucaracha * Crossed side steps * Mambo step * Cuban step * Half turn
How to dance a sexy Cuban salsa
Learn how to swing your hips to the sensual rhythm of Cuban Salsa, and pick up the basic steps to this steamy dance with Kuoni's tutorial. Thinking about visiting Cuba? To find out more, and create your perfect Cuban holiday, visit Kuoni now and speak to one of our personal travel experts. http://www.kuoni.co.uk/cuba
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Cubaanse Salsa( Casino Dance/Baile Casino ) in Amsterdam Sabor de Cuba
Cuban Salsa style 100% ...real Baile de Casino(Cuban Salsa) met top Cuban look ...Dance school Sabor de Cuba in Amsterdam & Haarlem. www.sabordecuba.nl
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23 figures of cuban salsa SIMPLIFIED !!...in this collection
http://www.YOUTUBE.COM/salsajunkies 23 figures of cuban salsa in this collection
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Solo Dance salsa/afro-cuban
Chorégraphié par Joseph-Antoine Echegaray pour la soirée performance Mi-Lune. Montreal, Qc Musique Mo Horizons - Ay Y Nama
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Toronto Dance Salsa Student Casino Rueda Demo (Cuban Style Salsa)
Looking for some excitement on the dance floor? Well look no further! Here is a clip of some of our Cuban Salsa students and helpers dancing at our Sunday Salsa Social on January 26th! If you want to have an awesome time learning how to dance some of these fun moves, Toronto Dance Salsa offers Cuban Salsa and Casino Rueda classes at http://www.torontodancesalsa.ca/
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Cuban style Salsa solo dance steps for beginners
Teaching some basic steps in an easy to follow way. Regular classes. Info at www.salsaduende.com
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7 Salsa Cuban Basic Steps: Enchufla Doble
Salsa video tutorial! Basics Cuban steps: Enchufla Doble and Dile que no Instructors Fabian and Nicolina I hope you like our videos! Share and subscribe for more videos! :D More info at: www.dancevida.com
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Salsa - Cuban Style Dance Practise
Some Cuban style dance practise. Filmed with Sanyo Xacti CG65.
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Somos Familia - Social Cuban Salsa dance with Lital Weiss
Had some fun dancing Cuban style Salsa with Lital Weiss at Festival Ballagan 2012, Israel. :-) Artist's Name: Calle Real Song's Name: Somos Familia
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Salsa.Cuban style.Latin Dance in Paris.La Défense.Paris.France.
Salsa.Cuban style.Latin dance in Paris.La Défense.Paris.France.August 2017.Сальса.Кубинский стиль.Танец в Парижском районе La Defense в августе 2017
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Sexy Salsa Smooth
This video is of Ana and me, Erick Berninzon, dancing at the San Francisco Carnaval in 2009. The band that is playing live in the background is our best local band called Avance. The song is called "Baila que baila." We are not professional dancers but we both love to dance and its our passion. I"m Peruvian and she is Mexican and we are dancing what I call street style salsa. Its a mix of Cuban style salsa with some LA style and NY style as well. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave a comment, share and subscribe. Thanks to all who watch this video in advance. Find me on Facebook and Instagram at these links https://www.facebook.com/sexysalsasmooth/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/erick_bb_/
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Dancing Salsa En La Callejón de Hamel Havana, Cuba
By Salsa House. Courtesy of Salsa Clásico
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Salsa Cubana Styling II - Havana, Cuba
Be Hosted In Havana - Personalized Cuba Travel http://www.hostedhavana.com Visit our catalog of Cuban music-dance videos http://www.boogalu.com/video/catalog Clip of the Boogalu Productions Video "Casinando" The stars of this DVD project are ten dance couples who are a select group of some of the hottest dancers from Havana. All the dance couples are members of professional dance companies or dance teachers. Part 1 - group dance All the couples dance together in rueda de casino circle formation and then split off and dance separately as couples. Live music by "Chaguito Y Sus Timberos". Part 2 - individual couples styling Nine professional dancers demonstrate their personel dance styles drawing from their own creativity as well as from traditional and modern influences. The dance demonstrations are done at medium and fast tempos. Part 3 - featured dance couple Two professional Cuban dancer-choreographers, now living live in Europe, Luis "Nichito" Castillo (Paris) and Yanet Fuentes Torres (London), demonstrate their unique salsa-casino style at fast and slow tempos along with their interpretation of salsa-rumba. Part 4 - salsa-casino dance instruction Lázaro Pedroso and Tamara Toledo teach their "No Tricks Natural Method", a simple and fun approach to dancing Cuban Salsa using dance movements that everyone can do. Their method focuses on dancing to the music using natural patterns and movements that can be strung together to create exciting dance combinations.
Dancing Casino Salsa On The Streets Of Cuba
Casino Salsa was born in Cuba and Ro swears that learning it is one of the best things he's ever done on a Basecamp adventure. Liz manages a convincing performance with Lazaros, the instructor, while Troy is left feeling like he has two left feet (although he still manages to impress in his own way). Remedios is the 8th oldest Cuban town in the country and you can feel the culture and energy seep through the architecture and dilapidated buildings that line the city streets. The Casa de Cultura Agustin J Crespo, where this whole episode takes place, is one of (if not THE) first cultural centres in Cuba where people learned to dance Cuba's original Casino Salsa! Powered by transatholidays.com/ *** *** *** Check our hotels at http://transatholidays.com/ Go check our music - http://soundcloud.com/travelbasecamp Like us on Facebook - http://facebook.com/TravelBasecamp Follow us on Twitter - http://twitter.com/travelbasecamp ABOUT BASECAMP: Basecamp is a reality documentary series about a bunch of friends travelling around the world seeking alternative experiences in popular travel destinations. Booking stereotypical resort packages for the logistics and security, we then bust off the grounds and interact with locals to find the best adventures possible. - See more: http://travelbasecamp.com http://seekernetwork.com/travelbasecamp Song Credit: "No Frills Salsa" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Raúl de la Paz - Cuban Salsa for Beginners I
Chocolate Salsa Dance Studio - Routines from a beginner-level workshop in Cairns, Australia - Check out our website www.chocolatesalsa.com and our Facebook and Twitter sites.
Views: 190289 Raúl de la Paz
Cuban Salsa moves
Views: 281443 Paul Gainsford
Learn Cuban Salsa Dance Moves
Spirit Salsa Cuban dance moves. Learn how to do 16 Salsa moves in Cuban style. Dance salsa using Cuban rueda moves in your partner dancing. Most of the moves in rueda casino can be used in normal salsa social dancing. Di le que no and guapea and enchufla are basic moves which can be used to build more intermediate and advanced moves such as setenta complicada, and sombrero doble. http://www.spiritsalsa.com
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Suzana & Kevin cuban salsa social dance at The Studio
Suzana Sainol & Kevin Aubry of Salsa Cubana Singapore Video credit to Daniel Tarrosa of Salchata Media Bloc Taken at Friday Salsa Social at The Studio Dec 23 2016 www.salsacubana-sg.com www.thestudio.sg
Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 4/9 - The Spin-Off Project
This video is part of blog post: 9 + 1 Cuban-Style Salsa Lessons: http://www.thespinoffproject.com/cuban-salsa-lessons/ - - - Lesson no.4 America Para El Hombre (America For The Man) Mariposa (Butterfly)
Views: 11641 Mirha Masala
11 Salsa Cuban Steps: Sombrero
Salsa Cuban style video tutorial! Basics Cuban steps: Sombrero Instructors from Dance Vida dance school - Fabian and Nicolina I hope you like our videos! Share and subscribe for more videos! :D More info at: www.dancevida.com Göteborg - Sweden
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Cuba Salsa Dance Holidays in Santiago de Cuba with Caledonia
Join us in Santiago de Cuba, the undisputed home of traditional Cuban music, for a heady cocktail of Cuban dance classes with one of Cuba’s most famous national dance and music companies, Ballet Folklorico Cutumba. Uniquely, every person on the holiday has their own professional Cuban dance partner to help you learn authentic Cuban style dancing, and we cover not just salsa but also son, merengue, rumba, chachacha, bachata and kizomba. Nights out to top live bands, cultural visits and excursions and plenty of time to relax and recharge your batteries too, all in a relaxed and tropical Caribbean atmosphere. A holiday you will never forget! Visit www.caledoniaworldwide.com for more information or contact the team at Caledonia on 0131 621 7721 or [email protected]
Views: 3810 Caledonia Worldwide
Learn to Salsa Cuban Style - Instructional
Learn how to dance Cuban style salsa. Salsa moves and steps for intermediate level dancers. http://www.spiritsalsa.com
Views: 43 Thomas Oflaherty
CNN: Tourists head to Cuba to salsa dance
Forget the sun and sand, thousands of tourists head to Cuba for salsa dancing. CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.
Views: 8851 CNN
Cuban-Style Salsa Dancing with Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman
Eric "El Cubanito" Freeman playing around with Casino moves with dance partner Ampi from Havana during a trip to Cuba in February 2004. For more Cuban dancing of DVD Vidoes offered by Salsaville, please visit: http://salsaville.com
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Cuban-Style Salsa Lesson 6/9 - The Spin-Off Project
This video is part of blog post: 9 + 1 Cuban-Style Salsa Lessons: http://www.thespinoffproject.com/cuban-salsa-lessons/ - - - Lesson no.6 1) Sombrero 2) Sombrero Complicado
Views: 4813 Mirha Masala
Dancing salsa in the street - Havana Cuba
from www.salsaconestilo.com @salsaconestilo
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AMAZING!! Cuban kids performing Cuban salsa in Havana
www.powerofsomaticintelligence.com Boutique Cuba Tours with Chen Lizra The Cuban kids team in Havana, Cuba, performing Cuban salsa in sabado de la rumba in Havana. AMAZING!!! Filmed by Chen Lizra in Jan 2014
Views: 69875 Chen Lizra
Diaz Martinez ☆ STAGE DE LADY CUBAN STYLE à Paris ☆ Salsa Dancing with Styling for Ladies
Diaz Martinez ☆ Salsa Dancing with Styling for Ladies ☆ HORAIRE: 14H A 16H30 TARIF: 25 EUROS niveau intermédiaire LIEU: Centre MOMBOYE - 25, rue Boyer 75020 Paris FRANCE ☆ Métro Gambetta Ligne n°3 / Ménilmontant Ligne N°2 INSCRIPTIONS: - FACEBOOK ( Diaz Martinez ) - MAIL ( [email protected]) - SMS (06 26 92 98 89) D'origine franco-cubaine, formée par l'école RMP, Diaz Martinez enseigne les danses cubaines et met l'accent sur le développement corporel et le style. Diaz Martinez forme avec Adel Martinez, depuis 8 ans un couple de danseurs reconnu dans le milieu de la danse afro-cubaine participant à de nombreux festivals internationaux. Diaz a intègre l'équipe de professeurs de l'école CubanaDanse à la rentrée 2012/13. Elle propose des cours de salsa intermédiaire, estilo cubano et technique d'isolation du corps. DATES STAGE MENSUEL : dimanche 2 FEVRIER 2014 dimanche 2 MARS 2014 dimanche 6 AVRIL 2014 dimanche 4 MAI 2014 dimanche 1 JUIN 2014
Views: 19660 PRISTAFF Stephan
"Casino style" Salsa dancing -- Chinese man with Cuban woman
I can't even remember where I first saw this clip, but it's from a Cuban television show called "Para Bailar Casino," sometime in 2005. This particular style of Salsa dancing had usually been unique to Cuba and Miami, but has been slowly spreading to wherever Salsa dancing happens around the world. So, it's still fairly rare to see a Chinese guy (or any non-Cuban) who is this skilled at casino style Salsa. He has plenty of moves but, more importantly, he captures the fun spirit of the dance. The crowd obviously responds well, as you see them stand up and cheer! In the video clip, there is a caption saying the name of the Chinese man is "You Fei Huo," but apparently his real name is Yaofei Huo. For us English speakers, he goes by "David" Huo. :-) He teaches in Beijing, China at a place called Casa De David, and more personal background information can be found on these webpages: http://english.cri.cn/4406/2010/08/03/2381s586404.htm http://www.globaltimes.cn/metro-beijing/people/profile/2010-06/538777.html I wish I knew the name of the female dancer but, unfortunately, I don't. :-( The song to which they are dancing is called "Esto Te Pone La Cabeza Mala" by Los Van Van.
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Salsa Dancing Walk-Through - 36 Movements
Follow these simple steps to learn basic elements of salsa dancing. Donate to Lucrative Pictures to support future content like this! Song: Compositor Confundido by Ibrahim Ferrer Table of Contents: Salsa Basic Two Handed Basic: 00:00 Closed Frame Salsa Basic 03:14 Salsa Rotating Basic 05:07 Salsa Apart Basic 07:02 Basic with Heel Kick 08:04 Curarachas 09:48 Ladies Underarm Turn 11:51 Adding Man's Sidestep 15:00 Turn With Right hand 16:31 Turn with Back Break 18:03 Cross Hand Turn 20:06 Club Style Exit 22:13 Two Arm Wrap 23:56 Cross Body Lead 24:46 Two Handed Hold 28:44 Adding Style 29:42 Haircombs 31:24 Sombrero 33:58 Cradle 36:00 Ladies Double Turn 41:45 Hammer Lock 43:58 Hammer Lock Cont 48:14 Hammer Lock Cont 50:36 Cross Handed Turn 53:23 Haircombs, Loops and Wraps 56:28 Right Turn to Loop 57:46 Man Loop 58:45 Turn and Loop into Lead 59:28 Hammer Lock Cont 1:00:58 Sombrero and Turn 1:03:12 Lead with Inside Turn 1:06:00 Ladies Lead Walkthru 1:07:05 Dip and Cross Body Lead 1:10:00
Views: 3717863 Lucrative Pictures

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