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Examples of good running
Here are clips of Jesse Owens, Bob Beaman, and Michael Johnson as examples of good running form. Pay especially close attention to the way Jesse Owens starts his run, by leaning, and never straightening his knees. BobBeaman is an example of good form with a high range of motion; a lot of it has to do with build. If you witness closely, he pulls his hind foot on time, and is in Pose position almost as soon as he lands on support. This is a snippet of Bob Beaman 's record setting long jump. The final clip is one of Michael Johnson setting a world record in the 200 meters. Michael Johnson is an extraordinary example of incredibly fluid technique. If you want to witness someone run smoothly, this is the clip. This is one of, if not the best clip of Michael Johnson's technique. Take notice how the other runnersstruggle by "forcing" their support foot down because they raise their knees with the hip flexors too early. This is the same thing Carl Lewis did incorrectly. Another point to take notice of, is the braking motion the other runners experience. If you pay attention to every stride you will see that the runners sway back and forth,continuously loosing ground on Johnson. Conversely, Johnson in his familiar "upright" style is really just leaning with the same degree each step, never swaying back and forth. This makes him much more efficient as well as, well, much much faster as you can tell by the gap. In acaparison of Michael Johnson to the other runners you can easily see that he does not artificially apply any extraneous muscle efforts. He simply "flows." On a closing note, please keep in mind that technique is not always perfect throughout a run. Each step can be different. If you start to experience pain, you are doing something wrong. If you don't have any serious injuries you are recovering from, I would recommend that you run through your pain simply making small alterations as you run. The most common pain is caused from tense muscles, try to relax, most of the time that solves all the issues.
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How to Do the Running Man | Hip-Hop Dancing
Like these Hip Hop Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1hu3S9E Love fresh moves? Check out these products next time you cut loose: Hip-Hop Dancing Volume 1: The Basics: http://amzn.to/1OmqmqV Urban Jam: Hip-Hop Dance with Laya Barak: http://amzn.to/1OmqruE Ayouta Hip-hop Dance Masks: http://amzn.to/1L6UYqB Meet My Neighbor, the Hip-Hop Dancer: http://amzn.to/1VEdfpf Lisli Casual Baggy Hiphop Dance Sweat Pants: http://amzn.to/1FXgD7u Watch more How to Do Hip-Hop Dance Moves videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/505188-How-to-Do-the-Running-Man-HipHop-Dancing We are going to work on the Running Man today. One of our bounce grooves, of one of the four main groups of hip hop; up, down, bounce and drop. It is a bounce groove because pretty much you are bouncing the whole time you leave the floor. Any time you leave the floor it is a bounce groove. Okay? Running Man; I am going to start with the feet because the arms are pretty simple. I am going to turn to the side so are going to see. I am going to lift up my right leg and I am going to push back and down. Okay? So, boom. And lift my left leg, push back and down, alright? Let us do that again. As you are pushing back and down, this leg is going down, this leg is going back, you are jumping down, falling down, flatting out, however you want to look at it, boom. And boom. And boom, and boom, okay? Those are the feet. Arms; now, the Running Man used to be running arms. Okay? Nobody really does it like this anymore. I still like it though so I will give you that option. Just opposite arm and leg like you are walking. Okay, so, boom, boom, boom, boom. Or, the way you usually see it, pushing back or like you are elbowing people behind you, right? And one, and two, and three, and four. I like to tell people to imagine a string from your knee to your wrist and wherever your wrists go your knees go. Hop, hop, hop, okay? A little faster. Five, six, seven, eight; the first way, two, three, four, the second way, six, seven, turning to the side two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let us get it to music. Get it with the Running Man.
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27 Styles of Rapping
Please support my channel. Subscribe to it. Share my videos. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Buy/stream my most recent album of all original work! Mac Lethal "Congratulations" ►iTunes - http://apple.co/2cQS8ku ►Google Play - http://bit.ly/2ckVcRT ►Amazon Music - http://amzn.to/2cpgaxm ►Spotify - https://play.spotify.com/album/3FZayu... To purchase an autographed, CD copy of "Congratulations", please visit my new online merchandise store. I have tons of cool CD + merch bundles, with autographed/digital versions of the album available. Go here ►►https://maclethal.seenmerch.com/ Please follow me on Instagram as well http://www.instagram.com/maclethal SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!!! Also, I knew I forgot something when I made the video. I wanted to give a big shout-out to my homie Billy Ingles for giving me this idea. He made a suggestion for this rap challenge on one of my other videos and I must've had too much wine last night and it slipped my mind. Thanks BILLY INGLES for the great idea!
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ShareTribe Flex Review:  Examples of Sites Running on Sharetribe Flex (beta)
🔥http://goodkarma.link/sharetribe Try Sharetribe Free & launch your own peer to peer, B2B or sharing economy marketplace today! 🔥 Sharetribe Flex looks super cool - and deeply mysterious - as there is very little information available about how it will differ, or be an improvement tech wise - over the more well known Sharetribe GO product. This I will say: the sites using Flex are beautiful, super smooth, very sexy and very close to the "TRUE AIRBNB" experience, from a visual perspective. I can't wait to test this on a new project - and I can't remember being this excited about a new marketplace style software - in a long time. (Sharetribe is awesome - but this new version - looks beautifully bananas :) http://goodkarma.link/sharetribe - Try Sharetribe Free
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How to write a powerful CV
This video teaches you how to write a powerful CV. For more tips and information about how to prepare for your career after university go to http://www.uu.nl/careerservices. You can find the cv template here: https://students.uu.nl/sites/default/files/cv_template_english.pdf
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Steve Jobs talks about managing people
"we are organized like a startups"
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Google's DeepMind AI Just Taught Itself To Walk
Google's artificial intelligence company, DeepMind, has developed an AI that has managed to learn how to walk, run, jump, and climb without any prior guidance. The result is as impressive as it is goofy. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/businessinsider/ TUMBLR: http://businessinsider.tumblr.com/
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HIIII GUYZZZZ😇😇😇. Thanks for clicking this video. This is a "CURSIVE WRITING FOR BEGINNERS" TUTORIAL video. If you like the video then share it with others and subscribe to the channel. Next CURSIVE WRITING II video will be uploaded soon. THank YOu, music credit :- TITLE :- Haunt CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS :- Silent partner FOLLOW ME ON https://twitter.com/ZESTnZEALL FOLLOW ME ON https://plus.google.com/u/0/106967741224243884788
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Leveling a camper trailer 101.  Very basic examples to show how easy it is.
If you are thinking about trailer camping and wondering if you can do this stuff? Here is an example of leveling. YES, you can do it. No muscle needed. Just common sense and practice. Leveling and stabilizing your unit keeps it comfortable and safe. If you are running on Propane to keep your fridge/freezer cold, you need to be level. Oh, I said Trex Levelers once, I meant LYNX Levelers. :) Happy camping my friends.
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Chahong Hair Style Examples
Examples of how to style hair with Chahong. Very easy to use and comes out great!
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Common Form vs Good Form Running
Examples of the "common form" most runners have with the technique of Good Form Running. Learn to analyze your own technique by looking at the "moment of truth". Go to playmakers.com/goodform for more information
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Various Legato Runs Examples 1
Just practicing some different (some similar, LOL) legato runs.
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Most People Do HIIT Cardio Wrong – How to Do HIIT
Click Here to Subscribe: http://Bit.ly/ThomasVid Website: http://ThomasDeLauer.com Most People Do HIIT Cardio Wrong – How to Do HIIT - Thomas DeLauer High intensity interval training is a whole different ball game than what most people think that it is, and in this video, I want to give you a breakdown of a) what high intensity interval training really is, but b) what kind of cardio you should be doing when you're intermittent fasting, or what you need to know to at least make an informed decision. The first thing I want to talk about before I even get into anything that has to do with fasting is truly give you the breakdown of what high intensity interval training should truly look like and what you're actually trying to accomplish. Most people look at high intensity interval training as just this way to get a crazy lung burner, just an awesome workout where you feel like you just torched a bunch of calories. That's all fine and dandy but it doesn't always elicit the best metabolic response and it doesn't always elicit the best body composition response. You don't always get the desired outcome. You may feel like you accomplished something, but that's not because high intensity interval training is bad, it's because most people are doing it wrong. Here's the thing. When we're doing high intensity interval training, we are activating the anaerobic system of the body. So I want you to think of high intensity interval training cardio the same way that you would think of weight training. Weight training operates with the same metabolic business in your body that high intensity interval training does. It's utilizing carbohydrates as a source of fuel. What that means is you're in that rep range of maybe 6 reps all the way up to 15 reps in the weight room, well it's the same kind of thing that you're burning when you're doing a high intensity interval training workout. Let me give you an example of what most people think HIIT looks like. Most people will go ahead and they'll do one minute of high intensity exercise and then one minute off, then they'll go back and they'll do one minute on and one minute off. This is great to [inaudible 00:01:45] a process, I understand that it makes it easy, but that's not how the body works. The body doesn't necessarily know what one minute is or what two minutes are. The body just knows when it's fully fatigued or not. The whole idea with high intensity interval training is you need to, 100%, be pushing it to the max, and then recovering for however long it takes, whether it's 30 seconds, one minute, two minutes, to be able to be fully recovered to give it 100% again. So it varies from person to person on how long the rest period should be. It is absolutely not uniform. So for example, you should be doing your high intensity training all the way, pedal to the metal for like 15, 20 seconds, because quite honestly, that's about how much energy you have stored up in your body to really perform at 90 to 100%. If you're going longer than 20 or 25 seconds, then you're not pushing it at 90 or 100%. Plain and simple, period. You should be going all the way, then recovering as much as you possibly need to to be able to afford to push it 100% again. If you're going at one minute on, one minute off, you're probably going something like 50, 60% of your maximum and then just recovering for however long it takes. That doesn't really add up. We need to elicit the metabolic response that we get when we would normally weight train, where we're going all the way to failure. Now let's talk about how this applies with fasting. When you are in a fasted state, your body is not utilizing carbohydrates as a source of fuel. When you are fasted, your body is using ketones. It's using fat. It turns fats into ketones. When you are doing high intensity interval training, you're utilizing carbs. Now I hear a lot of people talking about how high intensity interval training is going to help them get into a fasted state easier. Not really the case. You see, once you're already fasting, your body just stores the glycogen and puts it away. It's not like you have to burn through all your glycogen first before you start burning fat. It's really just how long you are going without eating before your body starts using fat. So it's not like you have to drain your tank and then start using fats. Doesn't quite work all the way like that, although it does in some cases, but high intensity interval training isn't gonna get you to the benefits of fasting any faster.
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The "G Run" - 6 Examples | BLUEGRASS Guitar Lesson with TAB
The most famous lick in all of bluegrass - the 'G Run'. Maybe you know of it, maybe you use it all the time. In this lesson, we break down this famous guitar run from the beginning. We also look at different examples from great pickers over the years - Del Mccoury, Tony Rice, Doc Watson and Norman Blake. A great way to 'Bluegrassify' your playing. It can be used in a rhythm and a lead context and can be played many different ways. I include the tab for each version and also dive into how to build solos out of these runs. Learn the different versions of this run and improve your soloing. Watch the full lesson video, MP3 Backing Tracks, PDF tab sheet and TEF file at ➜ https://brandonjohnsonguitar.com/product/the-g-run-beginner-bluegrass-guitar-lesson/ See more guitar lesson videos at ➜ https://brandonjohnsonguitar.com Subscribe for free lessons and video updates ➜ http://eepurl.com/c3Lhn1 ** GEAR ** Picks (Dunlop 208) ➜ https://amzn.to/2vAMTMd Capo (Shubb Deluxe Series) ➜ https://amzn.to/2vASZML Strings (Elixir Phosphor Bronze) ➜ https://amzn.to/2MBWYiK Tuner (Peterson StroboClip Strobe Tuner) ➜ https://amzn.to/2Mept97 Guitar (Martin HD-28V) ➜ https://amzn.to/2Mfb38D Humidify! (Dampit Guitar Humidifier) ➜ https://amzn.to/2MdCAaE (Room Humidifier) ➜ https://amzn.to/2vyMUjN Microphone (Blue Baby Bottle Condenser Mic) ➜ https://amzn.to/2MzSB7P
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Wide Receiver Training - Pro Route Running Examples
Premium route running training videos: http://fbmentor.me/wrt4 The Art of Playing Wide Receiver by Coach Eric Van Tassel: PDF eBook with videos: http://fbmentor.me/ebwr iBook for iPad: http://fbmentor.me/ibwr This video gives examples of Professional receivers running pass routes. A detailed explanation on how the route is being run against the coverage is given prior to every pass route example so that the viewer has an understanding of what the receiver is trying to do against the defensive back. These pass routes show how a receiver must be able to release to either side of a defensive back in press coverage regardless of the pass route and how a receiver must stem an off-man defender to keep that defender off-balance. There are great examples of stacking, stemming, pressure techniques, swim techniques, run-a-way techniques, footwork, proper route angles, how to attack the football, and line releases.
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The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning
PARKOUR AND FREERUNNING MERCH HERE: http://goo.gl/22L4nf Get featured on StuntsAmazing: http://stuntsamazing.com/submit WORLD'S BEST PARKOUR 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ9tug2JnMg ▼Follow Us Instagram: https://instagram.com/stuntsamazing Twitter: https://twitter.com/stuntsamazing Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stuntsamazing Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/stuntsamazing Google Plus:http://goo.gl/3n5ZTV Parkour Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParkourPlusF... 1st Music: Kraddy - Android Porn Kraddy's website: http://www.kraddyodaddy.com/ 2nd Music: Timeflies - Glad you Came Channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/timeflies... 3rd Music: Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin Maduk's Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/madukdnb Official StuntsAmazing Google +:https://plus.google.com/b/10895650333... Official StuntsAmazing Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/stuntsamazing Videos- "Unbounded Motion - http://www.youtube.com/cionn Team Farang:http://www.youtube.com/user/teamfarang Tempest Freerunning: http://www.youtube.com/user/tempestfr... Inmotion: http://www.youtube.com/user/inmotioncz Will Parkour: http://www.youtube.com/user/willparkour Jonnas1991: http://www.youtube.com/user/jonnas1991 UrbanSenseTeam: http://www.youtube.com/user/UrbanSens... Airwipp: http://www.youtube.com/user/airwipp MRfraame: http://www.youtube.com/user/MRfraame Kuma Films:http://www.youtube.com/user/kumakumaf... For Business Inquiries contact: [email protected]
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Running Late Hairstyles
These easy hairstyles are perfect for when you are running late. SHOP LUXY HAIR: http://www.bit.ly/LuxyHairExtensions All you will need to complete these looks are: - bobby pins - hair elastics - hairspray - teasing brush - hair donut Love you! xx Mimi ♥ Instagram - http://instagram.com/luxyhair ♥ instagram Mimi - http://instagram.com/mimiikonn ♥ Facebook - Luxy Hair - http://www.facebook.com/luxyhair COMMENT RULES: Everyone is welcome to our channel which is like our home. Here we treat you to an entertaining video that we put a lot of work and love into and we expect our guests to be polite and respectful. Wouldn't you expect the same? We do not tolerate any rude or irrelevant comments. If these rules are not followed, the comment will be deleted and the user may be blocked. Spread LOVE and thank you for watching!
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The Speech that Made Obama President
In 2004, a one-term senator from Illinois took the stage to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. By the time Barack Obama had finished speaking, Democrats across the country knew they had seen the future of their party. Political speech experts featured in this episode include: Michael A. Cohen Author, Live From The Campaign Trail Mario Cuomo Former Governor of New York Robert Lehrman Chief Speechwriter for Vice President Gore and Professor of Speechwriting, American University Charlton McIlwain Professor of Communication, New York University Jeff Shesol Speechwriter for President Clinton and Founding Partner, West Wing Writers PODIUM is a bi-weekly series that embraces the art of public speaking and honors those with something to say. From historic political speeches, to contemporary commencement addresses, to wedding toasts, the series explores various genres of speechmaking and provides inspiring, insightful analysis including "how-to" content. Created and produced by @radical.media, THNKR gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, places and thinking that will change your mind. Follow @THNKR on Twitter for the latest! Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thnkrtv Check out what we're into on Tumblr: http://thnkrtv.tumblr.com/
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Citation Style Guides with APA examples
A UVic Libraries Research Help Video about citation styles and style guides. Created in Camtasia Studio 8 Music from incompetech.com Footage from Prelinger Archives.
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True Power of Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu shows us what it's capable of. Comment and tell me what you wanna see! I'll be uploading new videos now! Watch my other Shaolin videos here: http://youtu.be/mpGsQuWe9Zg?list=PL57A76CCFF4B4B457 http://youtu.be/eeFY5aKY98M Watch a remastered version of this video! http://youtu.be/p8nTD7r1gas
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How To Find Your Rap Voice (w/ Major Artist Examples) | SmartRapper.com
Rap Voice E-book - http://www.smartrapper.com/the-ultimate-how-to-find-your-coolest-rap-voice-in-15-minutes-e-book-pdf/ Free Rap Voice Guide --- http://www.smartrapper.com/signup/ How To Find Your Rap Voice Please Subscribe For Yourself :) https://www.youtube.com/user/NovieNovak Full Article On This: http://www.smartrapper.com/ OUTLINE OF HOW TO FIND YOUR RAPPER VOICE ARTICLE The most effective method to discover your rapper voice introduction The primary thing I am going to specify is that your item, your music, is the thing that speaks to you more than anything to the world. In the event that your music isn't great… .. It will make accomplishing the largest amounts and all the more vitally, keeping it, actually unimaginable. Before I even begin this part I am going to call attention to that there is not anything in this aide on the most proficient method to make tunes, compose better verses, make hit melodies, the privileged insights of composing and so forth. This aide is only to build a fan base. Albeit, a percentage of the data runs along the lines of the creation to help you. I am currently making an ENTIRE manual for making tunes, figuring out how to compose madly well including the greater part of my insider facts and substantially more. I will be making a whole mixtape starting with no outside help and record and clarify each and every piece of it as I do it, and you get the chance to join the procedure to take in my methods. :) I'm VERY eager to do that! Level 1 – Part 1 The most effective method to Find Your Rapper Voice How Do I locate my best voice to record my music? I'll begin with something that will improve you right away feel. Most craftsman detest their voices at in the first place, I know I did. You ought to have heard the greater part of the voices I attempted until I at last acknowledged simply acting naturally worked best for me to vary my vocals around to construct the style more. I sat down with an exceptionally understood rapper and ate, he particularly brought up how he HATES his voice, yet who cares.. others appears to cherish it, isn't that so? There are things to consider with the voice, you can do anything from a laid back verging on whispering voice style to a full out shouting rap style. Which one of these best fits your voice? When you shout you may have a madly cool voice once you build up your style with it. Then again perhaps a laid back voice you have is your coolest rap voice? If it's not too much trouble comprehend that the voice is the voice, your stream is something totally isolate that you additionally manufacture. Step by step instructions to Find Your Rapper Voice is somewhat of a test, yet you will get it! Adding to a decent stream with a cool voice is vital to fabricating your style and subsequently picking up fans. When somebody loves the sound of someones voice, they have a tendency to associate quicker, paying little respect to expressive substance or theme matter. They search for verses AFTER they hear the voice and sound, not some time recently. Check Out These Other Game Changing Articles YouTube Software http://www.SmartRapper.com/TA Best Instagram Software For Rappers: http://www.SmartRapper.com/FA Wanna See My CRAZY Life Story? http://www.MyCrazyLifeStory.com Say Hi On IG I Say Hi back http://www.Instagram.com/NoviNovak http://www.Facebook.com/NoviNovakFans http://www.Twitter.com/NoviNovak SnapChat = IamnoV Please Click Here To Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/NovieNovak Join My E-mail list for free guides and tricks I don't share on here! http://www.smartrapper.com/signup/
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Chairing a meeting
Watch and practice how to run a staff meeting:) (OUP property)
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GdkGL examples running in Mir
Mir display server runnig GdkGL demos using a GdkGLContext backend.
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Bill Poulos Presents: Call Options & Put Options Explained In 8 Minutes (Options For Beginners)
Bill Poulos and Profits Run Present: How To Trade Options: Calls & Puts Call options & put options are explained simply in this entertaining and informative 8 minute training video which uses 2 cartoon-based scenarios to help you learn how to trade call options and how to trade put options. If you've ever been confused by calls and puts in the past, this video will clear up any confusion you may have had. Also, if you're looking to learn how to trade options, you will learn some simple options trading strategies in this short video. For more training, get my free "dummies" guide to options trading here: http://www.prtradingresearch.com/simple-options-youtube3
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Up and Running with jQuery || jquery tutorial for beginners with examples #1
Up and Running with jQuery || jquery tutorial for beginners with examples #1 As indicated by W3 Techs use insights, jQuery is the most broadly utilized Javascript library on the planet. Over 72% of all sites utilize jQuery for dynamic substance. jQuery has turned into the spine for all advanced web systems like Angular js, Node js and Bootstrap. The purpose behind this is Javascript alone takes much too long to create in the present quick paced startup culture. Web Development ought to be proficient and less mistake inclined. jQuery tends to this very issue and businesses now think more about the aptitude you have in jQuery so you can get straight down to business with whatever web-system it is that they might utilize. jQuery is truly a fundamental library to do anything helpful in a web venture in an auspicious way! My objective behind making this course was to get you up and running in jQuery to the phase where you are attractive to bosses. I've composed this course to abandon no understudy so anybody with a smidgen of CSS and HTML information can get up and running rapidly with jQuery and secure the sought after aptitudes, for example, DOM Traversal and Manipulation, Event dealing with and Ajax. These are the 3 center ranges required for asserting productivity in the jQuery library required by for all intents and purposes all businesses. The course is loaded with down to earth assignments to test your insight with itemized arrangements so you can ace the substance. I'm sure that this course will demonstrate colossally significant for you! I anticipate seeing you in my course. What are the prerequisites? • Some Experience with HTML and CSS • A tad of javascript encounter What am I going to get from this course? • Students will know how to apply jQuery to their web advancement extends and progress toward becoming occupation prepared for a jQuery part What is the intended interest group? • Some one who knows the essentials of HTML and CSS yet need's make their website pages dynamic and procure certifiable employment prepared involvement in jQuery
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AB Devilliers Style Front Foot Cover Drive Batting Examples in Cricket Nets
AB Devilliers Style Front Foot Cover Drive Batting Examples in Cricket Nets HD Video Tutorial. SUBSCRIBE HERE http://bit.ly/1cN1xyD ab de Villiers is one finest batsmen in moden cricket he has excellent back lift and batting stance he is well known for reverse sweeping for six and taking many catches and getting run outs. This is an example video for my students looking for coaching tips drills and skills to help then improve their cover drives. copy these kinds of shots and watch over again to help develop your cricket and learn how to play Join Us on Face book - https://www.facebook.com/TheCricketSchool Join Us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/CricketSchools Join Us On Google+ google.com/+TheCricketSchool View Our Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com//TheCricketSchool‎
REST API concepts and examples
This video introduces the viewer to some API concepts by making example calls to Facebook's Graph API, Google Maps' API, Instagram's Media Search API, and Twitter's Status Update API. /********** VIDEO LINKS **********/ Youtube's Facebook Page via the Facebook Graph API http://graph.facebook.com/youtube Same thing, this time with filters https://graph.facebook.com/youtube?fields=id,name,likes Google Maps Geocode API call for the city of Chicago http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=Chicago Apigee Instagram API console https://apigee.com/console/instagram HTTP Request Methods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol#Request_methods Postman Chrome Extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/postman-rest-client/fdmmgilgnpjigdojojpjoooidkmcomcm?hl=en Twitter's Status Update documentation. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/post/statuses/update
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Intro to Scrum in Under 10 Minutes
For Scrum software, visit: https://goo.gl/T6F2KX Scrum Overview Diagram:: http://www.scrumhub.com/ What is Agile Scrum? Learn Scrum in under 10 minutes in this video introduction to the Scrum software development methodology. By the end of this fast-paced video, you'll practically be a scrum master. You'll know about burn down charts, team roles, product backlogs, sprints, daily scrums and more. You'll also be ready to start implementing Scrum in your own team. Of course, for an easy to use tool to help implement scrum, you can visit http://www.axosoft.com. #axosoft #agile #scrum #projectmanagement #kanban
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Figured Bass Beginning Examples
This video runs you through two beginner examples of figured bass. Sorry for a few rough cuts.
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Alanis Morissette - Ironic (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
The official music video for Alanis Morissette's "Ironic." The 3rd single from her third studio album, Jagged Little Pill (1995). It was written by Morissette and Glen Ballard. The music video was directed by Stéphane Sednaoui. Alanis Morissette’s, “Jagged Little Pill” turns 20 years old this year! Re-visit the classic album from Alanis here! https://itunes.apple.com/album/jagged-little-pill/id79989523 Connect with Alanis Morissette here! http://alanis.com/ https://www.facebook.com/alanismorissette https://twitter.com/alanis https://instagram.com/alanis https://soundcloud.com/alanismorissette
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Neil Strauss "Picks Up" on Jessica Alba- Jimmy Kimmel show
Neil Strauss on Jimmy Kimmel talks about his book THE GAME with Jimmy and Jessica Alba, learn from his former HEAD coach http://stephengrosch.com/
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Diatonic Progression Backing Tracks - Run Through & Examples
Hey guys! This is just an examples of the type of modes that can be played over the recent backing tracks posted. The idea is to break you out of a box position and introduce different ways of approaching your lead playing and phrasing, as it can get frustrating playing the same pattern over an ever changing song or backing track! All we are doing is changing the tonic with the chord, for example the C Major (Ionian) scale, playing the same notes (C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C), but changing to that particular chord in that progression, for example D Minor (D - E - F - G - A - B - C etc). The order of Chord Progressions are: 1st Chord - (C) - Tonic 2nd Chord - (D) - Super Tonic 3rd Chord - (E) - Mediant 4th Chord - (F) - Subdominant 5th Chord - (G) - Dominant 6th Chord - (A) - Sub Mediant 7th Chord - (B) - Leading Tone (Note) Any questions feel free to let me know, hope this helps, enjoy and have fun! www.facebook.com/riffageworkshop
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If you like this video, please subscribe&share. Make sure you click the bell button so you can get notified when I upload a new video. Follow us on Facebook and watch exclusive motivational videos: https://www.facebook.com/venagfit/ When Mat Fraser was asked during the 2016 Crossfit Regionals "Why do you want to win first place". He replied "because you don't picture yourself second on the podium, second place sucks". CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting. CrossFit, Inc. describes its strength and conditioning program as "constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains," with the stated goal of improving fitness, which it defines as "work capacity across broad time and modal domains." Hour-long classes at affiliated gyms, or "boxes", typically include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity "workout of the day" (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching. Some gyms also often have a strength focused movement prior to the WOD. Performance on each WOD is often scored and/or ranked to encourage competition and to track individual progress. Some affiliates offer additional classes, such as Olympic weightlifting, which are not centered around a WOD. CrossFit gyms use equipment from multiple disciplines, including barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, resistance bands, rowing machines, and various mats. CrossFit is focused on "constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement," drawing on categories and exercises such as these: calisthenics, Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, Strongman-type events, plyometrics, body weight exercises, indoor rowing, aerobic exercise, running, and swimming. CrossFit programming is decentralized but its general methodology is used by thousands of private affiliated gyms, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations including the Royal Danish Life Guards, as well as by some U.S. and Canadian high school physical education teachers, high school and college sports teams, and the Miami Marlins. "CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of 10 recognized fitness domains," says founder Greg Glassman in the Foundations document. Those domains are: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. CrossFit's growing interest internationally has also created a spike in Olympic weightlifting interest in the United States. The "CrossFit Games" have been held every summer since 2007. Athletes at the Games compete in workouts they learn about only hours beforehand, sometimes including surprise elements that are not part of the typical CrossFit regimen. Past examples include a rough-water swim, a softball throw, and a pegboard climb.The Games are styled as a venue for determining the "Fittest on Earth," where competitors should be "ready for anything." Comment down if you like to see more videos with professional crossfit athletes. If you have any suggestions or you want to see a compilation with your favourite athlete PM me or leave a comment down. I don't own any of this footage so if someone have some problem with that, just PM me and I will remove it. Big part of the footage in this video was taken from the original Crossfit channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CrossFitHQ. So you can go and Subscribe for their channel.
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Giving Feedback - 3 Funny Examples of Giving Employee Feedback
Giving Feedback - 3 Funny Examples of Giving Employee Feedback. Giving feedback doesn’t have to be hard. Shari Harley’s funny communication skills training video demonstrates three examples of giving feedback in a minute and forty one seconds. Giving feedback fast is better than spending 20 or 90 minutes giving feedback. Get the words to tell an employee he smells, that she shows too much cleavage at work, or to put away her cell phone at work. Giving feedback can be fast and easy when you follow keynote speaker and trainer Shari Harley’s eight step giving feedback formula. Follow Shari Harley’s giving feedback formula and give feedback that changes behavior quickly and easily. Giving feedback doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. Learn more about Shari Harley and Candid Culture's communication skills training programs and keynote speeches at http://www.candidculture.com. Read more about Shari Harley at http://www.candidculture.com and http://www.howtosayanythingtoanyone.com. About Shari Harley Shari Harley is the founder and President of Candid Culture, a Denver-based training firm that is bringing candor back to the workplace, making it easier to give feedback at work. Harley is the author of the business communication book How to Say Anything to Anyone: A Guide to Building Business Relationships that Really Work. She is a keynote speaker at conferences and does giving feedback training throughout the U.S. Read more about Shari Harley’s giving feedback training at http://www.candidculture.com and http://www.howtosayanythingtoanyone.com. . Giving Feedback - 3 Funny Examples of Giving Employee Feedback
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Learn APA Style - Section 7.01-7.11 - Reference examples
This video covers the seventh section of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) on reference examples. Subjects discussed include the referencing of periodicals (such as research journals, magazines, and newspapers), books (including book chapters, encyclopedias, dictionaries, out-of-print books, and subject-specific reference books like the DSM-5), technical reports, meetings, symposia, doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, reviews, peer commentary, and blogs. DOI numbers and URLs are also discussed. This video is a supplement to the book Learn APA Style: Writing in Psychology and the Social Sciences by Mark Hatala, Ph.D. and is presented by the author. Table of Contents: 00:16 - Periodicals and books 01:00 - Periodical references 01:57 - Periodical references 02:13 - DOI numbers 03:45 - Magazines and newspapers 04:40 - Book references 05:51 - Book references 06:35 - Translations 07:20 - Technical and research reports 08:14 - Meetings and symposia 09:01 - Dissertations and theses 09:51 - Reviews 10:52 - Audiovisual media 11:57 - Reference omissions 12:22 - Online communities 13:14 - Odds and ends 14:07 - Finally! 14:24 - All your problems solved
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Cursive Writing A to Z - Improve Your Handwriting | small & capital letters for kids and beginners
How to write cursive letters. Learning with Monkey Manu makes handwriting fun! Cursive Writing by eLearnin eLementary is designed to help every child learn how to write capital and small letters A to Z in cursive handwriting. Watch kindergarten/preschool/primary school videos for Cursive writing a to z. Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz In this tutorial video for kids you can learn how to write cursive letters. Like, Share and Subscribe! Like Monkey Manu's page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeyMonkeyManu/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
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How to Shoot Better Tracking Shots [Examples of #Trackingshots]
Create your FREE Shot List ►► http://bit.ly/2SIqOW1 In today’s essay on video production, we give you a modern tracking shot definition and show you various tracking shot examples, including some of the best tracking shots and dolly shots. Then we break down how you can build your own effective tracking shot for your next project. Perfect this technique so that you can use it in 2019! If you’re like us, you LOVE a good tracking shot. That’s because there are so many different ways to do them, and that gives filmmakers an opportunity to build their own visual style through the use of a complex tracking shot or dolly shot. We show you examples of tracking shots in movies, and then break down some of the really important creative decisions to keep in mind when planning your own tracking shot. Then we discuss how to approach the camera movement in your tracking shot or dolly shot. The 3 things to keep in mind are: 1. Location - How does your location help you create an interesting tracking shot? It should play a huge part, both from a visual and narrative standpoint and if your location is a character itself, even better. You want to find a location with some columns or angles that facilitate a big reveal. 2. Production Design - Location is all about the ‘what was there before, and what will be there after’. Production Design is about what you create and what you bring. Want to do a particularly difficult and mind-boggling tracking shot? Consider using a clever production design to achieve your goals. 3. Blocking - How you move principal and background actors in your scene can take your tracking shot to the next level. That’s because you can use them to motivate camera movement, to keep up energy, to make statements, to generate subtext, or to drive the story forward. What about Camera Movement? How you move your camera is the last element of your tracking shot: 1. Speed - This is how quickly your camera moves throughout the scene. If you are moving rather quickly, you will likely create a more energetic pace for your scene. You can use camera speed to contradict the content of the scene to evoke some seriously confusing emotions in the viewer. 2. Stability - How stable your camera is will have a direct effect on how the viewer digests the visual information on the screen. If the camera is super smooth, it might help you generate confidence in the viewer. If your camera is shakey, it may reinforce the dire circumstances of your scene. 3. Duration - Duration is how long your actual scene runs. If you want to tire your audience out or create a sense of endlessness, have your tracking shot go super long. Want to get through information quickly? Send it bro! No rules - just results. Just don’t be boring! We go even further in the video, so start watching and learn more about tracking shots today! #filmmaking #cinematography #trackingshots #besttrackingshots -- Music: "Find That Groove" by Hill: http://bit.ly/2JNwY3i "Eventinus" by Falls: http://bit.ly/2JNxaj2 -- SUBSCRIBE to StudioBinder’s YouTube channel! ►► http://bit.ly/2hksYO0 Looking for a project management platform for your filmmaking? StudioBinder is an intuitive project management solution for video creatives; create shooting schedules, breakdowns, production calendars, shot lists, storyboards, call sheets and more. Try StudioBinder for FREE today and see the difference: https://studiobinder.com/pricing ––– Join us on Social Media! ––– Instagram ►► https://www.instagram.com/studiobinder Facebook ►► https://www.facebook.com/studiobinderapp Twitter ►► https://www.twitter.com/studiobinder Pinterest ►► https://www.pinterest.com/studiobinde0545/ LinkedIn ►► https://www.linkedin.com/company/studio-binder
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Bootstrap Tutorial For Beginners 1 # How to Download and Install Bootstrap + Introduction
Searches related to install bootstrap on windows how to install bootstrap on windows 7 how to install bootstrap on wordpress how to install bootstrap framework how to install bootstrap theme how to install bootstrap in visual studio 2012 how to install bootstrap in visual studio 2013 how to install bootstrap on ubuntu how to install bootstrap with bower Searches related to bootstrap website bootstrap website examples bootstrap website design bootstrap website tutorial bootstrap website templates bootstrap website builder bootstrap website templates free download bootstrap website demo bootstrap website inspiration Searches related to bootstrap web design best bootstrap designs bootstrap web design template bootstrap web design examples bootstrap web design software bootstrap web design tutorial bootstrap web design tool bootstrap web design inspiration getbootstrap
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OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video
Website | www.okgo.net Instagram | www.instagram.com/okgo Twitter | www.twitter.com/okgo Facebook | www.facebook.com/okgo Store | https://shop.bandwear.com/collections/ok-go-shop Director: James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs. Producer: Shirley Moyers. The official video for the recorded version of "This Too Shall Pass" off the album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The "machine" was designed and built by the band, along with members of Syyn Labs ( http://syynlabs.com/ ) over the course of several months. There is an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the warehouse here: http://www.okgo.net/this-too-shall-pass-rube-goldberg-machine/ OK Go thanks State Farm for making this video possible.
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APA Style and Format Guidelines: Concrete Examples -- Rey Ty
APA Style and Format Guidelines: Concrete Examples -- Rey Ty
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Running the Advanced Contexts and Dependency Injection Examples
Running the Advanced Contexts and Dependency Injection Examples TO DOWNLOAD AND VIEW THE PDF VERSION PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8lDolcJZJP9MkpxaEhGbHNDOVk THIS MATERIAL BEEN TAKEN FROM Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Tutorial FROM http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/documentation/index.html
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NES C Programming Examples
This video shows examples of programming for the NES game console in C language, using cc65 and my low level library neslib. Video may look not very smooth, as it is 30 FPS, but all examples running at 60 FPS. Download examples: http://shiru.untergrund.net/files/src/cc65_nes_examples.zip Read article: http://shiru.untergrund.net/articles/programming_nes_games_in_c.htm
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Team Adrenaline Running Economy-After
These are examples of efficient running which will help to: avoid injuries, run stronger, run longer, run faster and enjoy running more by not working so hard. www.adreanalinesportsusa.com [email protected] Private/Group Lessons available-Richmond, Va. only
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Nike: Find Your Greatness
Nike's 2012 "Find Your Greatness" campaign. Bravo!
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Awesome Homes with Gambrel Roofs (Photo Examples)
Awesome Homes with Gambrel Roofs (Photo Examples) Terrific gallery featuring homes with GAMBREL roofs. Diverse collection so you can see many gambrel roof options. I remember the first time I saw a home with a Gambrel roof. It was a gorgeous, large home down the road from a childhood friend’s home. My first thought was that it was a barn turned into a home. As a kid I thought that was a pretty cool concept. Later, of course, I learned that most homes with a gambrel roof were not converted barns, but instead the home was built with the gambrel roof design. What is a gambrel roof? A gambrel roof is a gable roof design with 4 sides instead of 2 sides. The top sides are not as steeply sloping as the bottom sides. Gambrel Roof implementation The gambrel style can be implemented in many ways into a roof design such as: • Gable gambrel • Dormer gambrel • Valley gambrel (juts out) Check out our pictures of homes with gambrel roofs below to get a sense of the many gambrel roof designs you can implement. 1. Home with an intricate roof design that includes a gambrel design along with other roof styles such as gable. 2. Classic gambrel roof running full length of the home. 3. Here’s a gambrel roof with a large overhang in the front creating a covered porch. 4. Gambrel roof with no overhang. 5. Main home has gambrel roof and attached garage has gable roof. 6. Three story brick home with gambrel roof. 7. Large home with multiple gambrel sections including running the full length of the home as well as large gambrel shaped dormers. 8. Classic gambrel roof with slight overhang. 9. Gambrel roof with no overhang on sides and no overhang on ends. 10. Home with front facing gambrel roof along with matching gambrel shaped dormer. 11. Photograph of a quaint red gambrel roof style cottage home. 12. Magnificent shingle-style home with gambrel roof design. 13. Interesting home with a combo gambrel and gable roof over the garage. The gable sits atop the gambrel. 14. End of the gambrel roof serves as front of the home. Dormers are different styles including sloped and gable. 15. Picture of a home with a gambrel roof with sloped dormers. The bottom of the gambrel flares outward with a slight bow. 16. Interesting gambrel roof with one side of the roof extending much further down than the other side. 17. Gambrel shape viewed from front of the home. 18. Classic vacation shingle-style home with large gambrel roof.
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Six Examples of How Second-Story Walls Are Supported – Structural Framing and Engineering
http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com/engineering/index.html Click on this link for more information about structural engineering and new home construction. If you visit the link above you will find more information about structural engineering and floor framing, because I broke it down into six separate videos. Don't forget to visit our other channels to learn more about construction, building and engineering.
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How Donald Trump Answers A Question
HELP ME MAKE MORE VIDEOS: http://www.patreon.com/nerdwriter VISIT WISECRACK HERE: http://bit.ly/1xPTaB7 TUMBLR: http://thenerdwriter.tumblr.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheeNerdwriter Email me here: [email protected] SOURCES: Barton Swaim, “How Donald Trump’s language works for him” (via The Washington Post) September 15, 2015 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/09/15/how-trump-speak-has-pushed-the-donald-into-first-place/ Emily Atkin, “What Language Experts Find So Strange About Donald Trump” (via ThinkProgress) 2015 http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2015/09/15/3701215/donald-trump-talks-funny-2/ Matt Viser, “For presidential hopefuls, simpler language resonates” (via The Boston Globe) October 20, 2015 https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2015/10/20/donald-trump-and-ben-carson-speak-grade-school-level-that-today-voters-can-quickly-grasp/LUCBY6uwQAxiLvvXbVTSUN/story.html Jack Shafer, “Donald Trump Talks Like a Third-Grader” (via Politico) 2015 http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/08/donald-trump-talks-like-a-third-grader-121340 ALL THE MUSIC COMES FROM HERE: https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday
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