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ORA 00054  resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified
ORA 00054 resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified Find More details Here: http://oracletech2u.blogspot.com/2014/03/ora-00054-resource-busy-and-acquire.html
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02 Shared Lock & Exclusive Lock In oracle database table lock
Purpose Use the LOCK TABLE statement to lock one or more tables, table partitions, or table subpartitions in a specified mode. This lock manually overrides automatic locking and permits or denies access to a table or view by other users for the duration of your operation. Some forms of locks can be placed on the same table at the same time. Other locks allow only one lock for a table. A locked table remains locked until you either commit your transaction or roll it back, either entirely or to a savepoint before you locked the table. A lock never prevents other users from querying the table. A query never places a lock on a table. Readers never block writers and writers never block readers. See Also: Oracle Database Concepts for a complete description of the interaction of lock modes COMMIT ROLLBACK SAVEPOINT Prerequisites The table or view must be in your own schema or you must have the LOCK ANY TABLE system privilege, or you must have any object privilege on the table or view. ROW SHARE ROW SHARE permits concurrent access to the locked table but prohibits users from locking the entire table for exclusive access. ROW SHARE is synonymous with SHARE UPDATE, which is included for compatibility with earlier versions of Oracle Database. ROW EXCLUSIVE ROW EXCLUSIVE is the same as ROW SHARE, but it also prohibits locking in SHARE mode. ROW EXCLUSIVE locks are automatically obtained when updating, inserting, or deleting. SHARE UPDATE See ROW SHARE. SHARE SHARE permits concurrent queries but prohibits updates to the locked table. SHARE ROW EXCLUSIVE SHARE ROW EXCLUSIVE is used to look at a whole table and to allow others to look at rows in the table but to prohibit others from locking the table in SHARE mode or from updating rows. EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE permits queries on the locked table but prohibits any other activity on it. NOWAIT Specify NOWAIT if you want the database to return control to you immediately if the specified table, partition, or table subpartition is already locked by another user. In this case, the database returns a message indicating that the table, partition, or subpartition is already locked by another user. WAIT Use the WAIT clause to indicate that the LOCK TABLE statement should wait up to the specified number of seconds to acquire a DML lock. There is no limit on the value of integer. If you specify neither NOWAIT nor WAIT, then the database waits indefinitely until the table is available, locks it, and returns control to you. When the database is executing DDL statements concurrently with DML statements, a timeout or deadlock can sometimes result. The database detects such timeouts and deadlocks and returns an error.
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Resourse Busy demo.mp4
Demo on 11g parameter ddl_lock_timeout parameter
SQL Error ORA-00942 Table or View Does Not Exist in Oracle Database
How to use Tab View (Data Dictionary) of Oracle Database to solve the SQL Error ORA-00942 Table or View Does Not Exist error in Oracle Database ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ►►►LINKS◄◄◄ Blog: http://bit.ly/ora-00942 Previous Tutorial ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and be the 1st one to see my videos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►►►Find me on Social Media◄◄◄ Follow What I am up to as it happens on https://twitter.com/rebellionrider http://instagram.com/rebellionrider https://plus.google.com/+Rebellionrider http://in.linkedin.com/in/mannbhardwaj/ ___Facebook Official Page of Manish Sharma___ https://www.facebook.com/TheRebellionRider/ ___Facebook Official Page of RebellionRider.com___ https://www.facebook.com/RebellionRider.official/ You can also Email me at for E-mail address please check the About section Please please LIKE and SHARE my videos it makes me happy. Thanks for liking, commenting, sharing and watching more of our videos This is Manish from RebellionRider.com ♥ I LOVE ALL MY VIEWERS AND SUBSCRIBERS
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#nowait update 1
#NOWAIT Release Date!! Sept. 6th 2011
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oracle in select
oracle in select
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Avoiding ORA 01555
How to avoid ORA-01555. Music: https://www.bensound.com
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How to fix Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation
Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. c# - Timeout expired How to remove Timeout expired coding in c# public void CreateSqlCommand() bracket open SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(); command.CommandTimeout = 50; command.CommandType = CommandType.Text; bracket close How to fix Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding
Oracle of Seasons-Episode 22: Cylon Tigers
He's a Cylon...no wait. Maybe it's you! Shiny Sprites are James and Mike!
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xml update
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PMON Process   Oracle DBA Tutorials for the Beginners   RR TECHNOSOFT
RR Technosoft is one of the best ORACLE DBA training institute in Ameerpet,Hyderabad.We provide the best training for ORACLE DBA with an experienced faculty with course material and 24*7 lab facility.
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The listener supports no services
The listener supports no services Find More details Here: http://oracletech2u.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-listener-supports-no-services.html
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How to check your mobile number in GP:Aktel:Airtel:Banglalink in Bangladesh
How to check your mobile number in GP:Aktel:Airtel:Banglalink in Bangladesh Find More details Here: http://oracletech2u.blogspot.com/2014/03/how-to-check-your-mobile-number-in.html
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My Slideshow
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)
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The Progressive Case Against Obama: Matt Stoller & Sam Seder's Heated Debate
Sam hosted a near hour long heated interview with veteran activist and Naked Capitalism Contributing Editor Matt Stoller. Matt argued that Obama's policy agenda was regressiveby design, that both major parties are pushing the United States towards petro state status and that progressives should consider voting for a third party as an affirmation of their rejection of the Obama/Romney choice. Sam pushed back against Matt on the consequences of a Romney Presidency for the Supreme Court and emphasised that voting for Obama did not mean that you opposed organizing toward genuine reform. Both Sam and Matt agreed that movement building was was essential for the future no matter who wins the election. This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM
Pomona College Commencement 2015
The 2015 Pomona College Commencement in Claremont, California, on May 17, 2015. Speakers include seniors Deborah Frempong '15 and Cameron Cook '15; U.S. Digital Service Administrator Michael (Mikey) Dickerson '01; Andrew Hoyem '57, founder of Arion Press; Judge Stephen Reinhardt '51 of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; and the Commencement speaker, National Science Foundation Director France Córdova.
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SECSRT 064 I'm Ready To Talk About The Carousel
Shane Bailey is joined by Drew Young, Blair Smyly and Chris Gray to discuss the SEC National Championship Game and of course Alabama and Georgia are front and canter of that conversation. They also look at the 4 corners of the SEC and how 3 of these 4 schools found their coach. That leaves lots to discuss on the Tennessee coaching front. All this and more on this weeks SECSRT.
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