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Product Reliability Testing Webinar 1
http://www.westpak.com In this webinar we discuss the elements of product reliability testing done at Westpak, Inc. For more information on Westpak services, visit our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/westpakmedia Westpak, Inc., established in 1986, is a leading independent testing laboratory with facilities in San Jose and San Diego, California. Westpak laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for a wide variety of test procedures. Westpak specializes in product reliability, distribution, packaging, and related custom testing services for pharmaceutical, medical device, solar, technology and other industries. Westpak's philosophy continues to be "Integrity is the priceless component in testing." Visit our website. http://www.westpak.com Connect with us! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/127172/?pathWildcard=127172 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/westpakmedia
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Test Reliability Explained
http://www.ThePsychFiles.com: Are you tone deaf? Are you a high achiever? In this episode of The Psych Files I answer the question: What is reliability and why is it so important for a psychological test to have it?
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Product Reliability Testing - Luxaire
Watch this two and a half minute video about product reliability testing from Luxaire.
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Flexible LED strip products Reliability testing in our laboratory
coolight flexible LED strips' reliability test video www.coolightled.com [email protected]
Products Reliability Testing To Ensure OALE Brand Quality
We always believe that “Quality is OALE's Belief” . Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard and we take a test on every coil before delivered out. Each OALE mobile phone shall pass more than one hundred harsh overall test, including quality test, environmental test, destructive test, aging test, electrical performance test and compatibility test and so on.
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Reliability Demonstration Test Plan Statlet
This Statlet creates test plans that may be used to demonstrate that a product meets specified reliability criteria. For example, a manufacturer may wish to demonstrate that there is at least a 90% chance that a product will still be functioning properly after 1,000 hours of use. The Statlet determines the number of units to test and the duration of the test. Tests may also be created to demonstrate claims regarding the MTTF (mean time to failure) or an unknown value of the failure time distribution parameters. To review more Statlets, please visit our website: http://www.statgraphics.com/.
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Real World Aero Testing #7 - AeroPod Reliability Tests
Please note that this is an impartial video with no paid content. The opinions expressed and testing results presented here are my own. To help me become a faster time-trialist I am testing the equipment I have available to find out what the fastest setup is for me. For this episode, I've conducted reliability tests for the AeroPod. 3 sets of 2 laps on the TT bike and same again on the Road bike. No changes between each set, attempting to keep position and power etc. the same. The objective of these tests is to determine how reliable both the AeroPod and my testing protocol are and whether these can be relied upon for identifying improvements in aerodynamic CdA gains. (Answer: yes it can, but struggles to pick up very small differences).
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Cascade Tek - Vibration Testing and Product Reliability Test Lab - Virtual Tour
View the virtual tour for Cascade Tek, a product reliability and vibration testing lab located in Hillsboro, Oregon.
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Quality at Dräger - Product reliability
Quality is one of the 4 main pillars of Dräger. This video demonstrates some of the stresstests, that Dräger supply units, OR-lights and gas management systems are exposed to, e.g. load tests, long-term endurance tests, laminar flow tests, or earthquake tests. The various test laboratories in Lübeck are among the most efficient accredited facilities in Germany. https://www.draeger.com/en_uk/Hospital/Workplace-Infrastructure?cid=yt-dg-global-2016-12-13-wpi-quality
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Daktronics Product Reliability Lab
Daktronics pushes each display to its limit at our state-of-the-art product reliability lab.
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HP Elite PC Reliability Testing   Electrostatic shock tests and more
www.apple.com www.google.com/wallet/business/‎ http://www.techdata-store.com/storepage2059378.aspx http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20macbook%20pro%2013%20retina-md212fa-0885909581344 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple-imac-215-md093f-a-0885909585182-all-in-one%20pcs http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20ipad%20retina%20wi-fi%2016gb%20md513nfa http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20iphone%205%2032gb-md299dna-0885909636945 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple-ipad-retina-md510nf-a-0885909652266 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20iphone%205%2016gb-0885909636174-md297ipa http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple-ipad-mini-32gb-wi-fi-md529nfa http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20macbook%20pro%2015%20retina-me665fa-0885909735785 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20ipad%20mini%2016gb%20wi-fi-md531nfa-0885909667581 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20imac%2027-md095fa-0885909585885 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20iphone%205%2064gb-md662kna-0885909637843 http://www.techdata-store.com/product/apple%20macbook%20pro%2015%20retina-me664fa-0885909735327
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Yamaha Pro Audio Product Reliability
Here's a Yamaha Pro Audio Testing Video, In this video you see how yamaha test there products for reliability. Here's a link to the many products we stock. http://www.promenademusic.co.uk/search.asp?query=yamaha&goDept=0&Submit=go
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Reliability- Introduction & Characteristics- Dr. Patanjali Mishra
An EMPC-VMOU Production Dr. Patanjali Mishra Assistant Professor School Of Education VMOU, Kota
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Jurgens Torture Test -- Proving ground reliability testing
Jurgens Caravans conduct comprehensive product testing to prove performance and reliability. See the torture test conducted at Anglesea proving ground.
SE4321 - Reliability Testing
Reliability testing
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EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services_English
EKTOS Testing and Reliability Services A/S in Copenhagen offers accredited testing of different types of electronic devices, including marine and medical equipment. Get in touch with us for an informal talk about your testing needs: [email protected] or +45 7070 1499.
R&D Tests  - 100% Reliability in the Field
Linxens' key strengths include the ability to produce very high volumes of competitively priced products that demonstrate exceptional standards of quality and reliability. These videos mirror our passion for uncompromised quality, based on real tests processed in our Lab.
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Product Reliability Testing Mechanical And Environmental Tests For A Rackmount Network Switch
http://www.westpak.com In this we webinar Westpak, Inc. President and CEO Herb Schueneman and Laboratory Manager Mike Brown provide insights into product reliability testing for mechanical and environmental test for rackmount network switch. For more information on Westpak services, visit our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/westpakmedia Westpak, Inc., established in 1986, is a leading independent testing laboratory with facilities in San Jose and San Diego, California. Westpak laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for a wide variety of test procedures. Westpak specializes in product reliability, distribution, packaging, and related custom testing services for pharmaceutical, medical device, solar, technology and other industries. Westpak's philosophy continues to be "Integrity is the priceless component in testing." Visit our website. http://www.westpak.com Connect with us! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/127172/?pathWildcard=127172 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/westpakmedia
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Mod-4 Lec-18 Reliability
Lecture Series on Industrial Engineering by Prof.Inderdeep Singh, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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How High-Voltage Isolation Technology Works –Reliability Testing
Read this white paper to learn more about Enabling High-Voltage Signal Isolation Quality and Reliability. http://www.ti.com/lit/wp/sszy028/sszy028.pdf Want to understand how high-voltage isolation technology works? Watch and learn about reliability testing for isolation. Filmed in TI's high-voltage lab, this video will focus on the reliability of the working voltage of the reinforced isolation. After a brief review of TI's reinforced isolation technology structure, dive into reliability tests such as TDDB, the standard methodology for determining the lifetime of a dielectric as a function of voltage and Method B1 and Method A high-voltage testing. The video will also breakdown different insulator materials and their tested dielectric strengths. To learn more about TI's reinforced isolation family of products, visit www.ti.com/isolation [1] and read this white paper: Enabling High-Voltage Signal Isolation Quality and Reliability [2]. [1] http://www.ti.com/isolation [2] http://www.ti.com/lit/wp/sszy028/sszy028.pdf
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Reliability Redefined - The Product
UniCarriers looks to its products to define reliability. Taking data derived straight from its customers, UniCarriers applies what's learned to the design and manufacturing of all its products, allowing for greater uptime and productivity.
Austin Reliability Labs - Your Product Reliability Partner
Austin Reliability Labs can help make your product a success story! Recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country with a unique balance of testing, consulting and on-site staffing services, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that goes into the design and development of your product and want to find any problems in an effort to perfect it. We also understand a reputation is something that builds over time, so we focus on establishing long-term partnerships with each of our clients. With that in mind, we not only specialize in writing and developing all of the tests that we perform, but, unlike other labs, we provide pass / fail reports on all of our tests and decipher the results for you in order to maximize your product’s success. We believe quality is infused by finding every flaw in a product and methodically removing each one until the product shines. As a result, only a thorough, comprehensive reliability test program, as provided by ARL, will allow a product to emerge that will earn or maintain an unsullied and clean brand reputation. Learn more at: http://www.austinrl.com/ Militaire Electronic Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Thermotron Webinar: Innovative Advancements in Product Reliability with HALT/HASS
HALT Testing & HASS Testing increases product reliability. Benefits include quick results, rapidly identifying weak links, more robust products, reduced time to market for new products and technology, reduced warranty or recall risks, and efficiently evaluating product cost reduction and redesigns. The webinar will cover the basics of equipment components of HALT HASS, like Environmental Chambers and vibration tables, and the system's applications.
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UTAC CERAM | Endurance & Reliability testing
For over 50 years, our engineers and technicians are performing tests for the automotive industry. UTAC CERAM provides its customers with a broad range of technical services using its own infrastructures and human resources, as well as those of its partners. Reliability tests, onboard measurements, subjective and objective analyses of vehicle handling and chassis development; that is daily what our testing teams perform. http://www.utacceram.com/
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Webinar: Reliability of Materials | Philips Innovation Services
Get an overview of Reliability and how to pro-actively build in reliability during the product creation process. The reliability of your product depends on the materials used, so knowing how materials behave during product use is essential to building in reliability. Sonja Aarts, Consultant in Quality and Reliability in Philips Innovation Services, has nearly 20 years of experience in various areas of Quality and Reliability problem solving. Are you looking for partner to help you in quality and reliability? Check out our services in Design for Reliability Solutions: https://www.innovationservices.philips.com/looking-expertise/design-for-reliability-solutions/ Here she sets out an overview of: #Short introduction to Reliability: Quality vs. Reliability - The distinction between quality and reliability - Introduction to reliability engineering #Reliability of hardware and the Load-Strength-Decay (LSD) model #How to predict the reliability of your product: Pro-actively building in reliability during the product creation process by data-based decision making #Real-life examples
Inside the Reliability Lab - Highlights
What makes or breaks the product experience? Reliability. And testing is a science at Amway. More: bit.ly/2AbvpH4
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Reliability Engineering
www.ul.com/weknowproducts  UL is an industry leader in product reliability engineering, reliability testing and test equipment development.
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Reliability for Product  (in Hindi)
I made this video according to product longibility & comfortably. Please watch full vedio. I will hope all doubt are clear. If any queries please write comments. If like this video ,so please "Like" , "Share" and please don't forget "Subscribe" & ON bell Icon. Thank You.
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Introduction to Physics of Failure Reliability Methods
Nearly 70% of a product’s total cost is determined by its design. That amount of upfront investment requires smart use of resources, like adopting Design for Reliability (DfR) and Physics of Failure (PoF) principles early in the process to achieve optimal product reliability and cost effectiveness. In the Introduction to Physics of Failure Reliability Methods webinar you’ll discover the importance of DfR and PoF in product reliability and insights about: Traditional reliability prediction methods limitations CAE methods for failure mechanism modeling of PCBAs The use of science in understanding failure mechanisms, evaluating useful life under actual operating conditions and product reliability impacts View slides here: http://www.dfrsolutions.com/hubfs/Resources/sherlock/Introduction-to-Physics-of-Failure-Reliability-Methods.pdf
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✪✪✪✪✪ WANT VIDEO LIKE THIS ONE? ORDER IT HERE FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS - http://bit.ly/2IlNl98 ✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ The Audiopedia Android application, INSTALL NOW - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wTheAudiopedia_8069473 ✪✪✪✪✪ What is RELIABILITY ENGINEERING? What does RELIABILITY ENGINEERING mean? RELIABILITY ENGINEERING meaning - RELIABILITY ENGINEERING definition - RELIABILITY ENGINEERING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Reliability engineering is engineering that emphasizes dependability in the lifecycle management of a product. Dependability, or reliability, describes the ability of a system or component to function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. Reliability may also describe the ability to function at a specified moment or interval of time (Availability). Reliability engineering represents a sub-discipline within systems engineering. Reliability is theoretically defined as the probability of success, as the frequency of failures; or in terms of availability, as a probability derived from reliability, testability and maintainability. Testability, Maintainability and maintenance are often defined as a part of "reliability engineering" in Reliability Programs. Reliability plays a key role in the cost-effectiveness of systems. Reliability engineering deals with the estimation, prevention and management of high levels of "lifetime" engineering uncertainty and risks of failure. Although stochastic parameters define and affect reliability, according to some expert authors on reliability engineering (e.g. P. O'Conner, J. Moubray and A. Barnard), reliability is not (solely) achieved by mathematics and statistics. You cannot really find a root cause (needed to effectively prevent failures) by only looking at statistics. "Nearly all teaching and literature on the subject emphasize these aspects, and ignore the reality that the ranges of uncertainty involved largely invalidate quantitative methods for prediction and measurement." Reliability engineering relates closely to safety engineering and to system safety, in that they use common methods for their analysis and may require input from each other. Reliability engineering focuses on costs of failure caused by system downtime, cost of spares, repair equipment, personnel, and cost of warranty claims. Safety engineering normally emphasizes not cost, but preserving life and nature, and therefore deals only with particular dangerous system-failure modes. High reliability (safety factor) levels also result from good engineering and from attention to detail, and almost never from only reactive failure management (reliability accounting / statistics). The objectives of reliability engineering, in decreasing order of priority, are: 1. To apply engineering knowledge and specialist techniques to prevent or to reduce the likelihood or frequency of failures. 2. To identify and correct the causes of failures that do occur despite the efforts to prevent them. 3. To determine ways of coping with failures that do occur, if their causes have not been corrected. 4. To apply methods for estimating the likely reliability of new designs, and for analysing reliability data. The reason for the priority emphasis is that it is by far the most effective way of working, in terms of minimizing costs and generating reliable products. The primary skills that are required, therefore, are the ability to understand and anticipate the possible causes of failures, and knowledge of how to prevent them. It is also necessary to have knowledge of the methods that can be used for analysing designs and data.
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Improve Product Reliability and Increase Revenue with Qualmark Corporation
HALT & HASS are unique, accelerated product reliability testing methods focused on finding product defects, so they can be fixed before becoming expensive field issues. Qualmark Corporation offers Highly Accelerated Stress Screen and Highly Accelerated Life Testing services to help you maintain a solid reputation. Using these procedures is an effective way to improve product reliability and increase revenue. For more information about the services of Qualmark Corporation, send your inquiries to 10390 East 48th Avenue, Denver, CO 80238 or call them at +1-303-254-8800. You may also visit http://www.qualmark.com.
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Reliability Test
Check out Foxtrot Mike Products tests on the FM-9 Forward Charging Upper Receiver!
HALT - A New Benchmark in Product Safety, Quality & Reliability
Xantrex Technology takes product safety, quality and reliability to a new level by creating its own internal HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing). Learn more about this stringent test from Xantrex Marketing Manager Mitul Chandrani and Reliability Engineer Golnaz Sanaie.
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How we test Fluke product durability to ensure it's reliability and ruggedness
At Fluke we want our product to work in every environment and circumstance. We don't only test our products in lab conditions, but we also test them for every day use ----------------- We freeze it, spray it with water and drop its on its head. We do things you really aren't supposed to do to a high-end product. There are many unforeseen ways a product can fail, that you just can foresee unless you actually test it. Beyond whats required for safety testing, we expect our products to function following all test. We put our Fluke product through a number of tests, including: - Water resistance - Dropping damage - Some product are even tested in explosions For more information about Fluke products durability, please visit: https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/learn/best-practices/safety
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Airsoft Gun Reliability/Torture Test | EliteForce 1911
The EliteForce 1911 has been a favorite handgun of the team for quite some time now. We often will comment on how reliably this gun has performed for us over the years, but have never been able to put our opinions on the gun to the test.. Until now.. Today we will run the EliteForce 1911 Tac through a series of tests in order to see how the gun performs when exposed to different "elements." Will the gun live up to our expectations or choke and fail? Let's torture a pistol. If you guys have any suggestions on how we can improve our testing procedure for potential future reliability tests, or have a gun you would like to see tested, let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for content added every Thursday. Link to the EliteForce 1911 Tac: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Elite-Force-1911-Tactical-CO2-Blowback-Pistol-Airsoft-Gun-Black-Dark-Earth-10160/ Also, be sure to check us out on all of our social media to stay up to date with our most recent uploads and airsoft game attendances… FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/RWMilsim-GC-448537368561250/timeline/ Instagram: Team - @RWMilSimGC Matt D - @RWM_No.37 Nick B - @RWM_No._11 Daniel R - @RWM_No54 Christian M - @Christian4mac Joey T - @RWM_No76 Tyler R - @Tyler_Romines Joe O - @Joethemedic
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High-Temperature Reliability: Thermal Cycling Test
Thermo-mechanical stresses caused by CTE-mismatch is considered detrimental to the reliability of electronic packages. The thermal cycling test can be used to determine the ability of circuit components and interconnects to withstand these stresses. This video shows the setup for thermal cycling test in CPES. Our recent results of the reliability test on direct-bond-copper (DBC) substrates are also briefly introduced. To learn more please visit www.cpes.vt.edu.
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Product Reliability and Customer Satisfaction
Is a minimum viable product really enough to satisfy customers? Not quite, according to our Customer Satisfaction Research Study with 2,400 U.S. consumers. Get the full research study here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/freestuff/customer-first-study.
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The value of quality: Firmware reliability
For a product to be reliable, the firmware must be dependable at all times. Since there is not any explicit standard for reliability, Axis invests a lot of research in developing reliability testing, both internally, at Axis research and development department, but also together with universities and in co-operation with Swedish companies in other industries.Two types of reliability tests are performed: load testing and stress testing. Each firmware undergoes several weeks of reliability tests in order to cover most of its complex and feature rich aspects. For more information, see www.axis.com/quality
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CORWIL Reliability Testing
CORWIL Test Division boasts a comprehensive tool set, including handler, prober and test platforms spanning the vast majority of digital, mixed-signal, and radio frequency applications in multiple test environments, including wafer sort and package test.
911SIGNAL Supervisor Reliability Test
Supervisor Reliability Test! Product Link: http://www.911signal.com/New-Products/New-LED-Vehicle-Lightbar-Supervisor.html Be it under shiny daylight or dark night sky, SUPERVISOR adjusts the lightness automatically, ensuring a safe journey from beginning to end! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supervisor Features: 1.Multiple Modules available (Daytime travel module, Brake Module, Turning light Module, Spotlight Module, Arrow Module etc.) Safer and better communication with other vehicles. 2.18 month long development stage . Fusion of diamond cut technique and emergency lighting design 3.Solid design and heavy usage of aluminum alloy make supervisor suitable for police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, but also a go-to product for commercial vehicles because of its safeness accountability and easy installation 4.Be it under shiny daylight or dark night sky, supervisor adjust the lightness automatically, ensuring a safe journey from beginning to end 5.Different dimension options 6.Name plate customizable 7.Eco version available 8.SAE/R65 certified, Lightness up Class 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.911signal.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/911signal LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/911-signal-technology-inc Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/911strobe Google+: http://plus.google.com/+911signal Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/911signal/ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/911signal Blogger: http://ledstrobelight.blogspot.com/
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Shooting Handguns with Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense Rounds for Reliability Testing
This ultra lightweight +P 9mm round has previously been tested for performance, so the next step is to make sure it’s reliable in typical defensive firearms. A midsize – a Glock 23 that’s been converted to 9mm – and a subcompact – a Kahr Arms P9 – are the proven firearms employed to test the Civil Defense round. Shooting handguns that are commonly used in defensive encounters helps ensure us that the hundreds of rounds sent downrange result in a comprehensive test, with reliable findings, to assess the quality of the Civil Defense Rounds provided by Liberty Ammunition.
Views: 38190 PersonalDefenseNet
Investigation Puts Ancestry DNA Kits To The Test Among Sets Of Triplets
Millions of people are purchasing and using home DNA kits to determine their ancestry. Inside Edition enlisted the help of two sets triplets and a set of quadruplets to investigate the accuracy of the at-home tests. Their ancestry should be absolutely identical since they all came from the same egg. Unfortunately, the reveal confused and disappointed the sisters because of the varied results. The set of quadruplets were almost identical and did not have the variations seen in the triplets.
Views: 5076843 Inside Edition
Instabeat on Waterproofing & Reliability Testing Best Practices
To gain actionable insights on how real hardware products are developed and manufactured, we’re interviewing top engineers and designers in the San Francisco Bay Area in our new Hardware Generation series (previously Hardware Sessions). In our latest edition of Hardware Generation, we sit down with Hind Hobeika, a mechanical engineer and founder of Instabeat, a connected accessory for swimming goggles that captures real-time heart rate, stroke type, and laps. Hind is an expert in waterproofing and reliability testing, and in this Hardware Sessions interview, gives us her candid thoughts & insights on: - How to avoid bias in design and user testing (00:00:57) - How to conduct waterproof testing (00:02:32) - How to make prototypes last longer in user testing (00:05:12) - Using o-rings and gaskets for sealing (00:07:56) - Creative ways to do reliability testing without a lab (00:10:00) - How to organize testing data (00:11:50) - Recommended waterproofing resources (00:14:08) - What she wishes she knew around waterproofing 5 years ago (00:15:12)
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What is Design for Reliability - Webinar Recorded on 29 Feb 2012
Design for Reliability (DFR) is not a new concept and is increasingly being adopted by leading engineering companies focusing on their reliability issues. However, in many sectors there remains confusion about what the DFR process actually involves and how it can truly benefit the development of new products. From this recorded webinar, you will gain an understanding of DFR and learn how reliability engineering tools and techniques, such as FMEA, Design of Experiments, Weibull Analysis and Accelerated Testing, can be successfully integrated into your product development cycle.
Views: 9197 WildeAnalysis
Maintaining Industry Leading Reliability of Manufacturing Robotics
The reliability of its industrial robots is crucial for ABB in ensuring that its customers’ highly precise production lines are not held up, a problem which could potentially cost significant amounts of time and money to correct. During the revision of one of its robotic systems, ABB’s Spanish division wanted to explore ways of maintaining its leadership in product reliability through the use of simulation technologies. To support the use of simulation tools in this endeavor, ABB in Spain enlisted the help of Altair ProductDesign's regional team, thanks to the company's experience in utilizing simulation tools to solve engineering challenges in the robotics industry. The project centered on improving the fatigue performance of a Twin Robot Xbar (TRX), one of ABB’s robotic part transfer systems that moves components between manufacturing stations. Solution: Working alongside ABB’s engineering team, Altair ProductDesign’s first task was to prove that a combination of multi-body dynamics (MBD) and fatigue analysis could accurately replicate physical testing at the component level. MBD models were built in order to characterize the component’s structural behavior and define the dynamic loads. These results were used to investigate the dynamic structural response data and calculate durability limit and fatigue performance. The results matched well with the physical test data, giving confidence in the methodology and allowing the team to extend the project to the entire TRX system. A process to define a parameterized model of the TRX was undertaken and the likelihood of fatigue problems occurring in the TRX was explored. Loads and sensitivity analysis was performed, using a variety of simulation cases to investigate issues and potential solutions. Result: The project successfully identified the repetitive loads responsible for the durability life. By varying the velocity, a reduction in acceleration and the resulting peak forces could be achieved which could lead to a significant reduction in fatigue phenomena. Key to the success of the project was the time savings achieved through the use of simulation techniques. Physically testing parts of the system would take several weeks but using a virtual approach allowed ABB to investigate the entire system in just a few hours of model building, set up and analysis time.
Toyota Reliability Testing
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What is NDT?
Non-destructive testing (NDT) allows us to examine structures, materials or components without damaging or destroying the object being tested, and provides a means to ensure product reliability and quality. There are an assortment of NDT techniques used throughout a broad cross-section of industries. The five most widely used techniques being radiography, ultrasonics, eddy current, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle. Across Canada and around the world, NDT technicians do thousands of inspections and tests every day to assess new product quality, equipment condition and reliability. By doing so, they help prevent failures in nuclear power, aviation, transportation, oil and gas, petrochemical plants and anywhere else where public safety or the environment could be significantly impacted. All without destroying or disassembling the item that is being inspected. For more information, please visit www.cinde.ca.
Elite Client Orbital Technologies Tests for High Reliability
Elite client Orbital Technologies Corporation builds high reliability electronics for aerospace applications. This vibration test at 43G's (45-60Hz) illustrates the severity of vibration conditions that their products are designed and tested to withstand. http://www.elitetest.com/ Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc. 1516 Centre Circle Downers Grove, IL 60515 1-800-ELITE-11 (1-800-354-8311)

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