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PM Magazine, final WCCO-TV Edition, 1985
Digitized by TCMediaNow a 501c3 dedicated to preserving Twin Cities film and video. www.tcmedianow.com A look back at 6 years of PM Magazine on WCCO.
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Queen interview from us tv series (pm magazine)
from DVD "Queen rock montreal & live aid" 1982 news feature from US TV series
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PM Magzine- 1981 with Matt Lauer
WXEX Richmond VA- PM Magazine with Matt Lauer and Deborah Kent. Full show with commercials
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The Nerveless Nock's Family PM Magazine TV 1982
The Nerveless Nock's Family PM Magazine TV 1982 The Tommy Bartlett Water Circus, Pigeon Forge TN. Michelangelo Nock nervelessnocks.com (941) 350-2947
Views: 1448 Michelangelo Nock
PM Magazine (S3-E156)
Season 3 / Episode 156 - Monday, April 13, 1981 (with original commercials) ** A wild turkey hunt with naturalist Lew McClure. What's behind the fascinating stage image of rock superstar Ted Nugent. Meet Father Bruce Ritter, founder of Covenant House, a refuge for runaway children. A film review of "Modern Romance". ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PM_Magazine
PM Magazine on Unsold Television Pilots
PM Magazine did a segment on Lee Goldberg's book UNSOLD TELEVISION PILOTS back in 1990.
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P.M. Magazine - 9th Anniversary, 1986 - WJW-TV, Cleveland
From 1986, here is a quick clip from PM Magazine's 9th Anniversary, taped from WJW, TV8 in Cleveland.
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Irv Weinstein: PM Magazine 1979, WIVB-TV
Oddly, iconic WKBW-TV news anchor Irv Weinstein was featured on the premiere of PM Magazine on WIVB-TV in 1979. Hosted by Debbie Stamp and Don Moffitt (sp?), the show featured an in depth interview with Weinstein and his family, including son Marc Weinstein of Amoeba Records fame. Also featured are promos for Skybird 4, WIVB's news helicopter, and a spectacularly 70s promo for News 4 anchor John Beard, now with cross-town rival WGRZ-TV. At the end of the tape, another treat-- Glendora-- known in Buffalo as a 1970s late-nite TV salesperson in Buffalo, but known around the country for her community access TV show "A Chat with Glendora" and activism in many arenas. Classic Buffalo TV at its finest!
WCCO PM Magazine ?/?/1985, Eye Liner
Eye Liner, Figures Incorporated
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PM Magazine - 1980
This is the PM Magazine episode, aired in February 1980 on WDBJ7. It is all about the Texas Tavern's 50th Anniversary.
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Behind The Scenes at Channel 8 News
This was a PM Magazine Feature produced at WFAA-TV in Dallas in the late 1970's showing behind the scenes as the 6 o'clock news is put together. These were the days before cable tv penetration, computers, the proliferation of microwave and satellite trucks, the Internet, and smartphones.
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Jan Hammer on PM Magazine
Jan Hammer is interviewed on PM Magazine. Visit the Official Jan Hammer Website at http://www.janhammer.com - - - - -
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P.M. Magazine - on the VCR Market, 1984!!
From 1984, here is a P.M. Magazine story on the growth of VCRs!! Taped from WJKW-TV8 in Cleveland.
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Z100 Z-Morning Zoo Feature on PM Magazine WNEW-TV
PM Magazine WNEW-TV With a feature on "The Z-Morning Zoo" from WHTZ-FM, New York. (1984)
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WCCO-TV PM Magazine ?/?/1985 Leann Chin
Commercial Cartoon Stars Cybill Shepherd Leeann Chin Profile
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WCCO-TV PM Magazine Open from 1979
Opening to WCCO's version of PM Magazine from 1979 hosted by Steve Doyle.
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KISS On PM Magazine 1983
A nice little news coverage covering the band in 1983
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PM Magazine Milwaukee - 12/24/81
Christmas Eve '81 edition of PM Magazine that aired on ABC affiliate WISN-12 in Milwaukee. Segments include: -School For Santas (filmed at Southridge and Northridge Malls) -Pigeons on Parade (San Diego Zoo) -Bobby Rivers at the Milwaukee Art Museum -Denmark's Enchanted Toyland (Legoland and Lego factory) -Mickey Mouse exhibit, Milwaukee Public Museum Commercial breaks included. This tape was one of many recovered from the abandoned Northridge Mall earlier this year. www.jonrev.com @jonrev
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KPIX-TV "Evening Magazine" 10th Anniversary - 1986
in 1976, KPIX-TV in San Francisco was the first Group W station to air the locally produced "Evening Magazine." The show soon spread to the four other Westinghouse stations. The program's success prompted Group W to franchise the "Evening" concept to dozens of stations around the country where it was titled "PM Magazine." This clip is an excerpt from the KPIX's 10th anniversary special. All rights are acknowledged.
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High Noon (band) - PM Magazine TV Show 1982
PM Magazine was a syndicated entertainment TV show airing all across the USA from the late 1970's through the late 1980's. Each station that carried the show had their own TV hosts that introduced different segments of the program. The main format was local entertainment, art, music and national entertainment news specific to each syndicated area. This clip featured news about the 1982 York Fair, Country Music and the High Noon (band). Members of High Noon at this time were Charlie Lartz, Dale Duncan, Mike Leland, Dale Lentz and Clem Foust. This show was filmed at Mackley's Mill, a popular music club just outside of York PA .
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PM Magazine Animations 1982-1979
From Group W, here's the open, transition, promo donuts and close from PM Magazine. First the 1982 version, followed by the PM Van version from 1979.
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PM Magazine Chicago - "Behind The Scenes of M*A*S*H" (1981)
Here's an excerpt from PM Magazine Chicago featuring a behind-the-scenes look at M*A*S*H along with interviews with some of the cast. And there it is again - That music during the end of the report is the same jazzy version of the M*A*S*H theme that WFLD Channel 32 used for their bumpers when airing the episodes in the very early eighties. It's by Ahmad Jamel and can be found on the 1974 re-issue of the movie soundtrack album in place of the vocal version of "Suicide Is Painless." This aired on local Chicago TV on Monday, May 11th 1981. Visit - http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV The Museum of Classic Chicago Television - for more fun!
PM Magazine WSAZ 1986
An episode of PM Magazine from WSAZ TV3 in November 1986. Local highlights include a special on WBEL at Bellville Elem. School in St. Albans, WV and a segment on sternwheelers in Marietta, OH.
Views: 5290 Sean McCracken
1982 Carolina Today WIS-TV with Lou, Betsy, Joe Pinner, PM Magazine
In 1982, perhaps due to a guest not showing up for their segment, WIS-TV's "Carolina Today" provided PM Magazine co-hosts Lou Green and Betsy Breckinridge with a forum to promote their little TV show. The fantastic Joe Pinner (and his co-host, Cathy Murphy), were wonderfully gracious, as usual.
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WCCO PM Magazine ?/?/1985, Mister Rogers
Mr Rogers Spring Fashion after surviving the winter of 1985 New American Cafe at Rupert’s Original Commercials Hollywood Make Up TV Fanatic Art Zeef
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WWL New Orleans - PM Magazine - 4/20/1984
From Friday, April 20, 1984, WWL-TV New Orleans' version of the long-running syndicated newsmagazine series PM Magazine (also known as Evening Magazine in other markets). Co-hosted on location from New Orleans' City Park by Eric Paulsen (still at WWL-TV as co-anchor of the Eyewitness Morning News and anchor of the noon news) and Lea Sinclair Filson. Features include an interview with 1983 Miss New Jersey Suzette Charles, who after finishing as runner-up to Vanessa Williams for the 1984 Miss America Pageant, would later be crowned Miss America in July of 1984 when Williams was forced to surrender the title after nude photos of her surfaced in Penthouse magazine. Other stories focus on the art of New York graffiti, and the Shroud of Turin. Commercials and promos included. All copyrights acknowledged.
Views: 814 Chris Hadley
PM Magazine piece on Peace Pilgrim
From 1981. Soon to be a major motion picture.
"Evening Magazine" Retrospective - 1990
This sequence contains excerpts from a 1990 retrospective about "Evening Magazine" that aired on Boston's WBZ-TV. "Evening/PM Magazine" was a half-hour local program that was in production at many stations from the late 1970s through the early '90s. The show pioneered the use of small-format videotape field equipment and electronic editing to tell stories about local people, places and things. The program was known as "Evening Magazine" at the five Group W stations (Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco) and "PM Magazine" on other stations where it was franchised. "Evening/PM" was seen on over 100 stations at it peak, and usually aired at either 7:00 or 7:30 P.M. All rights are acknowledged.
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Salty Brine profiled on PM Magazine
LONG-time WPRO/Providence radio morning host Salty Brine, profiled by WJAR-TV PM Magazine (1979?)
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Dukes Of Hazzard : PM Magazine - 1979
On The Set Of " High Octane " PM Magazine - 1979 Ben Escobedo has been a Dukes Of Hazzard fan for over 30 years. I have Rare Dukes of Hazzard Videos. https://www.facebook.com/DukesOfHazzardVideos https://www.facebook.com/ben.escobedo.750
WFLD Channel 32 - PM Magazine (Ending, 1981)
Here's the ending to PM Magazine on WFLD Channel 32. Features a neat shot of the Marina City towers with the Hancock in the background. You can also see a Mr. Submarine and on the other side is the former Steele-Wedeles Building, former home to a wholesale grocer. Executive Producer - Richard Schreier Hosts - Mike Leiderman - Jo Ann Williams Directed by Ray Barnas - Karen Barnett (Note - Ray Barnas was a longtime WFLD director who even directed some of Jerry G. Bishop's Svengoolie shows on "Screaming Yellow Theater" in the early seventies!) Jo Ann Williams & Mike Leiderman's Wardrobes Furnished by Lytton's. "Have a Nice Evening." (C) 1981 Group W Productions - Field Communications. This aired on local Chicago TV on Wednesday, October 21st 1981. (My 7th Birthday!) Visit - http://www.FuzzyMemories.TV The Museum of Classic Chicago Television - for more fun!
The Clash on PM Magazine 1979
Tha Clash profiled on PM Mgazine in 1979. Unfortunately the tape ran out just before the piece ended. life in the analog age.
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NO CABLE REQUIRED!  PM Magazine on U68 Music Television 1985
Dennis Elsas (WNEW FM) reports on the new over the air music video station U68. Broadcast over UHF station WWHT, U68 amassed quite a cult following because of their eclectic format. U68 lasted about a year and half, unceremoniously ending when the Home Shopping Network purchased the station.
Views: 1052 Ed Kaz
Calvin Sneed, PM Magazine, WATE-TV Knoxville:  "WATE's 30th Anniversary 1983"
On October 1, 1953, East Tennessee's First Television Station signed on the air for the first time. This story from WATE-TV's PM Magazine commemorated the station's 30th anniversary on October 1, 1983.
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Calvin Sneed PM Magazine, WATE-TV, Knoxville:  "I-40 Paradise"
Story on the country comedy show "I-40 Paradise" on PM Magazine, WATE-TV, Knoxville, TN. 1984. Posted by co-host Calvin Sneed
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PM Magazine - Magic Clay Movies (1981)
PM Magazine segment (7:48) on Will Vinton and his Claymation animation process and also includes brief bit on I Go Pogo: The Movie (clay animated feature film) at the head and tail. This aired on Washington DC's WDVM-TV Channel 9 (CBS) in August of 1981 and features an interview with Will Vinton as well as snippets of his 1978 Claymation documentary, and a very brief peek at the Arlington VA studio where the clay animated I Go Pogo was made in 1979/1980. I GO POGO was released direct-to-video in September of 1980 by Fotomat. It was never released to theaters as planned (though there is a movie poster that survives from the aborted theatrical attempt). It has never been officially released on DVD, only on VHS and Beta home video, in 1980, 1984 and 1989 (respectively). Did you work on I GO POGO in 1979/1980? Or are you just a fan? Join us I Go Pogo alumni on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=111427555543271
Views: 2618 John Ellis
WBZ-TV "Evening Magazine" promos 1983-90
This is a sequence of on-air promotions for WBZ-TV/Boston's local program, "Evening Magazine." These spots originally aired between 1983 and 1990. All rights are acknowledged.
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Scott Hoyt with "Tangerine" on PM Magazine, KFDM-TV, 1985
This is a clip from the television show, "PM Magazine", which aired in early 1985 on Channel 6, KFDM-TV, in Beaumont, Texas when "Tangerine" was voted "Best Band in the Golden Triangle". I do not own the copyright on some of this material, it is only placed here for entertainment purposes, not for monetization. You can purchase Scott Hoyt's "Lay Your Love On Me" album at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/scotthoyt
Views: 879 scottblackhoyt
Jerry Carr. PM Magazine Detroit. 1982.
Way back when I was but a young lad. I worked as a "Stock boy" at Farmer jack Supermarket. I also wanted to make a record. I met Norton Stern Of Cherie Records and away we went. PM Magazine Detroit was a local TV show in the late 70s. They chronicled this journey. Somewhat. I must warn you. There is plenty of BIG HAIR and colorful clothes. After all. It was the decade of "BIG HAIR." Norton and I did not disappoint. Try not to laugh too much.
Views: 702 Jerry Carr
PM Magazine San Antonio
PM Magazine San Antonio went to Switzerland in the summer of 1983 ...or was it 1982? Co-Hosts are Peggy Kokernot and Mario Bosquez. Show open and show close.
Views: 3104 BruceManiscalco
Steve Shepherd PM Magazine (starts at :35 seconds)
See Steve Shepherd on PM Magazine about fights and training career. (Starts at :35)
Views: 743 Ed Shepherd
WBZ-TV "Evening Magazine" -- September 5, 1980
This is an abridged version of co-cost Robin Young's last "Evening Magazine" episode. These excerpts were recorded off-air from Boston's WBZ TV-4 on 9/05/80. All rights are acknowledged.
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WCCO PM Magazine 1985
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