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The Colours Of The Planets | Astronomic
Subscribe to ASTRONOMIC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXkiw-1x9ZhNOPz0X73tTA Twitter: www.twitter.com/astronomic1 Instagram: www.instragram.com/astronomic1 Facebook: www.facebook.com/astronomicbook Exclusive Content: www.curious.com/astronomic THE COLOURS OF THE PLANETS Hello Everyone! Welcome to OUR Universe! TODAY WE WILL TALK ABOUT... ALL THE COLOUR OF ALL THE DIFFERENT PLANETS!!! If you've enjoyed the video? Click the LIKE button! If you want to support the channel. Click the SUBSCRIBE button! THE HOMEPAGE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXkiw-1x9ZhNOPz0X73tTA Subscribe to ASTRONOMIC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXkiw-1x9ZhNOPz0X73tTA OUTRO: 1. SCALE OF THE UNIVERSE Coming Soon! 2. Astronomic News 43: 2015 Review - Part I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s2Oo7FMwWw&index=2&list=PLUgKNEgezQonF3YRVaFV8rId_sM6txWyQ 3. Astronomic News 44: 2015 Review - Part II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNz8dXH0KhE&index=1&list=PLUgKNEgezQonF3YRVaFV8rId_sM6txWyQ Thanks for Watching! Twitter: www.twitter.com/astronomic1 Instagram: www.instragram.com/astronomic1 Facebook: www.facebook.com/astronomicbook Exclusive Content: www.curious.com/astronomic Subscribe to ASTRONOMIC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmXkiw-1x9ZhNOPz0X73tTA
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Colours of different planets in Astrology
In this video I have discussed the color of 9 planets in Vedic Astrology Please subscribe my channel to learn Indian Vedic Astrology within 30 days: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCntXu0_rNMdgJTrZGr7WvDg Follow me on Whatsapp: +919800678989 E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jyotirmoyhere83 I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Learn Astrology in Telugu | Planets their Colors in Astrology | Ep4
planets, stars, rashi everything is important right. her i have explained about planet's colors. share your feedback and suggestions, questions as comments. For Consultation WhatsApp birth details to +91-9666 669185 RVA Horoscope https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/horoscope/ RVA Astrology Software https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/rva-software/ Ruling Planets Motion Chart https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/motion-chart/ KP Astrology Software https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/kp-software/ Twitter https://twitter.com/RVAastrologers Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RahasyaVedicAstrology Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rahasyavedicastrology/ RVA Telugu https://www.youtube.com/RVATelugu Rahasya Vedic Astrology https://www.youtube.com/RahasyaVedicAstrology #AstrologerHyderabad #TeluguAstrologer #LearnAstrology #BestAstrologerInHyderabad #FamousAstrologerInHyderabad #TeluguAstrologer #LearnAstrology #AstrologerInHyderabad astrologer in hyderabad , best astrologer in hyderabad , famous astrologer in hyderabad , telugu astrologer , learn astrology , best telugu astrologer, indian astrologer , best astrologer , learn astrology , learn astrology in telugu
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Vedic Astrology -14(Colors represented by planets)
This video describes the different colors/frequencies attached to different planets in vedic astrology
Colors of Planets in Astrology ...
Planets have the colors surfaces or atmospheres reflect and absorb sunlight. Mercury has a dark ... Consequently, an "analogy" is justified between planets and colors.
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Colour of All Planets in Astrology...navagraha vastram colours..
Compatibility of Colors in Astrological Remedies/powerful remedy, as well as support for bringing a needed change into your life.
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8th Grade How to draw the Solar system Planets step by step
In this step by step tutorial you can see how to make this amazing drawing of our solarsystem with the nine planets : 1 Mercury 2 Venus 3 Earth 4 Mars 5 Jupiter 6 Saturn 7 Uranus 8 Neptune and 9 Pluto . Also you can see the comparishments on how big each planet is and their colors !! I wish you all the fun and success and this can be used for school projects too ^^ Follow 3D4kids by Lineke Lijn: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/linekelijn/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/online.tekenlessen/?fref=ts DeviantArt: http://lineke-lijn.deviantart.com/
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#DrSaiSuvajit  Simple remedies to Boost your Planets ||STRENGTHEN YOUR PLANET  || By Dr Sai Suvajit
Hello Viewers! In this video, you will be able to know how you can make your planets stronger without wearing a Gemstone. You can boost your planet mounts by drawing these symbols at your palm using the specific colour pens as discussed in the video. For more details of your Palm or Horoscope, you can contact me @+886-966703428 or you can also WhatsApp me @+886-966703428 For more information about me or my work, please visit my website: https://www.saiastrofuture.com/ You can like my page on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Astrology.Dr.SaiSuvajit.Acharjee/ Other Video links: Money Ines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c56Y72kGDA&feature=youtu.be Travel Lines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alTft0iBo-g IMPORTANT LINES/SIGNS IN YOUR PALM TO GET SUCCESS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7XTcU-owaA&t=29s Shani Sade Sati: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFHtCWekUn4
Your Most Powerful Chakra Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Your Most Powerful Chakra Based on Your Zodiac Sign August 12, 2017 by The Alchemist magicalrecipesonline.com This Article: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2017/08/powerful-chakra-based-zodiac-sign.html ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Subscribe to the Higher Self YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HigherSelf1111 Be sure to check my YouTube Community Tab so you can keep updated on what I am doing. https://www.youtube.com/user/getbuzy1/community PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BXEJ5KFMFJALW Support my work on Patreon: (in progress) http://patreon.com/HigherSelf Social Media: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1111HigherSelf Twitter @1111HigherSelf Instagram https://www.instagram.com/1111higherself/ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you have articles or channelings that you have recorded in your own voice and would like them to be on the Higher Self Channel, you can submit them via email to: [email protected] for consideration. If there is an article online that includes the text from the recording, please include the link to it with your submission. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Free Personalized Video Numerology Report https://tinyurl.com/yczdw9qp ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals http://amzn.to/2DhZnKP ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Shop at the Higher Self Amazon Store for spiritual goodies! https://www.amazon.com/shop/HigherSelf ________________________________________ ________________________________________ If you are a gamer, my sons' channels are here: Naolum https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTwYjLAfjvbt2ediNHc0ZWg Venadict https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFEO5-fFNqxMYHOsh0Wu8Rw
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Hi there! I’m Alexe Lucky , your Astrologer. I combine my passion of Astrology with personal Coaching to help you align yourself to your highest potential and assisting you in the energies of the planets that are impacting you in the present moment. I created this channel to help people understand themselves better in a deeper way, by the use of astrology, numerology and many self-help techniques I have learned and applied throughout my spiritual journey. I am dedicated to helping people find true happiness within themselves and in their life. I also offer personal consultations and simple tips that will improve your quality of life and completely transform your outlook. Website: www.alexelucky.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/alexelucky Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/alexelucky NEW 2nd Channel in French https://www.youtube.com/L’AstrologieD’Alexe Email: BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY! [email protected]
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The Colors of the Planets in HIndu Astrology
Astrologer Scholar Govind Kumar Guruvayur, www.eastrovedica.com talks about Hindu Astrology ( Lessons 1 to 196 )
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How To Connect Planets & Signs - Astrology Grammar
How To Connect Planets & Signs – Astrology Grammar. How to interpret zodiac signs and planets. Priniples of how to read an astrology chart. In this astrology tutorial, we discuss some astrology grammar: how to interpret planets in signs. Understanding the link between a sign and its ruling planet and putting that in a syntax or framework is key to meaningful astrology interpretation. Understanding the connection between planet and sign is central to how to interpret astrology. In this astrology tutorial, we first establish that a sign is a set of psychological needs, and the ruling planet of the sign acts as a verb to execute or fulfil the needs of its home sign. To understand “Capricorn characteristics” is to understand the psychological needs of Capricorn. To understand the characteristics of Aries in astrology is to appreciate the PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS of Aries. Similarly, to understand the characteristics of Leo in astrology is understand the PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS of Leo. We discuss a few examples: the planet Mars in astrology/natal Mars in astrology, the planet Saturn in astrology/ natal Saturn in astrology, and natal Sun in astrology. We show how the planet Mars in astrology acts as a verb to fulfil the psychological needs of Aries, how the planet Saturn in astrology acts as a verb to fulfil or execute the psychological needs of Capricorn, and how the natal sun in astrology acts to fulfil the psychological needs of Leo. Wherever in the chart the natal sun is, it is attempting to satisfy Leo needs. Wherever in the chart Saturn is, it is attempting to satisfy Capricorn needs. Understanding this helps us to UNIFY and SYTHESIZE our interpretations. We also discuss natal Mars in Libra as an example. If a planet is ALWAYS linked to its home sign, then we can see that a planet in a sign is the ARCHETYPAL relationship between its HOME sign and the sign the planet is in. Natal Mars in Libra or the characteristics of mars in Libra reflects the ARCHETYPAL relationship between Aries and Libra. The Sun in Scorpio is the ARCHETYPAL (square) relationship between Leo and Scorpio. In this case, we have Leo needs attempting to be met in a Scorpio style and context. Finally, in addition to being verbs, a planet also represents a series or a range of FEELING STATES that are linked to its home sign. “Saturn characteristics”/the characteristics of Saturn in astrology therefore include insecurity, fear, anxiety, doubt, discipline, mastery, self-control. These feeling states have everything to do with the extent to which Capricorn needs are being satisfied. The characteristics of Mars in astrology have to do with Mars fulfilling Aries needs, and also represent a series of feeling states that are linked to the fulfillment of Aries needs. The characteristics of the Sun in astrology have to do with fulfilling Leo needs, and also represent a series of feeling states that are linked to the fulfillment of Leo needs. For more content like this, join my MAILING LIST: http://eepurl.com/bKrWvX And head to my BLOG: http://taranikita.com/blog MY APPROACH TO INTUITIVE READING CONSULTATIONS: http://taranikita.com/consultations-2/ BOOK AN ONLINE INTUITIVE READING/ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELING CONSULTATION WITH ME: http://taranikita.com/book-an-intuitive-reading-consultation/ BOOK AN IN-PERSON INTUITIVE READING/ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELING CONSULTATION WITH ME IN JAMAICA: http://taranikita.com/bookings-clients-jamaica/ MY MAILING LIST, for more content like this, as well as exclusive updates & goodies: https://visitor.eliteemail.net/TaraNikita/signup CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE: http://taranikita.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tara.nikita/
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Planet Venus in Astrology, and What it really means, Secret of Horoscpe
CLICK HERE http://www.astrologykrs.com In Vedic astrology Shukra (Venus) is considered a benefic and rules over the signs Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra). It is exalted in Meena (Pisces), and in its fall in Kanya (Virgo). The planets Mercury and Saturn are considered friendly to Shukra, the Sun and Moon are hostile and Jupiter and the rest are considered neutral. In astrology Shukra represents love, romance and sexuality, artistic talents, the quality of the body and material life, wealth, the opposite sex, pleasure and reproduction, feminine qualities and the fine arts, such as music, dance, painting and sculpture. Those with Shukra strong in their charts are likely to appreciate nature and enjoy harmonious relationship. However, an excessive influence can cause them to indulge too much in the pleasures of life without accomplishing much of real worth. Shukra is the lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashadha Strong Houses: 2, 3, 7, 12 Weak Houses: 6, 8 Medium House: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 [edit] Shukra and its significance Venus is an indicator of spouse, love, marriage, comfort, luxury, beauty, prosperity, happiness, all conveyances, art, dance music, acting, passion and sex. Shukra blesses the people with power to control their sense organs (Indriyas) and enables to obtain name and fame. Afflictions to Venus can cause eye diseases, venereal complaints, indigestion, pimples, impotency, loss of appetite and rashes on the skin. In Vedic astrology, there is a dasha or planetary period known as Shukra Dasha which remains active in a person's horoscope for 20 years, this is the longest dasha among all planets. This dasha is believed to give more wealth, fortune and luxury to a person's life if they have Shukra positioned well in their horoscope. In addition Shukra is an important benefic planet in the horoscope. Shukra is associated with a month in the Hindu calendar called JyeshTha ( May--June, personified as the guardian of Kubera's treasure). Shukra also has the following associations. His color is white, metal is silver and gemstone is diamond. His direction is south-east, season is spring and element is water. Above the moon by a distance of 200,000 yojanas are some stars, and above these stars is Śukra-graha (Venus), whose influence is always auspicious for the inhabitants of the entire universe. Some 1,600,000 miles above group of stars is the planet Venus, which moves at almost exactly the same pace as the sun according to swift, slow and moderate movements. Sometimes Venus moves behind the sun, sometimes in front of the sun and sometimes along with it. Venus nullifies the influence of planets that are obstacles to rainfall. Consequently its presence causes rainfall, and it is therefore considered very favorable for all living beings within this universe. This has been accepted by learned scholars. On the upper chin of the śiśumāra is Agasti; on its lower chin, Yamarāja; on its mouth, Mars; on its genitals, Saturn; on the back of its neck, Jupiter; on its chest, the sun; and within the core of its heart, Nārāyaṇa. Within its mind is the moon; on its navel, Venus; and on its breasts, the Aśvinī-kumāras. Within its life air, which is known as prāṇāpāna, is Mercury, on its neck is Rāhu, all over its body are comets, and in its pores are the numerous stars.
What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You ? | Colours In Astrology | Astrology Video
What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You ? | Colours In Astrology | Astrology Video Choice of color of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind. Many times we see that by seeing a particular color we feel very happy and sometimes we get very irritated. On the other hand we can see that a person can react negatively to the favourite color of other person. If we analyze it in depth we will find that a particular color has a particular wave length because of which our mind feels vibration and when this vibration synchronize with our mind we feel good and when it does not synchronize with our mind we feel irritation. Every color has a particular quality and is governed by a specific planet. As we use other remedies for a particular planet in the same way we can also use this color therapy for planet remedies. By use of this color therapy we can increase the effect of planets and by ignoring a particular color we can protect our self from the malefic influence of an evil or unfavorable planet. Visit Pebbles Official Website - http://www.pebbles.in Visit Pebbles Exclusive Video Website - http://www.pebblestv.com Subscribe to our Marathi Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/pebblesm... Subscribe to our Stories Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/PebblesE... Engage with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PebblesChennai Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe
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Chapter 5: Vedic Astrology: Planets & it's properties
With the help of Planets properties, Astrologers can get to know several details for their prediction. Learn About Planets and it's Aspects; Planets and it's properties like Guna, Directions, Colors, Season's etc in this video. Contact me: [email protected] Visit my website for more detail: http://www.astrobasic.com Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JayantKumarAstrobasic Ask Your Question: http://www.astrobasic.com/#!q--a/c103v Numerology Book:https://www.astrobasic.com/numerology-book Numerology Report: https://cosmic.astrobasic.com/#!/numerologyWebPageReport/?Id=1 About AstroBasic: Vedic Astrology is a pure science but for the one practicing and propagating it- it’s an Art. It is not superstition until you leave everything on fate and not believe in labor. Welcome to Astrobasic. My name is Jayant Kumar and I am not a quintessential yet another Baba adopting pious JYOTISH shashtra as mere means of earning livelihood. No. I am an inquisitive passionate human being who believes in positive science of Vedic Astrology by seeking merit and logic in this ancient cosmic subject. It uses every existing scientific jargon to explain the circle of life each person will go through by step by step calculations. It never belittles our hard work- it only helps us in channeling our energies to achieve our lives purpose & strengthen our present actions so that we are prepared for what's to come. Astrology deals with all the planetary movement and their cosmic energy which impacts our day to day life making events happen. It checks the constellations, planetary positions, cosmic energy movements each of which has proven scientific evidence of existence. The purpose of this website is to introduce true knowledge of Astrology to the world as it is. No high octane drama, no dictating terms and conditions rather this website will give you step by step approach to learn Astrology by Articles and videos detailing each calculation and explaining every single phenomenon it observes.you. The value of AstroBasic website lies with the following people who will be benefited from our honest attempt to go the extra mile to help them: 1.A novice who wants to explore astrology and get in-depth knowledge. 2. The person for whom the prediction is just a black box. He/She does it but unaware of the reasons that how these planets are causing such events to happen? 3. The person who does not want to become an Astrology guru but just wants to be independent and confident so that he/she can read his/her own chart to get an idea about how the upcoming time will be and what are the potentials he/she has. Astrology is a much matured science and requires the tenacity with gusto to become a pundit like any other subjects existing today. I am software Engineer but I can say with full of my conviction substantiated with my last 15 years of research in the area of Astrology, Pranic energy and Spirituality that: 'Everything is pre-distinct but labor never goes in-vain’.
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I NOW OFFER A *VERY* AFFORDABLE SERVICE FOR DETERMINING YOUR PLANETARY TYPE WITH YOUR CHART AND A PHOTO! FOUND HERE: https://www.clairenakti.com/services A fun, brief little video with examples of my beautiful subscribers and their planetary type, as well as some tips for simple, quick categorization based on basic traits such as height, hair color, eyes, and lips. I enjoyed doing this series and hope you enjoyed watching it and are finding yourself "guessing" people's nakshatras based on which planet you see on them :) The male version of this series will start in the next couple of weeks. Ingrid's singing video (Mercury-Dominant example-- subscribe to her!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjKVN98M9PQ Want to learn more about your unique beauty based on your astrological chart? Check out our unique service, Astrological Appearance Profiles, which examine your chart paying special attention to your appearance (including 3 of your celebrity astrological "twins" and a face morph of your likely appearance based on your sign combination), recommended beauty practices (fragrance, clothing, gems, etc.), a morph of your compatibility type and 3 compatible celebrities, and more. Find that service here: https://www.clairenakti.com/services Website: https://www.clairenakti.com/services Email: [email protected] Instagram: @claire.nakti Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cosmetiqueastrology
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Zodiac to Scale Orbits in changing colors astrology explained
I explain how the rotating planets affect us much the way mixing of colors changes the mood of the color.. shown by a to scale version of the zodiac with light circles coming and going, staying, mixing, colors, to represent, one's changing fortunes over a lifetime, a lesson from god, nothing is bad, everything, is a lesson
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Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology
The science buried under the pseudoscience. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Sources: Mars photography by Tunç Tezel: http://www.twanight.org/newtwan/galleries.asp?Sort=Photographer&Value=Tunc%20Tezel&page=1 Mars visualization from Nooch 86: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK9ozJYELR8 Solar system orbits via Michael Van Daniker, Andrew Lund, and the Astronomy Workshop of Douglas Hamilton at U. Maryland http://janus.astro.umd.edu/SolarSystems/ Ptolemaic system vsualizer via Nebraka Astronomy Applet Project: http://astro.unl.edu/naap/ssm/animations/ptolemaic.html Retrograde motion visualizer via MHeducation: http://highered.mheducation.com/olcweb/cgi/pluginpop.cgi?it=swf::800::600::/sites/dl/free/0072482621/78780/Retro_Nav.swf::Retrograde%20Motion Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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FREE Remedy For PLANETS.   Sahil jain
Free remedies for planets The planet which is weak in the horoscope is to give a force. Take the glass bottle of that particular planet. If you want to strengthen the Mars (Mangal) then take the glass bottle of red color, if want to strengthen the BUDH (mercury) then take the glass bottle of green color, if you want to strengthen the SHUKR (Venus) then take the glass bottle of opaque white or pinkish, if you want to strengthen Saturn (Shani) then take the glass bottle of dark blue color so which particular planet that you want to strengthen fill water to its bottle, put it under the rays of the sun and then receive it and it will work immediately rather than stones because in actual stone also has the same purpose that the fulfillment of the deficiency of a particular color in your body. What stone does? Sun rays come on stone and then that rays reflect your body given by stone so stone fulfills the lacking that color in your body so as you suggest to someone that to strengthen mercury(BUDH) which giving you the money. Take the glass bottle of green color filled with water and placed it under the sun rays at the time of sunrise in the morning for two an hour and then tell him to receive it and this will do that work which didn’t do your stones. Life is all about solutions, Trinity vaastu is a platform where you can find solutions to the stuck situations in life #vastu #astrology #astrovastu #numerovastu To Enroll For Upcoming Workshop www.trinityvaastu.com M: 9999051719 , 9419190432 Be a creator of your OWN DESTINY, just don't wait for miracles to happen. Create & design your own MIRACLES with astro-vaastu tricks & enter into the WORLD BEYOND VAASTU.
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(POWERFUL VIDEO) Prevent Disease & Compromised Frequencies : Astrology, Planets & Body Organs
Prevent Disease & Compromised Frequencies : Astrology, Planets & Body Organs. (POWERFUL) Prevent Disease & Compromised Frequencies : Astrology, Planets & Body Organs VIDEO COMING SOON...... Our whole body is a solar system. within and out. prevent your signals , frequencies, vibration , aura and physical health _ spiritually physically and emotionally from being intercepted by unseen frequencies, pollution's, and toxins that lower your vibrations, causing you to depend on the government (govern thy mental_ because you can no longer or never have been able to think or speak up for yourself. lets be humans , not cattle) Note: if your chakra system (endocrine system) is shut down, then you have no aura = DEAD_ NO LIFE Please Share & Support this Knowledge _Revere Skye_ https://www.facebook.com/ilivetobreakthecycle/ Disease is targeted through astrological phases. through foods, pollution and chemicals. toxins are used to stunt frequencies from birth dealing with your astrological clock and much more. be mindful about what you ingest into the body, and what vaccines are given to your family. seasons and cycles matter! and one must protect its universe within and out, so one can grow and expand by nourishing thy temple and getting the proper frequencies and vibrations from the planets and solar system.... protect yourself . don't let your frequencies become jammed , by toxins from food, water pollution, air, or electrical devices. observe the media, and movies and commercials to see what they are talking about. what they are trying to interfere with next dealing with our bodies anatomy and solar system. Reference Links: Astrology & Planets with body organ associations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_astrology Ruling Planets . Ruling Organs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domicile_%28astrology%29 Endocrine Chakra system http://www.livescience.com/26496-endocrine-system.html You can find me at Facebook ( I Live to break the cycle page ) https://www.facebook.com/ilivetobreakthecycle/ http://www.astrocopia.com/medical-astrology.html http://www.astrogle.com/…/medical-astrology-astro-medicolog… quotesgram.com/attitude-quotes-cancer-zodiac/ UNEARTH THE MAGIC IT WILL SET YOU FREE WE ARE ONE!!!! Reference Links: Astrology & Planets with body organ associations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical... Ruling Planets . Ruling Organs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domicil... Endocrine Chakra system http://www.livescience.com/26496-endo... You can find me at Facebook ( I Live to break the cycle page ) https://www.facebook.com/ilivetobreak... http://www.astrocopia.com/medical-ast... http://www.astrogle.com/astrology/med... quotesgram.com/attitude-quotes-cancer-zodiac/
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What transiting Jupiter & natal planets tell us - NAADI ASTROLOGY
Significations of planets and explaining the methods of predictions got by observing transiting Jupiter and the natal planets interaction in a birth chart.
The MEDICINE WHEEL and ASTROLOGY - How the planets interact with each other and the elements
When we place the planets in the Thunder Wheel, MEDICINE WHEEL, we can see how they interact with each other and how they can be used to influence each other. This is very helpful when seeking planetary remedies for problems in the chart. Vedic astrology is especially good for this. http://www.astrology.thunderwizard.com https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOEQsAru62zN_aFhZnAG36AX4MGOv1XVV The Shamanic Secret (watch playlist below) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOEQsAru62zMfXKPc77Jk6LWFyjlmgI88 Achieve The Light Body http://Qigong.ThunderWizard.com Vedic Astrology Readings http://www.Astrology.ThunderWizard.com NEW online Course in Master Shamanism! http://www.ThunderShamanism.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms31bEmXqUE http://www.michaelwilliamdenney.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Tamil Names of Planets in Our Solar System | Astronomy Tamil
Let's learn Tamil names of all 8 planets in our solar system including Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Join Internet Tamil Sangam: https://goo.gl/F5HGQp SUBSCRIBE to TAMILS youtube channel: https://goo.gl/KnnK7g Image source: NASA Background music: Dangerous by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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How are Astrological Signs of the Zodiac, the Chakras and Spiritual Ascension Related?
Astrological Classes and MP3 Downloads http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/asheville-vedic-astrology-academy/ Facebook Asheville Vedic Astrology https://www.facebook.com/AshevilleVedicAstrology Asheville Vedic Astrology http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/
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How To Keep Planets Positive As Per Lal Kitab
How To Keep Planets Positive As Per Lal Kitab by Astrologer Kamal Malhotraa, Chandigarh
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Activate Your Lucky Planets with Astrology Remedies
You can easily activate your Lucky Planets with Astrological remedies. You need not wear Gem stone always. There are certain objects connected with Planets, which you can use and activate your Lucky Planets. Your Horoscope can tell you that which planet you need to activate. For details visit: www.kundliway.com
The Importance of Colors in Our Life | Impact Of Colour | Astrology Video
The Importance of Colors in Our Life | Impact Of Colour | Astrology Video The world will be colorless in the absence of colors and even a single thought of colorless world disturbs the peace of mind. Colors are not only pleasant to eyes but are also effective in many ways. Color therapy also known as Chromopathy or Chromo therapy might be known to many people. Many diseases are cured through color therapy. The main principle of the Chromopathy is – “There are many colors hidden in the rays of sun. When a person gets ill due to the deficiency of any particular color then the transparent bottle of same color that contains water is kept in sunlight for few days. As a result the medical qualities of that color get into the water and hence, the water becomes an effective medicine. Therefore, when colors can cure diseases then you can imagine that how effective colors would be, if used astrologically. Indian Vedic astrology tells the past, present and future of a person and also emphasizes on making them better. The remedies for improving one’s life come under astrology. In astrology several kinds of mantras, yantras and colors are used to conquer the difficulties. The core source of light is sun that is accepted by all religious people, philosopher and scientists. According to Vedic astrology, sun is the main significator of health, fame and status. It is not hidden from anyone that the people who have fame and position get immense wealth and prosperity. Indian Vedic astrology and Astronomy states that all planets revolve around the Sun. The sole purpose of planets is to get light and energy by revolving. As per the Vedic astrology people of each zodiac sign have different favorable and unfavorable planets. In accordance to this only each person has his own lucky color and ratna (gemstone). The appropriate use of colors increases the aura of a person and makes it more powerful. One of the important questions is that a person who is not aware of his lagna or zodiac sign then what kind of colors will benefit him? The use of colors in accordance to the days will be beneficial for such people. The colors can easily be utilized with the medium of wearing clothes of the color assigned to each day Visit Pebbles Official Website - http://www.pebbles.in Visit Pebbles Exclusive Video Website - http://www.pebblestv.com Subscribe to our Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/pebblesh... Subscribe to our Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/Pebblesc... Engage with us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PebblesChennai Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe Subscribe to our Hindi Rhymes Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO8e...
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Light: Crash Course Astronomy #24
In order to understand how we study the universe, we need to talk a little bit about light. Light is a form of energy. Its wavelength tells us its energy and color. Spectroscopy allows us to analyze those colors and determine an object’s temperature, density, spin, motion, and chemical composition. Crash Course Chemistry posters are available at DFTBA.com http://www.dftba.com/crashcourse -- Table of Contents Light is a Form of Energy 0:39 Wavelength Tells Us Its Energy and Color 0:59 Spectroscopy 7:28 -- PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Follow Phil on Twitter: https://twitter.com/badastronomer Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support CrashCourse on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse -- PHOTOS/VIDEOS Wavelengths http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/educators/gammaraybursts/starchild/Image6.gif [credit: Imagine the Universe! / NASA] Observatories across spectrum http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/Images/science/observatories_across_spectrum_full.jpg [credit: Imagine the Universe! / NASA] Red hot spiral hotplate http://freefoodphotos.com/imagelibrary/cooking/slides/hot_electric_cooker.html [credit: freefoodphotos.com] The Crab Nebula http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebula#/media/File:Crab_Nebula.jpg [credit: NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll (Arizona State University)] Building the Space Telescope Imaging Spectograph http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/gallery/db/spacecraft/18/formats/18_print.jpg [credit: NASA] VST images the Lagoon Nebula http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagoon_Nebula#/media/File:VST_images_the_Lagoon_Nebula.jpg [credit: ESO/VPHAS+ team] Jupiter http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/414987main_pia09339.jpg [credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute] Venus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Venus#/media/File:Venuspioneeruv.jpg [credit: NASA - NSSDC Photo Gallery Venus] Ring Around SN 1987a, image 1 http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/opo9714e/ [credit: Jason Pun (NOAO) and SINS Collaboration] Ring Around SN 1987a, image 2 http://www.spacetelescope.org/images/opo9714a/ [credit: George Sonneborn (GSFC) and NASA/ESA]
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Secrets Of Planet Venus  (In Hindi) | planet Venus Planet Documentary in hindi
Please watch: "Rhea Moon of Saturn in hindi | Saturn's Dirty Snowball" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP_Dnky6BG8 --~-- In this video we will learn about the planet Venus and the facts about that planet. why life does not exist on planet Venus and what are the environmental conditions on that planet. and much more things we will learn about that planet. why Venus is called evening star and why it is the hottest planet in our solar system, All the answers you will find in this video... what are the current issues related to the planet Venus and the mysteries related to the planet Venus. This is an Educational Video in Hindi language. credits and attributions for images , videos and music are given below :- Ishtar Terra (Venus) topography By Martin Pauer (Power) - plotted using GMT and gridded VenusTopo719.shape model expansion, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1278488 Color-coded elevation map of Venus, showing the elevated "continents" in yellow: Ishtar Terra at the top and Aphrodite Terra just below the equator to the right. By NASA Ames Reseach Center, U.S Geological Survey and Messachusetts Institute of Technology - http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/poto_gallery/photogallery-venus.html direct link to the picture:ftp://nssdcftp.gsfc.nasa.gov/photo_gallery/hi-res/planetary/venus/pvo_topo_mercator.tiff, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11460252 Venus - Lakshmi Planum and Maxwell Montes By NASA/JPL - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA00241, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1470289 Maat Mons on Venus Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=137058 Venus In-Situ Explorer proposed by NASA's New Frontiers program By NASA - http://newfrontiers.nasa.gov/images/2_06_VENUS_lg.png, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1060582 Venus interacts with the solar wind. Components of the induced magnetosphere are shown. By Venusian_magnetosphere.jpg: Ruslik0derivative work: Alexparent (talk) - Venusian_magnetosphere.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6435191 Composition of the atmosphere of Venus By Junkcharts - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=31595105 GreenhouseEffectOnVenus CC BY-SA 3.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2244896 the spacecraft Venera 1 By Armael - Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24411729 the Mariner 1 spacecraft By NASA - Great Images in NASA Description, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=68894 Venus Express in Venus orbit. By Andrzej Mirecki - Self-made with Celestia program with Addon by Jestr, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36934085 and all other images and videos are taken from pixabay www.pixabay.com and music is taken from music library. thanks for watching.. please help us to grow our channel.....please like share and subscribe to our channel
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Which Number Brings You Luck, Love and Money
In Astrology, the numbers are not just something abstract. They have a certain energy, that affects in a particular manner the people. This information is directly related to the influence of the planets. In other words, each zodiac sign has a number that brings him happiness. And some have one that leads only to problems and complications. The numbers are all around us – addresses, phone numbers, license plates, dates of important events for us. If we are able to fully control them, all this will work to our benefit!
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Learn Astrology - Do planets have genders ? स्त्री  या  पुरुष ग्रह - Vedic Astrology Series
In this video gender of planets are described in very easy language. Every planet has a gender and they give results according to their genders. Astrolok is an Institute for vedic astrology based in Indore(MP). The main objective of Astrolok is to serve as a promising platform for our students to become an expert and to collaborate with us as a professional consultant, so that they can help others to evolve in their lives with effective techniques. Learn Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Palm reading course in India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, Belgium. Join distance learning and become perfect in Indian Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Gems and Crystals Therapy, horoscope, Kundali reading. Our system is highly convenient with provision of ‘learning anywhere everywhere’. Our professional astrology courses are mainly divided in two sections that are ONLINE and OFFLINE ASTROLOGY classes, comprising various sub-subjects like Nadi astrology, marriage astrology, career astrology horoscope, kal sarp doshas, learning to read kundali and what not. Along with this, we provide PALMISTRY, VASTU, NUMEROLOGY courses too. Secondly, you can get CONSULTANCY from famous astrologers on Astrolok. Astrolok serve as one of the best astrology consultancy platform for providing a proper guidance about vedic astrology. We assess our predictions with the help of analyzing an individual’s planetary transits that determine the position of all important factors such as health, wealth, career, money etc. The consultancy services are available online as well as offline, and if required you can directly speak to preferred expert on call to get a clearer vision of the accurate direction in life. Apart from learning astrology and get astrology consultation, Astrolok is a free platform to write astrology articles. Also, students can contribute to our website with their valuable articles that will be informational for our readers. Articles in hindi are also appreciated for reaching out to masses. Mr. ALOK KHANDELWAL is the founder of this Institute & a renowned astrologer. He is the best astrology teacher all over the world. He takes courses in India as well as in USA, UK, Europe, Belgium, South Africa and many other countries too. Apart from teaching, Mr. Alok Khandelwal is one of the best astrologer who provides consultation in various countries. He basically holds finesse in marketing and management along with being CEO & co-founder of several organizations. Also, he actively participates in Art of living foundation and various other social expeditions. Mr. Khandelwal serves as a corporate trainer and guest faculty in multiple business schools. And he looks ahead to train as many aspirers as possible, in order to give them a chance to evolve as professionals and individuals as well. He holds Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Ratna and Jyotish Rishi certification. Here at Astrolok, our main aim is to provide the right knowledge in the world full of frauds & open up an institute for this profound world of self-discovery so that you come to learn the unexplored realities through its abundance, not by correspondent course but through our valuable online and offline class by one of the most profound astrologers. To join Astrolok, register yourself at http://www.astrolok.in/index.php/welcome/register For more details, visit our website - http://www.astrolok.in/ Like us on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/astrolok.in/ Follow us on Twitter- https://twitter.com/astrolok_vedic Follow us on Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/astrolok.vedic/ Follow us on LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/astrolok/ For more information you can write a mail at [email protected] or call at 7000106621, 9174822333 #astrology #astrolok #learnastrology
[4] - Navagrahas (9 planets) - Astrology perspective by T.S.Narayanaswamy
In this episode we explore the Navagrahas or the 9 planets, their symbolic representations through the navagraha devatas and other related matters as seen from the perspective of scriptures and Vedic Astrology.
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Know what's the relation between tattoos and palmistry for a joyful life | Dr. Jai Madaan
Know what's the relation between tattoos and palmistry for a joyful life @Jai Madaan Watch more Videos on our Youtube channel & Subscribe Womansera channel: http://youtube.com/womansera
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7 Days 7 Colors - Numerology  | Numerology In Tamil | Horoscope Today
In this video I am going to show you 7 Days 7 Colors - Numerology | Numerology In Tamil | Horoscope Today The Seven days in a week are ruled by seven planets, which is further compounded to seven numbers in numerology. Every day has its own lucky color which symbolizes the planetary function. Though the concept of lucky colors differ for person to person based on their birth dates, the numerology lucky colors for the seven days of a week is a standard one. Anyone can wear their favorite dress based on the days lucky color and benefit from them in various ways. Perhaps you’re going out on a date and want to have the best chances of a happy relationship, or maybe you’re on your way to an interview for a new job you’ve been trying to get. Refer to the list below to see which color is best for each day of the week according to Numerology! ******************************** 12 – Zodiac Names Aries - மேஷம், Taurus - ரிஷபம், Gemini - மிதுனம், Cancer - கடகம், Leo - சிம்மம், Virgo - கன்னி, Libra - துலாம், Scorpio - விருச்சிகம், Sagittarius - தனுசு, Capricorn - மகரம், Aquarius - கும்பம் and Pisces - மீனம் ------------------------------------------------ 12 – Zodiac Names Mesham, Rishabam, Mithunam, Kadagam, Simmam, Kanni, Thulam, Virichagam, Thanusu, Magaram, Kumbam, Meenam **************************************** Subscribe : http://wishes2.com/0mjb Facebook Page: http://wishes2.com/LUT8 Twitter: http://wishes2.com/MfON LinkedIn: http://wishes2.com/UBM9 **************************************** Keywords Numerology in tamil, Horoscope, tamil rasi palan 2019, tamil rasi palan, vara rasi palan, vara rasi palan 2019, rasi palan, numerology, lucky colours according to numerology, lucky colours, numerology lucky colours, colours, lucky colors, colour numerology, unlucky colours, colors, lucky colours for numerology, lucky colour numerology, numerology colors, *************************************** DISCLAIMER This channel does not promote or encourage any illegal activities, all contents provided by this channel. Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ***************************************
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Episode 4: Astrology
planets, stars, rashi everything is important right. her i have explained about planets colors. share your feedback and suggestions, questions as comments. For Consultation WhatsApp your. ANTM Cycle 4. Maxine Taylor, Georgias first licensed astrologer, discusses the slow-moving planets Uranus and Neptune. AstrologyTonightTV.com. Weekly astrological TV show. Episode 4. Complete show. The Zodiac of Repetition (Saturn and Jupiter Cycles) by Michael Erlewine. How to Survive a Scorpio Boss by Robin.
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FULL MOON - Apr 19 - Chitra - Vedic Astrology + Tarot
Book a reading with Kari: https://live.vcita.com/site/anandashree/online-scheduling?action=dw35ho0nwyo7v244&o=cHJvZmlsZV9wYWdl Subscribe to my FREE newsletter for Full + New Moon Forecasts. 🌒🌓🌔🌖🌗🌘 and find YOUR VEDIC BIRTH STAR. anandastrology.ontrapages.com/nakshatrakey
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Learn Astrology in Telugu | About Benefic and Malefic Planets | Ep2
here i have picked topic from vedic astrology explained about benefic and malefic planets for each ascendant, for each lagna also took some examples how to consider planets in birth chart. hope this helps let me know if its not clear i will make more videos on this topic. share your feedback and suggestions, questions as comments. For Consultation WhatsApp birth details to +91-9666 669185 RVA Horoscope https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/horoscope/ RVA Astrology Software https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/rva-software/ Ruling Planets Motion Chart https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/motion-chart/ KP Astrology Software https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/kp-software/ Twitter https://twitter.com/RVAastrologers Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RahasyaVedicAstrology Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rahasyavedicastrology/ RVA Telugu https://www.youtube.com/RVATelugu Rahasya Vedic Astrology https://www.youtube.com/RahasyaVedicAstrology #AstrologerHyderabad #TeluguAstrologer #LearnAstrology #BestAstrologerInHyderabad #FamousAstrologerInHyderabad #TeluguAstrologer #LearnAstrology #AstrologerInHyderabad best astrologer in hyderabad , famous astrologer in hyderabad , telugu astrologer , learn astrology , astrologer in hyderabad, telugu astrologer , best telugu astrologer, indian astrologer , best astrologer , learn astrology , learn astrology in telugu
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Remedies (upay) (gemstone remedy exposed) strengthening planets-1 free vedic astrology
Remedies are ways to strengthening planets and gemstones are used for giving strengths to planets but flawless gemstone is very difficult to findout,so one must ensure the quality of gemstone and obiosly selecting the right gemstone for them because most of people either wear wrong gemstone that is not suitable for them or wear a fake gemstone and then they blame why it is not working for them.Color therapy,donating and doing charity and adopting the significations and improving the weak areas of life by doing the right karma signifying the planets boosts the energy and vibrations of the planet.Fasting and worshiping the planetary lords on the day associated with that planet aslo strengthen the planet. For more info you can post queries and also visit the link http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/astrology-forum.php To order your remedies and gemstone report visit the link http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/about-vedic-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/about-us-vedic-astrologer.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/services-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/testimonials--vedic-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/free-vedic-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/career-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/financial-horoscope.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/finance-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/birth-time-rectification.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/personalised-life-horoscope.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/child-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/health-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/ask-any-one-question.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/love-marriage-horoscope-match-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/annual-yearly-horoscope-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/business-astrology-horoscope.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/muhurata-auspicious-time-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/manglik-kuja-dosha-check-remedies-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/sade-sati-shani-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/kal-sarp-yog-rahu-ketu-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/moon-astrology-sign-horoscope.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/venus-house-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/learn-about-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/astrology-online.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/planet-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/indian-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/money-horoscope.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-conjunction-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-sign.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-exaltation-debilitated-jupiter-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-career-vedic-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/medical-astrologer.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/zodiac-jupiter.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/yogas-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/jupiter-house-astrology.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/astrological-birth-chart.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/free-astrologer.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/astrology-links.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/social-media-sites.php http://www.freeastrologyvedic.com/astrology-forum.php
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Why Predictions Fails In ASTROLOGY???
Astrology, A new chapter for you, But in reality VAASTU and astrology are two aspects of the same coin. You are practicing the VAASTU and you have seen that the thing is there and it is also visible but no symptoms are visible. Why is this happening? That's the reason behind this where jyotish works because planets shape events in our life. Predictions in astrology fails because we don’t know the exact time of birth whether it was when fetus was born or when cord was cut off actually we don’t know. Some people had a question about “PRASHAN KUNDALI” yes PRASHAN KUNDALI works in accurate way because at that time that seed develop that question arises in your mind. So the beginning is from there. So Jyotish means “JYOTI and ISHA”. JYOTI means light and ISHA means Divine. “Science of Divine & light is Jyotish”. What is the meaning of astrology? It is only to show the path. This is not the purpose of astrology when the path of being seen and you find Obstacles ahead and we say someone that in your life these patches are coming, it will be wrong, Purpose of astrology is if these patches are coming how to sort out from these patches. It is like GPS what does GPS do it feeds destination and show you the easiest way to go on the correct path. This is the purpose of astrology in reality. When we live in a building and when we worked on VAASTU what we have seen that if one element enters in a second we have to balance it or control it but what is the driving force which works on different people in a different way living in same space why is it so. If someone’ s southeast is cut or toilet seat was treated then it will affect same on each person why does not it affects same on each person living in the same space why is it so because there is a driving force of planets. Planets will tell us which health issue that southeast will give to one person or what financial issue will give to another person all these things will tell us “Planets”. This is a Journey of planets and planets will tell us that which planet enters in which place and what will be the effect of that. In this Journey, you will find that in north side red color is good and in southwest green color is good and in west red color is good and in space green is good. We will see that how 16 division works in planet. North direction represents mercury (BUDH) means BUDHI BUDDHI in any KUNDALI. In our life, we work with two mind conscious mind and subconscious mind. Conscious mind means BUDH planet mercury no business or profession will earn money without BUDHI (Mercury). Mercury will tell you from where we get money. Life is all about solutions, Trinity vaastu is a platform where you can find solutions to the stuck situations in life #vastu #astrology #astrovastu #numerovastu To Enroll For Upcoming Workshop www.trinityvaastu.com M: 9999051719 , 9419190432 Be a creator of your OWN DESTINY, just don't wait for miracles to happen. Create & design your own MIRACLES with astro-vaastu tricks & enter into the WORLD BEYOND VAASTU.
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Astrological Prediction For 11th August Born | Astrology Planets
The individuals born on 11th August are impacted by planets called moon, Neptune and the sun. Your sunshine is Leo, i.e. the 2nd house of earth traividya. Your intellectual traits would be revealed exquisitely under this planetary association. Corresponding to the foregoing planetary union, your intellectual and social level will be soared high. This will conceive faith in the heart of people and will provide you many opportunities for progression. Both genders, male and female, will have utmost good faith for each other. The exceptional incidents will be met due to developing idealistic romantic relationship and romance. Your caliber will be depicted through your remarkable achievements in the arena of art, music, literature and drama. You will acquire prestigious post in every domain of life and show proficiency in the implementation of ethics and management. Loyalty will be depicted through your relationship with friends and dear ones. You will have a kind and big heart that will not create rivalry in anyone’s deep core despite being disagreed. You want to look into the virtuous attributes of others and if your wish would come true then you would like to highlight those ideal traits. Capability of developing eloquence and good writing skill will be in you and as being judge, preacher and teacher you will grab the success. Your internal instinct will be sharp enough regarding people but not through critique’s point of view; instead, their sharpness will be meant for understanding them and making others to understand you. Economic condition: Fortune will favour you while dealing in money matters but earning money will not be your prime focus. The money will credit to your account through strange sources, i.e. as souvenir or as legacy; but you may face poverty due to spending money prodigally. Your intellect will ensure shower of money in your destiny. You will be engaged in speech deliverance, music, writing and other supplementary professions instead of running business. Health: You ought to show special concern to your health and ought not to spend your physical strength. Your lungs and throat can be disordered. The circulation of your blood and beating of heart will be irregular and improper. The most significant numbers ad dates for you will be 2-7 such as 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25 and 29. You have to complete your work assignments on the foregoing dates. The number favoring to the sun and Uranus are given ahead for your consideration: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28 and 31. You ought to put on the following auspicious colours in your outfits: Moon: All shades of green colour, cream and white Neptune: All shades of grey colour The sun: Yellow, golden, orange and golden brown. Uranus: grey and light colours. The auspicious gemstones for you will be: pearl, moonstone, Jade, topaz, sapphire and Amber. The most important years in your life are 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25, 29, 34, 38, 43, 47, 52, 56, 61, 65 and 70. You would be greatly attracted to the individuals born on 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25 and 29 & 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22, 28 and 31 date.
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Astrology chat // Physical effects of planets that I've observed
In this video, I'm just going through a few examples where I've been able to directly match the movement of our starry grahas with things that have happened here on earth in a physical sense (e.g., people who get pressure headaches when there are too many clouds in the sky). If you have any stories to share, please do! Feel free to comment below and share what you've discovered. Also, if you would like to work with me, please visit http://www.vediclifecoach.co.uk or email [email protected] PLUS – here's the full list of planets and essential oils that will help soothe you if a planet's movement/energy feels harsh/too much: Sun // Cinnamon, Camphor, Eucalyptus Moon // Jasmine, Gardenia, Sandlewood Mars // Spicy, Heating oils, Castor Oil Mercury // Peppermint, Tulsi Jupiter // Jasmine, Sandlewood Venus // Lilly, Rose Saturn // Frankinsense, Sage Rahu // Frankinsense, Sage Ketu // Juniper, Ginger, Bayberry, Castor oil
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The Most Overlooked Secrets in Vedic Astrology - From the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference
Purchase the audio mp3 of this talk: http://store.payloadz.com/details/2423286-other-files-presentations-planetary-dignity-presentation-from-the-2015-sedona-vedic-astrology-conference.html Planetary Dignity: The Key Astrological Technique with Ryan Kurczak – Planetary dignity holds the secret key to properly understanding the foundation of a horoscope. The dignity of every house lord gives a clear indication of how every area of life will give its fruits. Planetary friendship, the most important variable in dignity, colors in the details of how the choices we make in life will affect our experiences. Planetary dignity impacts the expression of bhava yogas, avashtas, dashas and even planetary transits. Learn to unlock the chart from its deepest and most fundamental level. Astrological Classes and MP3 Downloads http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/asheville-vedic-astrology-academy/ Facebook Asheville Vedic Astrology https://www.facebook.com/AshevilleVedicAstrology Asheville Vedic Astrology http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/
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7th House (Spouse) Indications in Vedic Astrology - Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course 31/52
Astrological Classes and MP3 Downloads http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/asheville-vedic-astrology-academy/ Facebook Asheville Vedic Astrology https://www.facebook.com/AshevilleVedicAstrology Asheville Vedic Astrology http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/
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Relationships in Astrology - Planets in the 5th & 7th Houses
Daily Astrology-Human Design-Oracle Energy Report. Live weekday mornings on the Living Astrology Facebook page. How do the planets color, shape and change the houses and signs that are involved with our relationships? This week we are focusing in on astrology in relationships and that is the subject we take up this morning - the planets in the 5th House of Love & Romance, and the 7th House of Marriage & Partnerships. Grab a cuppa coffee or tea and join Living Astrology's, Janet Hickox in the Meta CaFe for the daily Astrology - Human Design - Oracle Energy Report. You can find us on the Living Astrology Facebook page weekdays at 8:00 am PT /11:00 am ET. See you there! My website: https://www.living-astrology.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivingAstrology/
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Mercury In Astrology / Your Mercury Sign / Occult Healing
Email for consultations ( Guidance, Astrology, Tarot, Detox, Spiritual healing, making money from home, Hypnosis Sessions, etc) - [email protected] Dear Friends, if you would like for me to continue to upload valuable information that can change your life please donate here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CPACJEB7HUBQG * NEW * Chinese Energetics Home Study Course -https://jvz3.com/c/793807/284385 A Masterpiece Mind - Guided Meditation Program - https://jvz7.com/c/793807/201563 The Wealthy Mindset Video Series - https://jvz8.com/c/793807/236415 Subconscious Mind Tapping - https://jvz7.com/c/793807/180543 * NEW * The Mind Hack Recipe (Digital Book) - https://jvz4.com/c/793807/284377 Social media: https://twitter.com/occulthealing22 https://www.facebook.com/occulthealing22 https://www.instagram.com/occultheali22 https://plus.google.com/+OccultHealing22 Mercury Symbol Glyphthe messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, decidedly unemotional and curious. In modern times, we tend to “meet” people’s Mercury first. Many people make a connection for the first time through e-mails, for example. Mercury rules whether we are flowery in our speech and/or written words, concise in our choice of words, or business-like even in our personal communications. Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyzes, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How do we handle nervous energy? How do we express and convey our thoughts? How do we approach others and information in order to learn and exchange ideas? When we are “acting out” our Mercury, we are inquisitive, curious, communicative, and versatile. On the negative side, we can be high-strung or nervous, nit-picky, indecisive, and overly technical. On a personal level, look to Mercury in the chart to reveal how individuals get their point across, how they study, and how they process information. Mercury by sign shows an individual’s style of communication. By house, Mercury reveals where natives seek to have a voice as well as which areas of life they tend to intellectualize and give a lot of thought to. Mercury colors the planets it aspects with a desire for communication and exchange of information. Similarly, the planets Mercury aspects affect the way an individual communicates. Mercury prominent in a chart points to wit, liveliness, and curiosity.
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Astrological Prediction For 16th August Born | Astrology Planets
The individuals born on 16th August are categorized as ‘Leo’ (the 2nd house of Agni) by sunshine, would notice the impact of the planets namely Neptune, moon & the sun upon you. Subdued to particular planetary conditions, your prominent characteristics will be influenced by Neptune, the sun, moon & Uranus. This is a strange planetary alliance. You will be more ambitious due to having influence of Neptune in Leo ascendance. You will have exquisite aspirations denying the desire of ruling over other. Your ambitions will be corresponding to your work, regardless of your profession. You will aspire for its success eliminating personal profit. Various art forms as music, dance, literature and drama etc. will give you the greatest fascination ever and in occult subjects as tantra-mantra. You will be calm and dignified by temperament. You will have soft corner in your heart and will be slightly inclined spirituality. Adoration as well as generosity will be found abided in your heart. In love-mater will dump you in trauma; will be surrounded by despair. But this would not induce any bitterness in you. The alliance of other planets in your birth planet-cycle will make your ideas genuine, unconventional and liberal. You will be certain by nature while either liking or disliking people. Several shocking incidents will be witnessed by you. Exceptional romances will be experienced in your life which will denounce you and hence, you will be caught in problems. Instead of commencing commercial trade, the independent work will be much better option for you by which you will be independent. Frequent travelling and switching places will be your prime choice. The better it will be for rejuvenation. As far as ambience and people are concerned, you will be compassionate or sympathetic. You will be blessed with instinctive intellectuality and inspiration. Success is sure in putting on paper the mysterious subjects or on occult science. Or, you will be proficient in drawing sketches of mysterious fiction. You will achieve success in putting your genuine ideas and outlook in literary format. Economical condition: Concluding your financial condition will be a hard deal to do for you. Money will not tempt you. You will not be engaged in any continuous employment or trade. But as being subdued to the intense desire of sacrificing and providing helping-hands to others, you will surely desire to earn handsome money and for meeting that passionate desire, you will be employed to the job which irritates you pretty much. It does not connote that you do not have capability of earning money, but doing anything corresponding to your nature and interest will be difficult for you. Avoid betting with the amount that you have either earned or received as legacy. And also avoid being coaxed by others. Health: Your health is dependent upon your heart. Your soul will protest with your body. However, your lean body put others in dilemma that you are physically weak but your bearing power will be marked above an average. Your eating habits are peculiar. You listen to your heart in this regard. Your favoring digit is 7. This will play a key role in your life. ‘7’ can be swapped with ‘2’. The series of 2 will be as significant as of 7. These numbers will conclude specific meaning from 21 June to 30 August. They will play vital role from 25th December to the end of March. Try to utilize these numbers in your all important work projects. Make deal of a house purchase that having part of the number 7 or 2 or the sum of those numbers. The most propitious shades of colours for you will be: Light green, grey, orange, yellow and red colour. Avoid bright and black colours. But you can put on the shades of sapphire. The most auspicious gemstones for you will be Moonstone, Diamond, Pearl, Jade and Amber. The turning points in your life will fall on the mentioned ahead years: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 7, 16, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, and 70. The persons taken birth on 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 and 25 will attract you.
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June 2015 Astrological Forecast Planetary Calendar
The month starts with a bang; the full Moon on the 2nd, with the Sun standing shoulder to shoulder with Mars and Mercury in Gemini. Don't be surprised when your inner kid wants to come out and play, feeling feisty. Mercury is Retrograde until the 11th, not an easy one because, being in rulership, he expects to work well and having to back pedal is frustrating. Do tasks Retrograde supports; retrace, redefine and recall. From the 3rd Quarter Moon to the New (9th to 16th) it will be bumpy with two planets changing direction and one changing sign while the Lunar energy sinks. Watch your step and be compassionate. In Greek mythology, wandering, generous Jupiter was married to jealous, frugal Juno. This month Jupiter and the asteroid Juno are conjunct in Leo. Should we expect a month of marital bliss, or bickering? We'll see! Success hinges on communication, which includes listening to your significant other. Once Mercury turns Direct and picks up speed by the weekend, you can say "What's in the past is in the past, let's focus on the future." and people will actually hear you. In any case, by the end of the month Venus slinks into the room and sidles up to Jupiter, in conjunction in Leo on the 30th, while wifely Juno is still in the room, albeit by the door heading to Virgo. So watch out for dalliances, over the top flirting and wifely glares. Keeping Jupiter in line is always a daunting task. On the 30th, a Grand Trine in Fire involving Uranus, the Moon and litigious Pallas Athena, are linked to the Venus-Jupiter coupling; a great day for exciting romance… or lawsuits, disruption and mayhem. Even though Juno is heading out the door to work, she is conjunct the Royal Star Regulus at 29 degrees Leo, the heart of the Lion. She has a lot of juice in that position so tread lightly and keep your wits about you. On the 14th, Saturn backs into Scorpio so expect that weighty issues you already dealt with for the past two years may rear their crusty heads again. Chill! This is a chance to catch missed threads and see how far you have come. By August 1st, Saturn turns Direct and by the middle of September he is in Sagittarius again, dealing with a whole new set of weighty issues. Summer starts on the 21st, just as the Moon moves into productive Virgo, and it is a Circle day, foretelling a productive and healthy Summer season ahead. On the 24th, Mars joins the Sun in Cancer so expect a little bump in the road. Mars is not in his strength in Cancer, but standing close to the Sun he gets to work on what he does best in this sign, home improvements and caring for family.
Vedic Astrology Week of Exalted Planets AND Strong Malefics
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Moon & Leo - The Planets of Each Ascendant - 36 of 86
Learn More About This Work in the Links and Information Below... Astrological Classes and MP3 Downloads http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/asheville-vedic-astrology-academy/ Facebook Asheville Vedic Astrology https://www.facebook.com/AshevilleVedicAstrology Asheville Vedic Astrology http://ashevillevedicastrology.wordpress.com/ Through Vedic Astrology you will find an objective point of view to understand your life style tendencies, habitual ways of thinking and acting, your affect on other people, and greater self awareness to incite change, should you be so inspired. At Asheville Vedic Astrology, Ryan acknowledges the force of your past actions, as indicated by your birth chart, but he emphasizes change through meditation, gem stone, mantra, and practical lifestyle regimens. Your fate is empowered by all the actions you have taken up to this point, which means, every action you take from now on, will alter the flow of the river of your life. Astrology can serve as a powerful guidepost to making better decisions in the present. Through Vedic Astrological Guidance You Can Also: ~Manage Your Business Affairs Successfully ~Overcome Relationship Issues ~Understand Your Habits & Tendencies and Integrate Effective Lifestyle Practices Specific to Your Temperament ~ Determine the Most Beneficial Times to Take Action and Move Forward with Your Goals ~ Find Out Your Life’s Purpose and How to Make it Happen ~ Help Your Family Dynamic by Understanding Your Children, Parents, & Partner’s Horoscope ~ Implement Appropriate Health Regimens for Your Specific Body & Personality Type “The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth is not meant to emphasize fate – the result of past good and evil – but to arouse man’s will to escape from his universal thralldom. What he has done, he can undo. None other than himself was the instigator of the causes of whatever effects are now prevalent in his life. He can overcome any limitation, because he created it by his own actions in the first place, and because he has spiritual resources which are not subject to planetary pressure.” ~ Sri Swami Yukteswar #Moon #Leo #Astrology
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