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BluePrism - String Reg Expressions || Reality & Useful
Hi Friends, Now we will discuss about 'Utility - String' Regular expressions -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why we need to use regular expressions and which scenario we need to use them? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's take an example, I have one data item contains alphabates and I want to check wheather the data item having only alphabates or numbers or alphanumarics or any other condition checks. These type of operations we can do using regular expressions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- we can find the syntaxs of regular expressions in w3scools. see here few of the regular expressions [abc] the string should contains a, b, c letters combination only [^abc] doesn't contains the combination of a, b, c or individually [0-9] string must contains only digits [^0-9] string should not contain numbers (x|y) Find any of the alternatives specified --------------------------------------------------------------------------- let's try on these expressions using 'Utility - String' regular expressions See we have an Action to use 'Test Regex Match' and it is expecting the inputs Regex Pattern - This is regular expression syntax Target String - This is, on which string we have to match Output will be the Flag type mean, either matching or not, true or false --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Let's check with the number [0-9] pattern My target string should contain only numbers not any other symboles or alphabates. let's check it See I got true, because my target string having only number. If I give alphabates? see the result -- I got the false result What if I give combination of alphabates and numbers or other symboles too? see once Well, we got true. That means it is accepting the other characters along with the numbers. Let's restrict the alphabates in this using [0-9] ^[a-b] we got the false. --------------------------------------------------------- 2. Now we will see about [abc] expression I gave target string with in the abc letters that's why I got true. Let's include other characters. It gave me true and accepting the other letters If we don't want other letters to accept include ^[d-z] Let's try See now we got false. ^ means inverse/not case Now we will avoid the abc letters and use it for [abc] expression Results are false, because Target string doesn't contain abc letters. Make sure to know about the meaning of regular expression first. already we got idea about ^ symbol ^ - not case [] - are used for expression symbol - - used for range(between) like 0 to 9 or between 'a' and 'z' Thank you for watching video
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Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Overview and Demo | UniqueSquared.com
To purchase the Roland SPD-SX visit our website: http://ss1.us/a/NX9bEqL- For more on the Roland SPD-SX go to our blog: http://www.uniquesquared.com/blog/pro-audio/roland-spd-sx-sampling-pad-review/ Trevor Root from Roland stops by the UniqueSquared studio to show off the Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad. Be sure to Fan us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you want more videos like this: http://www.facebook.com/UniqueSquared http://www.twitter.com/UniqueSquared http://www.youtube.com/user/UniqueSquared
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DBMS | Database Management System | MySQL | Use of Concat & Substring | Part  2
DBMS : MySQL | Concat & Substring | Part 2; Concat function select function Substring function Videos by Edupedia World (www.edupediaworld.com), Online Education, Click on ( Click on (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8u8J....) for more Videos.) for more Videos, All Rights Reserved.
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Romi's Cutscene Tool
Romi maked a Cutscene Tool. I decided to make small experiment. It was hard because readme isn't clear... And here is source: [skip=END] [topic]You're nothing![/topic] Welcome. This is my experiment about my new hack which is full of cutscenes. (PRESS START TO SKIP)[wait][br] Actually this is Kaizo Hack, but hey[wait=30].[wait=30].[wait=30].[wait=30] here is no wrong about it.[wait][erase] However, I don't like you. Do you know which hour is?[pad left=16][br] YES![br] NO![br] [pad left=8] [branch=Stop,Me,TASer] [label=Stop] Congratulations! You're got new level! [topic]You're noob![/topic][erase] So... congratulations! You're win. I transport you to Muncher Land.[wait] [end=00] [label=Me] So... I have no choice. I give to you lives in (never-ending) bonus room.[wait][br]Enjoy you stay![wait] [end=01] [label=TASer] [topic]You're TASer[/topic] I give you ["]Item Abuse" by Moltov. Do you like it?[pad left=16][br] YES![br] NO! [pad left=8] [branch=Yes,No] [label=Yes] Teleporting[wait=30].[wait=30].[wait=30].[wait=30] [end=02] [label=No] So... I transport you to another hack...[wait] [end=01] [label=END] [end=01]
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Armored Core:Last Raven Portable Jettison Setup
Finally crafted a control scheme/key assign that works for me in the psp where I can jettison weapons(previous config didn't allow me to). Now I can maximize hangar cores and dual-wields for all they're worth. XD This vid is the first of my gun/drop series of AC's. Fight Times: 00:47 AC Test1 01:23 AC Test2 02:03 Mr. Keepless 04:35 Michael F. Still need some time to get used to the button config. but after weeks of testing this setup works best imo for the psp version: L shoulder=strafe L R shoulder=strafe R Analog L=Look L Analog R=Look R Analog Up=move forward Analog Down=move back D-pad up=extension D-pad down=look down D-pad left=look up D-pad right=EO/Overboost /\=L arm weapon/event [ ]=R arm weapon X=boost O=change weapon
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NES Input Randomizer aka Shitty TAS
In this video, I have a random number generator connected to the controller port of a NES. The result is extremely erratic gameplay, and graphical/gameplay glitches. Shown are tests with Metroid, Zelda II, and Tetris. Hardware details: The output of a bipolar transistor avalanche noise generator is fed into an op-amp, where it is heavily amplified to create essentially a random duty cycle square wave. The square wave is fed into the serial data input of a CD4015 Serial-In Parallel-Out shift register, whose clock is connected to the clock/strobe signal coming from the NES controller port. The resultant eight-bits are routed to two places: an 8-wide LED display used to indicate activity, and a CD4021 Parallel-In Serial-Out shift register (the same type used in the NES controller itself). The CD4021 is set up in the same way as in the NES controller, with the clock pin controlled by the NES clock/strobe signal, and the parallel/serial pin controlled by the NES latch signal. The serial output (taken from Q8) is then sent to the data line entering the NES through the controller port. One change was made in order to have it work better with horizontal platformers: instead of sending the d-pad left and right bits straight into the CD4021 to be shifted out, they each first go through a D Flip Flop arranged as a T flip flop (or, in other words, a frequency divider). This makes it so that instead of left/right button presses being "tapped" or short-lived (thus producing no left/right movement in many platformer games), they remain active until toggled or "pressed" again by the noise generator. Doing the same for the "jump" button in a game would also be beneficial, so that the jumps can be higher instead of just short hops, but I didn't have enough flip flops to do that. Max speed is simply the result of having the op-amp go straight into the CD4015. "Normal" speed sends it through a CMOS inverter first, which apparently alters it enough to make a big difference. It was necessary to disconnect the randomized data for the start button once the game had begun, otherwise every game would pause/unpause and waste time/sanity. Many games will either freeze, slow down, or glitch heavily when the inverter is bypassed.
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61-Trim Function2 and Pads Functions and Challenge 25
في هذا الدرس سنتعلم طريقة حذف الحروف الغير مرغوبة الجزء الثاني ودوال أضافة المقاطع المطلوب أضافتها الى النص من جهة اليمين أو اليسار وكما ينتظركم التحدي رقم 24 من بداية ونهاية النص بلغة السي شارب....ننتظر الأجابات الخاصة بكم اسفل الفيديو.... مشاهدة ممتعة ولاتنسى الأعجاب بالفيديو ولا تنسى الأشتراك ومشاهدة باقي الكورسات في القناة من هذا الرابط http://www.youtube.com/c/AToZForLearning صفحة القناة على الفيسسبوك https://www.facebook.com/AToZForLearning/ كروب القناة على الفيسبوك الذي نرحب فيه بجميع اخواننا المبرمجين والمبرمجات ومشاركاتهم https://www.facebook.com/groups/AToZForLearningProgramming/
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Dolphin 4.0.2 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii - World 9-3 (Star Coins) [1080p HD] | Nintendo Wii
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - World 9-3 (Star Coins) for Nintendo Wii using Dolphin 4.0.2 Emulator http://www.freeemulator.com/dolphin-emulator/ This video is part of our complete playthrough of New Super Mario Bros. Wii using the Dolphin emulator rendering the internal graphics at 1080p. We collect every star coin and unlock every secret path during these videos. View a playlist of all the levels here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqTxux-zjFRPsOu9QuzJR-aa2cGnegqJ8 --------COMPUTER SPECS-------- i7-4770 CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM AMD HD 7700 GPU Windows 7 64-bit Dolphin 4.0.2 (64-bit) Controller: Wired XBOX 360 controller (see the link and/or instructions below for config details) --------DOLPHIN CONFIGURATION-------- Reading a Dolphin config is a bit tedious, so if you'd like, you can view screenshots of our Dolphin configuration here: http://www.freeemulator.com/dolphin-4-0-2-new-super-mario-bros-wii-complete-gameplay-videos-and-configuration-settings/ [[[ Options - Configure - General ]]] Enable Dual Core (speedup): Checked Enable Idle Skipping (speedup): Checked Framelimit: Auto Limit by FPS: Unchecked CPU Emulator Engine: JIT Recompiler (recommended) [[[ Options - Configure - Audio ]]] DSP Emulator Engine: DSP HLE emulation (fast) [[[ Options - Configure - Wii ]]] Aspect Ratio: 16:9 [[[ Options - Graphics Settings - General ]]] Backend: Direct3D11 Aspect Ratio: Force 16:9 Use Fullscreen: Checked [[[ Options - Graphics Settings - Enhancements ]]] Internal Resolution: 3x Native (1920x1584) Anti-Aliasing: None Anisotropic Filtering: 1x Scaled EFB Copy: Checked Force Texture Filtering: Checked (this helps to make the backgrounds in the game look better) [[[ Options - Graphics Settings - Hacks ]]] Skip EFB Access from CPU: Unchecked Ignore Format Changes: Checked EFB Copies Disable: Unchecked EFB Copies Texture: Bulleted (note that switching this to RAM and unchecking Enable Cache will allow for the gold coins and blocks to animate and the blue coins to appear, but requires a very good PC to do. Mine works fine with it set this way, but when I record videos my FPS suffers, so I opted to not animate the coins and blocks in my videos) Texture Cache Accuracy: Fast (slid all the way to the right) Cache Display Lists: Checked [[[ Options - Wiimote Settings ]]] Wiimote 1: Emulated Wiimote XBOX 360 Wired Controller Configuration: A: 'Button Y' B: 'Button B' 1: 'Button X' 2: 'Button A' -: Back +: Start Tilt Forward: 'Trigger R' Tilt Backward: 'Trigger L' Shake Z: 'Shoulder L' D-Pad Up: 'Pad W' D-Pad Down: 'Pad E' D-Pad Left: 'Pad S' D-Pad Right: 'Pad N' http://www.FreeEmulator.com has been serving up the top-rated video game emulators for years. You will find an emulator for all of the following operating systems: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, & Windows Phone. Free Emulator doesn't host roms, we only host emulators. This video is meant for educational purposes. Nintendo is the author of this game for the purpose of copyright. All rights reserved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-l9BTF1XoE
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GTA 4 OUT OF BODY MOD GLITCH shorty version
╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ This is the offline mod disk i'm currently having fun with..& it turns out you can play online as well !!! it's nice to know as long as i have electricity & a console, i can edit stuff in many map editors..Every game should have a map editor to give the power of creation to the players.This is the out of body glitch how to video tutorial..Go to ceiling limit in rapid fire mode, get killed, just keep holding the left triggers to go down as you die a few times, bring up menu by pressing LT LB & D pad left to go into the OUT OF BODY ===== i get alot of feedback & i try to respond to all questions, as for leaving negative words, or your negative opinions on my page, don't waste your time..i approve all messages & nothing negative will get through. Why would you waste all that time on me when i would just block you & remove the negative comments?.All that time trying to get through my thick skull, wasted..People do not realize what their words & actions actually mean, nor do they know our only true destiny here on Earth which is to get along & be as the Gods one day ===== EVERYTHING you do in life is judged, your actions & words.Your energy transforms either more positive or negative giving you better energy the next time around depending on what you do & say, all actions & words..That is the alleged Heaven, or hell you go to..Proof? You shed your body when you die, no more nerve endings, no more pain or pleasure..When reborn, it's not a guaranteed better life or rich life as we see it, but better energy from doing good things all your life.Sometimes, your energy transforms in this life during it, energy never dies, only transforms,even Albert Einstien the smartest man in the world backs me up on this one..So it is a fact you will have other lives, even if you do bad things to others, you will be cleansed, & reborn again too ===== Depending on what you did now & what you transform into next, or if you go to some other realm or Galaxy i can't figure out..There may even be some form other than human we take if we do really bad stuff..More the reason not to be eating animals that breathe air like us above ground..We are not even supposed to eat other lesser animals as we are first herbavoirs, but became behavioral omnivours as we now choose to eat meat ====== Thou shall not kill literally..Even our hands are shaped for picking fruits & more, no claws to tear flesh..i think it is still ok to eat fish, which is unfortunate for us as at the moment, our seas are really polluted.The waste treatment plants do not even filter out basic coffee, & it is showing up in fish around the world, imagine everything else that gets flushed down our toilets? ====== i wish i had the worlds attention, because everything you do affects everyone around you,then you are judged & transformed depending on what you do & say in your life.it is simple for me to see as i have what they call a fast eye, like Leonardo Davinchi had, even when i ride a bike i feel like a jedi seeing stuff 2 or 3 moves ahead ======= No one knows our purpose here on Earth, that is why there are so many religions, & ironically they are all incorrect, edited for our content & control..Our purpose is to be as the Gods, which is plural & at the same time debunks all religions that have only one God in them, which is pretty much all of them up to the Egyptian & Greek times when they worshiped more than one God..It's really common sense, it is our only true destiny..All other destinies are canceled out due to free will, free will changes everything at ever turn you take ======= We are supposed to get along in peace & discover new worlds as we have to one day billions of years from now when our sun eventually burns out..Again, common sense FACTS.We are failing at getting along miserably & it will be our destruction if we do not do something about it..We are supposed to grow to be an advanced stage 4 society, sharing technology then discovering new worlds..We are currently minus 1 stage society living with old outdated non specific rules of life ======= We desperately need an upgrade..Everything you do matters in life & everything you do affects everyone around you.. it was easy for me to tell you these life saving facts..You can do the same to someone else instead of being negative, just be positive.. Now go..Spread the word..Spread the word!!!! ======== Positive comments are a plus the negative comments will get you blocked.. You will just be wasting your time with negative comments =============┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐============= i will remove the negative comments anyway, Just live your life & act as though your words & actions matter, because they do, EVERYTHING WE DO IN LIFE IS JUDGED WHEN WE DIE, EVEN THE WORDS WE TYPE & SPEAK
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