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CTS interview questions on Oracle SQL and PLSQL
Here are the CTS interview questions on SQL and PLSQL. PL/SQL: What are the activities are you doing daily in your project? Tell me ratio's of sql, pl/sql & Unix? Diff b/w primary key & unique key + not null? What is the use of views? If table dropped, then what happen view? What is index? types of indexes? Which functions are not supported to index? What is save point? What is ora-1555? What are the data types available in pl/sql, not in sql? What is the main use of %type,%rowtype? What is cursor? Types of cursors? Diff b/w explicit cursor & for loop cursor? What is exception? Types of exceptions? What is raise_application_error? How many LONG columns are allowed in a table? What cursor type do you use to retrieve multiple record sets? What is normalization ? What is an index and types of indexes. How many number of indexes can be used per table ? how can we find the select statement is indexed or not? What are wait events. Describe the wait event tables. How do u count no of rows in a table? When do we create bitmap indexes sql query to get zero records from a table having n no of records function can return multiple value? how give give sample coding Difference between NVL, NVL2 and NULLIF Name Salary Abc 50000 Abc 50000 xyz 20000, find the max salary using aggregate function? What are the Diff B/W Cursor and REF Cursor What is pragma_exception_init? Diff b/w triggers & procedures? Can you call procedure in select statement? Restrictions in functions? What is the use of packages? How to drop package body only? Can use pragma_autonamous_tranctions in packages? What is bulk collect? What is nullif()? What is mutating error?  What are the module's , you are working Which will fire default first statement level or row level trigger? What is bulk collect? And any restrictions in bulk collect? What is the use of limit clause in bulk collect? How to debug your code? How to trace error handling? How to find which line error was raised? What are the methods there in save exceptions? What is functional based index? Write syntax? In my next video i will be providing you the answers for each on of this questions. For HCL interview question : https://youtu.be/Pf0lRerwF5U For Global Analytics interview questions : https://youtu.be/joRTF8ZhVwg Please subscribe to my channel here for more videos on recent interview questions of MNC companies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCofhGV_j_4cVGa9R08MsuXQ thanks to my subscribers !!
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(Mis)Using Data Visualization in a Partisan Era
Skip ahead to main speaker at 1:20 Join Brown Political Review for a talk by data visualization expert Alberto Cairo. Cairo will explain how to decode misleading charts, infographics, and data maps -- the visual aspect of “fake news” -- designed by individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum, and discuss why a graphically literate citizenry is essential to political and policy debates. Alberto Cairo is a professor of professional practice at the University of Miami and a Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the Knight Foundation. He holds a BA in Journalism (University of Santiago de Compostela) and a research-oriented Masters degree on Information Society Studies from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona). He teaches courses on information graphics and visualization, and is interested in the convergence between visual communication, journalism, cognitive science, cartography, and statistics. Cosponsored by the Brown Political Review and the Taubman Center.

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