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Oracle Advanced Queue for Business Process Impl
Implementing workflows using Oracle Advanced Queue
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Service | Assigning Service Requests to Queues
This video tutorial applies to Rel 12 and Rel 13. It shows you how to assign service requests to queues in Oracle Engagement Cloud.
Oracle WebLogic JMS Overview and Monitoring JMS Servers, Messages, Queues by using WLSDM
WebLogic administrators need to keep an eye when JMS MBean metric values increase suddenly. At this time WLSDM able to send JMS notifications for each JMS resources in a WebLogic domain. We have prepared a new tech blog post about learning JMS and WebLogic JMS monitoring with below headers and learnings: Overview of WebLogic JMS servers JMS Servers/Modules creation, testing Monitoring JMS resources in a WebLogic domain Alerting JMS queues and Receiving robust notifications Screen captures for JMS environment Additional YouTube video tutorial Read blog tech tutorial here: http://blog.wlsdm.com/oracle-weblogic-jms-overview-and-monitoring-jms-servers-messages-queues-by-using-wlsdm/ Download WLSDM: http://wlsdm.com/download
54 sms queue system
Visit www.arduino4u.com for more details
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Performance Troubleshooting Using Wait Statistics
One of the first things you should check when investigating performance issues are wait statistics - as these can often point you in the direction for further analysis. Unfortunately many people misinterpret what SQL Server is telling them and jump to conclusions about how to solve the problem - what is often called 'knee-jerk performance tuning'. In this session, you will learn what waits are, how to analyze them, and potential solutions to common problem patterns. Paul Randal is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and a Microsoft Regional Director. He spent 9 years working on the SQL Server team, writing DBCC CHECKDB, and ultimately responsible for the entire Storage Engine. In 2007 Paul left Microsoft to co-own and run SQLskills.com, and is a world-renowned author, consultant, and top-rated speaker on SQL Server performance tuning, administration, internals, and HA/DR. When he's not tweeting, blogging, or helping someone recover from a disaster, he's likely to be underwater somewhere in the world with his wife, Kimberly L. Tripp.
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Learn to Use the ICS-ACI Open Queue: an Open HPC Resource for Penn State
The ICS-ACI Open Queue allows all researchers at Penn State University to access ICS-ACI, the university's high-performance research cloud. Jobs submitted to the Open Queue do not count against your allocation. Learn more about the Open Queue in this video.
MQ: Messages and HTTP as envelopes with bodies, SOAP and REST
This IBM Counter Fraud Management (ICFM), or ICFM 2, video explains IBM Message Queue MQ Messages and HTTP as envelopes with bodies, SOAP and REST
Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway - PL/SQL API as REST Service
Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Release 12.2.4 Tutorial: Publish PL/SQL API as REST Service Copyright © 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the “Materials”). The Materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
VoltDelta and Oracle Service Cloud Agent Statistics Demo
The multi-channel media bar helps agents prioritize and respond to calls. Real-time dashboards allows agents to view their calls and queue statistics and see the overall contact center performance.
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Purely Functional Data Structures
Immutable or "purely functional" data structures, the focus of Chris Okasaki’s 1996 Ph.D. thesis and the subject of ongoing exploration in the FP community, are not just for "purely functional" developers. Immutable data structures can also be of immense benefit in imperative-style object-oriented programs. This presentation derives implementations of some commonly used immutable data structures such as lists, queues, and vectors and discusses the code simplifications and performance benefits they offer in an imperative setting. Author: Dan Rosen Dan Rosen is an engineer who tries to learn things and, on occasion, succeeds enough to turn around and teach them. He just joined the API team at Twitter and, as usual, has a lot to learn there. Prior to Twitter, Dan worked as an instructor at Marakana, developing and teaching courses on Scala development, REST service design and other Java stuff. Dan is also a recovering C addict who, prior to making the leap to the JVM, contributed to products ranging from web browsers to static source code analyzers. Dan and his dog Tesla are proud residents of Oakland, California. View more trainings by Dan Rosen at https://www.parleys.com/author/dan-rosen Find more related tutorials at https://www.parleys.com/category/developer-training-tutorials
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REST Enabling the Oracle Database
Presenter: Colm Divilly, Oracle Corporation This session will demonstrate how quickly one can install and configure Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) to provide/serve REST endpoints on both RESTful Services and Database Objects themselves. A brief overview of REST concepts will be followed by a demo of ORDS being installed in less than 5 minutes. Then a series of demos showing how easy it is to REST enable a table and use GET/POST/DELETE to provide a full CRUD API to your data, including complex scenarios involving complex data types like SDO_GEOMETRY and rich web applications that can take advantage of JSON. REST is the new development paradigm and the Oracle Database is 100% ready with the addition of ORDS.
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WLSDM: Health Dashboard - WebLogic Health Monitoring
WLSDM: Native WebLogic Monitoring WebLogic Health Monitoring Tutorial How to monitor WebLogic managed servers STATE & HEALTH status? How to monitor WebLogic deployments STATE & HEALTH status? How to monitor WebLogic data sources STATE & HEALTH status? How to monitor WebLogic JMS servers STATE & HEALTH status? Get SMTP(email) or SNMP(trap) notifications instantly when something goes wrong on your WebLogic Domain. http://community.wlsdm.com/ http://www.wlsdm.com/download
Real-World Performance - 13 - Large Dynamic Connection Pools - Part 1
Check out the entire series on the Oracle Learning Library at http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll/rwp In this video, listen and watch Andrew Holdsworth, Vice President of Oracle Database Real-World Performance at Oracle Corporation, as he demonstrates how large dynamic connection pools affect performance. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Oracle Tuning Mistakes and Solutions
Oracle 12c Multi-Threaded Database (parameter threaded_execution=true) provides an fantastic performance improvement by reducing the number of background processes. In this free tutorial, Oracle Certified Master John Watson of SkillBuilders demonstrates how to enable this feature and the resulting performance benefit - in John's demo, a doubling of performance! See all free Oracle 12c tutorials at http://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-tutorials.
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How to Cache Database Queries with Redis in Laravel - Redis Series Episode 4
In this short episode, I show you how you can cache database queries for a certain period of time. This is really nice when you have data you know won't change during x period of time, because once it's in cache, Laravel knows to automatically skip the database query and immediately deliver the requested content from RAM. Super fast, super easy. Here's the complete project throughout all episodes: https://gitlab.com/Christf24/RedisCast/tree/master/ Next episode will go over tagging with Redis (for blog posts, movie genres, or whatever else). Previous episode (Counting page views, and creating a "Top Viewed Article" list on home page): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMjw5WFPG8c Next episode (Tagging articles, products, movies, etc..): http://youtu.be/L2keoHFThwY
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How do I determine whether uncommitted messages exist on a shared queue?
Greg Woods from the WebSphere MQ support team created this video to answer the question of "How do I determine whether uncommitted messages exist on a shared queue". Thank you for engaging with this video. IBM and IBM logo are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks, registered marks or service marks of their respective owners.
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BluePrism - Work Queues || Reality & Useful
Hi Friends, Today we will work with 'Work Queues' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have a excel data. Let me show you. Having 351 records including column headers First we will load these excel data into work queue 1. First we need to create a work queue and provide a key column for work queue Make sure key column should be unique and not null Work Queue Name: BankRecords Key Name: SeqNo In my excel i have a unique column with SeqNo. So, I will use it Remaining options as it is and click on apply 2. Here work queue is created. 3. Load excel data into work queue. For this I am going to create a Business Object 4. I created a page in business object to load data into workqueue 5. Using Action stage and work queue we need to load collection. For this, first we need to read data from excel and keep it in a collection Ohh I created a Process that's why i need to call the page into MainPage to execute it 6. We got the data, then next step is load these data into Work Queue. Bot finished, Let's have a check in collection as well as in Work Queue 7. We can see the data 350 records in Work Queue. All are in pending stage because the First column have ... image. It means all are in Pending stage 8. We are done with loading the data into work queue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now we will fetch item by item from work queue mark the item as completed and faulted depends on data existed in collection. We have a column named 'Sales Group' using this if the value is 'Personal Banking' we will mark the record in queue is completed other wise mark as exception. 1. Create business object for this procedure. 2. get the one by one item from work queue using Action Stage Work Queues We should use Get Next Item will give the next pending item from work queue. 3. We need to verify the Item ID having data or not. Because If queue items reaches to end there are no records left, then we will get empty item Id. 4. we need to use decision stage to verify it If length of item Id not equals to 0 then we need to proceed. 5. next, we need to verify the data in the record where the Sales Group having Personal Banking value or not 6. In sucess case mark as completed and failed case mark as exception. 7. It is working as expected. and it marked as completed let's make it as loop See the icons in first column Tick mark means - Completed successfully Flag mark means - Failed with Exception Lock Mark means - Running item It will process till finishs all the records. It takes sometime to finish all records Thank you for watching video
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Oracle Weblogic 12c Thread Monitoring
Oracle Weblogic 12c Thread Monitoring. Reference article & Java source: http://javaeesupportpatterns.blogspot.com/2013/08/weblogic-thread-monitoring-tips.html http://javaeesupportpatterns.blogspot.com/2013/09/oracle-weblogic-stuck-thread-detection.html
Real Time SQL Monitorin Demo in Oracle SQL Developer
See how to watch a query execute in real time using this Oracle Database Tuning Pack feature in Oracle SQL Developer.
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Improve Case Management with Oracle Public Sector CRM
Hear about Oracle's latest innovations for Public Sector Case Management. Learn how to improve delivery of government services to citizens.
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Kamailio with the Right Storage Engine
Kamailio is a high performance open source SIP server developed since 2001. One of the critical components in a VoIP platform is the storage system. Keeping user profiles, writing call data records, tracking active users or sharing states, the backend impacts more than anything else the bahaviour of your RTC service. Kamailio supports a myriad of options - SQL: MySQL/MariaDB, Posgress, SQLite, Oracle and others via UnixODBC, - NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Memcache, Text, - REST API or Message Queues: RabbitMQ, NSQ, HTTPS+JSON/XML. The presentation goes through the most popular options, highlighting the benefits and disadvantages, which are more suitable for some of the common use cases of real time communications.
Data Structure Circular Queue Insert,Delete Operation Part 7
DURGASOFT is INDIA's No.1 Software Training Center offers online training on various technologies like JAVA, .NET , ANDROID,HADOOP,TESTING TOOLS , ADF, INFORMATICA, SAP... courses from Hyderabad & Bangalore -India with Real Time Experts. Mail us your requirements to [email protected] so that our Supporting Team will arrange Demo Sessions. Ph:Call +91-8885252627,+91-7207212428,+91-7207212427,+91-8096969696. http://durgasoft.com http://durgasoftonlinetraining.com https://www.facebook.com/durgasoftware http://durgajobs.com https://www.facebook.com/durgajobsinfo......
AWS re:Invent 2016: Cross-Region Replication with Amazon DynamoDB Streams (DAT201)
Under Armour implemented cross-region replication with Amazon DynamoDB Streams. Come listen as they share the keys to success.
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OBIEE Training - OBIEE 11g KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and KPI Watchlist Tutorial
Follow the full step by step OBIEE training tutorial at: https://www.fireboxtraining.com/blog/2014/06/23/kpi-obiee-11g-tutorial We will demonstrate how to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A KPI is a visual indicator that quickly shows how actual measures are performing against targets. With KPIs, you can customize the various states, such as background color and icon to be used. Once you have defined at least one KPI, you can then create a KPI Watchlist and integrate it into your dashboard. You can then create analyses and agents based on a KPI in your watchlist.
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LIVE: Kiribo thrown into wild jubilation as Omoyele Sowore wins his polling unit
LIVE: Kiribo thrown into wild jubilation as Omoyele Sowore wins his polling unit and others in Kiribo. #RevolutionNow
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Connect, Engage, Innovate: Genesys CX18 Nashville Highlights
May 1-4, 2018 Genesys gathered over 2,500 attendees at the signature customer experience event, CX18, in Nashville. Featuring more than 100 educational sessions, breakouts and activities, CX18 explored new innovations around artificial intelligence (AI), asynchronous messaging, journey management, IoT and more. In Music City, USA, we formed a strong ecosystem of solutions, customers, partners and technology to illuminate the next-generation of customer experience. Thank you all for attending and participating in our biggest CX event of the year. We will see you again at Xperience19 in Denver! http://www.genesys.com/
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Oracle WebLogic Server admin Demo in Telugu VLR Training 9059868766 - web logic Admin training
Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Demo in Telugu VLR Training 9059868766 - web logic training in kukatpally Register Now : oracle web logic server admin, oracle weblogic server 12c administration i student guide, weblogic administration 12c, weblogic administration interview questions, weblogic administration pdf, weblogic administration tutorial, weblogic administrator roles and responsibilities, weblogic server administration, weblogic tutorial, http://www.vlrtraining.in/rmlp/register-now-live-demos-sowtware-courses/ What Oracle WebLogic Server: Image result for What Oracle WebLogic Serverdocs.oracle.com Oracle WebLogic Server 12c R2 is the industry's best application server for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications with support for new features for lowering cost of operations, improving performance, enhancing scalability and supporting the Oracle Applications portfolio. WebLogic server Administration Course Content: PART I: - OVERVIEW & INSTALLATION 1) Understanding Java/J2EE Technologies a. Distributed Environment b. Dif. bet. Web & App Server c. About Servers d. Environments – Dev, Testing(SIT, UAT), Pre Prod & Prod 2) Introduction to WebLogic Server a. Terminology b. Dif. bet. WLS Versions(8.x, 9.x & 10.x) 12c 3) Install the ORACLE WebLogic Server a. Installation Modes b. Installable Product Components c. Product Distribution d. Pre Installation e. Installing the Steps f. Post Installation g. Un-Installation Lab Exercise: Install ORACLE Software and Lab Environment Set up PART II: - CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT 1) Configuring WL Domains a. Learn how to create a new custom domain template b. Create a new domain using the custom domain template Lab Exercise: Configure a Domain Template 2) Configuring a WebLogic Server Environment a. Become familiar with the Administration Console b. Configure and view log file entries for a WLS using the Admin Console Lab Exercises: • Using the Administration Console • Using the Command Line 3) Managing and Monitoring a WLS Environment a. Create and Configure Managed Servers and Machines b. Use Node Manager to start managed servers Lab Exercises: • Configure Servers and Machines • Starting Servers using Node Manager 4) Understanding JNDI a. Deploy a startup class and view JNDI tree Lab Exercise: Working with Startup Classes and JNDI 5) Setting up JDBC a. Create JDBC data sources b. Locate a JDBC data source in a server’s JNDI tree Lab Exercise: Configuring Data Sources 6) Setting up JMS Applications a. Configure and Monitor JMS Queues and JMS Topics Lab Exercise: Configuring JMS Servers and Destinations PART III: - DEPLOYMENTS & SECURITY 1) Deploying Applications a. Deploy Web Applications b. Create deployment plans c. Deploy enterprise applications along with the deployment plan d. Side-by-Side deployment e. Create and Configure Virtual Hosts f. Setting up network channels Lab Exercises: Deploying/Undeploying Web Applications • Using a Deployment Plan • Side-by-Side Deployment 2) Securing WLS Resources and Applications a. Configuring users, passwords and groups b. Setting security on a Web Application c. Configure Key stores and SSL d. WLS features for hardening against password attacks Lab Exercises: Managing Users and Groups • Securing Web Applications • Configuring Additional Conditions • Configuring SSL • Protecting Against Attacks PART IV: - HIGH AVAILABILITY, TROUBLESHOOTING & PERFORMANCE MONITORING 1) Introduction to WebLogic Server High Availability a. Understand the uses of a cluster b. Describe the basic cluster architecture c. Describe the multi-tier cluster architecture d. Understand how clusters communicate 2) Configuring a Cluster a. Prepare your environment for a cluster b. Create and configure a cluster c. Create and configure a proxy server (Apache) Lab Exercises: Create a Basic Cluster • Configure Proxy Servers (Apache) 3) Managing Clusters a. Deploy applications to a cluster b. Manage session state in a cluster c. Troubleshoot a cluster Lab Exercise: Manage HTTP Session States 4) Performance & Tuning a. Performance Tuning b. OS, JVM and WLS Performance Tuning c. DB Performance Tuning 5) Troubleshooting & Monitoring a. Cluster Troubleshooting b. Cluster Multicast Configuration Troubleshooting c. Monitoring & Managing WL JDBC Resources PART V: - Linux Installation & Configuration 1) Basic UNIX Commands 2) Installation of WLS 3) Configuration of WLS Part vi: up gradations and Migrations pathes, opatches . Interview questions. Resume preparation. Wesite:http://www.vlrtraining.in Facebook: Twitter: Mobile:9059868766
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Java Tutorial For Beginners 2017 -#1 - Installing Eclipse and the JDK
Java Tutorial Series For Beginners Download Eclipse: https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Download JDK: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html This tutorial series introduces you to the fundamentals of data types, input/output, control structures, methods, and objects created from standard library classes. First you will learn to write your own classes, and develop simple GUI applications. Next, you will learn to use morphism, recursion, searching, sorting, algorithm analysis, and generics. Finally, you are introduced to the world of data structures, beginning with an overview of the Java Collections Framework (JCF), and continuing through a series of concepts in which you will learn to develop your own data structures, including array-based lists, linked lists, stacks, queues, priority queues, binary trees, and AVL trees. App development course: http://tinyurl.com/appportunitydevelop java, java tutorial, beginners, eclipse, jdk, eclipse neon, install, java development kit, learn, computer science.
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#TakeItBack DG Dares INEC, Asks Nigerians To Record & Broadcast Election Results From Polling Units
In this interview with SaharaTV, Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi, Deputy National Chairman of the African Action Congress, AAC, has called on Nigerians to broadcast results of the election from their respective polling units in the upcoming presidential election in the country.
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Univa Acquires Grid Engine Software Assets
In this slidecast, Gary Tyreman from Univa describes the company's recent acquistion of Grid Engine assets from Oracle. "As a part of the transaction, Univa acquired Oracle Grid Engine assets and intellectual property making it the sole commercial provider of Grid Engine. Univa has been a leading distributor of Grid Engine since 2011 under the Univa brand. Univa employs many of the core contributors of the original open-source Grid Engine project that have been working with Grid Engine internals and queuing theory for years." Learn more: http://univa.com
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Former commissioner of transport for Lagos; Hon. Kayode Opeifa, siddon inside studio with Ezugwu Chukwudi and Nkubi to discuss the major issues wen dey carry first inside Naija AS E DEY HOT!!! The fantastically corrupt title wen British Prime Minister carry give Nigeria, the new case of bank oga people wen their name don enter the corruption case wen dey ground, how far the 6.06trn budget go reach to improve lives inside Naija and the fuel queues wen just begin return again. The discussion commot plenty smoke and the debate hot AS E DEY HOT!!!
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Real-World Performance - 6 - Leaking Cursors
Check out the entire series on the Oracle Learning Library at http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll/rwp In this video, listen and watch Andrew Holdsworth, Vice President of Oracle Database Real-World Performance at Oracle Corporation, as he demonstrates how leaking cursors affect performance. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement
Discover the Best Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Solution
Watch and Learn Easiest and the Best Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Solution: WLSDM Capabilities WLSDM is an enterprise "WebLogic console extension" which enables monitoring for WebLogic JMX MBean metrics, all the WebLogic domain assets (Health, Servers, Applications, Data Sources, JMS… etc.) and back-end systems monitoring (JDBC, EJB, JAXWS WebServices, Servlets). It is very easy to create alarm and notification definitions by using WLSDM metric browser. WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric values historically and also can generate graphical reports. WLSDM is a WebLogic Console extension and runs under WebLogic console on Admin server. 1. Monitor WebLogic Health States 2. Monitor WebLogic JVM System Resources 3. Monitor WebLogic Servers 4. Monitor Response Times 5. Monitor Back-end Systems 6. Monitor Profiling Dumps 7. List Previous Health Notifications 8. List Metric Notifications 9. List Log Inspector Notifications 10. List Response Times Notifications 11. Monitor Logs by Log Viewer and Tailer 12. Manage Files by File Explorer 13. Run WebLogic Scripts on WLST Web Console 14. Monitor WLSDM Agents 15. Monitor WebLogic and Application Log Files 16. Add Action/Script and Scheduler Definition 17. Check HTML Email Notifications sent by WLSDM Download Now: http://wlsdm.com/download
Prof  Wole Soyinka endorses Kingsley Moghalu as presidential candidate ahead of 2019
Ahead of the 2019 general elections, Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has endorsed the presidential candidature of a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Kingsley Moghalu for the exercise on February 16. Soyinka, who recently pleaded with Nigerians not to vote for Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar, both candidates of the All progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) respectively, said he was supporting Moghalu, the candidate of the Young Democratic Party (YDP). Please Subscribe: https://goo.gl/5VGvtm -- #Uncensored #buhari #culture #tourism #entertainment #Trending #Nollywood #Nigeria #Naija #africanmagic #nigezie #saharareporters #lagos #Tellymovies
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MYSQL Databases and Connection Pooling
● Visit my website: http://www.CosmosMC.net ● Join my server: playmc.cc ● HikariCP: https://github.com/brettwooldridge/HikariCP ● Tutorial class: https://github.com/sgtcaze/Tutorial/blob/master/Resources/HikariExample.java Connect with my social media: ● Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sgtcaze ● Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sgtcaze ● BukkitDev: http://dev.bukkit.org/profiles/sgtcaze/ ● Spigot: http://www.spigotmc.org/members/sgtcaze.2397/ ● GitHub: http://www.github.com/sgtcaze Additional Links ● Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com Computer Specs: ● CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-3770 3.40 GHz 8MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1155 ● GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB 16X PCIe Video Card ● Motherboard: [CrossFireX] ASUS P8Z77-V LX Intel Z77 ● RAM: 16 GB (4GB x 4) Corsair XMS Heatspreader ● HDD: 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM HDD ● SSD: OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s running Trim [BOOT] ● Mouse: Razer DeathAdder ● Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2013 Elite Hardware: ● Asus 20" (x2) 120 hz monitors ● Blue Snowball microphone ● Turtle Beach P11 headset ● Verbatim 500GB external drive. ● Playstation 3 ● Hauppauge HDPVR ● Insignia HD Speakers ● Polaroid 15" TV FAQ: A full FAQ can be found on my website (above). Here's a short list: ● How many FPS do you get? Because frames differ because of entity count (tile and living), here are a few (smooth lighting on, render distance on far): Hypixel Lobby: 200 FPS WoodyCraft Lobby: 180 - 200 FPS ● What programs do you use? Total Media Extreme to record my HDPVR, OBS to record my PC, Sony Vegas to edit, Audacity to capture audio, and Call Graph to record skype. ● What livestream software do you use? OBS free-ware. ● Where did you get your computer from? From CyberPowerPC.com. I've had no problems with my pc. I recommended some friends there, and they had no problems. ● What content do you provide? Primarily showcases on minecraft mods and plugins as well as Bukkit development tutorials. ● What is your Minecraft Texture pack/ how is it HD? I usually use either Faithful 32x or Sphax 128x.
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Qudini Customer Case Study: Burrell Street, Healthcare - Queue Management
Understand how the Qudini Queue Management System has reduced patient anxiety and questions about waiting times and has significantly improved clinic efficiency, for the Burrell Street NHS sexual health clinic. Watch the case study video.
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Shadowverse: Revenge of the Jabberwock Ramp ft. Rowen Dragoncraft
Winning doesn't come easy with this deck. Dragoncraft in its current state is a mid tier deck at best. Let me know how your experiences are! Music Credits in order of appearance: 1. Death of Kings 2 2. Five Armies 3. Flutely Sting Music ⓒ - Kevin MacLeod Terms and conditions https://youtu.be/qnC_ljR-0aQ https://www.twitch.tv/slaughterg4mes Decklist: (note: 1x Dragon Nest I swap in and out with 1x aiela, dragon knight depending on what I'm frequently queuing against) 3x Ivory Dragon 2x Dragon Summoner 3x Dragon Oracle 3x Aiela, Dragon Knight 2x Dragoon Scyther 1x Rahab 3x Fortunehunter feena 3x Draconic Fervor 2x Conflagration 1x Blazing breath 3x Breath of the Salamander 2x Goblinbreaker Teena 3x Sibyl of the Waterwyrm 2x Dark Dragoon Forte 1x Lucifer 1x Ouroboros 2x Jabberwock 1x Zeus 2x Genesis Dragon https://www.twitch.tv/slaughterg4mes
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90 seconds at 9 am: Chaos reigns in Cyprus (news with David Hargreaves)
Queues at Cyprus ATMs ECB says pull plug Monday Cyrus wants a state fund US averts govt shutdown US Postal services knocked House prices up 6.5% Japan's trade deficit woe Gillard survives again Mighty River closes today NZ$1 = US$0.833 = AU$0.797 TWI = 76.5
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Terraform tutorial for beginners | terraform sqs FIFO Queue example
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Nigerian Presidential Elections 2011: On the queue waiting to vote in a president
The mass turn out in my area as we prepare to vote, the heat of the sun is something else!. See http://ngpollingstations.appspot.com for pictures and videos
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#sowore #takeitback Na Sowore Omoyele we go vote for, wake up Nigerians the time is now not tomorrow
#sowore #takeitback Na Sowore Omoyele we go vote for, wake up Nigerians the time is now not tomorrow It was great working with these wonderful casts crew ....after a peaceful movie shut....the crew and i had to do a freestyle on this beat to support our president....Sowore Omoyele aka saibobo...the best thing that can happen to my generation is to have Sowore Omoyele as Our president...Nigerians we deserve free Air abeg...The people who destroy your past can not guarantee you a better future... The best time to make Nigeria great is now....vote AAC...vote Sowore Omoyele for president....Don't waste your vote on the wrong person ooo
How Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 is empowering Local Authorities
Our experts take a look at how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 are revolutiomnising citizen service delivery and workplace efficiency in Local and Regional Government. For more information visit: http://www.pythagoras.co.uk/sectors/local-and-regional-government/ For our latest events visit: http://www.pythagoras.co.uk/events/
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Configuration of WebCenter Interaction
Describes the basic configuration for SQL Server 2008 and WebCenter Interaction.
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Open Queuing Model (OQM): Working with periodic systems....
Open Queuing Model solving a periodic system. OQM is used to find the steady state of a Markov process. The OQM uses an iterative algorithm to find the steady state of the Markov process. The iterative algorithm will fail if the Markov process is periodic, meaning that the cycles are occurring somewhere in the system. If a node is receiving the same visitor for every kth generation, the system is periodic. The OQM takes advantage of a balancing property of the nodes within a steady state system. Whatever goes into the node balances what is going out and this remains true even if the node doesn't necessarily change every generation (maybe it changes every other, or every 5th generation). The balancing property doesn't change the steady state of the system, but it does break the periodicity within periodic systems. A proportional feedback on the identity matrix will accomplish the balancing process without changing the steady state while breaking periodicity. The OQM can do this for you. http://www.bokisoftware.com
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Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) - ASU's W. P. Carey School
Part 1 of 12 - This module introduces viewers to the field of supply chain management. It describes the complex supply chain of a simple product, a bottle of water. The video also illustrates the importance of supply chain managers and their skill sets in our modern global economy for both manufacturing and service industries. In defining supply chain management, the video also hopes to educate and inspire business students, young and old, about the opportunities available to those with supply chain management degrees. This is the first installment in Arizona State University's twelve-part introduction to supply chain management video series. ASU, the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the Supply Chain Management Department are proud and happy to share this video series with supply chain management departments, supply chain instructors, career specialists in high schools and universities, as well as industry leaders in an effort to inspire a new generation of supply chain management professionals across the country and around the world. Further installments in this series will be made available during the spring of 2010. For more information, visit W. P. Carey's SCM Web site at http://wpcarey.asu.edu/scm or send an e-mail to [email protected]
How many ways can we create Object in Java Part 5.2 (Cloning) | Core Java Tutorial
How many ways can we create Object in Java Part 5.2 (Cloning) | Core Java Tutorial | Mr.Ramachandra ** For Online Training Registration: https://goo.gl/r6kJbB ► Call: +91-8179191999 💡 Also Watch C Language Tutorials: https://goo.gl/qDhJ2r Core Java FAQ's: https://goo.gl/qGh5mA Core Java Tutorials: https://goo.gl/NbaEge Java Programming Tutorials by Mr.Hari krishna: https://goo.gl/HThq6H Advanced Java Programming Tutorials by Mr.Nataraj: https://goo.gl/1U2Qgy Subscribe to our channel and hit the bell 🔔🔔🔔 icon to get video updates. 💡 Visit Our Websites For Classroom Training: https://nareshit.in/core-java-training/ For Online Training: https://nareshit.com/core-java-online... #JavaCollectionsFramework #Tutorials #Videos #corejava #Quiz -------------------------- 💡 About NareshIT: "Naresh IT is having 14+ years of experience in software training industry and the best Software Training Institute for online training, classroom training, weekend training, corporate training of Hadoop, Salesforce, AWS, DevOps, Spark, Data Science, Python, Tableau, RPA , Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle, Testing Tools, Silver light, Linq, SQL Server, Selenium, Android, iPhone, C Language, C++, PHP and Digital Marketing in USA, Hyderabad, Chennai and Vijayawada, Bangalore India which provides online training across all the locations -------------------------- 💡 Our Online Training Features: 🎈 Training with Real-Time Experts 🎈 Industry Specific Scenario’s 🎈 Flexible Timings 🎈 Soft Copy of Material 🎈 Share Videos of each and every session. -------------------------- 💡 Please write back to us at 📧 [email protected]/ 📧 [email protected]areshit.com or Call us at the USA: ☎+1404-232-9879 or India: ☎ +918179191999 -------------------------- 💡 Check The Below Links ► For Course Reg: https://goo.gl/r6kJbB ► Subscribe to Our Channel: https://goo.gl/q9ozyG ► Circle us on G+: https://plus.google.com/+NareshIT ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NareshIT ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nareshitek ► Follow us on Linkedin: https://goo.gl/CRBZ5F ► Follow us on Instagram: https://goo.gl/3UXYK3
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Spring Tips: Spring Statemachine
Speaker: Josh Long http://twitter.com/starbuxman Hi Spring fans! In this installment we'll look at how to extricate process state - valuable for coordinating long running or mutli-actor processes - from business logic with Spring Statemachine.
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