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Understanding Cutting Tool Geometry
Help us to make future videos for you. Make LE's efforts sustainable. Please support us at Patreon.com ! https://www.patreon.com/LearnEngineering An elaborated description of single point cutting tool is given in this video with help of animation. Here the cutting process and basic cutting tool parameters such as back rake angle, side rake angle , relief angles, cutting edge angle and nose radius are explained in a conceptual way. Like us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/LearnEngineering Voice-over artist :https://www.fiverr.com/mikepaine
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Lecture - 3 On Tool Geometry
Lecture Series on Manufacturing Processes II by Prof.A.B.Chattopadhyay, Prof. A. K. Chattopadhyay and Prof. S. Paul,Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in.
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Plasma Arc Cutting (Basic Principle)(हिन्दी )
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Machining Operations (Part 1: Introduction to Milling)
This video is a overview of milling and different milling operations. The student will learn the difference between inserted mills, ball mills, face milling and profile milling. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitymfg/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/?lang=en
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Essential Machining Skills: Working with a Lathe, Part One
A video overview of the essential skills involved in working metal with a lathe. Part 1 of 3. For more about the open source machine tools project, please go to http://www.opensourcemachinetools.com
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All ceramic crown "tooth preparation" - for dental students
This is a demonstration for dental students showing the steps of tooth preparation to receive an All Ceramic Crown. A video by Crowns & Bridges Department, Faculty of Oral Medicine, Al-azher University. For more information, visit http://www.cbd.azhar.edu.eg/
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Mod-2 Lec-1 Metal casting
Lecture Series on Manufacturing Processes - I by Dr.D.B.Karunakar, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Grinding Machine (Parts And Functions) हिन्दी
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Lathe Machine Operation
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TMT  BENDING  MACHINE mechanical engineering project
Hydraulic TMT BENDING MACHINE mechanical engineering project
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WELDING & ITS TYPES (ARC WELDING, GAS WELDING ETC...) http://www.mechanicalmania.com/mechanical/manufacturing-process/
metal cutting and machine tool important question for exams||part-1||MC&MT
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shaping machine
general machining
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Blanking and Punching(Difference)
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Episode 33: Material removal rate
Dr. Jeffrey Badger helps a shop determine an appropriate material-removal rate in this 33rd episode of The Grinding Doc video series. Visit The Grinding Doc website for more advice from Dr. Jeffrey Badger at http://www.thegrindingdoc.com.
Shaper Machine (Parts And Functions) हिन्दी
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Six Point Location Principle(3-2-1 Principle)  (हिन्दी )
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Hot Rolling Mill
(Roll forming: http://youtu.be/k6iODHla6qY) This film takes you through the processes within a hot rolling mill. You'll get to see the different stages all the way from heating to cooling. Filmed at SSAB in Borlänge, Sweden (http://www.ssab.com) For more information about courses visit our website http://du.se/en/Education/Subject-list/Material-Science/ Watch this film about Roll forming to find out what can be done with the finished strips! http://youtu.be/k6iODHla6qY
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Turning & the Lathe
Turning on the lathe is one of the most common metalcutting operations. Lathes are particularly suited to machining relatively long, cylindrical workpieces, yet can create a variety of parts ranging from small watch components to massive propeller shafts. Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program provides a broad understanding of the turning process including segments on basic lathe turning, lathe types, automation and tool arrangements, turning operations, cutting tool factors, and operating parameters. The basic lathe turning segment focuses on the elements that the lathe. Terms such as spindle, headstock, carriage, cross slide compound rest, tool post, and tailstock are defined and detailed. Lathe workholding devices such as chucks, collets, mandrels, face drivers, and between centers turning are also covered. The lathe types segment looks at the various types of lathes, including engine lathe, CNC lathes, turn-mill lathes, vertical lathes, swiss-type CNC lathes, automatic screw machines, and more. The automation and tool arrangements segment details bar stock loaders, sensors, gantry loading systems, lathe turrets, and gang tooling. The turning operations segment covers operations such as straight turning, taper turning, contour turning, thread chasing, facing, holemaking, reaming, tapping, and more. The cutting tool factors segment explores the various cutting tool materials and geometries, as well as the use of cutting fluids in turning. The operating parameters segment features the variables of cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. For more information and to purchase, visit http://www.sme.org/fmp. [email protected] | 800.733.4763 | http://www.sme.org/store
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Learn to use a Tap & Die to Cut Threads
Taps & Dies are simple metalworking tools that let you cut threads into nearly any metal - but they have a reputation of being difficult and frustrating to use. Music: http://cloudkickermusic.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------ Visit us on the web! http://www.makezine.com Go to a Maker Faire! http://www.makerfaire.com Subscribe to the Magazine! http://www.makezine.com/subscribe Twitch.TV: http://www.twitch.tv/make/profile Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/make Instagram: https://instagram.com/makemagazine/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makemagazine Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/makemagazine/
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Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) Process
Advanced Manufacturing Processes by Dr. A.K. Sharma, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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How fiber laser cutting machine works ---fiber laser light-emitting principle
Email: [email protected] / https://www.goldenfiberlaser.com / whatsapp(tel): +86-15071258391 / skype: goldenlaser-jaenymay fiber laser cutting machine,metal sheet laser cutting machine,tube laser cutting machine,fiber laser tube cutting machine,stainless steel laser cutting machine,carbon steel laser cutting machine Golden VTOP Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is produced with efficient and ecological fiber laser technology with the proven reliability and flexibility. Unique features: 1. Very easy to operate. 2. Quick and easy installation. 3. Low investment and operating costs. 4. The most cost-efficient solution for every requirement. 5, Bright surface Cutting: Smooth cutting surface, high speed and high accuracy 6, Diversified Sheet Choice: Standard cutting mode and Clean Cut Mode 7, High laser power:3000W 4000W 6000W, medium laser power 1200w 2500w 8, Thickness of Cutting : 0-25mm metal 9, High-speed Perforation: diversified high-speed perforation technology 10, Automatic alignment, automatic search edge, and auto-focus. 11, Cutting gas controlling: Advanced integrated high pressure proportional valve About Us Wuhan Vtop Fiber Laser Engineering CO., LTD. it's the subsidiary of Golden Laser (stock number: 300220), which is core member of Golden Laser Digital Technology Innovative Applications Ecosystem (High quality machines&equipments platform). Vtop Fiber Laser focus on the application in metal laser application industry, after more than 10 years of deep hard working,we have become the top laser equipment brand with the highest market share, with the most complete product applications and strongest international influence in laser industry of China. We have established sales and services network in more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 100 patents, software copyrights, a number of industry-leading technologies and solutions. Attn: Ms Jaeny May Email: [email protected] Web: www.golden-laser.com.cn / www.vtopfiber.com Whatsapp(tel): +86-15071258391 Skype: goldenlaser-jaenymay Add: Golden Vtop Laser Industry Park, Jinghe 3rd Road, Dongxihu District, Wuhan, China. Zip: 430040
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Uniburr Tool Bit, Deburring External Chamfer Tool
http://uniburr.com/ The UNIBURR is a deburring tool bit that quickly repairs damaged bolts to thread nuts in place once more, saving you time and money. PDF Brochure with detailed information on proper use and applications. https://drive.google.com/a/uniburr.com/file/d/0Bxfk22-AgHpGVW1HNm1ac0VXVjQ/ The UNIBURR simplifies the repair process, potentially fractionalizing repair time, as well as bypassing the need to replace expensive or hard to find hardware while keeping safety at a previously unattainable level. The Difference - This tool does not chatter. - This tool does not over heat the work piece. - This tool does not over heat or spark. - Threads are sheared off, not folded over as happens with a grinder. - This tool is the only external chamfer device that holds a patent for hand power drill use. - The difference between this tool and any other method is time saved. And time is money. SIMPLER: Simple design and a compact size, means the UNIBURR is easily carried in your tool pouch. Quickly slap it into your hand drill and start repairing work pieces. FASTER: Save an immeasurable amount of time and money by not replacing expensive and hard to find fasteners. Especially when dealing with fixed bolts. SAFER: Safety conscientious design means no cut hands, no sparks, and no burns. This translates into fewer injury claims and worker time off. In short, your work will be faster and more affordable. TWO UNIBURR VERSIONS We've developed two versions of our UNIBURR tool bit. Both versions are the same in size, and fit a size 8 bolt to a 3/4" bolt.
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#11 Woodturning  a Pen with a Variation on CA Glue Finish
Here is a fairly lengthy video on my pen turning process and details a variation on a full CA glue finish. For this demo, I use a Gun Metal Omega Fountain Pen from Taylors Mirfield. (http://www.taylorsmirfield.co.uk) and I must stress that I have not received any payments or kits in payment for this video from the supplier and that this video is not endorsed by Taylors Mirfield. As the video is quite long, use the info below to skip to the different parts of the video: Pen Blanks: 3:00 Cutting and Marking: 5:10 Drilling: 8:41 Glueing: 11:03 Abrasives: 14:39 End Squaring: 16:55 Turning!: 18:50 Finishing: 25:00 CA Glue Variation: 27:50 Pressing Together: 36:55 See Below for useful links to stuff used in this project. At http://www.msabansmith.com, you can read more about this project, see images, and possibly download one of the projects .pdf worksheets or full length, advert free videos. There is also a free mailing list! Hampshire Sheen: Find your nearest retailer: http://www.hampshiresheen.com Something else of interest: Read my FREE newspaper at http://www.turnersrest.com The UK & Ireland Woodturning Symposium: http://www.ukiws.co.uk Useful Amazon links to related products used in this project. These links will take you to pages appropriate for your location: *Kits and Finishes* Wood Blanks: http://geni.us/1pZC Airbrush and Compressor: http://geni.us/3zfB Pyrography Machine: http://geni.us/Sjz Watercolour Pencils: http://geni.us/3vIj Spirit Stain: http://geni.us/7G2 Liberon Gilt Creams: http://geni.us/3Fxi Powdered Metals: http://geni.us/3fZ7 Pen Kits: http://geni.us/3raA Project Kits: http://geni.us/1Kbf Blow Torch: http://geni.us/2VhP Dremel 3000: http://geni.us/15xa Dremel Burrs: http://geni.us/3zqw *Lathes Tools and Accessories* Lathes: http://geni.us/VIu Scroll Chucks: http://geni.us/v7C Jacobs (Drill) Chuck: http://geni.us/3KGt Box Set of Tools: http://geni.us/4AhX Thin Parting Tool: http://geni.us/ym7 Captive Ring Tool: http://geni.us/BnF Spiralling Tool: http://geni.us/2MKd Bench Sharpening Grinder: http://geni.us/qBX Fingernail Jig: http://geni.us/429R Centre Finder: http://geni.us/3XLh Live Centre: http://geni.us/AiI Pen Mandrels: http://geni.us/C8C *Personal Safety* Face Shield: http://geni.us/3OrM Respirator: http://geni.us/Z44 *Keep up with my socially!* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/msabansmith Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/msabansmith Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Msabansmith/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/msabansmith *** Small Print and Disclaimer: Woodturning can be dangerous. The project in this video is a demonstration of a woodturning project suitable for beginners and is not intended to replace a physical lesson from an experienced woodturner. At all times, you are responsible for your own safety, that of your workshop and other people in it. Ensure you wear suitable personal safety equipment at all times. This is my way of turning this project - Other turners may turn it differently and you may find your own way of reaching the same result. By copying these techniques, you do so at your own risk. Please note that I am not sponsored by any of the companies or products linked to in the 'Useful Links' section. Nor do I necessarily endorse them. Thank you for your understanding.
Metal machining notes ,3rd sem ,MP
MY WEBSITE LINK :- https://rajputashish44.wixsite.com/enotes MY WEBSITE LINK :- https://rajputashish44.wixsite.com/enotes Hello frnds .....in this slide we provide you manufacturing process notes that's belong to cbcs pattern.... . . .for more info please contact [email protected] NOTESGEN ALSO AVILABLE ON PLAYSTORE........ MY NOTES LINK:-https://www.notesgen.com/note/48665/laws-of-thermodynamic.html https://www.notesgen.com/user/home?tab=notes
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Cone Pulley and Back Geared Drive   Explained
Two of the many speed changing mechanisms in a conventional lathe headstock has been explained in this video with the help of 3 dimensional models. Starting off with the cone-pulley drive, its working, view from different angles, and the basic principle, this video goes on to explaining how the belt positions are changed or switched, when a different rpm is needed. Noting that a cone pulley drive can only give 4-5 speed variations, the video moves on to back-geared drives, which doubles the number of speed variations by introducing a compound gear on a parallel shaft. Source : http://www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in/books/12/std12-voc-gm-em.pdf Credits : Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAW3L... Drilling Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd8UB... Lathe Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDSLW... Drilling Machine : Kiran Electricals, Howrah All 3D models have been created in SolidWorks 2015 and will soon be available on GrabCAD
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Drilling Machine (Parts And Functions) हिन्दी
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helical gear cutting on milling : vertical
helical gear cutting on milling
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Dremel Rotary Tools Beginners Pointers and Tips
In this video I cover a few things people new to the Dremel tools might encounter when they begin to use them. It is a tool that appears the same as but is very different from a drill. It is even more important to wear safety glasses when cutting and grinding and all functions of the Dremel tools. It is hard to find what each accessory is used for but if you go to the website dremel.com then click on Products, then click on Accessories, Choose an accessory Catagory, from that window choose the accessory you want to find out about click on it
Continuously  Variable Transaxle (CVT) Operation
See the parts of a CVT in operation: Drive pulley at 0:15 Driven Pulley at 0:20 Steel push belt at 0:23 Input shaft at 0:30 Reverse clutch at 0:40 Forward clutch at 0:48 Output shaft at 1:03 CVT operational theory at 1:20 Low gear ratio (pulley ratio) at 1:30 High gear ratio (pulley ratio) at 1:55 MUST SEE! CVT Operational demonstration at 2:45 Underdrive ratio (2.6:1) demonstration at 2:48 Overdrive ratio (0.4:1) demonstration at 3:00 Variable ratio and direct drive discussion at 4:15 eCVT difference at 4:50 Weber State University (WSU) - Automotive Technology Department - Transmission Lab. GM Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT) model VT25. How a belt-driven CVT Works. Ford, GM, Honda, Chrysler (JATCO), and Nissan CVTs are similar. CVTs allow the engine to operate at the RPM for peak efficiency while increasing and decreasing the transmission drive ratio to change vehicle speed. This video helps satisfy 2017 NATEF MAST Task A2.C.4. "Describe the operational characteristics of a continuously variable transmission (CVT)", a priority 3 task. eCVTs are different and are demonstrated in another WeberAuto video. Download the VT25 Range Reference Chart here: http://www.weber.edu/wsuimages/automotive/ASEP/VT25%20Range%20Reference%20Chart.pdf http://www.weber.edu/automotive This video was created and edited by John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see http://www.weber.edu/automotive/J_Kelly.html Visit my other youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/vibratesoftware to see the amazing NVH app for vibration diagnosis! Donate to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber state University here: http://advancement.weber.edu/givetowsu
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Resistance Spot Welding - How It Works
A video describing the Resistance Spot Welding Process
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Oil Drilling | Oil & Gas Animations
- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips - Geologists and geophysicists have agreed on the existence of a "prospect", a potential field. In order to find out if hydrocarbons are indeed trapped in the reservoir rock, we must drill to hit them. Bearing in mind the knowledge acquired about the substratum and the topography of the land, the best position for the installation of the drilling equipment is determined. Generally it is vertically above the point of maximum thickness of the geological layer suspected of containing hydrocarbons. The drillers then make a hole in conditions that are sometimes difficult. Of small diameter (from 20 to 50 cm) this hole will generally go down to a depth of between 2000 and 4000 meters. Exceptionally, certain wells exceed 6000 m. One of them has even exceeded 11 000 m! Certain fields can be buried at a depth equivalent to the height of 12 Eiffel Towers ... The derrick is the visible part of the drilling rig. It is a metal tower several tens of meters high. It is used to vertically introduce the drill strings down the hole. These drill strings are made up of metallic tubes screwed end to end. They transmit a rotating movement (rotary drilling) to the drilling tool (the drill bit) and help circulate a liquid called "mud" (because of its appearance) down to the bottom of the well. The drilling rig works like an enormous electric hand-drill of which the derrick would be the body, the drill strings the drive and the drilling tool the drill bit. The most usual tool is an assembly of three cones -- from which comes the name "tri cone" -- in very hard steel, which crushes the rock. Sometimes when the rock being drilled is very resistant, a single- block tool encrusted with diamonds is used. This wears down the rock by abrasion. Through the drill pipes, at the extremity of which the drill bit rotates, a special mud is injected, which the mud engineer prepares and controls. This mud cools the drill bit and consolidates the sides of the borehole. Moreover it avoids a gushing of oil, gas or water from the layer being drilled, by equilibrating the pressure. Finally, the mud cleans the bottom of the well. As it makes its way along the pipes, it carries the rock fragments (cuttings) to the surface. The geologist examines these cuttings to discover the characteristics of the rocks being drilled and to detect eventual shows of hydrocarbons. The cuttings, fragments of rock crushed by the drill bit, are brought back up to the surface by the mud. To obtain information on the characteristics of the rock being drilled, a core sample is taken. The drill bit is replaced by a hollow tool called a core sampler, which extracts a cylindrical sample of several meters of rock. This core supplies data on the nature of the rock, the inclination of the layers, the structure, permeability, porosity, fluid content and the fossils present. After having drilled a few hundred of meters, the explorers and drillers undertake measurements down the hole called loggings, by lowering electronic tools into the well to measure the physical parameters of the rock being drilled. These measures validate, or invalidate, or make more precise the hypotheses put forward earlier about the rocks and the fluids that they contain. The log engineer is responsible for the analysis of the results of the various loggings. The sides of the well are then reinforced by steel tubes screwed end to end. These tubes (called casings) are cemented into the ground. They isolate the various layers encountered. When hydrocarbons are found, and if the pressure is sufficient to allow them come to the surface naturally, the drillers do a flow check. The oil is allowed to come to the surface during several hours or several days through a calibrated hole. The quantity recovered is measured, as are the changes in pressure at the bottom of the well. In this way, a little more knowledge is gained about the probable productivity of the field. If the field seems promising, the exploration team ends the first discovery well and goes on to drill a second, even several others, several hundred or thousand meters further away. In this way, the exploration team is able to refine its knowledge about the characteristics of the field. The decision to stop drilling is made only when all these appraisal wells have provided sufficient information either to give up the exploration or to envisage future production. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips Twitter: https://twitter.com/oilvips And Don't forget to subscribe to our channel
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Amplitude Glass Cutting
Ultrafast laser glass cutting In collaboration with Alphanov (www.alphanov.com) and CELIA
Fixed Beams - Strength of Materials -By Ex-IES, IITian, Manish Jindal
Fixed Beams - Strength of Materials -By Ex-IES, IITian, Manish Jindal
Like us on fb : search for MECHANICAL GURU in facebook facebook link :www.facebook.com/mechcanicalguruyoutube Hello dosto mera name h Ankit Ras aur le k aaya hu appk lia Mechanical Guru ka ek aur latest episode aur ajj hum baat karenge ; contents : Welding & types Solid state welding & liquid state welding Autogeneous type welding Homogeneous type welding Heterogeneous type welding Types of electrode Consumable & non consumable electrode Types of coating in electrode Principle of arc welding Modes of metal transfer in arc welding Dip or short circuit welding Globular or drop welding Spray transfer All in detail in hindi with examples Mujhe ummed h appko Mechanical Guru ka yeh episode pasand aaya hoga aur pasand aaye toh mere channel ko like , share aur subscribe jarrur karren kyuki m appk lia roj aisehi acchi videos le k aata rehta hu. Jai hind, vandematram
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Manual Metal Benders
Perhaps not my finest video, but here ya have it. Building some plant stands for the house; thought I'd take the opportunity to chat benders and bending. Excerpts from "An Introduction to the Hossfeld Bender" used with the permission of Hossfeld Manufacturing Company. http://www.hossfeldbender.com/
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How Wire EDM Works
Basic introduction to the wire EDM and high-speed small hole EDM processes. Short, interesting video on the fundamentals of the electrical discharge machining process.
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Roof structure summary
A short video using computer modelling to explain the general structural principles of domestic timber roofing.
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NC,CNC & DNC Machine(हिन्दी )
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Lathe Operations (Facing And Turning)(हिन्दी )
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Sheet Metal Stamping Dies & Processes
Stamping dies are the tools that shape and cut sheet metal parts. They are commonly developed using computer-aided design (CAD) software and analytical programs to create and prove-out highly accurate, unambiguous designs. These designs are then translated into stamping dies by skilled craftsmen, known as diemakers. Once these stamping dies are mounted into presses, sheet metal is fed to them to produce parts. Part of the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series, this program will help you better understand how stamping dies operate. You will explore sheet metal deformation and formability, segments on dies and die functions, die lubrication, and stamping analysis. The dies and die functions segment looks at cutting die operations and forming die operations. The cutting die operations include shearing, blanking, punching, and trimming. The forming die operations include drawing, bending, flanging, and hemming. Single- and multiple-station dies are also examined, and include compound dies, combination dies, progressive dies, and transfer dies. The die lubrication segment details the various types of lubricants used in stamping operations, as well as the common application methods, such as manual application, drip, roller, spraying, and flooding. The stamping analysis segment focuses on the use of computer software programs to create stamping designs that can be manufactured with certainty, while minimizing the lengthy process of die making. The use of circle grid analysis (CGA) to fine tune these die designs is also highlighted. For more information and to purchase, visit http://www.sme.org/fmp. [email protected] | 800.733.4763 | http://www.sme.org/store
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Conventional And Non Conventional Machining Processes (हिन्दी )
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Basic Principles of a Plasma Torch
Check out NHProEquip's full line of plasma cutters here: https://www.nhproequip.com/steelvision-110-230v-single-phase-40-45-amp-plasma-cutter The basic principle of a plasma torch is to superheat gasses. The initial starting procedure of a plasma cutter, particularly a high definition plasma cutter, is to Initiate a high frequency charge in the electrode. The electrode is negative when compared to a piece of material, the steel or other metal you are cutting. When the high frequncy charge is enabled in the electrode, nothing happens at thisstage. At the same time a mixture of gas is injected through the outside through th eswirl ring and into the cavity and out through the nozzle. Gas is usually comprised of such gasses as oxygen, nitrogen, even compressed air. Because the gas is flying over this highly charged electrode, it becomes ionized. What that does is it creates a conductive path between the electrode and the workpiece....
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Blanking,Punching And Piercing (Understand Easily In हिन्दी )
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