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Lexus Inside Look: Alloy Wheels
Ken Shaw Lexus in Toronto presents a Lexus Inside Look at Alloy Wheels.
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Buy Lexus RC350 Wheels - Rotiform KPS Rims at AutoCraze Shop now: http://www.autocraze.com.au Specifications: ► Rotiform KPS - Brushed w/ Silver Lip https://www.autocraze.com.au/store/wheel-tyre-packages/rotiform-kps-19x8-5-5x112-silver-wheel-tyre-package.html Find out more: ► http://www.autocraze.com.au/lexus-rc350-wheels/ ► http://www.autocraze.com.au/rotiform-wheels/ Shop now: http://www.autocraze.com.au Call now: 1800 099 634 12 Months Interest Free Available Follow us on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/autocrazeau Instagram: https://instagram.com/autocrazeau/ Save up to 50% off wheels, tyres and wheel & tyre packages at AutoCraze. Free Shipping Australia-wide*. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------------- AutoCraze HQ: 5/95-99 Silverwater Rd Silverwater , NSW, 2128 http://www.autocraze.com.au
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Lexus GS F | C-300 | Curva Wheels
The Batmobile! Satin Black Lexus GS F rolling on a set of Staggered Matte Gunmetal C-300 wheels. A perfect combination of Luxury and Performance, this GS F packs a V8 pushing close to 500 hp. Pushing the Boundaries of Style and Design! --- Wheel Specs --- | Wheel | C-300 Matte Gunmetal | Staggered | 20x9.5 & 20x10.5 | Available Finishes | Gunmetal • Gloss Black • Silver • Black Tinted Brushed Face * Wheel Finishes may be available in certain wheel sizes only * | Available Sizes | 18x8.5 | 18x9.5 | 19x8.5 | 19x9 | 19x10 | 20x8.5 | 20x9.5 | 20x10.5 | 22x9 | 22x10.5 | 24x10 Visit our NEW website for more information! http://curvaconcepts.com #CurvaWheels #CurvaConcepts Follow us! Instagram https://www.instagram.com/curvawheels/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/curvaconcept... Twitter https://twitter.com/CurvaWheels Contact Us: Phone: (626) 813-2500 Email: [email protected]
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DUBSandTIRES.com Rohana RC7 RC10 Sema 2018 Lexus BMW Mercedes Luxury Wheels Gold Wheels Red Rims
Follow us on Snap Chat dubsandtires305 Finance your wheels, copy the financing link below: https://www.progressivelp.com/onlineapplication/onlineapplication.aspx?sid=Miami8775448473 www.DUBSandTIRES.com 877-544-8473 call us now as we bring you videos of the hottest wheels on the market. Call us at any time at 877-544-8473 and we will help you with any wheel and tire question. Giving you a look at the wheels up close and personal. Visit DUBSandTIRES.com for the Hottest wheel and tire packages, discount tires, tire sales, cheap rims, cheap wheels and more. Count on DUBSandTires.com to provide the hottest rims, black wheels, offroad wheels, racing wheels, tuner wheels, luxury wheels, chrome wheels, black rims and so much more. Bringing you some of the best brands like American Racing Wheels, KMC Wheels, KMC XD Series Wheels, Lorenzo Wheels, Motegi Racing wheels, ATX Wheels, Moto Metal Wheels, Starr Wheels, Rock'N'Starr Wheels, Starr Wheels, Effen Wheels, Lexani Wheels, Ruff Racing Wheels, Stance Wheels, XO Wheels, Fuel Offroad wheels. C
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Slammed 1999 Lexus GS300 On Weds Wheels
Today we check out a static GS300 on Weds Kranze Borphe Wheels (Front: 19x10 -26 & Rear 19x11 -41). This vehicle is "slammed" to the ground and riding on BC Coilovers with EDK (Extreme Drop Kit) Check out full specs on this vehicle check it out in our online fitment gallery here: http://fitmentinc.site/GS300 Browse WedsSport Wheels here: http://fitmentinc.site/WedsSport Subscribe now to stay up to date on all videos coming out from Fitment Inc! https://goo.gl/GJTymL
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Lexus ISF gets some new wheels?
VLG-034 MAN! Its been a hot minute since I VLOGED anything ( not really ) but back with a new update. Some rants ( nothing negative, just informative ), some new wheels, and some gains! Yes, trying to get back into working out after having my injury a couple months ago. Shop - http://kantstandlamgarage.bigcartel.com Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kantstandlam/ Music - Maxwell Young - Wonderful Kixxie Siete - The 7th Sense Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Lexus: Customizing Your Rims
http://clublexus.com/how-tos is the leading Lexus IS, ES, GS and RX resource for technical DIY guides. Learn about some popular rim customization modifications that Lexus owners make, and see what it takes to accomplish on your own Lexus. For the full article, please visit http://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/a/lexus-customizing-your-rims-363368 While changing stock rims to aftermarket ones can be pricey, there are modifications that are inexpensive like painting, new lug nuts, and powder coating. These aftermarket ornamental modifications make it a show when your Lexus wheels are in motion. Here are three rim modifications, their costs, and required skill levels. Rim Modifications Lug Nuts Depending on the type, lug nuts can cost from $15 to $270. Having lug nuts installed professionally can cost you from $75 for labor in addition to their price. However, car owners advise against purchasing low price lug nuts online as they could be fakes. There are open and closed ended lug nuts, but each are shaped and colored to combine beauty and ruggedness to rims. When colored lug nuts like Muteki are blended with shiny alloy rims, the Lexus' rims possess a feel of class and adventure. F-Sport lug nuts are also popular with Lexus owners interested in giving rims a sporty, speedy look. Besides looks, Lexus owners are concerned about the safety of wheels, and these are the best lug nuts to guarantee both security and beauty. Painting Most Lexus owners concur that Plasti Dip is a cost-effective option to use since a can costs as low as $7. Using Plasti Dip on rims is as simple as using an insecticide, with the level of difficulty being easy. If after sometime it bores you, peel it off at no cost. By painting the rims yourself, you save $50 per rim on garage costs. Painting is the least expensive and complex modification for Lexus rims. A simple touch up paint job makes a silver stock rim look like an aftermarket customized rim, and hides cracks and grazes on it. With paint, you can play around with colors and shades on your rims. Paint, unlike powder coat, gives you more options; the only drawback being the coating is not permanent. Blending paint on rims and spokes gives the wheels a sense of sportiness and speed. Having the rims painted all black gives a feel of mystique and adventure. The downside of painting the rims, according to Lexus car owners, is the chipping, especially if frequently driven on salty roads. Powder Coating Powder coating rims is difficult and requires a motoring expert's touch. Costs of powder coating average around $100 per wheel around the country. Powder coating rims is pricier and guarantees longevity, but if done by a novice, it can wreck the compound composition of the rims and weaken them. In powder coating the Lexus' rims, dry powder is painted on the rims and sticks due to the electrostatic charging of the powder and the grounding of parts. The coat is then cured under heat to bond it to the rim. With powder coating, the rims look sturdier, more rugged, and don't chip, unlike when painted. The fact that powdered rims don't chip frequently means color uniformity is maintained for a while. It’s suited for vehicle owners frequently driving on salty roads close to the ocean.
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Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels
The Lexus hallmarks of expert design, sublime style, and supreme craftsmanship have driven our ethos of Creating Amazing for years, both in our production vehicles and our concepts. For our latest project, we put a team master craftsmen to the test as we tackled our coolest concept yet: the ice-tyre Lexus NX. Driving on four perfectly-finished, hand-sculpted tyres made from optically perfect, crystal-clear ice, the Lexus NX emerged from its own test of craftsmanship and quality - a five-day deep freeze at -30 degrees Centigrade that left it clad in a thick layer of ice. Taking three months from start to finish, the ice-tyre Lexus NX is the product of a collaboration between Lexus UK and the ice-sculpting experts at Hamilton Ice Sculptors. The challenge was two-fold: how to recreate the Lexus five-twin-spoke alloy wheel and its Yokohama winter tyre with incredible precision, while also making a wheel and tyre that would support the NX's 2.2-tonne mass. Like the highly-trained Lexus 'takumi', Hamilton Ice Sculptors combine generations of experience using traditional ice-sculpting methods with the latest technology to design and produce their works of art. Employing advanced techniques like laser-scanning, three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), and multi-axis machining equipment, they could produce consistent wheel and tyre combinations ready for hand-finishing with traditional tools and techniques. With the ice tyres ready and the NX suitably chilled in its icy chamber, the moment of truth saw the wheels and ice tyres mounted onto the frozen Lexus hybrid (which started first time, of course) ready for its first attempt at driving on ice. Part engineering, part art, this unique project came together to prove that anything is possible with the right combination of desire, skill and dedication.
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Vossen Wheels Test Fit 2018 Lexus LS 500h x LS 500 x LC 500
Here is a BTS look at Eric from Vossen Wheels measuring the 2018 Lexus LS 500 as well as me checking out the LS and LC from Lexus Southern! I cannot say enough about how amazing the interior of the new LS is!
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Murdered Out 2018 Lexus LS 500 x 22" Vossen HF-2 Wheels
Lexus of Tampa Bay & Wheeltec Murders out this new 2018 Lexus LS 500! Lowered on the stock links and featuring the new Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-2 in 22x9 and 22x10.5" sizes painted in Satin Black! This is one sick LS!! Full Photo Gallery is at the link below http://vossenwheels.com/galleries/lexus-ls500-hybrid-forged-series-hf-2/ Shot by Ravi from V2lab/Sorcery, we both chatted about the vision with how we wanted the car presented and Ravi took photos all over Tampa to give the LS a lifestyle feel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6iBWV5PHBYaHCitSPgyzQ Huge thanks to Cody James at Lexus of Tampa Bay for making this happen! He's always finding ways to present Lexus in the best fashion! -mike-
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Lexus: How to Clean Your Wheels
http://clublexus.com/how-tos is the leading Lexus IS, RX, ES, and GS resource for technical DIY guides. Cleaning your wheels is a simple task, but here are some tips to getting the job right the first time. For the full article, please visit http://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/a/lexus-how-to-clean-your-wheels-365663 Cleaning wheels and rims is one of the least-fun chores of detailing a Lexus. They collect brake dust and road grime, and may require use of specialized cleaners to avoid damaging their finish. Here’s a guide to making this task easier and more effective. This easy job takes fifteen to thirty minutes and costs $20 to $50 dollars. A professional may charge around $40 dollars when you pay for a detailed car wash. For this job, you’ll need an assortment of brushes and sponges, a garden hose and spray nozzle, two buckets, towels, wheel cleaner and polish, and gloves. Step One - Gather the supplies Get everything you need in one place before you start. Fill two buckets with clean water and add soap to one of them. Step Two - Spray the wheel with cleaner Apply cleaner to the wheel and let it do its thing. Many require a few minutes to break down and soften the grime. The instructions on the bottle will be more specific about the time frame. Step Three - Scrub and apply more cleaner After the cleaner has had some time to break down grime, scrub the wheel with a brush to loosen the dirt. If it's still hard to get loose, apply more cleaner and let it sit for another few minutes. Step Four - Rinse off the wheel Wipe the residual dirt off with a sponge or towel, then rinse it out in the dedicated "rinse" bucket. Give the entire wheel one more wipedown, then spray the entire wheel clean. Step Five - Dry the wheel Wipe down the wheel with a soft cloth like a microfiber towel and look for the last traces of grime to remove. Don't use this towel for anything but wheels and tires. Step Six - Polish the wheel and apply tire dressing Applying wax, polish, or a clear coat will preserve the wheels' finish and make them really shine. Some additional cleaning using a variety of methods appropriate for the wheel's finish may be needed to remove corrosion and stains before waxing. Tires should be treated with a dressing or gel to help prevent degradation from ultraviolet light exposure and restore their finish. To help keep wheels clean in between car washes, and if you do a lot of braking with a resultant buildup of brake dust, keep a spray bottle filled with a diluted solution of your cleaner and water in the garage. Hit the wheels once a week to keep down build-up.
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2002 LEXUS RX300 ON 24 inch wheels
The first 02 rx on 24s. Rva 804. . #24inches #lexusrx300
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jaro speed Lexus IS250 2nd generation 2005-2009
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Lexus with 20 inch Vossen VVSCV4 custom Wheels
http://www.f1wheelandtyre.com.au Lexus with 20 inch Vossen VVSCV4 custom Wheels Gold Coast Mag Wheels Brisbane Mag Wheels Custom Rims Gold Coast
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2004 Lexus IS 300 VIP Style Cars, 18' ESR Wheels. for sale in Milwaukie, OR
Click here to learn more about this vehicle: http://www.lot99llc.com/vehicle-details/a67439b2e9ff4542a1a239b8fa51ff95 2004 Lexus IS 300, 138K Low Miles, SPORT DESIGN, Includes:6 Cyl 3.0 Liter, Automatic, 5-Spd, RWD, VIP Style Cars, Coilovers, 18" Staggered Wheels With Low Profile Tires, DVD Player, Navigation, ABS (4-Wheel), Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Telescoping Wheel, Dual Air Bags, Side Air Bags, Dual Power Seats, Air Conditioning, CD Player, Heated Leather Seats, Moon Roof, Rear Spoiler, EXCELLENT CONDITION IN AND OUT, MUST SEE, TRADES ARE WELCOME, FINANCING IS AVAILABLE, WE TRADE UP OR DOWN - HAVE A CAR OR TRUCK OF GREATER VALUE WE CAN HELP, RATES AS LOW AS 2.49 OAC, GOOD OR BAD CREDIT WE CAN HELP www.LOT99LLC.com 503-305-8186 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2005 2006 2007 VOLKSWAGEN AUDI SUBARU SLAMMED MERCEDES BMW TOYOTA LEXUS LS GS INFINITI Q45 TURBO SUPERCHARGED 2JZGE 1JZGTE SINGLE TURBO SEMA Click here to visit our website: http://www.lot99llc.com
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Vossen VFS-10 Wheels on Lexus IS F-Sport
Vossen Wheels at https://www.carid.com/ : https://goo.gl/DpuyTu Give your vehicle a jaw-dropping appearance with VF Series custom wheels. If you crave performance, comfort and style in one package, these rugged wheels have it all. Manufactured with advanced flow forming technology VF wheels are lightweight, durable and enhance the overall vehicle driving experience. Shop Custom Wheels at CARiD.com: https://goo.gl/UglLrO
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Lexus RX 350 custom 22 inch Lexani LSS10 wheels
http://www.f1wheelandtyre.com.au Lexus RX 350 custom 22 inch Lexani LSS10 wheels machine face chrome lip
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WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW WHEELS?! Previous Video: https://youtu.be/I-5j2WU24LI MAKE SURE TO CLICK THAT BELL NEXT TO THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN NEW VIDS DROP! THANKS! Need some supplies? Purchase Supplies Here : http://bit.ly/2pAzSkC Snapchat: BayAreaShoeHead ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Much love for all the support as always! Take it easy! Check out my website! http://www.sneakerheadinthebay.com http://www.insoled.bigcartel.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yooo! Thanks for stopping by and watching this video! Just a little background info on myself and this channel: I started this operation in 2012 with the hopes of helping fellow sneakerheads and entertaining those in the community. The majority of my videos at the beginning of my career were based on restorations and tutorials. As time progressed, I ventured into sneaker reviews, clothing hauls, pickups, vlogs, etc. I really enjoy making content that has variety, which is something that I highly value. I am extremely grateful and thankful for everyone that has helped me build and expand. Without you guys, there is nothing. Thank you!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Info Below: For Business Inquiries, Email: [email protected] Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sneakerheadinthebay Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sneakerheadinthebay Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bayareashoehead ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: Sneakerhead, Sneakerheadinthebay, Air Jordan, Nike, Nike SB, Adidas, Adidas Boost, Yeezy Boost, Yeezy, 350 Boost, NMD, Ultra Boost, Lebron, Kobe, Curry, Sneaker Shopping, Sneaker Collecting, Sneaker Collection, Sneaker Review, Supreme, Bape, Bathing Ape, Off White, Palace, Nice Kicks, Shoe Palace, Footlocker, East Bay, JimmyJazz, Champs Sports
lexus rx on glowing wheels
Lexus rx update on glowing wheels
mounting tires on vip ls400 new wheels
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Lexus GS 350 With Vossen Wheels
Lexus GS 350 With Vossen Wheels Video done by Mohammed Abualrahi Instagram : 7amod_mha
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Lexus on 22'' RIMS
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Lexus GS 350 Cruising San Francisco on Vossen CV7 wheels by California Wheels
Check out this Lexus GS 350 rollin' around The City in style on Vossen CV7's!
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IS300 Gets New Wheels
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Lexus Rims & Lexus Wheels - Video of our Factory, Original, OEM, stock new & used rim Shop
Lexus Rims & Lexus Wheels site video. In our video, we gave you a little information about our company, OriginalWheels.com, just in case you were looking for a Factory Lexus Rim or Lexus Wheel. We are not like our competition. All of our products are stored, handled, maintained and shipped out by our friendly and helpful staff! We are proud to say that all of the rims and wheels that we ship are in the best condition possible. At OriginalWheels.com, we are competent and knowledgeable and a step ahead of our competition! We carry Factory, Original, OEM, stock and OE Lexus Wheels and Lexus Rims for cars, new AND used! And all in immaculate, beautiful condition! Check out the pictures of our rims and wheels for yourself! While you are looking at pictures on our site, make sure to browse through the free suggestions, tips and advice about purchasing a Factory Lexus Wheel or Lexus Rim. Just to prove that we have a leg up, we extend a money back, satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers, no matter what the product or the service. Please stop by and visit us at OriginalWheels.com with any questions, comments or concerns or you can call us at 800-896-7467! Thanks for stopping by!
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Top 5 Wheels UNDER $1000
On today's episode of Wheel School, we bring to you our top 5 wheels all under $1000. We go over quality, finishes, and designs to bring you our top 5 picks. Let us know what you guys think & wanna see next down in the comment section! 5. 3SDM 0.04: http://bit.ly/2DEoEy9 4. ESR RF1: http://bit.ly/2IBwRqv 3. Rotiform LAS-R: http://bit.ly/2DitBRE 2. Konig Dekagram: http://bit.ly/2G2f1yz 1. XXR 559: http://bit.ly/2EnNGC6 Browse wheel & tire setups here: http://bit.ly/2Imgo9B Need help with fitment? Check out our online fitment gallery here: http://bit.ly/2nvMdTF Check out our car care products here: http://bit.ly/2FikL7q
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Vip Modular Wheels Lexus GS430 SLAMMED VIP Style
Официальный сайт - http://www.varioplus.ru Вконтакте - http://vk.com/varioplus Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/varioplus.ru Друзья! Наша команда напряженно работает, что бы предоставить вам УМНОЕ СТЕКЛО (Smart Glass) нового поколения, своего производства, производства РФ! Основные плюсы стекла: 1. Доступное по цене. 2. В полном соответствии со всеми ГОСТами. (более 80% в светлом состоянии). 3. Любых цветов и оттенков. 4. Для любого вида стекол: архитектурных, для средств транспорта (автомобили, морской, речной, воздушный), плоские и изогнутые (включая лобовые). 5. Без посторонних оттенков, мутности, мигания. Выход продукции ориентирован на 1-й – 2-й квартал 2016 года. Подписывайтесь на канал или через форму обратной связи и узнаете первым о выходе нового продукта! - http://varioplus.ru/main/contact Видео нового продукта: https://youtu.be/ghc4sDnA-iw Еще интересное видео: Range Rover Westminster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T42GcaOZPlc Mercedes-Benz GL500: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbLWvG4yRj0
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2014 Lexus IS250 F-Sport | Vossen 20'' VFS2 Concave Wheels | Rims
For this latest video we are featuring our very own KJ who is part of our incredible sales team. KJ aka @Kdot_Vossen who reps the "Lexusboys" crew ( http://instagram.com/kdot_vossen) has been featured in the past with his other white IS F-sport. Yes, KJ actually traded in his 2014 white/black F-sport for a 2014 white/red F-sport at JMLexus this year. This vehicle is lowered on RS-R Coilovers, features a BeatSonic Nav/DVD Overide and of course our new satin bronze finish 20x9 and 20x10.5 VFS-2 wheels. With the dynamic styling of the IS, this combination really pops. A GTHaus exhaust is on order as KJ continues with his mild build. Be part of the team! http://www.shopvossen.com Web Site http://www.vossenwheels.com Follow Us On Instagram - @vossen #teamvossen http://www.instagram.com/vossen Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/vossenwheels Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vossenwheels Flickr http://www.flickr.com/vossenwheels RS-R USA http://rs-r.com Beatsonic http://www.beatsonicusa.com LexusBoys http://instagram.com/lexusboys JM Lexus http://www.jmlexus.com
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Lexus LS400 rolling 20" staggered Zumbo Kuverup Wheels
http://www.f1wheelandtyre.com.au Lexus LS400 rolling 20" staggered Zumbo Kuverup Wheels
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Lexus: How to Paint Rims Using Plasti-Dip
http://clublexus.com/how-tos is the leading Lexus IS, GS, ES, and RX resource for technical DIY guides. Plasti-Dip is an inexpensive, easy DIY alternative to rim painting. For the full article, please visit http://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/a/lexus-how-to-paint-rims-using-plasti-dip-366750 Unless you're one of the few car owners who keeps their vehicle safe and sound in the garage, occasionally taking it out for a joy ride, you've probably noticed that your car's rims tend to scratch, scuff, and generally look a bit dull over time. Although this is a common issue on most cars, the good news is you can take relatively simple and inexpensive measures to restore your rims by painting them with Plasti-Dip. This easy job takes about an hour and a half and costs around $20 dollars. A professional may charge a few hundred dollars to Plasti-dip your rims. For this job, you’ll need two cans of Plasti-Dip, Windex or other fast-drying cleaner, a bucket and scrubbing brush, newspaper or paper towels. Step One - Clean the rims and wheels You're about to apply an adhesive product with the goal of protecting and even enhancing your car's exterior. Getting rid of excess dirt, dust, and grime is an important step towards a successful end result. Whether you prefer the simple soap and bucket method or a fast-drying product, such as Windex, make sure to take the necessary amount of time to really scrub the rims and wheels clean. Step Two - Cover the brakes Grab a handful of paper towels, newspaper, or whatever else you've chosen to keep the brakes protected. The main goal here is to prevent a potentially frustrating and time-consuming cleanup if the product does happen to get on the brakes. Step Three - Apply the base layer For best results, apply even pressure and continue to move your hand around so that you cover the entire base. Don't worry if you get a bit of Plasti-Dip on the tires; it will peel right off afterwards. Step Four - Apply subsequent layers Once you're happy with how the base layer looks, give the rims about 10 minutes to dry. Start applying the second layer, following the same steps as you did for the base. The main difference here is that the second coat will make the rims look a bit darker, regardless of color. When you're done with the second layer, give the rims another 10 minutes to dry. You don't have to add a third and fourth layer, but it's generally recommended to ensure longevity and a stronger appearance. After applying the final layer, give the product about 30 minutes to dry. Step Five - Peel off excess Plasti-Dip You might have coated your tires a bit during application. That's okay; it's easy to peel off any residue. Simply use your nail or a screwdriver to lift up one section, gently peeling it back until you've removed any excess outside of the designated areas.
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Lexus is300 CCW wheels
2001 Lexus is300 18" ccw wheels @Ury_altezza
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Lexus IS 350 on Vossen CV7 Wheels by California Wheels
Check out this silver bullet! A clean, lowered 2011 Lexus IS 350 shooting around town on a set of 20” Vossen CV7 wheels. Simple but elegant body modifications enhance this IS and give it a unique style. Custom ground effects, rear roof spoiler, small trunk spoiler and custom exhaust, combined with the sporty lowered stance work together to create this signature look. The staggered CV7 wheels are 20”x9” up front and 20”x10.5” in the rear, and feature a silver with polished face finish that perfectly compliments the factory silver paint of the car. The overall result is a sleek, uniform, classy custom set up. Additional customization: • Lowered • Custom ground effects • Custom exhaust system • Tinted windows • Smoked Taillights • Tires: Falken 225-35-20 front, 255-35-20 rear Visit us online http://www.caliwheels.com/ Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/californiawheels Follow us on Instagram @caliwheels http://www.instagram.com/caliwheels
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Cast vs. Forged Wheels (Comparing EXACT Sizes)
Previous Video ▶︎ https://youtu.be/g4UWG0IdLnE ⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯ I have 2 different sets of wheels. They both are the same 5x114.3 bolt pattern. They are both made from aluminum. They both are 18” in diameter. They both are 8.5” wide. They both are BBK friendly. They both have the IDENTICAL size tires. Yet, they are very different. It isn’t much you can say by just looking at them which would be heavier, but when we put them on a scale, it says it all. Cast wheels are formed using a mold to achieve shape and form. Molten metal is poured into the mold. As the metal cools, it hardens into the shape of the wheel. Forged wheels are superior to cast, as performance and strength are critical requirements, where pricing isn’t. Forged wheels are formed from a large chunk of raw aluminum, where it is it machined, CNC’d, and/or milled to the desired design. The VMR V701 came in a 43.5 pounds, where the Nismo LMGT4 came in at an ASTONISHING 36.5 pounds. That’s a ridiculous 7 pounds difference from something that looks to be the same size. Clearly, their masses are different. Its not that the VMR’s are super heavy. Just for reference, the stock 16” wheels with 205/55 tires, weight 43 pounds. So considering the VMR wheel setup is 2 inches larger in diameter, 2 inches wider in width, and has a 20mm larger contact patch, it is quite an upgrade. With that being said, the LMGT4’s are that much more of an upgrade. Camera Used for this Video ▶︎ https://goo.gl/C1mN2C If you’re interested in how they’re made, do a simple search on YouTube, where you will be able to see not only how cast wheels are made (https://youtu.be/LCMs-7K8nLk0) , but also the process on how Forged wheels are made (https://youtu.be/Armx02_R7Y0). If you’re in the market for some nice high quality wheels, some great companies that I would look at if money isn’t quite in mind, are the following: Rays, Enkei, BBS, Work, Volk, RS Watanabe. Most aftermarket wheels can be quite expensive, however if you’re looking for a very high quality wheel that is closer to the cheap side, do what I did with my Honda, and pick up a set of OEM forged wheels. For instance, Infiniti offered 19” forged wheels on their G35, and they can be picked up for not alot of money. Some other OEM forged alternatives are Nissan 350z Rays wheels, Nissan 370z Rays wheels, Nissan Altima SER Rays wheels, Subaru BBS wheels, Audi BBS wheels, just to name a few. You will be able to pick them up for a fraction of what forged aftermarket wheels go for, yet you’re getting the same performance and strength. If you’re looking for forged aftermarket wheels, the sky is the limit, as many companies offer forged wheels nowadays. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at [email protected] Thanks for watching!! :) ⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯ Please give it a like 👍 and follow 👣 milanmastracci YouTube Channel ▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/user/milanmastracci/ milanmastracci Facebook Page ▶︎ https://www.facebook.com/milanmastracci/ milmast Instagram ▶︎ https://instagram.com/milmast/ ⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯⌯ Music provided by Argofox: Ghost'n'Ghost - Lighthouse https://youtu.be/xVzeZGRZk0s
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Cliff's Bagged GS F-Sport Lexus On SSR Wheels // SOUTHRNFRESH
Huge Thanks to Cliff (IG @dz_nutz) for letting me shoot his car out in Georgia and Also to SouthrnFresh (IG @SouthrnFresh) for showing the love! 2015 Has been a Beautiful year and I couldn't find a better ending to it then to drop potentially my best video yet!! Song: Suicide Boys - South Side Suicide Ft. Pouya Make sure you Like and Subscribe to stay updated! » FOLLOW THE TEAM SOUTHRNFRESH.COM @TREYDEVON_ (https://www.instagram.com/treydevon_/) » CAMERA GEAR USED IN THIS VIDEO: MacBook Pro: http://amzn.to/2yhV02c Sony A7sii: http://amzn.to/2z0cX2S 128GB Sd card: http://amzn.to/2xAacnG 64GB Sd card: http://amzn.to/2xA5IgP Sony 16-35mm f4 Lens: http://amzn.to/2yFAREP Manfroto Tripod: http://amzn.to/2xzUj0x Zoom H4: http://amzn.to/2wO9dR7 INCASE Camera Bag: http://amzn.to/2z1FDbG
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PURE VIP | SIMPLY FRESH | GS300 | Aristo | Work Wheels | 326power | PANS EYE
PURE VIP Instagram https://www.instagram.com/officialpurevip/?hl=ja SIMPLY FRESH Instagram https://www.instagram.com/simplyfreshfitment/?hl=ja owner Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shun_1130/?hl=ja Music Rich Beatz onehunnid (Rich Beatz x SLIGHT) https://soundcloud.com/rich_beatz/onehunnid
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Factory Original Lexus GX 460 Wheels & Lexus GX 460 Rims – OriginalWheels.com
http://www.originalwheels.com/lexus-wheels/gx460.php Thank you for taking a moment to watch! For those in need of factory original Lexus GX 460 wheels and rims, we at OriginalWheels.com have you covered! Our online catalog contains a large list of used OEM Lexus wheels, available at a fraction of the cost. Before leaving the warehouse, each wheel is carefully inspected by our quality assurance team, ensuring that you receive your wheel in like-new condition. Your GX 460 wheels won't have any previous cracks or bends, and they'll be structurally round and true. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Questions, comments, concerns? Give us a call toll free at 800-896-7467. You can also check out our website at http://www.originalwheels.com/lexus-wheels/gx460.php Talk to you soon! OriginalWheels.com http://www.OriginalWheels.com
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Lexus IS300 Plasti Dip Wheels
Lexus IS300 Plasti Dip Wheels
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DUBSandTIRES.com Lexani M-105 Black Wheels BMW Mercedes Lexus Acura Dodge Charger Hellcat Sema 2019
Follow us on Snap Chat dubsandtires305 Finance your wheels, copy the financing link below: https://www.progressivelp.com/onlineapplication/onlineapplication.aspx?sid=Miami8775448473 www.DUBSandTIRES.com 877-544-8473 call us now as we bring you videos of the hottest wheels on the market. Call us at any time at 877-544-8473 and we will help you with any wheel and tire question. Giving you a look at the wheels up close and personal. Visit DUBSandTIRES.com for the Hottest wheel and tire packages, discount tires, tire sales, cheap rims, cheap wheels and more. Count on DUBSandTires.com to provide the hottest rims, black wheels, offroad wheels, racing wheels, tuner wheels, luxury wheels, chrome wheels, black rims and so much more. Bringing you some of the best brands like American Racing Wheels, KMC Wheels, KMC XD Series Wheels, Lorenzo Wheels, Motegi Racing wheels, ATX Wheels, Moto Metal Wheels, Starr Wheels, Rock'N'Starr Wheels, Starr Wheels, Effen Wheels, Lexani Wheels, Ruff Racing Wheels, Stance Wheels, XO Wheels, Fuel Offroad wheels. C
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Lexus LS400   Rotiform ROC Wheels   AudioCityUSA
Check out Rotiform Wheels at https://goo.gl/Gwu6wa https://audiocityusa.com Rotiform Wheels Rotiform Wheels offer the finest wheels that come in a variety of staggered fitments. Rotiform Rims are the finest cast and custom forged wheels for any vehicle. Rotiform wheel designs are focused on style, strength, and aggressive fitment. Custom application allows these rims to fit a variety of vehicles. At Audio City USA, our goal is to provide our customers with the best wheels and rims on the market and this includes Rotiform Wheels. * Lowest Price Guaranteed * Fast Shipping * No Credit Check Financing * 10+ Years Experience Audio City USA is the world's best consumer wheels and tires store With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce consulting and Internet sales in the automotive aftermarket industry, you can expect to deal with the Internet's greatest professionals at Audio City USA. We offer consumers the lowest prices, unsurpassed service, and the fastest shipping the Internet has to offer. Address: 13927 Amar Rd City: La Puente State: CA Zip Code: 91746 Tel No: 626-814-1158 Toll Free No: (888) 814-1158 E-mail Id: [email protected] Visit http://www.audiocityusa.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AudioCityUSAOfficial/ Twitter - http://twitter.com/audiocityusa Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+audiocityusa Instragram - https://instagram.com/audiocityusa/
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2014 Lexus ES 350 sitting on 20" Azara AZA-507 chrome wheels and 225/35-20 lexani tires
Rimtyme custom wheels and tires at 3171 hillsborough rd in Durham nc 919-383-0802
Lexus RC F on Vellano VCU Forged Concave Custom Cut Wheels
Vellano VCU Wheels at CARiD: http://goo.gl/kpNJXc The Vellano Forged Wheel™ collection offers styles for performance and luxury. All of our wheels are custom made to order for the ultimate in appearance and function. Vellano takes the dynamic style and sleekness of their standard wheel designs and adds an inward-curving shape towards the center. All Custom Wheels: http://www.carid.com/custom-wheels.html Vellano Wheels: http://www.carid.com/vellano-wheels/
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The Is300 Gets Wheels+Coilovers!
Subscribe to my channel to follow my Supra Build, 4 is300 Builds, along with numerous Vlogs and Edits. -Follow me on Instagram @1wickedsupra - -Subscribe and Follow for a chance to win a custom t-shirt! - Filmed with Sony a7ii Wheels: Rota Grid 17x8 +25mm offset Coilovers: Tien Flex Z Comment with any questions.
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Stance Lexus Gs350 gets 19 inch ame wheels
Gopro hero 4 https://goo.gl/h69rvV Thanks for subscribing and watching . Stay tuned for updates . Instagram: anonymous_garage Paypal: paypal.me/anonymousgarage Anonymousgarage.bigcartel.com if you're interested in purchasing a ANONYMOUS GARAGE t-shirt
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Factory Original Lexus CT 200H Wheels & Lexus CT 200H Rims – OriginalWheels.com
http://www.originalwheels.com/lexus-wheels/ct200h.php Thank you for your interest! This video was created for anybody looking for factory original Lexus CT 200H wheels and rims. Here at OriginalWheels.com, we have what you need! In our inventory, we offer a large selection of used OEM Lexus wheels, and they're available at a fraction of the cost. Each wheel is carefully inspected by our quality assurance team, ensuring that you receive your Lexus CT 200H rims in immaculate condition. We value you as a customer, so if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day return policy. Our sales team is ready to assist you! Whether you have any questions or want to order your CT 200H wheels, call us toll free at 800-896-7467. You can also visit our website at http://www.originalwheels.com/lexus-wheels/ct200h.php Thank you for watching! OriginalWheels.com http://www.OriginalWheels.com
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Lumarai Lexus Wheels Morro Gloss Black with Mirror Lip
Lumarai Lexus Wheels introduces the Morro, available in Chrome, Gloss Black with Mirror Lip, and Silver with Mirror Cut Face and Lip
Lexus is250 AWD VIP BAgged on Heritage Wheels
Just a quick edit of my car. enjoy!
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Rocket Bunny IS-250 on Rays Wheels
Featuring Loi's 2007 Lexus IS 250 on Rays wheels Shot at LA Habra, California USA Filmed by: @jamxfilmco [https://www.instagram.com/jamxfilmco] Owned by: @jcphoto89 [https://www.instagram.com/jcphoto89] Credits to the original owner of this soundtrack: Two Feet - Quick Musical Doodles & Sex --- All content presented by Low District, LLC. has been granted full permission by the original owner to alter and adjust the video before publishing. Social Media: IG @LowDistrict [https://www.instagram.com/lowdistrict] FB @LowDistrictFam [https://www.facebook.com/lowdistrictfam] Visit www.LowDistrict.com for more! [http://www.lowdistrict.com]
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Lexus ES350 with Versante 208 wheels
Lexus ES350 with Versante 208 wheels To check out this set of Versante wheels, as well as their entire collection visit the link below. http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse.com/Discount_Tires.cfm?pn=2-Crave-Rims-No... Call our experts today or go to discountedwheelwarehouse.com to find the perfect set of wheels and tires for your car today. 1-800-901-6003 Discountedwheelwarehouse.com is one of the nations leading retailers of wheels and tires online and in person. 1301 burton st, Fullerton, ca 92831 wholesale pricing to the public Monday through Saturday. twitter.com/dwwarehouse or @DWWarehouse Facebook.com/dwwarehouse
98-05 Lexus GS Slammed with Coilovers and 19 inch wheels Version Select Aero
Lexus GS Slammed with Coilovers and 19 inch wheels Version Select Aero My Daily Driver 1998 Lexus GS 300 Stance Coilovers Version Select Aero Version 1 19 inch JDM Wheels will get more specs later Pushtoyota isn't just Toyota's, we take video and reviews of all sorts of cars and trucks! Have a request? Let me know Please comment and subscribe for more videos and updates! http://www.cressidaforums.com
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