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Are Boys Better at Math Than Girls?
Is your daughter bad at math? Do you wonder if it’s a “girl thing” – that girls generally aren’t good at math, anyway? Hear from our math expert, Daniel Ansari, as he discusses what the research shows about how girls and boys perform at all levels of math – from basic math to high level math -- and why it’s important that we understand the gender similarities and differences. Then learn more about math challenges and what you can do to help your child at Understood.org
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Girls vs Boys at Math
Are men naturally better at math than women or is that just an out-dated stereotype? A couple of women scientists decided to research it. http://www.sciencentral.com/video/
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Girls Equal Boys At Math
The glass ceiling took another hit after a new study found that girls perform just as well as boys in arithmetic, dispelling a long-held belief that men are better-suited for numbers. Kelly Wallace reports.
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Why Girls Don't Like Math
Girls score just as highly as boys on standardized math tests in Grade 3 and 6, yet when asked if they are good at math, or if they like math, they score much lower than boys. Why is that? If girls are just as capable at doing math as boys, what turns them off? Experts are becoming concerned, because fewer girls pursue math at higher levels, and the careers that follow. Find out why girls are walking away from math, and what we can do about it.
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Math isn't just for boys: Changing the gender narrative with animation | Jen Oxley | TEDxMidAtlantic
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Research shows that children express the stereotype that "math is for boys, not for girls" as early as second grade, and girls are less likely than boys to pursue math in higher education or careers. We need to change that, and Jen Oxley is using her animated TV show to start changing the narrative. She created Peg+Cat, a show with a strong female lead centered around math, but targeted at both girls and boys. Jennifer Oxley was born in Hollywood, California and caught the filmmaking bug early – she made her first film at the age of seven. Since then she has directed fifteen short films for Sesame Street, as well as the award-winning adaptation of Spike Lee and Tanya Lewis Lee’s children’s book, Please, Baby, Please. Her latest film, The Music Box, was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art for their permanent children’s film collection. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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My Math Teacher Liked All The Girls In Class
Today I tell you about my creepy math teacher. Subscribe for more! ↓Social Media↓ Follow Me Here! ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/terrysongtv ► Instagram - https://instagram.com/terrysongtv ► Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/terrytwitchtv ► Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/terrytv Last chance to get merch! - https://crowdmade.com/collections/ter... ✎Illustrators✎ (NOT MY CURRENT ARTISTS) Reikenma (Rei) https://www.instagram.com/reikenma/ | https://twitter.com/reikenma_ Kumaakou (Rae) https://www.instagram.com/kumaakou/ | https://twitter.com/kumaakou Assistant Artists: Hannah For all business related inquiries please contact: [email protected] These stories are based off of true events from my life and dramatized for entertainment purposes. For anyone asking, I don't currently consider my videos as 'animation videos', but more illustrated stories. Eventually I would like to delve deeper into actual animated videos. Thanks for watching ✌
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Systematic discrimination:  No Boys Allowed day teaches girls about science, math
Systematic discrimination against boys
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Gender Bent | Boys are Better at Math | MTV
MTV presents Gender Bent: The Questionable History of Gender Norms. Boys are just naturally better at math and science, right? Wrong. Take a closer look at absurd gender norms in this video narrated by writer Ana Marie Cox. You can learn more about gender norms at http://www.lookdifferent.org/genderbent Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/
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The Boys and Girls (feat. Ann Yu) - You Do The Math
Ann Yu (Silver Swans, Love Like Fire) Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday) and Jared Bell (Lymbyc Systym) make up indie supergroup, The Boys and Girls. Performing their second single 'You Do The Math'. Released on Valentine's Day 2012 on Baby Shark Music/BMI. **ALL copyright(s) reserved by artists, labels and publishers. I own sweet nothing.**
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High School Girls Score Lower Than Boys In Math And Science
Full Story: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/high-school-girls-score-boys-math-science-58199/ A study from St. Mary's College shows girls in Indiana perform better than boys in math and science until they reach high school.
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Girls and Math (Study)
Studies consistently show that males perform better in single-event math contests, but new research published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization says those other studies threw in the towel too soon. But who is really better? Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/7lLId What do you think about these studies? Is it likely there's actually a difference in math ability between men and women? Let us know in the comments! Find out more here: http://dft.ba/-4SzD And don't forget guys, if you like this video please Like, Favorite, and Share it with your friends to show your support - It really helps us out! See you next time! ***************************************************** SUBSCRIBE and join the TYTU student body! http://tinyurl.com/9o8kpf4 ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TYTUniversity ON TWITTER: @jiadarola @lisa_ferg @tytuniversity ON TUMBLR: http://tytuniversity.tumblr.com/ TYT University: College news, scandals, parties, tips and advice, relationships, sex and dating, self-help, music parodies, odd facts and more with hosts John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson. http://youtube.com/user/tytuniversity
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This 5 Year Old Kid Is A Math Genius
In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to an extremely young boy that can solve math problems like it's nothing. That awkward moment when a kid is smarter than you. Like My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialtalfishman/?skip_nax_wizard=true Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talfishman_/?hl=en Follow me on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/talfishman_
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Girls Are Just As Good At Math As Boys
A new study shows girls are just as good at math as boys. Elizabeth Keatinge has more. Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/buzz60 Buzz60 is designed for the way we live now. Short, quirky video snacks that are a little sassy, and always smart. Buzz 60 -- and the Buzz60 channel on YouTube - produces all kinds of news video clips for web viewers who want more than just repurposed content. Our team is a diverse group of video journalists with dozens of Emmy awards, an authentic sense of humor, and a mandate to connect with viewers every day. Like us Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buzz60 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Buzz60 Add us to your Circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/12nIt6n
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EARLY LEARNING TIPS - Encourage a Love of Math for Boys and Girls
Dr. Dario Cvencek, postdoctoral fellow with University of Washington's I-LABS, offers two tips to parents based on new research on gender stereotypes and mathematics.
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Work and time math problem where boys and girls are working together
General Mental Ability Problem for IAS, UPPSC, MPPSC, TNPSC, CAT and other aptitude tests. For more such videos. Visit channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MathsSmart 3 boys or 5 girls can clean a compound in 8 hours. In how many hours would 2 boys and 2 girls clean the same compound? To learn more such math lessons visit our channel youtube.com/MathsSmart or subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/MathsSmart.
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math in mean girls
1 I like math In this first clip, we are given a glimpse in to Kady's character through her voicing of a common strength of mathematics: universality. Why is this claim plausible? What might we get out of understanding it more thoroughly? 2 invitation to mathletes here we see the social dichotomy emerge between coolness and math. We also have the exception-proving-the-rule Kevin. Mathematicians tend to be shy introverts. Discuss. 3 talking to aaron As Kady gives in to the dark side, math is used here as a symbol for her personal integrity 4 talking and tutoring Here we see Kady in the depth of self-denial, choosing to fail her math tests/quizzes in order to get more face time with Aaron. The narrative voice is almost, but not quite her conscience. Notice the focus on wrong versus right answers portrayed as the natural focus point for a math discussion. 5 just the answers are wrong Ms. Norberry has Kady figured out. Not only is Kady poor at covering up her intelligence, the teacher feels justified in giving her poor marks for correct work but incorrect answers. 6 righteous path More math as a convenient symbol for the heroine's return to the righteous path. "Welcome back, nerd!" 7 math contest The math contest is full of math stereotypes. Maybe a list is in order. My favorite one to notice is the crowd. Not only is it sparser than Kevin's "good turnout this year", there aren't even enough people in attendance to account for the parents of the participants. 8 final battle The end of the contest is what puts this over the top as a math movie. Unlike many others, here the math problem itself, and the character's philosophical resignation to struggle with it "you just have to solve the puzzle in front of you" is the culmination of the development ofthe character. Nowhere else is the actual act of mathematizing so important thematically, not in GWH, not in BM.
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Separate Math for Boys and Girls
The Augusta Board of Education voted unanimously to segregate boys and girls in remedial math in lights of significant discrepancies on test scores. News 8's Megan Torjussen reports.
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Are girls evil? Math equation proves the truth about women.
Are girls evil? Math equation proves the truth about women. The laws of mathematics have finally proven the age old question... Are girls evil? Are women naturally evil? Using simple mathematics and elementary logic you will soon know the answer. The result is something phycologists have known for years. So are girls evil? I thought I'd share some life math with you today and answer one of the universe's greatest questions. Are girls evil? If not, then what are they? Let's look at this logically. It's a well documented fact that girls = time and money. But it is also a known fact that time is money. The obvious next step is to put these two truths together, therefore girls equal money and money, which is the same as money squared. Since money is the root of all evil, we can can substitute into our equation to get girls equaling the root evil squared. Therefore, after a simple simplification we learn... Girls are Evil!!! But wait! We said that Girls equal time AND money. NOT time times money. Oh what a silly error. This entire equation is not true!! Apparently this does not prove that girls are evil. Let's do this right this time. Girls equal time and money. Since time is money, girls are money AND money. Now we are doing it right! Money is still the root of evil, but who are we fooling? The root of evil IS evil! So money is obviously evil, therefore Girls are Evil and Evil. Now... we could simplify this to say girls are 2 evil. But have there is more we can learn! As men are often accustomed to hear, Men are nothing. Now rearrange our previous equation and discover something important! Take evil away from girls, and you are left with good girls. But good girls still equal evil! Why? Well, since guys are nothing they are often left out of the equation. Let's put them back in. Girls minus the evil (in other words, good girls) equal evil plus boys. Ah! Finally! This explains why good girls love bad boys!! Oh, this works because true love is always equal. http://freetestprep.net https://www.math.hmc.edu/funfacts/ffiles/10001.1-8.shtml
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The Gender Gap In Maths Performance | Dr Hannah Fry | Maths — No Problem!
The latest international TIMSS study has shown a gender gap in our students' performance in maths. English boys in 2015 performed significantly higher than girls in maths. We believe this has nothing to do with girls' ability and everything to do with girls' mind-set beliefs. In Singapore, for example, there is no significant difference between girls' and boys' performance in maths. Filmed at the Maths — No Problem! Confident Maths Teacher Conference, Dr Hannah Fry talked about the impact of self-efficacy on maths performance and the marked difference she sees in male and female maths students. To find out more about Maths – No Problem! and our Maths mastery programme visit our website: http://www.mathsnoproblem.co.uk
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Math Mela at Govt. Sr. Sec. School (Boys & Girls) | 18-11-2017 |
Math Mela at Govt. Sr. Sec. School (Boys & Girls) | 18-11-2017 Report-Shashi Kumar Camera - Vinod Batra
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Boys thinking for the girls in maths ☺☺☺☺
https://youtu.be/wuR_-giFwfs Also watch this funny vedio
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Girls are great at math. (Boys too!)
Should we believe the stereotype that girls stink at math? Of course not! Here's why.
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Picnic Math Puzzle for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Boys & Girls
Play FREE Learning Games on the web at http://www.agnitus.com/signup or Download from Apple AppStore http://goo.gl/UrPfH or from Google Play http://goo.gl/dyU9Ch Winners of the 2014 Family & Parent Choice Award, Kappi Gold Award, NAPPA Gold Award & TeachersWithApps Award DESCRIPTION: * Come join us for a delicious and educational picnic full of learning and fun! * Distribute a variety of different food items into the 3 different platters, and serve water and juice to your guests. * Tap to eat the food, and help yourself to multiple servings! * Along the way answer simple questions of counting and follow basic instructions to add and subtract. BENEFITS: * Teach your child the fundamentals of math in this exciting and fun educational game! * Your kids will learn a real world application of important math skills in this picnic game * Kids will love playing this game and distributing food among themselves and their imaginary guests, whilst serving and playing host. * Play to see what new and exciting foods are revealed when the current platters empty out * Learn subtraction skills in this game that uses take away to show your children how to subtract in a visual manner * Learn addition by the simple act of placing more food onto the platters to match the number given * Teach kids the value of distribution and sharing in this game that calls for serving food into multiple platters * A fun game that increases cognitive brain function while looking fun, simple and engaging WHO IS IT FOR? A game that can be used as a tool for parents and teachers alike, inside and outside the classroom. In this fun and visually appealing game, 5, 6 and 7 year olds learn some fundamental math skills and strengthen their counting, addition and subtraction; while younger children, toddlers and babies find in this a fun and colourful game with many interactive elements, that can keep them distracted for hours on end ABOUT AGNITUS: Agnitus builds curriculum-based learning games for mobile devices & the web. As your child plays different games, Agnitus learning engine adapt the games and curriculum to match your child’s skill level. Recognizing your child’s strengths and challenges, games gradually build on demonstrated mastery. Our Skill Report provides informative, at-a-glance results of your child's learning experience. • 100* Curriculum based academic skills for kids’ learning within ONE app. • Parents’ Dashboard to monitor child’s learning. • Cloud sync, adaptive learning engine and analytics. TopIQ Kids Learning Program • Personalized Learning Platform for every child. • Single app experience where additional games automatically get downloaded based on child’s learning requirements. • Based on a standardized curriculum developed by professional educators. • Only education and learning solution that holistically addresses all aspects of learning, including Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Social & Emotional Learning and Coding & Programing • Real time data analytics that globally compares every child’s academic performance. • Download it at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/topiq-kids-learniFun_games/id509343934?mt=8 "
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15 Year Old YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Is A HUMAN CALCULATOR! | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia
YAASHWIN SARAWANAN is a #HumanCalculator and he can do math faster than you can press your calculator. Don't believe it? Get your calculator ready and press along! Subscribe for the latest uploads ► http://bit.ly/AsiasGotTalent_YT ASIA’S GOT TALENT ON SOCIAL Like Asia’s Got Talent: http://bit.ly/AsiasGotTalentFB Follow Asia’s Got Talent: http://bit.ly/AsiasGotTalentIG Join our conversation: http://bit.ly/AsiasGotTalentTwitter Subscribe for the latest uploads ► http://bit.ly/AXN_YT AXN ASIA ON SOCIAL Like AXN Asia: http://bit.ly/AXNFacebook Follow AXN Asia: http://bit.ly/AXNInstagram Subscribe NOW for more exclusive clips: http://bit.ly/AXNYouTube AXN ASIA ON SOCIAL Like AXN Asia: http://bit.ly/AXNFacebook Follow AXN Asia: http://bit.ly/AXNInstagram Subscribe NOW for more exclusive clips: http://bit.ly/AXNYouTube #AXNAsia #AsiasGotTalent #HumanCalculator
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Saifiyah Girls School - Math Fair 2018
A showcase of how Mathematics has been taught in the school using Project Based Learning methods and integrating it with practical life.
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We have been working with the girls teaching them the basics of math! Im hoping they get Tyson's math brain and not mine! haha They are kind of grasping onto the concept and its adorable to watch. We went grocery shopping to restock the house after being gone for 10 days. The girls love shopping and picking things out now. RANDOM VIDEO: https://youtu.be/e97h93SKf6s ***Facebook*** https://www.facebook.com/gardnerquads/ http://www.facebook.com/groups/gardnerquadsquad Ashley Beauty Pages http://www.facebook.com/groups/quadkisses Instagram @QuadrupleTheKisses ***Blog*** https://www.GardnerQuadSquad.com **Indie's Blog: http://gardnerquadsquad.com/indie-mae-gardner/ **Esme's Blog: http://gardnerquadsquad.com/esme-jane-gardner/ **Scarlett's Blog: http://gardnerquadsquad.com/scarlett-elizabeth-gardner/ **Evie's blog: http://gardnerquadsquad.com/evangeline-faith-gardner/ ***Instagram*** https://www.instagram.com/gardnerquadsquad https://www.instagram.com/amiracleunfolding Personal accounts http://www.instagram.com/tyson__gardner http://www.instagram.com/quadruplethekisses http://www.instagram.com/indiegardnerofficial http://www.instagram.com/esmegardnerofficial http://www.instagram.com/scarlettgardnerofficial http://www.instagram.com/eviegardnerofficial ***Twitter*** https://twitter.com/ashleygardner20 https://twitter.com/thequadfather4 ***Shop In our Store*** https://www.amiracleunfolding.com ***YouTube*** https://www.Youtube.com/user/gardnerquadsquad ***Learn More About Our Faith*** https://www.MORMON.org ***Collaborations Please email*** [email protected] ***Contact us*** PO Box 1486 American Fork, UT. 84003
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Girls and Math
http://www.isukatmath.com is your resource for math on the web. Why is it that people say girls aren't as good at math as boys? Is it true? Where did these stereotypes come from? In this video, Doc asks the girls in his class to share their experiences with math education and even gives us an idea into subconscious reasons it may be happening to you!
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Trucks and Trigonometry: Do Boys Excel in Math and Engineering?
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/09/29/Lise_Eliot_Pink_Brain_Blue_Brain Neurologist Lise Eliot addresses the claim that boys tending to surpass girls in the fields of math and engineering. Eliot argues that genetic differences play no role and attributes percieved academic advantages to the spatial abilities boys develop during play. ----- Lise Eliot talks about Pink Brain, Blue Brain. Based on research in the field of neuroplasticity, Eliot zeroes in on the precise differences between boys and girls' brains and explains the harmful nature of gender stereotypes. She offers parents and teachers concrete ways they can help all children reach their fullest potential. - Book Passage Dr. Lise Eliot, Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the Chicago Medical School, received her Ph.D. in Physiology and Cellular Biophysics from Columbia University in 1991. Working in Eric Kandel's laboratory, she combined electrophysiology and calcium imaging methods to analyze the synaptic mechanisms underlying learning in the marine mollusc, Aplysia californica. Dr. Eliot has published more than 50 works, including peer-reviewed journals articles, magazine pieces, and the book, What's Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life (Bantam, 2000). Honors include a Magna cum laude bachelor's degree from Harvard, a predoctoral NSF fellowship, a postdoctoral NIH fellowship, a Grass Fellowship in Neurophysiology, a Whiteley Scholarship from the University of Washington, and a Rosalind Franklin Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Eliot's newest book, Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow into Troublesome Gaps and What We Can Do About It, was published in September 2009 by Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt.
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Boys perform better than girls in Maths, Science, Social Studies, Religious Education| #KCPE2018
SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: https://www.youtube.com/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTNNews Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTNNewsKenya For more great content go to http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews and download our apps: http://std.co.ke/apps/#android KTN News is a leading 24-hour TV channel in Eastern Africa with its headquarters located along Mombasa Road, at Standard Group Centre. This is the most authoritative news channel in Kenya and beyond.
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Boys & Girls Club of Napa - "You Do the Math" Promotional Video
A promotional video for the Boys & Girls Club of Napa Valley entitled "You Do the Math!" Produced by Napa Valley Media Productions.
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Character Math : behind the scenes at the Boys and Girls Club
Teaching Character Math was one of the best experiences I have ever had as an educator. Teaching my children is one thing, to be able to captivate the minds of other children was highly rewarding. I appreciate every single one of you, to Mr (unit director) Michael Crumble, I am in your debt for giving me the opportunity to educate the children of our community. Visit @Character_Math Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page for constant updates & support the wealth of our children's Education. Feel free to check out our Website to better supply our teachers to make a difference.👇 bit.ly/CharacterMath
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Welcome To Yung Math Boy
Click subscribe if you fuckin hate math but you gotta do some math so ur tryna get high or some shit while u do math
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All Girls Are Great at Math | Phylecia Jones | TEDxCherryCreekWomen
Just imagine if we did not have to encourage girls to be great at Math, but they already knew it from the moment they were born? Phylecia Jones is a former Scientist and Engineer, a self-proclaimed money nerd, and someone who sees the beauty in Math and how it can change our world. Phylecia is on a mission to remind people that Math is the gateway to confidence, innovation, and could change the way girls live their lives for the better. With one simple decision to pursue a career influenced by Math and Technology Phylecia proudly served 13 years as a civilian Scientist for the US Navy, supporting sailors and soldiers across the globe. At the age of 36 years old, she took an early retirement and started a journey that would forever change her life… entrepreneurship. Phylecia Jones is a Budgetologist, Speaker and Financial Advocate who is on a mission to change the world one budget at a time. As the creator of Keep Up with Mrs. Jones and the Host of the daily morning show, and podcast, Ask the Budgetologist, Phylecia is the savvy go-to budgeting nerd that business owners turn to for money advice. During a 5-year span of getting rid of $25,000+ in debt, managing to increase a net worth to over $500,000 and leaving a 6-figure salaried job to start a business, Phylecia realized that that millionaire status does not happen overnight and managing that thin line of having money, and not having money, can be stressful. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Master’s in Systems Engineering, Phylecia proudly served 13 years as a civilian Computer Scientist for the US Navy and Department of Defense, supporting sailors and soldiers across the world, but realized that it was not enough. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Girls in math and science
Girls are catching up to boys in math and science.
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Boys and Girls Learn Math Differently
A www.door2mqth.com production. When it comes to math learning, girls and boys are different. Girls tend to memorize rather than use critical thinking skills and boys tend to skip steps when solving problems. In this podcast we discuss the differences and possible ways parents can help. We also talk about chemistry as a way for girls to succeed in math in the upper grades.
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great scene from thats my boy "math"
;love when the woman shouts "he's smarter than todd!" at :25
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Girls Are As Smart As Boys: A Study of Expressions of Gender Similarities with Eleanor Chestnut
Stanford psychology PhD candidate Eleanor Chestnut is interested in whether the way we talk about the world can influence how we think about it. In this talk, Eleanor discusses the biases that underlie a deceptively simple statement about boys and girls, and talks about how language can reinforce or undermine gender equality.
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Victor Cruz Celebrates Science and Math with Boys & Girls Club
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Math Hoops Boys & Girls Club Oshkosh
Byron Little Jr's video explaining why he should be picked for math hoops national tournament
Views: 18 Hiram Moss
Girls love maths!
In our class, both girls and boys enjoy maths and are good at it! #activateandcalculate
Girls propose by math student😘😘😁
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Encouraging Math-Hating Girls and Women to Become Tech Leaders | Emily Avant | TEDxBeaconStreet
From STEM to STEAM: Encouraging Math-Hating Girls and Women to Become Tech Leaders. In spite of our best efforts to steer more girls towards STEM (i.e., Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) interests, the technology industry is still a very male-dominated field. I believe that the technology industry can address this gender imbalance by welcoming girls and women who may have strayed from the STEM path back into the world of tech. Girls and women who have strong imaginations, creative talents, and the ability to "dream big" have special gifts that can lead to the development of revolutionary technology. Let's broaden our focus from STEM to STEAM (where the "A" stands for "arts") and empower women and girls with diverse backgrounds to succeed in the tech industry. Emily Avant is a technology attorney and STEAM (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) evangelist. She focuses on drones, mobile applications, and “big data,” and led the efforts of her company, CNN, in obtaining the first license from the federal government to operate drones over people. Emily is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the technology industry and believes in creating opportunities for girls and women to succeed in the field of tech at all stages of their lives. Emily lives in Atlanta with her husband, Sewell, and two children. She is an avid kayaker and is a voracious consumer of news and politics. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Math is for Boys Stereotype Still Adds Up.mpg
For years, girls have been steadily catching up to boys in their scores on standardized math tests. Yet, according to a study by University of Washington researchers, children as young as second grade express the stereotype that math is for boys. Experts agree, even subtle messages from parents, teachers, peers and games need to change.
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