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Fruits Basket Whos that Girl
Kagura loves Kyo and Motoko Loves Yuki with all their hearts, yet Tohru has them both. Do not own fruits Basket or any of the music.
Views: 35230 xxanorexicpoptartzxx
Fruits Basket - My Girls Ex-Boyfriend
In this amv, Yuki is Tohru's ex-boyfriend (Not in the real anime, just in this amv) and Kyo is her new one and is thankful of Yuki's mistake. xD I thought this would be a funny concept. Enjoy! (more)
Views: 82069 EmberToAsh
Best Damn Thing (Fruits Basket Girls)
Tribute To The Fruits Basket Girls I Used Akito Sohma Tohru Honda Rin Sohma Kisa Sohma Mayu Kyoko Honda Machi The Guys That Apear Are Shigure Sohma Kyo Sohma Haru Sohma Hiro Sohma Hatori Sohma Katsuya Honda Yuki Sohma
Views: 2892 0x0Uchiha0Lover0x0
Fruits Basket - Barbie Girl
couples thing ^-^ Tohru & Yuki Kagura & Kyo Kisa & Hiro Kana & Hatori *for fun* Yuki & Haru Barbie Girl - Aqua
Views: 176962 tiniNjau4eva
Fruits Basket - The girl Next Door
We all know Kagura loves Kyo, but how can she compare to someone so perfect as Tohru? Yeah the end pretty much sucks, but thats like the only time you see them together alone at the same time. Do not own fruits Basket or any of the music.
Views: 124617 xxanorexicpoptartzxx
Fruits Basket -//- Mean Girls
A AMV about the girls from Fruits Basket to the song "Mean Girls" from Winx Club. My first AMV and I like it even though it isn't perfect. Please leve a message!
Views: 15055 AndrAIa
Beautiful Fruits Basket Girls!
Song: Beautiful Girls by: Sean Kingston. I find this song cute and when I saw an adorable picture of Kisa, I just HAD to use her in a video with this song!! I added 2 pics of my character Kougura (pronounced Kwagoora) So enjoy!
Views: 2055 katakagirl1
The Fruits Basket girls- Do it well
PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH Q Oke..This is my first movie from Fruits Basket. I Have working on this vid for 2 WHOLE days. So i hope you like it. I did realy my best for it. mmm...nothing to say so...ENJOY!! =D have a kawaii time! *I DON'T OWN FRUIS BASKET OR THE SONG, THIS IS PURELY FANMADE*
Views: 2163 suuzj4
Fruits Basket - "High School Girls" - English Dub
Fruits Basket - Episode 10
Views: 511 Anime Nerd
Fruits Basket: Stupid Girls XD
My first "funny" video (I prefer make sad video i don't know why XD ) about Kagura and Tohru (stupid girls) poor Kyo XD Song: Stupid Girls Artist: Pink Anime: fruits basket --- Ma premiere video "drole"(je sais pas si vous la trouverez drole)sur Kagura et Tohru de fruits basket xD
Views: 35374 Arashi94
~Fruits Basket Funny Scene High School Girl~
Views: 2747 ueruz
Fruits Basket Girl's party (Baby Please Don't Go (Al Kooper) )
the Girl's Macarena party PS:Ritsu Sohma,Souma Isuzu/Rin did not come.): im soory but due to copyright I had to change the song):
Views: 1709 kdtsevee
Fruits Basket - A Girl Worth Fighting For
Furuba to Mulan, Tohru's a Girl Worth Fighting For! Kyo is Yao Shigure is Ling Yuki is Chien Po. Enjoy all! Tom
Views: 45733 tomloveskim2
fruits basket- high skool girls
my brother recorded this off his digital camera
Views: 4985 krazykitty122
Fruits Basket Dating Game *Girls Only*
This is my first vid so I hope you enjoy! I love the song I used. My friend showed it to me and I thought it would be good for this and I hope you like it to. :D Comments are welcome! :)
Views: 1590 XdarkXsideXcookiesX
AMV - Fruits Basket - "Yuki's Girl"
NOT MINE! PLEASE REMIT ALL PRAISE TO THE CREATOR, LISTED BELOW! That being said, I love this AMV! It combines the anime Fruits Basket (a personal fave) with one of my favorite song's from the 80's by Rick Springfield! I uploaded it to show my friend Tira, another 80's music nut hahaha! Plus, I love the premise on this AMV, with Tohru between the feuding Kyo and Yuki :) Plus the fact that a lot of the lyrics couldn't ever happen in this series is another humorous element :P It made me want to see the series all over again! Creator: Mitsukai Toori Title: "Yuki's Girl" (A Mitsukai Toori Production) Studio: Rose Garden Studios Link: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?vid_id=116723 Anime: Fruits Basket Artist: Rick Springfield Song: "Jesse's Girl" :)
Views: 17638 OlorinTheGrey
Fruits Basket Little Girls AMV
This is our first amv. It was made using gifs and pictures, we hope you enjoy it. Daikenshi.
Views: 3597 DaikonProduction
Fruits Basket boys want Girls
Yuki and the guys sing a song about well basicly they want girls!
Views: 3364 deidaraslovr
Fruits Basket -//- Mean Girls 2
I remade my Mean Girls AMV. This one is much better.
Views: 7328 AndrAIa
Happy Boys and Girls of Fruits Basket
I don't own the show, the manga, any of the characters or the song. It's a purely fan made video.
Views: 647 chaotixnightspirit
The Girl is Mine
The long awaited sequal to Anythin' Yuki Can Do! Who will win Tohru's heart? Watch and find out! xD
Views: 147420 OtakuSan
Fruits Basket- Cheeky girls
Funny vid, tohru and kagura sing the cheeky girls
Views: 4330 shexchick
Fruits Basket-Girlfriend
Music-Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend AMV made by-Strigi Description: This AMV is made with Fruits Basket Anime and with the Yuki club and the president on Tohru's and Majorly Yuki's back!
Views: 71254 sasukerin
Shigure Sohma: "High school girls"
A cute little gem from Fruits Basket. Episode 10: "Make It Clear If It's Black or White", ~14:40
Views: 33554 saaritahh
Fruits Basket Opening Song [Japanese Version]
~Fruits Basket~ Opening Song [Japanese Version] Enjoy!
Views: 497580 xFrubaxLoverx
Fruits Basket Pretty Girls Make Me Nervous.
Song by Simon and Milo.
Views: 33861 xxanorexicpoptartzxx
Fruits basket-Cool
A little music thingie that I put with Fruit Basket, hope you likey
Views: 101780 DecayedForlorn
Fruits Basket - One GIrl's Love
Fruits Basket music video that deals with the less known character Motoko.
Views: 1310 wakko227
Hollaback Girl - Fruits Basket
That's right! This is my secon d video I hope you'll like it! Funny clips... leave a comment and enjoy! also watch my 1st video CRAZY FROG-FRUITS BASKET... really funny!
Views: 71573 myworld25
Fruits Basket- Wannabe
An AMV with the song "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls with Fruits Basket of course! Let me know what you think with commenting and voting! thank you for watching!
Views: 23754 shadowdragon619
Faruba Date (fruits basket dating game for girls )
i noticed that there wasnt a dating amv for fruits basket,so i decided to make one ^.~( first FB one ever) xD enjoy [dont say wich door is behined wich!!] Note: Yes I know that akito is in fact a girl. I hade made this video long before I had gotten to that part because I read when it is published not on the Pc like most of you do. DROP IT. -_- Complaining over the internet is a waste so just enjoy, would you? Anime intro: Princces tutu Intro song. Tattu Kiss (from kalido stage if I spelled that right xD)
Views: 8592 kitsune1234
Fruits Basket Lady Marmalade
Oh yeah! The girls of Fruits Basket belt it out with the song "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera featuring Lil' Kim, Mya, & Pink!!!! Let me know what you think with comments and ratings! Enjoy!
Views: 25612 shadowdragon619
Fruits Basket Pretty Girl
My newest AMV for all you to see, yay. I know i haven't uploaded a vid in a while so i decided to make one because OMG i was inspired. Not the best quality, so use this on the end of the web bar thing . Thank you for the really nice comments people have been giving and thank you to all my subscribers, for subscribing you're all so nice, lov yah all. Disclaimer:is a purely fanmade video, and the music does not belong to me and none of the credit for the audio should either. The audio is the propety of the singer(sugarcult and their company). Song/ARTIST:Pretty Girl/Sugarcult Anime:Fruits Basket
Views: 1526 DeerMaiden
Fruits Basket Quotes
This is not my movie nor did i take part in creating it.
Views: 52742 westy09
Fruits Basket Review
Karinsama's Story Page: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7457529/1/I-m-With-You Today I would like to talk to you about one of my personal favorite shows from times past. I was first introduced to Fruits Basket nearly ten years ago by a friend of mine. Now, this certainly wasn't the first anime that I ever watched, and it wasn't the last either. But this series had left a rather deep impression on me because of its characters, its comedy, its mystery, and particularly the morals it teaches. Fruits Basket Images belong to Funimation and Studio Deen.
Views: 2550 DRWolf001
Fruits Basket Dating Game
Fruits Basket Dating Game for girls! Who will you get?
Views: 1109 Jen Lent
Akito.. Who's that girl, Tohru?
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED!! ALL MATERIAL USED IN THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS! IT IS ONLY MADE FOR FAN PURPOSES! AkitoxShigure.. The reason why, Akito hates Tohru so much, she's worried that Tohru might try to take Shigure away from her.
Views: 8977 TearsOfDiamonds1
Fruits Basket-Breakaway
^^Yay! My first Fruits Basket amv^^ WARNING SPOILERS OF EPISODE 26 Sorry if i repided the same clips a few times and that nearly all is from episode 3 ^^U At the end it took me so long to get it right! Please do enjoy anyway ^^ -I don't own the anime or the music, I only do this for fun-
Views: 39362 Yiru8Chan
Fruits Basket - Fight
Scallion of DOOM! Episode 10.
Views: 29853 aspenfallen
fruits basket-thats what girls do
anime: fruits basket song:thats what girls do artist: hillary duff i think?
Views: 1926 AnimeGaurd
Fruits Basket - Just Dance
NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUTUBE COMPLEATLY SQRUWED UP THE STINKIN TIMING OF THIS THING!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!! ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................This Video Was Inspired By My Best Friend, Katarugi!!! THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME HOOKED ON BOTH THE SONG AND THE ANIME/MANGA!!!!! ^-^ I hope you like it! Enjoy! TEARFULLY SORRY FOR THE HORRIDABLE TIMEING ISSUSES THAT INSUE ALL THOUGHT THIS INSANELY HARD AMV......... (i only have windows movie maker to work with so..... please bare with me)
Views: 42495 KazFlamefire
Fruits Basket Randomness 4!!!!
Sorry it took so long but here it is! ^^ songs used: Tohru-Walking On Sunshine Yuki-World Without Fences Kyo-Welcome To My Life Haru-Headstrong Kagura-(You Drive Me) Crazy Ayame-I Feel Pretty Hatori-Where'd You Go Shigure-Girls Akito-There Are Worse Things I Could Do Momiji-I Can Make You Happy Hiro-he was supposed to sing Kisa had a Little Lamb(chosen by Tohru), but refused =( Kisa-Only Hope Arisa-Bad Reputation Hana-Supernatural Ritsu-Man, I Feel Like A Woman Kureno-At The Beginning Rin-Behind These Hazel Eyes
Views: 93177 clarinetchk
Shigure's Laugh (Fruits Basket)
From Fruits Basket Episode 1 he is laughing because Tohru is found out living in a tent or something like that.
Views: 2311 Kyo Sohma
Fruits Basket Opening English Cover [Full]
One of my favourite animes- Fruits Basket touches the heart! My first full cover of a song too! Hope you enjoy listening ;). Song~ For Fruits Basket ~ Ritsuko Okazaki Lyrics~ Funimation/DiretorHippy/animerox I was so happy when you smiled Your smile breaks through the clouds of gray Far from the sunny days that lie and sleep Waiting with patience for the spring When the flowers will soon bloom again Knowing there's more beyond the pain of today Although the scars of yesterday remain You can go on living as much as your heart believes You can't be born again although you can change Lets stay together always You came to me when I was alone All by myself again today The rain just keeps coming down and washes away All of the pain we hold inside We have to break free and come alive No more holding back our love anymore Even though times are hard and seem to go on We'll move past that point in time to find our futures Never again alone 'cause I'm finally home Lets stay together forevermore Although the scars of yesterday remain You can go on living as much as your heart believes You can't be born again although you can change Lets stay together always
Views: 89143 XxRainbowStarzxX
~Great Escape~ Fruits Basket
anime: Fruits Basket song: Great Escape sung by: Boys Like Girls other audio: from Disney's Aladdin combined audio from gregg3791 's video ~A Clarinetchk Production~ so here is the story line: Tohru was with Yuki but then Yuki said something stupid and left which he later regrets. Kyo finds out that he did that and takes on the lead of protecting Tohru but he falls in love with her and she still remembers Yuki but he eventually fades away and all she sees is Kyo. the brown parts of the video is where Tohru or Kyo are remembering things. it may be a little confusing so try to pay close attention. oh yeah this is my first storyline video i think? well where it goes pretty involved anyways. ok im going to shutup now and i hope you enjoy the video! =] Thanks so much guys!!! ~Honor(s)~ #64-Top Favorites(Today)-Film & Animation #45-Top Favorites(Today)-Film & Animation
Views: 6746 clarinetchk

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