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Magic Rush - Flower Event + 2,300 flowers given
So for this flower event I gave away 2,300 flowers to our alliance leader and choose to use the 99 flower option. Few things on Rewards for flowers 9 - 100 Shadow essence and possible blue soul component (rare) 99 - 1 free Wishing pool gem + blue soul comp and possible purple soul component (rare) 999 - Purple Soul Component and Either/both (rare) flower ship/castle. I did all mine at 99 which yielded me 23 free pool chances + 2 purple soul components. Had I done them 9 at a time I could have earned over 230,000 shadow essence (would have taken forever).
Magic Rush - Flower Event - How to send and what you get
A video on figuring out how to send people flowers, what you get from sending them. I don't know what one gets for 999 at one time but feel free to share if you do ;)
Magic Rush - Flower Alliance Event
So now they have rewards for the alliance's based on who receives the most flowers and sends the most flowers. Finally a use for all of the flowers we have received!
Magic Rush - Rewards Received for Getting Flowers
So no rewards (quests) are given for giving flowers as you get the rewards when you send the flowers, but now there are rewards all the way up to 1,000 flowers received. From gems, beast coins and soul components. So work together with your alliance mates to help everyone get their 1,000 flowers!
Magic Rush : 🔥Latest Rank 1 Arena Power🔥 & 🌻Flowers Sent & Received By Them 🌻 《7 Servers》
This video was requested by one of the sub so i am doing this for him. I hope you get what you are trying to find out. 😁 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ckmagicrushheroes FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ckyoutube/# If You Like This Video Hit LIKE and Drop Down The COMMENTS Below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE my Channels. :)
Boas pessoal, hoje fomos enviar 999 flores para ver quais os premios que se recebe será que vale a pena tanto esforço para guarda-las? venham dai descobrir! espero poder contar com o vosso apoio! :D ----------------------------------------------- Contactos: email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------- Redes sociais: Twitter: Brevemente Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Noxy-Gaming-1883604051855139/ Grupo Magic Rush: https://www.facebook.com/groups/487688438080341/ ----------------------------------------------- Musicas: Icehunt - Hover (feat. Helen Tess) Kovan & Electro Light - Skyline Rameses B - There For You RetroVision & Domastic - SICC (Radio Edit) Abstract - I'm Good (ft. RoZe) (Prod. Drumma Battalion) -----------------------------------------
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Magic Rush - 35 Soul Stone Gems to Spend
So today started the flower giving event and I picked up 35 gems for the wishing pool. 35 free spins 7 Full 2-3 Star Heroes 3 Full 1 Star Heroes
Magic Rush:Heroes/Облие желаний ролим новый фонтан
ХОЧЕШЬ ПОМОЧь КАНАЛУ ?? 1)поставь лайк 2)оставь комент 3)подпишись на канал 4)сделай репост
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Magic Rush Heroes: Vortex lvl 0-90 upgrade orange and equipments
Got vortex from last event, Needed to spend till 50k diamonds, but i hope it worth it. Music: Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
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Magic Rush - Beast Soul Components - Where to get them?
So finding these things are a pain... Its basically luck. Dragon egg event - Probably your best bang per buck. 400 gems gets you 10 eggs... good chance for them from Purple and Orange Eggs (purple component from orange eggs) Flower Event - Guaranteed a blue component from 100 flowers sent, random chance for a blue from 10 flowers sent Beast Soul Tourney - "chance" of a component based on final position in the tournament. Dragon Scale Event - buying a lotto ticket and hoping your the lucky winner if 100+ tickets are bought.
Magic Rush Heroes Ramses 11460 Diamonds ! Lucky Card
Magic Rush Heroes Ramses 11460 Diamonds ! Lucky Card ►ABO: http://goo.gl/qybpA0 ►FB: https://goo.gl/sQXOmk ►Twitter: https://goo.gl/hBykp8 __________________________________________________________________ ► Magic Rush Heroes : https://goo.gl/V2lAqE ► Island Crusade / Inselkreuzzug : https://goo.gl/O7HW __________________________________________________________________ Versammle deine Liga aus Helden und ziehe in den Krieg! Magic Rush: Heroes hat epische Kopf an Kopf Schlachten die die besten Elemente aus RPG Spielen, Tower Defense Spielen und Basisbauspielen kombinieren. Mit einer erstaunlichen Einzelspielerkampagne, Online PvP Schlachten, viele Spielmodi und täglichen Quest gibt es unzähliche Wege deine Helden zum Sieg zu führen!
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Тратим 18 000 кристаллов в охоте за сокровищами [ Magic Rush: Heroes ]
Я решил собрать все записи по одному и тому же ивенту в Magic Rush: Heroes и посчитать, что там выпадает и сколько это приносит профита в сравнении с потраченными на ивент ресурсами.
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Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Yuan Awakening Quest
Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Yuan Awakening Quest My Yuan become Stronger! Power 35482 After awakening 37109
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Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Paganini Awakening Quest
Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Paganini Awakening Quest My Paganini become Stronger! Power 31051 After awakening 32117
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Magic Rush - 10 Heroes for a VIP 0 to focus on
I was asked by Tyrone to come up with a list. It's not 100% in stone as the wishing well may be kind to you but here are my thoughts in this video
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Magic Rush - Christmas Update - New Legendary & More
Just some information on the new Legendary coming out as well as the flower system. Don't forget the free account give away either ending Thursday the 22nd of December!
Magic Rush - Diamond Wish - Free Chance Gems
So these free chance gems that you get in the game from 99 flowers given at one time, or some events are discussed a bit by people. Are the chances better, worse or the same to get a hero vs spending gems. My honest belief after having spent around 25 of them is they function just like Gem spending. The chances are the same.
Magic Rush: Heroes - Day 695 (Active Troy Lv.95 VIP4 at Merger 509)
Magic Rush: Heroes - Day 695 (Active Troy Lv.95 VIP4 at Merger 509) This is my daily routine. :) Today is the 695th day in the game. :) (2017.08.12.)
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Magic Rush: Heroes - Xersa - Magic Rush's Number 1 Account
Hey everyone, just another video. I am very ill at the moment so sorry sniffels. Taking a look at the Xersa account. For me the number 1 account on MR. The account on M818.. is actually 2nd in MR.. There's a bigger monster out there.. 00:34 Arena Team Breakdown 03:20 Sky City Domination 04:12 Hero Codex 05:18 Alliance War Buffs 06:40 Hero Brawl Ranking 09:37 Enhance Ranking 11:33 Hero Brawl Team Breakdown 16:10 Brawl Team 2 Fight with analysis 20:03 Brawl Team 1 Fight with analysis
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Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay New Free Hero INGRID First Look & Try
Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay New Free Hero INGRID First Look & Try and quick advance to lv 52 Purple. Monthly sign in hero. If you like it subscribe to my channel.
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Magic Rush - Dwizzle's 330k Freebie team! #2 people in Merger Arena!
So Dwizzle has been working hard on his Rek, Mira, Seeley, Gearz, Lufia team and has everyone but Rek Gold starred. Check out how he destroys this 5 Legendary awoken team!
Magic Rush - Christmas event for Brunhilde
Please disregard how utter terrible I am at Hero Showdown. :) Only getting 3 wins cost me 200 diamonds. But reaching 30 spins the first day was 1k diamonds, here on the second day I spent around 1.8k diamonds on 30 spins. That puts me at 59 Brunhilde SS for 2.8k diamonds. I expect her to cost roughly 5k diamonds. Pretty darn cheap for a legendary.
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Magic Rush : Is This Best Phys Burst Lineup ? | Legend Killer 😱
Use this code "CKMagicRush" to get 5% discount for all games gold, items, weapons in https://www.aoaue.com Or click on this link http://bit.ly/CKMagicRush SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ckmagicrushheroes FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ckyoutube/# If You Like This Video Hit LIKE and Drop Down The COMMENTS Below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE my Channels. :)
Magic Rush - 1st Throne Wars Merger 91
Man its a nasty one.. the chinese here are strong and this will be a long fight!
Magic Rush : Is this West Highest Damage In All Server?🔥
Use this code "CKMagicRush" to get 5% discount for all games gold, items, weapons in https://www.aoaue.com Or click on this link http://bit.ly/CKMagicRush The Contents That I Upload Here Has Been Taken From Top Picks of Different Game Servers So if Anyone Finds Offended or If Anybody Wants Me To Remove Any Videos Please Contact Me And I Will Remove it ASAP. Music Credits : NoCopyrightsounds Music In Video : Laszlo : fall To Light Hey guys you can send me your clips in this whatsapp no : +917047861875 Clip can be of anything arena fight, bugs, world map, heroes review(strongest only) but it should be interesting ;) How to record good quality videos? I would recommend using Mobizen samsung version for recording the video with internal sound or just Mobizen without internal sound. Mobizen setting here : Video setting : Resolution 720p, Quality above 6M works fine, FPS offcourse 60fps Remove watermark and enable clean recording mode ;) That's it guys after your done with recording you can send me in my whatsApp no and i will also give credits in the video. Also Check Out My Friend Channel Where He Makes Magic Rush Heroes Videos : Magic Rush Heroes Ind https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvid6b-rD-WZnGt0BDgHbQ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ckmagicrushheroes FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ckyoutube/# If You Like This Video Hit LIKE and Drop Down The COMMENTS Below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE my Channels. :)
Magic Rush - Noel - Getting from wheel & some play through
So I got Noel & Snow today and wanted to show them off a little
Magic Rush - 50k Power Difference
So the guy who always fights me on Sue took me down when he had 20k more power than my usual arena team. So I dropped myself 50k under his power and won... Just goes to show you how nasty that Vortex / Paganini / Tartarus combo really is...
Magic Rush - Beast Souls - Mix & Match
Don't have enough for a full set? That may not be as big of a problem as you think.
Magic Rush - Merger 505 update, rise of Quinox
So, we now see the impact of Quinox among our top 2 players. The Mira teams still do great, but not as consistent as before. Our top player have already added Smoke, to deal with back row heroes, will be interesting to see if he really pulls ahead after the awakening. As for my Gearz team, I'm still beating Mira half the time on offense, but rarely as defense. The rest of the top gave adjusted, I now get hit by all out damage from them, to beat Gearz before he ults. Usually by adding Smoke, Lucifer or Mira to the Vortex teams 😁
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Magic Rush - New Sleep Meta Team
So my team isn't as high as I would like it, but I have seen videos of teams that are 100k+ 120K+ above a team like this and losing. Yes teams with Vortex / Zoe / etc are getting slept to death... Counters to this team usually involves smoke and sometimes a yuan. Let me know your thoughts :)
Magic Rush - Sky City - Lilith Overview
So she puts curses, at 5 curses you die, the more people/summoned creatures on the field the more you take from her skills. So focus on a team that can heal, lifesteal and do single target damage (a little AOE isn't bad since she summons smoke & blaine). I could see a Delphos doing really well here.
Magic Rush - VIP 8 - Treasure Event Vs Soulstone Wish
Some asked should I try for lilith stones from the Treasure event vs the Soulstone wish for VIP 8. The best option for soul stones is from the soulstone wish. Sure you 'might' get lucky and get a full lilith for pretty cheap but 4,000 to 4,000 you get 7-10 more Lilith stones from the soulstone wishing pool. Now if you do not have lilith (or ariel or any other treasure event hero) and plan on spending gems for the hero regardless then trying for the full hero isn't a bad risk as getting lucky basically nets you 80 SS that you save from the Wishing Pool. If you are not VIP 8+ then obviously the treasure event is your only option for a legendary hero if VIP 1+
Magic Rush - Beast Soul Marksman Thoughts
So after lots of game play and talking with others, MOST of the heroes I would run a Hydra set on for the Crit chance, because honestly 5% chance of crit is better than 350atk power in many of our eyes. (and a -20% damage when in a negative state) Some might argue otherwise, but that is just our opinion, especially with Lucifer now.
Magic Rush - New patch, new legendary Blissa and Alliance Help feature
EDIT: It's me being stupid, you can request things you need from your alliance, they can then buy it for you, using their diamonds. In return they get some currency. So new Legendary, she seems weak, starting off in ice, not doing much. I wonder if that will work in today's fast paced arena battles. The Alliance Help feature is either bugged or stupid. Why would I buy stuff from my alliance buddies if I don't get the items I buy....
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Magic Rush Heroes 1x30 Diamond Wish
Magic Rush Heroes 1x30 Diamond Wish | Magic Rush Heroes Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moonton.magicrush
Magic Rush - Soulstone Wishing - Getting Theresa - 18,200 gems
I wanted to show people how many gems it takes on average to get a legendary from the wishing pool. I hope this helps you decide if its worth getting a legendary from here.
Magic Rush - Kingdom Wars Overview
I'll be honest this had so much potential but falls so short...
Magic Rush: Яйцо дракона
Детальный разбор события Яйцо Дракона в игре Magic Rush: Heroes. Я там немного заболтался и забыл рассказать о третьем способе получения яиц - ежедневных заданиях. Надеюсь, это не сильно большое упущение. ;)
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Magic Rush: Heroes - Lufia's Skin (Firebird) First Look & Try
Magic Rush: Heroes - Lufia's Skin (Firebird) First Look & Try My third Skin and skin video. Lufia"s skin fragments can be obtained at the Crystal Spire. After Orange +3 can be activated.
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Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Lee Awakening Quest
Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Lee Awakening Quest My Lee become Stronger! Power 33721 After awakening 34493
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Magic Rush: Heroes Gameplay Aurai Awakening Quest
My aurai is an blue angel and more hot as before! Power 17119 After awakening 18145
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Magic Rush - Magic Squares - Play through and tips
A quick video (haha 9 mins) of some play through on the Magic Square game. This game requires a lot of luck and timing. Get the wrong rolls, be in the wrong spot for a certain event and there is nothing you can do about the point difference... but in the end have fun!
How to get free war ashes - Magic rush Heroes
This is the way to get free war ashes without burn anyone. Pls like and subcribe. Thank you
Magic Rush - Treasure Event - Trying for Vortex (or any hero)
So Vortex was given away today at the treasure event. I didn't win it but just a small video on how I "try" to win him or any other hero. Just a caution - playing on blue stacks makes it much harder to click faster and get more.
Magic Rush - Talent & Talent Combo Information
A short video on the choices between choosing to upgrade one hero or focusing on multiple heroes to unlock the Talent combo's which give the "team" better stats for all.
Magic Rush - Beast Soul Mage Components
My thoughts for Mages and which Beast Soul fits them best. IN the end for me a lot is determined by if the caster is a true damage dealer or one who does more de-buffing or has skills which put negative effects on the enemy. For pure damage people I prefer the Phoenix set due to increased damage and crit chances.
Magic Rush - More Gold (1)  / Silver (2)  Stars with method
SO I know this causes a lot of controversy. I'll try to explain it as best as I can in my next video which shows some specifics. Here I got 2 silver and 1 gold star. The key is that TOP and bottom are not linked. They function on their own pattern. Once my bottom finally got in the pattern I was fine (5 failures in a row to start was crazy)
Magic Rush : Delphos Out Damage Legends 🔥😈
Deplhos Delphos Delphos !!! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ckmagicrushheroes FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ckyoutube/# If You Like This Video Hit LIKE and Drop Down The COMMENTS Below. Don't Forget To SUBSCRIBE my Channels. :)
Magic Rush - So Many In Game Events
I wanted to do a video of all the current events running in game as of today. Prayer event is always nice, make sure to save your books for these events to cut down on costs. The packages they are selling are 'ok' but not that great in comparison to just buying gems. The 50% off event isn't bad with a few good items (like stamina).