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"Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox" gambits
Here’s a rather obscure CD-ROM game from 1995 I haven’t shared here yet: “Felix the Cat’s Cartoon Toolbox,” from Big Top. Make goofy little animated shorts with the cast of the 1958-1961 “Felix the Cat” animated series. The voices are actual dialogue clips from the show (by Jack Mercer), and for some reason the game’s sound library uses a ton of familiar Hanna-Barbera sound effects (which the show didn’t use.) The first batch of cartoons are samples included with the program, and then I show a couple I whipped up. If anything about this game seems familiar, it’s because its’ engine was reused a year later for the more well-known “The Simpsons Cartoon Studio.”
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vmWare: Felix the Cat's Cartoon Toolbox - Error
Windows'95 under vmWare: (Windows'98 too) Games not works... Why?
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Felix the Cat's Cartoon Toolbox
I had fond memories with this thing, so I decided to give it another spin on a VM (as it is a 16-bit Macromedia Projector EXE and all). This has got to be the most non-sequitur cartoon I ever made with this thing.
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PLANET COASTER : Felix The Cat Ride
Felix the cat is an oldschool cartoon character that i decided to base my ride around, this is my first real attempt at sculpting with terrain in planet coaster and i have a long way to go untill i master it :) ➤➤ Subscribe For More https://goo.gl/3DZCer ➤➤ ➤➤ SOCIAL MEDIA ➤➤ ➤SteamGroup➤ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/motgamesgroup ➤Discord➤ https://discord.me/motgames ➤Patreon➤ http://patreon.com/motgames ➤Twitch➤ https://www.twitch.tv/Moturs ➤Twitter➤ https://twitter.com/Mot_Games ➤Graphic Design➤ https://twitter.com/Rikugun_Taii ➤Outro music➤ https://goo.gl/PXBP6A
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Felix the Cat: Chapter 1: The Magic Bag (Blender 3D remake)
I started this project sometime early in the school year as an independent study that would replace IB Film. Felix, his bag, and the Professor are all original models.
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Duffy Cartoon: 'Toolbox'
Duffy Cartoon: 'Toolbox'
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Felix The Cat | Felix Gets The Can (1924) animated cartoon
After failing to successfully catch any fish for lunch, Felix heads to Alaska to find some salmon to eat. Wild shenanigans ensue. Subscribe for more classic retro videos.
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Messer für Frau Müller - Cat's Felix First Fix!
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Felix Dopes It Out 🐱 Felix The Cat Classic Cartoon
Felix's friend has a big red nose, and it causes him no end of problems, the least of which being with women. Felix hears of an island tribe that has a cure for big red noses, and sails there to find it, only to run into a hungry shark and cannibals. Watch Full Playlists Here: Looney Tunes - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarMLH8MV_6gLIHg_IYu8SWFe Popeye The Sailor Man Cartoons - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarMKeP5CREBAcFNdj_P38xqi Classic Cartoons - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarOffSVFYMqwrElyT557UNjp Mel-O-Toons - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarNoGkKcWDZhk0ug7Oxl9IjY Superman Animated Films - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarMw0yR121jKXF2_8WR-W7Mp Animated Cartoon Films - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLzPAuo6oarMkfhn0F735suuMJKN2mGLO
ask felix #1
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Felix The Cat Episode 51
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Обзор Simpsons Cartoon Studio (OSGF)
► Группа - https://vk.com/arblade_official В детстве, мы все любили мультики, а уж тем более про желтую семейку - Симпсонов. А кто не мечтал создать свою серию? Возможно ли это в полной мере, или Студия Анимации /Simpsons Cartoon Studio - срубка бабла? Об этом сегодня в обзоре мы сегодня и поговорим!
Cartoon animation funny - Toolbox
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Felix the Cat - "The Invisible Professor" - 1959
The Professor gets hold of Felix's magic bag by using a device which renders himself invisible.
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Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon Carnival
Hey kids it's Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon Carnival! Where you can play games with your favourite Hanna-Barbera characters.
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Felix, Poindexter and the Professor in Las Vegas!
Watch the antics of Felix the Cat in this video designed for the Las Vegas Licensing Show!
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cat in toolbox
last vid of this week (i think) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CATS
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Here Is Felix The Cat.
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Lets play old games " Felix The Cat " 1992 Stage 1
Lets play old games " Felix The Cat " 1992 Stage 1
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Lets play old games " Felix The Cat " 1992 Stage 6
Lets play old games " Felix The Cat " 1992 Stage 6
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Felix WOW $1 DVD: Kites
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Boyographic - Felix The Cat Review
Felix the Cat is not just a classic cartoon, but a greatly under appreciated game on the Nintendo Gameboy by Hudson Soft. Is this game the cat's pajama's? Or has Felix run out of tricks? There's only one way to find out! This is the 21st episode of Boyographic, the series looking to highlight the highs and lows of the Gameboy library, playing the hits and the misses so you don't have to! All animation is used in fair use to give a cultural perspective of the character and context for this game's release. All animation is owned by the show's creators and was not created by myself. You can find more Gameboyle goodness on Twitter - @GameBoyle You can also listen to a podcast I co-host called Tom + Mat Attack on iTunes / Stitcher / tomandmatattack.com / or reach me on that Twitter @TMACast
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Random NES Game of the Week (2) Felix The Cat
"Felix the Cat" is this week's random NES game. Enjoy!
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Felix the Cat: The Movie Opening
In the immortal words of Bender from Futurama, "I'm back baby!". After five long months of no Toonager videos, I have returned! To celebrate this wonderful occasion, I have uploaded both the opening and the closing to Felix the Cat: The Movie. Here is the opening first. Felix the Cat isn't owned by me, it is owned by Don Oriolo, since the deaths of the original creators, Joe Oriolo, Otto Messmer and Pat Sullivan.
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Part 0 - Felix The Cat (NES) - Welcome to Felix The Cat, That Wonderful, Wonderful Cat!
Hello, this is Nintendoman and I will be completing Felix The Cat for the NES AND Felix The Cat for Game Boy. The NES Felix The Cat game will be done first. Have you ever wanted a Felix The Cat game? Well, you got one (or at least three or four, as a matter of fact)! Felix The Cat for the NES is just that - a wonderful game! It's SORT OF like Mario in the fact that the Felix heads are like coin blocks AND coins - because of that fact that you get power-ups from them AND 100 of the Felix heads equal an extra life! (You don't jump on enemies, though, so it's not exactly like SMB3 - though that and the magic bag DOES make Felix The Cat more different than SMB3). I will say that it's probably THE best cat game (that is, a game starring a playable cat) on the NES. Obviously, Felix The Cat for the NES is just done as well as Super Mario Bros 3 in the sound, graphics and gameplay department. Felix The Cat for the NES and Felix The Cat for the Game Boy are based on the 1958 TV/Cartoon Series called "Felix The Cat". The land-based power-ups (in order and terms of hits you can take) are: Normal Felix, Magic Felix, Rocket Car Felix and Tank Felix. The air-based power-ups (in order and terms of hits you can take) are: Umbrella Felix, Hot Air Balloon Felix and Bi-Plane Felix. The above water-based power-ups (in order and terms of hits you can take) are: Boat Felix and Dolphin-Riding Felix. The underwater-based power-ups (in order and terms of hits you can take) are: Diving Felix, Turtle-Riding Felix and Submarine Felix. The space-based power-up is: Spaceship Felix (and that is the ONLY power-up in the space level). I will talk about THAT level later on. The Game Boy version of Felix The Cat HAS all the power-ups mentioned above, but I'll talk about that when I get to the Felix The Cat (Game Boy) game.
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Since Felix Has Been Shingled
For more about this video - and song - see CARTOON RESEARCH http://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/sing-me-a-cartoon-1-felix-the-cat/
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Kyle and Lucy: Wonderworld - SAGE 2018 - Felix The Cat meets Sonic The Hedgehog
Download page: https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/kyle-lucy-wonderworld.234/ I couldn't think of a more catchy Youtube title, so excuse me if it sounds to on the nose. That said, Kyle and Lucy: Wonderworld is a Sonic inspired platformer, that has its own twists. Instead of focusing on just getting to the end of the level, you also have to collect certain orbs to progress further (and they're pretty well hidden). While this might sound like a chore on paper, it's actually pretty fun to explore in this game, thanks to clever gimmicks and very good level design. Also, while being Sonic inspired, this fan game does some things differently. For example, instead of a ring-like system, it opts for health bars instead, 4 hitpoints max. Not to mention the extra abilities these feline protagonists have such as wall clinging and wall dashing (think spindashing while climbing a wall as Knuckles for example). I went with Lucy for this showcase. Kyle plays exactly the same as Lucy, except he has an air dash instead of a double jump like her. I found Lucy to be more effective for this type of game. Anyway, please check out this game, it's truly special. You can also follow the team behind this fan game on their Twitter page (listed at the end of the video in credits)
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Lasting Impressions: Felix the Cat - Part 7
It's the final episode of Felix the Cat today and it shows in the difficulty. New video game series begins on Thursday. Thanks to echo-ofthe-rose at http://echo-ofthe-rose.deviantart.com/ for the title card! Felix the Cat for the NES was published by Hudson Soft in 1992. Felix the Cat the character was created by Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer. Game trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners. Nintendo properties are trademarks of Nintendo. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for Fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Since this video is a late critique about an older game, with commentary, an educational walkthrough, and a type of full review about how well games have held up over the years, I assume I'm not in copyright infringement.
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The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 2x03 The Punderground~Nightmare on Oak Street~Star Tras
VSP Group, my partner program. Get connected! The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 1x10 Love at First Slice~Space Case~Peg Leg Felix The Twisted Tales of ... VSP Group, my partner program. Get connected! The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 1x12 Felix's Big Splash~Gross Ghost~The Underwater Kingdom The ... VSP Group, my partner program. Get connected! The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 1x09 Felix in Nightdrop Land~Shocking Story The Twisted Tales of Felix ... VSP Group, my partner program. Get connected! The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 2x01 Surreal Estate~Phony Phelix~Five Minute Meatball The Twisted Tales ... VSP Group, my partner program. Get connected! The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 2x08 Comicalamities~Super Felix~Dueling Whis The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 2x03 The Punderground~Nightmare on Oak Street~Star Tras The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat 2x03 The Punderground~Nightmare on Oak Street~Star Tras
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The Simpsons: Cartoon Studio [PC, 1996]: Licensed Video Games #105
As a game I have quite nostalgic feelings about, it's a strange experience to go back to The Simpsons Cartoon Studio after so much time. It doesn't seem to work so great on even an XP machine, so it might take some work to get the expected gameplay, but this is a real interesting product regardless.
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Felix the Cat - "Felix Baby Sits" - 1959
The Professor is going out and has Felix taking care of his nephew Poindexter... which turns to be a hard job to do. Poindexter makes robots to take care of Felix... and for him to continue his work in the laboratory. When Felix babysits Poindexter, he gets more trouble from him and his robots. Poindexter shrinks Felix, who must battle molecule-sized monsters.
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Felix The Cat On TV
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Felix the Cat -- April Maze
Classic Felix the Cat cartoon Found at archive.org
Felix the cat (bonus bag)
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Melanie Playing With Felix The Cat ~ You will laugh
While I was out working Melanie took over my video camera for a while and had some fun with Felix. Together we agreed that the voice pitch was hilarious. We hope you think the same. Melanie and Felix the cat have bonded and get along very well. Felix follows Melanie all over the place these days. He loves her so much. Melanie take some time out for a video clip while playing with Felix. When editing the video together later that evening, we were playing around with some editing features of the software. We stumbled upon the higher pitch of her voice and we were both rolling in laughter while playing with the sound. We decided to leave the voice like that and hope you enjoy the video as much as we did. Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe & follow my daily videos. Troy http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com http://www.theoffgridproject.com Note: Copying this video, in part or in full, is a violation of copyright unless the user has express permission from the owner. Violation of this copyright will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.
APRIL MAZE   Felix the Cat 1930 cartoons
لقد أنشأت هذا الفيديو باستخدام محرر فيديو YouTube‏ (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Felix the Cat   April Maze   1930
cartoon from the old days
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