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Caucasian Gendje Prayer rug, Azerbaijan
woven with handspun yarns, dyed with pure natural dyes
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Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Carpet Rug
Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug with nice dimensions 1.20 x 1.65 and great colors Circa 1880 . Some edges (about 2% of the rug) have some old repairs.Caucasian rug, Caucasian Carpets, Antique Caucasian rugs, and Shirvan rug specialist.
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Caucasian Rugs
Rug Cleaners Wellington Rug Cleaning Wellington Rug Cleaners Weston Rug Cleaning Weston Rug Cleaners Sweetwater Rug Cleaning Sweetwater OrientalRugCare.Com... Mail : [email protected] Broward County: 954-978-5737 Miami County: 305-354-7677 Palm Beach: 561-434-0234 The material, which is basically used for making Caucasian rugs, is wool. However, you can also find rugs which are manufactured using cotton and silk. The knot used to make the Caucasian rugs is Turkish. We often hear vegetable dyes. Yes, it is true; the colors of Caucasian rugs are made by using the vegetable dyes. However, if you visit a Caucasian rug store or an online store, you will be able to find the rugs in different colors. White, madder red, cochineal, brown, indigo, black, yellow, and green are some of the colors used by the manufactures for making the rugs. The designs of the Caucasian rugs will be simple and refined the classification. The simple box shapes, the rosette, the cruciform, camels, lions, goats, lilies, tulips, houses, People, shears, waves, peacocks, scorpions are some of the designs that are used by the rug manufacturers in Caucasian..
What is a Prayer Rug.MOV
Barry O'Connell explores What is a Prayer Rug at Richard Rothstein & Co. A leading Philadelphia Area Oriental rug store.
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Antique Caucasian Rug #17831 by Rahmanan
#17831 Caucasian Size: 3' 5'' X 4' 4''
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Compact Islamic Glitter Stitch Travel Prayer Mat
Compact, foldable and lightweight - perfect as a travel prayer mat. Floral design - comes in different colours. This is an informal video presentation which is supplemental to the product images and descriptions on simplyislam.com and other sales channels. The product specifications may have changed since the upload of this video, therefore always check the text and images prior to purchase.
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RichardRothstein.com Oriental Rugs Part I
Highlights of the production of our museum-quality Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and Caucasian rugs -- including custom Oriental rugs from Richard Rothstein & Co. -- www.RichardRothstein.com Scenes include weaving, dyeing (all-natural dyes), following of the cartoon (rug plot/graph), setting up of the loom, running of warps and wefts, washing, finishing of the fringe, and interviews with the weavers. Among the rugs shown are Kazak rugs, Shirvan rugs, Kuba rugs, Karabagh rugs, prayer rugs, Serapi rugs, and Tabriz rugs. As is the case with all Richard Rothstein & Co. Oriental rugs, the rugs are entirely handmade and hand woven by our master weavers -- all of whom are adult women who learned the art of weaving from their sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. They are all highly skilled artisans who earn more than their local teacher or policeman.
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Prayer Mat for Mosque – Iranian Prayer Rug (Tile Design)
Prayer Mat for Mosque – Iranian Prayer Rug (Tile Design): (English Link): https://goo.gl/op6HZW (Persian Link): https://goo.gl/kV7u3W You Can Buy Various High Quality Mosque Carpets from Soraya Kavir Factory at best price; visit our website and contact us to get free advice: http://sorayakavir.com/ Viber - Telegram - WhatsApp : 00989133768144 You can see our other designs at the following link: (English Link): http://sorayakavir.com/mosque-carpet/ (Persian Link): https://goo.gl/cHuCvr --- Mosque Rugs for sale ; Mosque Carpet for sale ; Persian Prayer Rug ( Iranian Prayer Rug ); Prayer Carpets for sale ; Muslim Prayer Carpet ; Masjid Prayer Mats ; Prayer Carpet Roll ; Prayer Mat Roll ; Prayer Room Carpet ; Prayer Carpet for Mosque ; Prayer Carpet for Masjid ; Masjid Carpet ; Musalla Carpets ; Musalla Masjid Carpets ; Prayer Mat for Mosque ; Mosque Carpet Design ; Islamic Carpet for sale ; Prayer Mat Carpet ; Mosque Rugs ; Masjid Rugs ; Islamic Prayer Mats for sale ; Islamic Prayer Rugs for sale ; mosque carpet price ---
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Antique Caucasian Rug # 21277 by RADRNYC
#21277 Caucasian Size: 4'4" x 5'2" http://www.rahmanan.com/inventory/show/21277/
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Baloch Rug - Persian Carpet
https://www.carpetebuy.com Baloch rugs are knotted by nomads in the border region between Iran and Afghanistan. They have brown, dark red and blue shades and are decorative and personal.
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Mosque Embroidered Prayer Rug
Mosque Embroidered Prayer Rug Bernina embroidery machine Bernina nakış makinası camii aplik nakışlı seccade www.italianhome.com.tr
Mansour's Rug Gallery
Mansour's is considered one of the country's foremost authorities on fine Oriental carpets.
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Antique Zejwa Kuba Rug
A really nce Antique Zejwa Kuba Rug. I shot this at www.RichardRothstein.com
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Antique Caucasian - Kazak  Caucasus Rug #18639 by RADR
#18639 Caucasian - Kazak size: 4'10"x7'0" http://rahmanan.com/inventory/show/18639/
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Two Cord Shirvan Rug Selvage.MP4
Two Cord Selvage in a Shirvan Rug
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DIY TRAVEL PRAYER RUG – HOW TO MAKE A PRAYER MAT I figured that since prayer mats tend to be really thick and bulky, I would try and create my own DIY travel prayer rug for travel, school, and work purposes! The great thing about this prayer mat is that it can easily be stored in your purse, suitcase, backpack, etc. and it just makes the Muslim life so much easier 😀 YAY. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Go to your local fabric store and dig through the upholstery section to find the perfect material for your prayer mat. I found mine in the clearance section for only $5 and I love that it’s kind of bohemian and looks like the material used to make baja hoodies. 2. Make sure to search for a material that is sturdy, light, flexible, and doesn’t unravel. 3. You can cut the fabric to about 2.5 ft × 4 ft (0.76 m × 1.22 m), which according to Wikipedia is the standard prayer mat dimension. I made mine bigger because I want it to fit at least one more person, so just do what works best for you. 4. Fold and roll up your DIY travel prayer rug into a manageable size 5. Get a ribbon, string, band, etc. to tie up your prayer mat. I picked up a 2 inch elastic band from the fabric store for about a dollar and I like it because it is thick and can hold the rolled up mat very well. VOILA! NOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN DIY TRAVEL PRAYER RUG!!! I seriously hope this makes your life easier and that your suitcases and purses thank me. Because they should :D. I hope you loved this post! Make sure to comment, like, and subscribe on my YouTube channel. WEBSITE: http://muskajahan.com INSTAGRAM: @MUSKAJAHAN
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Antique Caucasian Shirvan Long Rug No. 6007
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Long Rug No. 6007; www.metropolitancarpet.com.
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Antique Caucasian rug
Antique Caucasian rug, Gendje with a Karachopt Kazak design. Item no 2751 on www.metropolitancarpet.com
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Blue Persian Prayer Rug
A beautiful Silk Persian Prayer rug measuring 2' x 3' 9. Find this rug at JessiesRugs.com http://jessiesrugs.com/10-rugs
Melas Prayer Rug Sotheby's Lot 9
Turkish Melas Prayer Rug. 19th century, lot 9 December Carpet sale at Sotheby's New York
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Caucasian Rug Kilim DNC5341
You can find more handmade rugs in https://www.rugsorient.com/
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Object Mine- Caucasian Rug
We all own things that we value or cherish, and inspire us in unexpected ways. The Object Mine series reveals these special ties through one-on-one interviews that document stories that otherwise might never be told. In this video, James Gelly discusses a Caucasian rug that has descended in his family with Claudia Mooney.
Batique - Go Prayer Mat Teaser
Assalamualaikum & Salam 1Malaysia ! We are pleased to introduce our new exclusive and handmade, BATIQUE ‘GO’ Prayer Mat which comes in its own matching bag. This travel prayer mat or ‘sejadah’ makes the perfect gift for this auspicious holy day. The BATIQUE ‘GO’ Prayer Mat is made using both traditional and contemporary Batik techniques. Natural materials such as cotton and quality grade canvas are used for the bag and the prayer mat. The designs and motifs are modern, with a combination of vibrant and pastel colours. We have 8 designs, each with 3 colour options. Please refer to the attached brochure for details. Only a limited number of each design is produced to ensure the exclusivity of our BATIQUE ‘GO’ Pray Mat. Each BATIQUE ‘GO’ Prayer Mat is packaged in a beautiful box and for those who purchase 2 or more sets we will also include an exclusive BATIQUE paper bag. For corporate branding, please call us for the additional cost. We are certain your clients will enjoy this practical and beautiful gift set. For more information please contact us [email protected] or call us at 03-56366721 / 013-3446721
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Antique Caucasian Rug #20138 by RADR
#20138 Caucasian size:4'0"x9'6" http://rahmanan.com/inventory/show/20138/
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Unusual Gendje Rug
Unusual Gendje Rug from Herat Oriental Rug in Alexandria Va http://www.heratorientalrugs.com/
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Yalameh Persian Rug
Yalameh Persian Rug from Herat Oriental in Alexandria Va.http://www.heratorientalrugs.com/
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Prayer rug Meaning
Video is created with the help of wikipedia, if you are looking for accurate, professional translation services and efficient localization you can use Universal Translation Services https://www.universal-translation-services.com?ap_id=ViragGNG Video shows what prayer rug means. A prayer mat. Prayer rug Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say prayer rug. Powered by MaryTTS, Wiktionary
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Antique Caucasian Runner - Accents Galleria
http://www.AccentsGalleria.com/ Caucasian rugs are primarily produced as village productions rather than city pieces. Made from materials particular to individual tribal provinces, the rugs of the Caucasus normally display bold geometric designs in primary colours. Styles typical to the Caucasus region are Daghestan, Shirvan, Gendje rugs, Kazak and Quba rugs.
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Oriental Rugs of Bath now at Bookbarn International
Oriental Rugs of Bath is now based at the Bookbarn. We sell rugs and kilims from Iran, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. We also sell furniture, boots and hand-bags made with kilim or other oriental fabrics. We provide specialised cleaning and rug restoration.
Introducing Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani carpets
Powered by http://www.eurovision.tv. Azerbaijani carpets stand out for their pattern and colour. Each knot has it own meaning and philosophy. The Azerbaijani carpet is a phenomenon emerging from contacts between man and nature. The carpet is closely connected with the way of life, customs and traditions of Azerbaijan. With their history going back to the Middle Ages, Azerbaijani carpets have been woven of wool, silk and even gold and silver threads. The Azerbaijani carpet was added to the Intangible Heritage Lists of UNESCO in November, 2010.
Most expensive rug sold at Sotheby's
First half 17th century, 6.5 x 8.9 Kerman.
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Donna's Vintage Prayer Rug | Hammond Knoll
A prayer rug from Saudi Arabia finds it's way to the United States through a series of fortunate events, family ties and childhood memories. Do you have a unique article of furniture in your home? Contact us at [email protected] to share your story! www.facebook.com/hammondknoll www.hammondknoll.com
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Caucasian Carpet DNC5392
You can find more handmade rugs in https://www.rugsorient.com/
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Antique Shirvan Runner
A wonderful Antique Shirvan Runner from Northeast Azeribaijan. I saw this at www.RhardRothstein.com Pay special attention to both the weave and the color. These dyes have a brilliance distinctive to the Caucasus.
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-`๏'-  One of a Kind Antique Caucasian Rugs
http://fashionnhome.com/home/one-of-a-kind-antique-caucasian-rugs/ Add an exquisite conversation piece to your home with these striking, one-of-a-kind area rugs. This rare collection boasts a wide range of high-end rugs hand-knotted by artisans in Northern Pakistan in the 1980s. Using 100% wool, these rugs are designed to mimic silk. With intricate geometric patterns and richly detailed floral motifs, you'd be hard pressed to find a more luxurious way to update any room. Prices / Sale Prices One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,240$489 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,280$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,340$539 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,900$1,149 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,400$949 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,500$989 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,980$1,179 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $3,000$1,189 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $3,080$1,229 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $3,850$1,529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,900$1,149 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,800$1,129 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,280$929 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,050$829 Vintage Caucasian Rug (Multi) $1,420$559 Vintage Caucasian Rug (Multi) $1,200$476 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,280$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,320$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,310$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,275$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,371$549 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,300$529 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $1,370$549 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $3,010$1,189 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,180$869 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $3,200$1,269 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,870$1,139 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,280$899 One of a Kind Tribal Caucasian Rugs (Multi) $2,380$949 Vintage Caucasian Rug (Multi) $1,251$496
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The Traditional Art Of Azerbaijan Carpet
The Azerbaijani carpet has experienced a long history. In carpet patterns the people embodied its artistic talents,philosophic outlooks, and spiritual notions about beauty. İnformation on Azerbaijani carpets can be found in various historical sources written by the ancient Greek historians Heredotus and Xenophon (5th c. B.C.), the Caucasian Albanian historian Moises Kalankatuski (7th c. B.C.), the Chinese traveller Xuan Tes-Ank, the Arabian travelers Al-Movsudi, Al-Mugaddasi, and Al-Istehri. Carpet weaving is closely connected with the daily life and customs of the communities involved, its role reflected in the meaning of the designs and their applications. Thus, girls seated on carpets tell fortunes and sing traditional songs at Novruz (the regional New Year). The carpet is widely used for home furniture and decoration, and special carpets are woven for medical treatment, for wedding ceremonies, the birth of a child, mourning rituals and prayer. As early as the Midlle Ages, Azerbaijani carpets were exported to foreign markets. In the 14th century they were exported to Europe. The carpets were represented in canvas by İtalian, Dutc and Flemish painters of the 14th-18th cc., for example, in Hans Memling's "Maria with the Child" and the Hans Holbein's "Ambassadors" (16th c.); Carlo Crivello's "Announcement" (15 th c.). In these paintings Karabakh, Ganja, and Kazakh carpets are represented. Today many museums of the world are in possession of Azerbaijani carpets. The Azerbaijani carpet is a traditional handmade textile of various sizes, with dense texture and a pile or pile-less surface, whose patterns are characteristic of Azerbaijan's many carpet-making regions. So Azerbaijani carpets are divided into 7 regional groups: Guba, Baku, Shirvan, Ganja, Kazakh, Karabakh, and Tabriz.
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Adam Kiss talks about a Romanian Kazak
Adam Kiss talks about a Romanian Rug he cleaned,
Hagop Manoyan Qashqai Rug
A wonderful Qashqai Rug from Hagop Manoyan of New York City.
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Carpets of Azerbaijan
A very nice collection
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Persian Carpet Silk Hand Knotted Kashmir Silk Rug
Persian Carpet Silk Hand Knotted Kashmir Silk Rug Materials: Silk Dyeing: vegetable dyeing Technology: Hand Knotted Size: 2’x3’ (61x91cm)-14’x20’ (427x610cm) Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Beige, Light and green. Design: Flower, Birds, Tree of life, horse, Medallion, four season, Last Supper and hunting design, Muslim and Christian prayer rugs Fit for: bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen, dining area, foyer, back door, hallway, gallery, corridor, porch, office etc. … Email: [email protected] WhatsApp/Tel: +86 156 3892 7921 www.yilongcarpet.com
Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul, Turkey ( Türk ve İslam Eserleri Müzesi ), Tourist Attractions in Istanbul Travel Vlog 4K https://www.youtube.com/TravelVlog4K Turkish and Islamic Works Museum is the first Turkish museum covering the Turkish and Islamic art works wholly. The establishment works that have been started at the end of the 19th century have been completed in 1913 and the museum has been opened for visit in the soup kitchen building located in Süleymaniye Mosque complex, which is one of the most important works of Mimar Sinan, with the name of "Evkaf - ı İslamiyet Müzesi" (Islamic Foundations Museum). After the announcement of the republic, it has taken the name "Turkish and Islamic Works Museum". The museum has been moved to İbrahim Pasha Palace from the soup kitchen building in 1983. Ibrahim Pasha Palace, which is one of the most important samples of the 16th century Ottoman civil architecture samples is on the stages of the historical hippodrome, the history of which goes back to the Roman Period. This building, the precise construction reason and date are not known, has been presented to İbrahim Pasha by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in 1520, who would be his grand vizier for 13 years. İbrahim Pasha Palace, which is claimed to be bigger and more magnificent than Topkapı Palace by the history has been the stage of many weddings, feasts and celebrations as well as rebellions and turmoil and called with the name of İbrahim Pasha after the death of this person in 1536. It has been used by other grand viziers, and had functions such as barracks, embassy palace, register office, Janissary band house, sewing workshop and prison. The palace located around four big internal courtyards has been made of stone in contrast with many Ottoman civil buildings, most of which are wooden, therefore it could reach today and has been repaired between the years 1966 - 1983 and has been born again as the new building of Turkish and Islamic Works Museum. The section, which is used as a museum today, is the big ceremony hall of the palace and the 2nd courtyard surrounding it, which have been the subject of all Ottoman miniatures of the palace and the gravures and tables of Western artists. Turkish and Islamic Works Museum has been awarded with the Special Jury Award of Museum of the Year Competition of the European Council in 1984 and with the prize given by European Council - Unesco for its studies for making the children love the culture inheritance. Turkish and Islamic Works Museum, that is among the important museums of the world in its class has works from almost all periods and all types of Islamic art with its collection exceeding forty thousand works. Carpet Section The carpet section forming the richest collection of carpet art in the world had a separate importance and caused the museum's being famous as a "Carpet Museum" for long years. The museum has the richest carpet collection of not only Turkey, but also the world. Besides rare Seljuk carpets, prayer rugs and animal figured carpets belonging to the 15th centuries and the carpets produced in Anatolia between the 15th - 17th centuries and called as "Holbein Carpet" in the West inspired by the geometrically figures or kufi writing are the most valuable parts of this section. Turkish and Islamic Works Museum carpet collection that became richer with Iranian and Caucasian carpets and famous Uşak and palace carpet samples is a reference, which the ones carrying out a serious research on the carpet art in the world must apply to. Hand Writings and Calligraphy Section Koran - ı Kerims constituting a big part of the writing collection of Turkish and Islamic Works Museum from the 7th century to the 20th century come from a large geographical region where Islam has spread over. It is one of the rare collections, where Emevi, Abbasi, Egypt and Syria Tulunoğulları, Fatımi, Eyyubi, Memluk, Moğol, Türkmen, Seljuk, Timuri, Safavi, Kaçar and Anatolian Principalities and Ottoman calligraphy creations can be observed all together. Among the hand writings, except Korans, there are books (some of them with pictures) written about various subjects and these draw attention both in terms of their writing styles and their coatings. Section of Wooden Works The most important parts of this collection are the samples of Anatolian Wood art of the 9th - 10th century. Besides the unique parts that remained from the Anatolian Seljuks and principalities, mother - of - pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell ornamented wooden works of the Ottoman Period, unique samples of inlaying art, Koran part cases, bookrests, drawers are the interesting parts of this rich collection. Address: Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Meydanı Sok. No:46, 34122 Fatih/ Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +90 212 518 18 05 Google Map Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul, Turkey : https://goo.gl/Pfr8EJ
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Carpets of Azerbaijan
A video display of Azerbaijan's exquisite craft
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Antique Middle Eastern Persian tribal style wool prayer
http://www.newel.com/PreviewImage.aspx?ItemID=4904 - Newel.com: Antique Middle Eastern Persian tribal style wool prayer rug carpet with geometric tree-of-life design and rust-red field 7 x 4' (Middle Eastern, Persian, textile/rugs, rug/carpet, wool) (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
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Nazmiyal Antique Rugs - Antique Milas Turkish Rug #8297 - Late 19th century
http://nazmiyalantiquerugs.com A multiplicity of exquisitely rendered floral and vinescroll borders in ever shifting colors makes up most of this stunning little antique Melas. The actual 'field' of the rug is the narrow panel at the center with a series of cruciform elements. Despite the precision and complexity of the patterning, the real beauty of the rug resides in the color juxtaposition of soft abrashed reds, greens, yellow, ivory, and blues. http://nazmiyalantiquerugs.com/antique-rugs/antique-milas-turkish-rug-8297-2876.cfm
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Mallams Auctioneers - Oriental Rugs & Carpets preview 23/01/13
A selection of highlights from the forthcoming Oriental Rugs & Carpets sale at Mallams Auctioneers in Oxford. Full catalogue available to view online here: http://www.catalogue-host.co.uk/mallams/oxford/2013-01-23/ Register to bid online here: http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/mallams-ltd--oxford/catalogue-id-2866954 Produced by Sam King
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Shebnem-Azerbaijan Carpets
Shebnem visited Azerbaijan Carpet Museum and she made a video about our carpets.
Views: 61 Nahida Huseynova

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