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Aspire Atlantis 2 Tank Review | IndoorSmokers
Looking at the Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Today Get It Here: http://bit.ly/Atlantis-2 Get Fruity Loops Ejuice Here: http://bit.ly/FruityLoops LIKE ME on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IndoorSmokers IndoorSmokers T-shirts: https://www.districtlines.com/indoors... FORUM: http://epicecigreviews.com/ecig-forum/ BEST WEBSITE FOR VAPE GEAR: http://bit.ly/VAPORdna MY FAVORITE ECIGARETTE: http://www.migcigs.net/115.html MY FAVORITE ECIG MOD: http://bit.ly/CoolFire4Plus MY FAVORITE EJUICE: http://bit.ly/PoconosVape MY FAVORITE STARTER TANK: http://bit.ly/Nautilus-MINI MY FAVORITE Sub Ohm Tank: http://bit.ly/UwellCrownTnk MELTING SHELF CLOCK: http://tinyurl.com/TimeWarpClock WebSites: www.IndoorSmokers.Com (Under Construction) www.EpicEcigReviews.com www.WoodysClassicMovieReviews My Other YouTube Channels: EpicEcigReviews EpicHerbReviews EpicReviewGuys
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Aspire Atlantis Versus Kanger Subtank
In this video I put the Aspire Atlantis up against the Kanger Subtank. Although quite different in a few ways, these two tanks are the top performers on the market. Here is the tutorial on how to rewick the Atlantis coils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6ZBh4X8wQo Once again, don't forget to join http://casaa.org Please like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/smmvapereviews
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Aspire Atlantis + CF SUB OHM battery
My thoughts and opinions on the Aspire Atlantis SUB-OHM tank and the new Aspire CF Sub-OHM battery I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. Now then. I'm shocked, Shocked and apauled. Shocked and appauled that back when I started vaping in 2009, we didn't have anything remotley this good. You new vapers should be thanking your lucky stars that something this good is readily available to you. And it's good... oh it's so good. Apart from the small tank. Which is a thing, but not a deal breaker. Everything about the Atlantis tank is awesome. The air is perfect for nice big lung inhales. The coil heads perform top notch and the whole thing wicks and feeds juice flawlessly. I literally can not recomend this setup enough. Even just the tank alone is amazeballs. The CF SUB OHM battery is also shockingly nice I've been rocking it with a 0.25ohm TOBH atomizer and it hits like a freshly charged Mech Mod every single time until the battery is dead. 2200mah battery lasts a good long time as well. Even under sub ohm conditions. Feel free to check out everything I talked about below http://www.thedripclub.com/store/p/485-PRE-ORDER-Aspire-Atlantis-Tank-5x-Atomizer-Coils-PACKAGE-0-7-ohm.aspx http://www.aspirecig.com/products/Atlantis/atlantis183.html http://www.aspirecig.com/products/MOD/mod185.html
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Aspire ATLANTİS & KangerTech SUBTANK
İnceleme ve Buhar&Aroma performans karşılaştırması. Aspire,Atlantis
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First Look at the Aspire Atlantis Tank! | IndoorSmokers
Taking a First Look At The Aspire Atlantis Tank With the New Sub Ohm Coil Get It HERE: bit.ly/Atlantis- LIKE ME on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/IndoorSmokers IndoorSmokers T-shirts: https://www.districtlines.com/indoorsmokers FORUM: http://epicecigreviews.com/ecig-forum/ MY FAVORITE ECIGARETTE: http://www.migcigs.net/109.html MY FAVORITE ECIG MOD: http://bit.ly/sigelei30w- MY FAVORITE EJUICE: http://bit.ly/-space-jam MY FAVORITE TANK: http://bit.ly/Nautilus-MINI THE VAPE STATION: http://tinyurl.com/VapeStation DALI SHELF CLOCK: http://tinyurl.com/TimeWarpClock STORY of PHILOSOPHY: http://tinyurl.com/StoryofPhilosophy WebSites: www.IndoorSmokers.Com (Under Construction) www.EpicEcigReviews.com www.WoodysClassicMovieReviews My Other YouTube Channels: EpicEcigReviews EpicHerbReviews EpicReviewGuys
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hi all, please come visit my E-Cig reviews website at:- http://www.E-Cig-Reviews.com follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/igetcha69 join the forum - http://www.E-Cig-Reviews.com/forum/index.php check out the blog - http://www.igetcha69.com
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“Blowing Clouds” - Atlantis Sub Ohm Kit Review
Sub OHM vaping… what is it? what’s the point? lets find out, with this Atlantis Sub Ohm Kit Review. Thanks to VanVape a new Aussie Vape store, who threw it at me to check out. http://www.vanvape.com.au/collections/starter-kits/products/atlantis-sub-ohm-kit “This kit comes with everything you need to start blowing big, luscious, thick, dense clouds of vapour. Contents Include; 1 x Aspire Sub Ohm Battery 1 x eGo Charger Cable 1 x AU Plug 1 x Aspire Atlantis 1 x Spare Pyrex Glass Tube 2 x Replaceable 0.5 ohm coilhead (1 installed, 1 spare) 2 x 30ml Premium VanVape eJuice” Missed part 1? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psEzKnUb_SU Music; “Ethereal Transitions” by http://teknoaxe.com/Home.php
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Anyvape SegaTank: Who tell you Atlantis & Subtank can not be top filled?
A video of Anyvape SegaTank simple presentation. Anyvape SegaTank is absolutely not a copycat of Subtank or Subtank Mini. It is a TOP FILLING DESIGNED 2 in 1 AirFlow Tank! Find more information on www.anyvape.com, thanks!
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Aspire Atlantis   - Verdampfer mit Sub Ohm Coils
Hier mein Video über den neuen Sub Ohm Verdampfer von Aspire den Atlantis.► *Bezugsquelle https://goo.gl/X2hxh5 ► *bester Seitenschneider?! http://amzn.to/2mGOIlM ✘ Die Superschere zum Watteschneiden: ► *W6 Knopflochschere http://amzn.to/2hG2Op0 ✘ Mein Draht: ► *0.50er Wabendraht http://amzn.to/2ezrOfS ► *0.40er Wabendraht http://amzn.to/2eQROjP ✘ Zubehör ► *4 Schacht XTAR VP4 http://amzn.to/2iSkUE3 ► *6 Schacht Efest Blue 6 http://amzn.to/2vViC8e ► *Gute Akkus http://amzn.to/2vZZEgE ► *Einsteiger Wickelset http://amzn.to/2vVBHap ► *Glasfaserstift zum reinigen von Kontakte http://amzn.to/2nm5ytR ► *Cotton Bacon V2 http://amzn.to/2vVp0MZ ► *Puff Watte http://amzn.to/2ezoAJq ✘ EQUIPMENT ► *Webcam http://amzn.to/2iQAj7P ► *Mikrofon http://amzn.to/2eRaCPQ ► *Beleuchtung http://amzn.to/2eRv5Ep ✘ Folgt mir: ► Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dampf.wolke.9 ► Twitter https://twitter.com/dampfwolke7 ► Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dampfwolke ► LetsTalkAboutTaste FB Gruppe https://www.facebook.com/groups/LetsTalkAboutTaste/ Direkte Anfragen bitte an [email protected] Dieses Video ist ein von mir erstellter redaktioneller Beitrag in audiovisueller Form und gibt ausschließlich meine unabhängige und persönliche Meinung zu den vorgestellten Produkten wieder. Die vorgestellten und getesteten Produkte wurden von mir nachweislich gekauft oder sind eine Leihgabe von Freunden. Das Video hat keinen kommerziellen Zweck und dient nicht der Verkaufsförderung der gezeigten Produkte. Die mit * gekennzeichneten Links sind sogenannte Affiliate-Links, die mit dem Partnerprogramm des jeweiligen Anbieters verknüpft sind. Kommt über einen solchen Link ein Einkauf zustande, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für Dich entstehen dabei keine Mehrkosten. Wo, wann und wie Du ein Produkt kaufst, bleibt natürlich Dir überlassen.
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Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Kit - MyFreedomSmokes
Get the Aspire Atlantis Here: https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/aspire-atlantis-bvc-sub-ohm-tank.html Get the Aspire Sub Ohm CF Battery here: https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/aspire-cf-sub-ohm-battery.html Products shown here are available for sale at MyFreedomSmokes.com. Click the link below to go to browse our site. Homepage: http://www.myfreedomsmokes.com
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Aspire Atlantis - Unboxing & How To Fill - Features Tutorial (Sub Ohm)
The Atlantis is a new semi rebuildable atomizer from Aspire, in this video we show you an unboxing, how to fill it up, what it's like when vaping and give it a good testing. We also take the entire unit apart and show you how to put it back together. For more information see below: Buy the Aspire Atlantis: http://goo.gl/Ya5w7h Buy the Aspire Sub Ohm Battery: http://goo.gl/D3LRQR Buy the Aspire Atlantis Kit: http://goo.gl/b7SlKq Use coupon: 'ATLANTISTV' for 10% off the Aspire Atlantis
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Aspire Atlantis Sub ohm Coil Rebuild by Zbourne
Rebuilding the Aspire Atlantis Sub ohm Coil The review of this product/s are my thoughts and opinions are mine alone. Also have a look at my Gaming Channel here:- https://www.youtube.com/user/ZbourneGames Canadian Vape Meets https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanadianVapeMeets/ Products bought at or received from: Vapor Jedi http://www.vaporjedi.com/store/ Premium EJuice Samples http://www.premiumejuicesamples.com CanVape https://www.canvape.com/default.asp DashVapes http://www.dashvapes.com/ref/1165 Electronic-Cigz follow the link below with a 5% discount with the Code Zbourne :- http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?yhst-82650723699043+JkmQdW+index.html+zbourne E-Juice Boxes: Zamplebox http://join.zamplebox.com/72jjn Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/zbourne My play lists here: Z-Vaping Reviews http://full.sc/UkwvdW VFX Videos http://full.sc/1j9kcGH Apply to Fullscreen here: http://apply.fullscreen.net/?ref=zbourne RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Get Z-apparel here http://491933.spreadshirt.com Can be reach at Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/zbourne.page Twitter:- https://twitter.com/Zbourne Blog:- http://zpourne.blogspot.ca/ Google+:- http://tinyurl.com/kc27e7a If your a vender and you would like to send something for a review email me here [email protected] and i will send you my address and I would like some basic info on the product that you are sending. Thanks Zbourne
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Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank Review
http://www.veteran-vapor.com Prefer updates on Facebook? Head on over to our page and toss us a like! Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank - http://www.veteran-vapor.com/aspire-atlantis-p/aspire-atlantis.htm Fog Minion Premium e-Liquid - http://www.veteran-vapor.com/category-s/1864.htm Steampunk Mod - http://www.veteran-vapor.com/Steampunk-mod-clone-p/steampunk-mod-clone.htm Like and subscribe!!
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Aspire Atlantis Review & Preview Of Kanger Sub Ohm Tank
UPDATE: Sun Vapers has them in stock for $39.99 now. Link is below! They are also sending me the Kanger Sub Tank right now (12/4/2014) to review. Should have it up on the site by Monday. They aren't available till mid December, but I'll have it here before that. The Aspire Atlantis is a clearomizer style tank system that claims to give the performance of a dripping atomizer. Today we unbox it, break it down, fill it up, and vape it, to find out if it really does live up to the hype! This is not a beginner tank. You'll need more advanced gear to use it, and we'll explore that a bit. There's also a quick preview of the Kanger Sub Ohm tank, which looks like it just might be even better than the Atlantis. We'll have to wait and see on that one. Links: http://www.sun-vapers.com/buy/aspire-atlantis-glassomizer/ http://www.facebook.com/vaportrailchannel http://www.spinfuel.com Intstagram - VaporTrailChannel Twitter - VaporTrailCh
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Best Tank Ever? Atlantis Evo Extended Kit Review
Could this be the best tank ever? Taking a look at the Aspire Atlantis Evo Extended Kit! Buy it here for $19.95: https://www.elementvape.com/aspire-atlantis-evo-sub-ohm-tank This tank was provided for review by www.elementvape.com Rungood Vapes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RungoodVapes Rungood Vapes Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rungoodvapes/ Purchase Rungood Vapes Trilogy E-Liquid: http://www.savagevg.com/ Fight the fight and join Casaa: http://www.casaa.org To request a review please email: [email protected]
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Atlantis VS Subtank
petite comparaison entre deux atos qui se font la guèrre . le Subtank l'emporte . Bonne vape les amis Manu
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Atlantis Vs. Subtank Review VaporBeast.com
Website: www.vaporbeast.com A VaporBeast.com Production Starring: Teddy Bess (Senior Smoke Free Technology Consultant) Directed and Edited by: Nico Breidenthal Music by: Eric Plascencia Description: The Aspire Atlantis goes head to head with the Kanger Subtank, as Teddy B. Product Specialist for VaporBeast.com lets us in on the key features and differences of each. The choice is yours! ASPIRE ATLANTIS: http://www.vaporbeast.com/aspire-atlantis-tank-clear.html Aspire has really taken vaping to the next level with this one. The new Atlantis Tank is a next generation tank system, bringing improved adjustable airflow and Sub Ohm coils, providing performance similar to even the best rebuildable atomizer. By enhancing Aspire's Bottom Vertical Coil design Vapers will experience better taste and massive vapor production. KANGER SUBTANK: http://www.vaporbeast.com/kanger-clearomizer-subtank.html The latest tank from Kanger is here! The Subtank. This is the luxury car of tanks now available in the market. The Subtank accepts the new OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) coils with the option of using an RBA to rebuild your own coils. This beauty allows for best taste, and produces great clouds. KEEP IT BEAST!
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Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Clearomizer
'Review in Mind's' review of the Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer tank. About this item: The Aspire Atlantis is a new sub ohm coil design with adjustable airflow. The Atlantis Aspire Tank has coils from 0.5 - 0.7 ohms so you can run high VG eliquid through your coil tank system. The Aspire Atlantis tank system runs like an RTA with a sub ohm coil and great airflow with an adjustable airflow ring at the bottom of the tank. The Aspire Atlantis sub ohm coil tank comes with a glass tank, drip tip, and a nice package. The Aspire Atlantis tank is a standard 510 atomizer connection, and provides excellent connection and superior durability. The Aspire Atlantis can now run from 20-30 watts and comes with a 2ml eliquid fill capacity. Please note the Aspire Atlantis Coils will not fit the existing Nautilus tanks. If you have been looking for great vapor production on a tank system, the Aspire Atlantis atty is the best on the market and will change the way you vape on a coil tank system. If you are ready to get the newest BVC coil tank that performs like a sub ohm tank, then you need to add one of these to your collection! Features and Specs: 510 Threaded Capacity: 2ml Glass Tank Base hardware: stainless steel Patented Aspire BVC Technology Available resistance: 0.5ohm (Sub-Ohm 20-30W) Air hole size: 2mm, 2.8mm, ellipse 6*2.6mm, ellipse 9*2.6mm Upgraded adjustable airflow system, mimics RDA airflow Uses the new Atlantis BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomizer Replaceable glass tank Unique anti-leakage design 510 Drip tip compatible Great taste Dimensions: 2-1/8"L x 7/8"D (without drip tip) Filled from the bottom: Unscrew the base and fill tank to the while avoiding the metal airflow tube in the center. Warning: This tank uses a sub-ohm resistance atomizer. It will only work on a mechanical mod or a mod capable of 30 watt or higher. You must be sure that your mod AND batteries can handle SUB OHM coils. If you're using an electronic mod, make sure it can handle the amps. For mechanical mod users, please use 30 Amp batteries or higher. Use the OHMS LAW CALCULATOR, CHECK YOUR AMPS, and be safe! Check out VAPE-EZ at either their website or one of their two B&M shops And don't forget to follow VAPE-EZ on Facebook. http://vape-ez.biz/ 1810 Washington Blvd Belpre, OH. 206 Putnam St Marietta, OH. https://www.facebook.com/VapeEZ.biz https://www.facebook.com/MttaVapeEZ Check out STEAM FLUX at their Website and be sure to follow them on Facebook. http://www.steamflux.com/ https://www.facebook.com/steamflux Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more great vaping product review videos. Also LIKE my Facebook page. Thanks for watching 'Review In Mind with Joshua Price'. Reviews in mind...with YOU in mind! Have a great day and keep on vaping!! Facebook Fan Page: https://m.facebook.com/reviewinmind YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/reviewnmind Email: [email protected] For business correspondence- Please note: Any unsolicited samples or products may or may not be reviewed and will not be returned. Thank you in advance.
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UPDATE: 12/12/14 ( You are su-ohming) with tank!! Do NOT try to use this atomizer tank on any EGo style pen batteries, do not use it on MVP 2.0, or Hybrid connection Mech mods! your box mods..ie dna 30, sigeli 100 watt etc are good.or use the Aspire sub ohm battery shown with this tank. Only use a 18650 battery, preferable high drain 35 amp batteries. THINK and be SAFE! In this vaping video, we review the Aspire Atlantis, Sub ohm tank. This device has massive vapor production and great flavor!! This tank was obtained from : Cloud 9 Vapor Lounge 501 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862 Owner; Jeff Lewis (865) 365-4150 The Sub ohm battery was obtained: Rocky Top Vapor 3117 Bristol Hwy, Johnson City, TN 37601 (423) 631-0727 & their other store locations in Kingsport , Elizabethton TN Thanks for watching, be sure to tune back in for the big Hoilday giveaway!
Aspire Atlantis VS Kanger Subtank
Turtle from Carolina Vapor Mill breaks down the pluses and minuses of the Aspire Atlantis and the Kanger Subtank. Visit us online at www.carolinavapormill.com Purchase flavors like "Hair of The Dog" at www.boilerecigs.com
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Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank Review sold by MidSouthTrading
This sub coil tank works fantastic just like a rebuild able drippier but in a tank instead for those who do not want to rebuild or when you can not drip. These coil heads are also rebuild able.if you have the time. Pricing should go down in time. This is the Best Tank atomizer yet so far I have used. You can pick one up at http://www.midsouthtrading.com/
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Kanger SubTank Review - Atlantis Killer?
Unboxing/Reviewing/Comparing Kanger SubTank to Aspire Atlantis
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Subtank Mini или Atlantis 2. Обзор - сравнение.
Муки выбора собомного клиромайзера.
Atlantis Sub Tank Raffle winner
Aspire Atlantis Kangertech SubTank
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How to prime and break in sub-ohm coils! (Arctic, Starre, Atlantis, Subtank)
In this video we discuss a good method for breaking in coils for the various sub-ohm tanks on the market today. I use the Arctic Subtank for this demonstration, but you can apply my methods to any sub-ohm clearomizer coils! This video is dedicated to Tyler Boyd. Thanks for the suggestion sir, I wanted an excuse to buy one of these anyways! Battleground Vapors: http://battlegroundvapors.com/ https://www.facebook.com/battleground... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­­­­­­­­­­­­~~~~~~~~ A very important organization, the Tennessee Smoke Free Association is fighting the anti-vaping legislation here on the state level in Tennessee. If you live here or not, this is something you should get behind. Tell your shop owners to join up. If we can beat the legislation in Tennessee, other states can use the TSFA's model to win their battles! http://tnsmokefree.org/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­­­­~~~~~~~~ The Reviewers Queue Wednesdays at 9 pm EST. Watch live at: http://theohmpage.com/live/ Subscribe to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecj... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­­­­­­­­­­­­~~~~~~~~ www.SoutheasternVapeExpo.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~­­­­­­­­­­­­~~~~~~~~ Check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rockstarvapes Tweet us: @rockstarvapes Follow us on Instagram: @rockstarvapes @allivape @gingervape For any questions, comments, or requests to review a product, please email us at [email protected] Please help the community out by becoming a member of CASAA.org!!!
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Aspire Atlantis MEGA [Sub Ohm Tank Review]| UK ECIG STORE
+ Subscribe it's free: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToUkEcigStore Aspire's Atlantis Mega is the new, upgraded Atlantis. This innovative tank system brings improved adjustable airflow, a large 5ml capacity, an optimal cooling system design on drip tip and Sub Ohm coils that provide unmatched performance. Contents 1 x Atlantis Mega Tank Features 30mm Width Stainless Steel Drip Tip New Colling system design to adjust the temperature High-quality pyrex tube Sub-ohm coil capable Improved adjustable airflow 5ml Capacity Compatibility 510 compatible Products Shown: http://bit.ly/AspireAtlantisMega http://bit.ly/AspireCFMAXX http://bit.ly/NJoyArtistHedonsBite ---- UK ECIG STORE is the UK's number 1 electronic cigarette retailer. We are an established London based business. We pride ourselves on sourcing, designing and combining the best quality products on the market; backed up by excellent customer service and professionalism. We source the finest e-liquid flavours from around the world as well as producing our own range of high quality flavours. We deliver all around the world, and respected technology website Gizmodo voted our kit the best on the market. We have a retail store that you can visit and test over 200 unique e-liquid flavours before you buy. ----- + Website: http://www.ukecigstore.com + Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/ukecigstore + Like on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ukecigstore + Instagram - http://instagram.com/ukecigstore + Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+Ukecigstore/posts
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Maganus vs Subtank Mini vs Atlantis
This is a Vape-off between a couple heavyweights and a newcomer into the ring. Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank Mini vs Vapeston Maganus. A Little info about the Maganus: this is a 150w capable tank, 0.2 ohm dual parallel vertical coil, 4.8ml fill and can chuck clouds like a dripper. Please like and Subscribe if you want to see more from us in the Future!
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Kanger Subtank vs Aspire Atlantis - A Comparison & Subtank Winner Announced
Update: If you're wondering how the standard dual coils (Aerotank style) from Kanger work in the Subtank, I demo that here! After spending some quality time with both tanks, I give my thoughts on both and how they stack up, as well as address some of the questions from comments from their respective videos. If you're looking for the answer to "which one should I get", that's not such an easy answer. At least for me. In my opinion, the Kanger Subtank is the better overall tank, but the Atlantis is still a quality tank, and the best that Aspire has released to date. If you can swing getting both, that would be optimum! If you're interested in rebuilding the Atlantis coils, my friend has a good video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdmh3sdLFFM As always, these are only my opinions based on my experience with the products in the videos. Everything is subjective, and I'm simply giving you information and a close-up look. Thank you for watching and for supporting The Vapor Trail Channel! Links: http://www.sun-vapers.com http://www.facebook.com/VaporTrailChannel http://www.spinfuel.com http://www.daily-vapor.com http://www.ezpzvape.com Twitter: VaporTrailCh Instagram: vaportrailchannel
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Joyetech Delta 2 Review - Atlantis/SubTank Killer!
http://www.joyetech.com/ http://www.eciggity.com/delta-ii-by-joyetech/ Looks like the subtank and atlantis had a baby and injected it with STEROIDS! This thing is beautiful. Full on flavor, dense clouds, 35 bucks! NO BRAINER get em while there hot boys an girls! Contact me at [email protected]
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Comparing Vapor : Atlantis 2 vs Arctic vs Subtank Mini | Hacking Vapor
A vapor comparison between the Atlantis 2, Arctic, and Subtank Mini. Subox mini coils: http://amzn.to/1OzrpDG Atlantis V2: http://amzn.to/1DOm3kr Subtank Mini: http://amzn.to/1L9OFqS Arctic: http://amzn.to/1JWvPly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hackingvapor Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hackingvapor instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hackingvapor
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Sub Ohm Tank Shootout - Arctic vs. SubTank Nano vs. Atlantis vs. Delta II vs. Herakles
In this video @joey_kayo compares 5 sub ohm tanks: The Arctic by Horizon The SubTank Nano by Kanger The Atlantis by Aspire The Delta II by Joyetech The Herakles by Sense 1st Place - ***Top Pick*** HERAKLES - 94% The best overall tank for someone looking for a balance of ease of use, flavor, convenience and vapor production. These coils work well at 30 watts as well as at 100 watts! Works with thin and thick juice. This is our top pick. 2nd Place ARCTIC - 88% Best suited for someone who loves high wattage vaping, thick VG juice, tons of airflow and lots of vapor at the sacrifice of flavor at lower wattages. 3rd Place DELTA II - 87% Someone who is rough with their devices and is looking for solid build quality over all other functions and at the sacrifice of ease of use. 4th Place SUBTANK NANO - 86% Best suited for someone who wants a smaller profile tank, that’s easy to use, and is not looking to vape over 30 watts. 5th Place ATLANTIS - 80% Best suited for someone who wants a no-nonsense tank with a decent balance of vapor and flavor production and ease of use. In order to maximize this tank, you may want to get the 5ml extended tank and organic cotton coils. Download the full PDF comparison chart: http://bit.ly/subohmshootout Filmed at @caughtthevapors in Burbank: www.caughtthevapors.com Thank you to @studiocityvapor for donating the Arctic: www.studiovapor.com Thank you to @vapeverdeburbank for donating the SubTank Nano: www.facebook.com/vapeverde Music - “Wonder Cycle” by Chris Zabriskie
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Kanger Subtank Mini- Atlantis Killed..
Behold the killer of the Aspire atlantis/kayfun/any other tanks in the market. Very surprised with Kanger. Such a great atomizer with a very decent price. If you're looking for a new tank, look no future, this is the best. Get it at: https://www.facebook.com/vapeempiremalaysia go to my page: https://www.facebook.com/MalaysianVapeAddict
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Cloupor mini 30watts review with Subtank and Atlantis
Thx for watching, feel free to drop a line in the comments :)
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Kanger Subtank Mini Review: The Aspire Atlantis Killer
In this review I talk about the all new Kangertech subtank mini.The Kanger Subtank Mini is hands down the best tank I have used thus far. Way better than the Aspire Atlantis. This is my first video guys so please use constructive criticism, Trolls will be blocked. Forgive the chapped lips Pros: Small design Holds lots of juice Nice airflow Rebuildable Cons: Airflow is really hard to move Eats the juice Where to buy http://www.vapordna.com/Kanger-Sub-Tank-Mini-p/tk0199.htm&Click=56659 if you use this link right here you can get a 10$ off coupon : http://vapordna.refr.cc/VQ55ZJ8 and you can get the Subtank Mini for 26.99!! For questions or requests please email: [email protected] My Favorite Subtank: http://www.vapordna.com/Innokin-iSub-Apex-Sub-Ohm-Tank-p/inapex.htm?Click=56659 My Favorite RDA for Flavor: http://www.vapordna.com/Aeolus-V2-Pro-RDA-by-Syntheticloud-p/aev2pr.htm?Click=56659 My Favorite RDA for Clouds: http://www.vapordna.com/Project-Sub-Ohm-Designed-Mutation-X-V4-RDA-p/psmxv4.htm?Click=56659 My Favorite Starter Kit for Newbies: http://www.vapordna.com/iTaste-MVP-3-0-Pro-Starter-Kit-p/ink003.htmClick=56659 My Favorite Portable Low Wattage Mod: https://www.vapordna.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=CFIT00&Click=56659 My Favorite TC MOD: http://www.vapordna.com/Sigelei-150W-TC-Temperature-Control-Mod-p/sig150.htm?Click=56659 My Favorite Starter Kit For Rebuilding: http://www.vapordna.com/Coil-Master-DIY-Full-Kit-V2-p/comav2.htm?Click=56659 My Favorite Cotton: http://www.vapordna.com/Cotton-Bacon-by-Wick-N-Vape-p/cb0001.htm My Favorite Batteries: http://www.vapordna.com/LG-18650HE4-35A-2500mAh-Battery-p/lg0002.htm?Click=56659 Dont Forget to Subscribe! [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/theMetalGearVaper https://twitter.com/MetalGearVaper https://instagram.com/metalgearvaper Join CASAA http://casaa.org/
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Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank
The new groundbreaking Sub-Ohm Atlantis tank from Aspire is a pure game changer. See the basic features of this new tank in this video. Learn more details at: http://www.vaporkings.com/Aspire-Atlantis-Sub-Ohm-Tank-Kit-p/atlantis-kit.htm
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RIP Subtank & Atlantis! The Joyetech Delta 2!
Today I show you the best tank I've used to date! The delta 2 by joyetech!
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Kangertech Sub Ohm Tank vs. Atlantis tank
This is a review on the new rebuildable Kangertech Sub Tank vs. The Atlantis tank and how much better this tank is.
Aspire Atlantis Sub Tank Lovely taste but prob With VG
Had some issue using just vg but I think that is down to the coil got it from http://www.simplyeliquid.co.uk/
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Subtank and Atlantis both leak
Comparison of Kanger Subtank and Aspire Atlantis
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Eleaf Istick 30 watt Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank
Part three of the Eleaf Istick 30 watt sub ohm battery with the Aspire Atlantis sub ohm tank cloud chasing review check it out. Vaping menthol 100% VG.Ordered from e-liq.com 4oz bottle only $6 wow
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Aspire Sub Ohm Package | Aspire Atlantis Tank x Sub Ohm Mod | Grand Vapor Station Vape  E cig Review
Grand Vapor Station has packaged together the Aspire Atlantis Tank and matching Aspire Sub Ohm Mod together to create the Aspire Sub Ohm Package. GVS has also included an authentic Aspire usb charger, all for a discounted price. See more details: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/gv-package/aspire-atlantis-sub-ohm-package-1/aspire-sub-ohm-package.html The Aspire Atlantis Tank is a device that makes it easy to get sub ohm clouds and flavor. If you are new to sub ohm vaping or building coils, the Aspire tank makes it easy. Instead of having to rebuild an atomizer, you just need to replace a coil just like your favorite tank such as a protank. See more details on the Atlantis Tank and Sub Ohm Mod: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/rebuildables/aspire-atlantis-sub-ohm-tank.html The Aspire Sub Ohm mod is the perfect complement to the Aspire Atlantis tank which is why we packaged them together to create the Aspire Sub Ohm Package. The Aspire Sub Ohm Package is the perfect vape mod starter kit for sub ohm vaping if you are moving from VV to mechanical or mech mods. You can find more details on the Aspire Sub Ohm Package and to learn more about electronic cigarette and vaping here: http://www.grandvaporstation.com/gv-packages/starter-kit/aspire-sub-ohm-package.html Shop Premium Grand Vapor Station http://www.grandvaporstation.com #grandvaporstation #premiumgoods
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Eleaf Istick 30 watt Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank
Part two of the Eleaf Istick 30 watt sub ohm battery with the Aspire Atlantis sub ohm tank cloud chasing review check it out. Vaping menthol gummy bear 100% VG base. e-liq.com 4oz ejuice $6.00 :-)
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THE BATTERY CAN DO 20-30 WATT{NOT 40WATT}MY MISTAKE Thank U ladies & gentlemen for checking out my vid U have any questions or need support Im here to help im 5 yrs cig FREE it will be my honor!!!! ~follow me at~ instagram: https://instagram.com/matt_vapez/ twitter: https://twitter.com/msturgeon75
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Aspire Atlantis V2 -  Unboxing & How To Fill - Features Tutorial (Sub Ohm)
The Atlantis 2 is a new semi rebuildable atomizer from Aspire, in this video we show you an unboxing, how to fill it up, what it's like when vaping and give it a good testing. We also take the entire unit apart and show you how to put it back together. For more information see below: Buy the Aspire Atlantis 2: http://goo.gl/OuUrQ2 Buy the Innokin MVP 3: http://goo.gl/jcgbhn Buy the Aspire Atlantis 2 Kit: http://goo.gl/85jvar Use coupon: 'ATLANTISTV' for 10% off the Aspire Atlantis
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The new Aspire Atlantis 2 sub ohm tank review.
I take a look at the new Aspire Atlantis 2 and go over some of the features. There are some improvements to the performance of the tank and the sub ohm coils.
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Aspire Atlantis Review & Teardown of Sub-Ohm BVC Coils
A review of the Aspire Atlantis along with a complete tear-down of the new Sub-Ohm BVC coils. Interested in me reviewing your Mod, Atomizer or Ejuice? Contact me at [email protected] Subscribe to my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mafmmx Check me out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VapnFagan Check me out on Twitter https://twitter.com/mafmmx Check me out on Instagram http://instagram.com/vapnfagan
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Joyetech Delta 2 Review - R.I.P. Atlantis and Sub Tank - VapingwithTwisted420
Intro Track = Slander - New Monarchy In Stock at Eciggity! Go fuckin figure! lol http://www.eciggity.com/delta-ii-by-joyetech/ Delta 2 link........... http://www.joyetech.com/product/details.php?gno=229 Thanks for watching once again! And please.....PLEASE remember to stay sexy! Also come like my Facebook page if you like....if not that's fine too :) https://www.facebook.com/VapingwithTwisted420?ref=hl
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Maganus DVC By Vapeston 150W! (Goblin/Subtank/Atlantis Killer!)
Here it is folks! The Authentic Maganus by Vapeston! A Tank Atomizer with disposable pre-wrapped Dual Vertical Coils capable of an INSANE 150w!!! Best flavors and clouds out of any of the Tank Atomizers, RTA's, Subtank or any RDA I own to date!! Including my UD Goblin!! I take you through the entire device, break it all down, show how to fill it, and give my personal thoughts on the Maganus by Vapeston! I love this device! Be sure to check it out! As with all the videos here @ Vaporology we strive for "short, sweet and to the point" Thanks for watching. Make it cloudy my friends!! Keep Calm; Vape On!
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Verdampfer & Akkuträger Review: Aspire Atlantis, CF Sub Ohm & CF Mod
Im heutigen Video möchte ich euch den Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Verdampfer, den Aspire CF Sub Ohm und CF Mod Akkuträger vorstellen. Zu dem Verdampfer gab es sehr kontroverse Diskussionen, zu denen ich auch meine Meinung sagen möchte. Natürlich stell ich aber auch den Verdampfer und die Akkuträger im Details vor und werde im Video verschiedene Messungen durchführen. Nun aber viel Spaß beim Anschauen und ich freue mich wie immer auf eure Kommentare. Sprungmarken im Video: 00:10 Einführende Worte und meine persönliche Meinung zum Aspire Atlantis 13:11 Der Lieferumfang und die Details zum Aspire Atlantis 19:34 Die maximale Füllmenge im Atlantis 21:48 Der CF SUB Ohm und CF Mod Akkuträger im Detail 30:25 Die elektrischen Messungen an beiden Akkuträgern 44:16 Prüfung des Verpolungsschutz, Kurzschlussschutz und des minimalen Ohm Werts auf den Akkuträgern 47:20 Mein persönliches Fazit zu den neuen Aspire Geräten 00:00 Mein persönliches Fazit zu den Geräten Link zum Produkt im Shop: http://www.edampf-shop.com/epages/47213485610.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/47213485610/Products/4260404271246
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Kanger SubTank Plus vs. Aspire Atlantis II - MyFreedomSmokes
It's The Vaping Matchup of the Century! Thanks for watching! Products shown here are available for sale at MyFreedomSmokes.com. Click the link below to go to browse our site. Homepage: http://www.myfreedomsmokes.com Kanger SubTank Plus: https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/kanger-subtank-plus-hybrid-rta-rda.html Aspire Atlantis 2: https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/aspire-atlantis-2-bvc-sub-ohm-tank.html
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