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Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial
These are some original takes for the legendary Orson Welles "We Will Sell No Wine Before Its Time" commercial, and show that working with the legendary Mr. Welles could be...memorable.
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T-Pain - Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') ft. Yung Joc (Official Music Video)
T-Pain's official music video for 'Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')' ft. Yung Joc. Click to listen to T-Pain on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TPainSpotify?IQid=... As featured on T-Pain Presents Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits. Click to buy the trackor album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TPainGHiTunes?IQid... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/TPainBUADplay?IQid... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/TPainGHAmz?IQid=TP... More from T-Pain I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper): https://youtu.be/QjgZZGo881E I'm Sprung: https://youtu.be/rxRvDpF2FDA Take Your Shirt Off: https://youtu.be/eqSq2vz7CJI Follow T-Pain Website: http://www.t-pain.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/t-pain Twitter: https://twitter.com/tpain Instagram: https://instagram.com/tpain/ Subscribe to T-Pain on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/TPainSub?IQid=TPai... More great Hip Hop/Urban videos here: http://smarturl.it/HipHopUrban?IQid=T... --------- Lyrics: Shawty Snap (Yeah) T-Pain Damn Shawty Snap Yung Joc (Shawty) Ay Ay She Snapping Ah She Snapping Shawty Snapping Snap Your Fingers Do The Step You Can Do It All By Yourself Baby Girl What's Your Name? Let Me Talk To You Let Me Buy You A Drink I'm T-Pain, You Know Me Konvict Music nappy boy oh wee I Know The Club Close At 3 What's the chance of you rolling With Me? Back To The Crib Show You How I Live Let's Get Drunk Forget What We Did I'mma Buy You A Drank Then I'mma Take You Home With Me I Got Money In The Bank Shawty What you Think 'Bout That? Find Me In The Grey Cadillac We In The Bed Like Ooh Ooh Oh, Ooh Ooh We In The Bed Like Ooh Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh" #TPain #BuyUADrank #Vevo #HipHop #YungJoc
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Ludacris - One More Drink ft. T-Pain
Music video by Ludacris performing One More Drink. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,394,091. (C) 2008 DTP Records, LLC
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Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve
Music video by Paradiso Girls performing Patron Tequila. (C) 2009 Interscope Paradiso, LLC
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LMFAO - Shots ft. Lil Jon
Music video by LMFAO performing Shots. (C) 2009 Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on July 26, 2012. http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LMFAOshots Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LMFAOshotsAmz Google Play: http://smarturl.it/LMFAOshotsGP Best of LMFAO: https://goo.gl/F2XN78 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/4ecUJp
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Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra - Well, Did You Evah (High Society)
Aus dem Film "Die oberen Zehntausend" (High Society).
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Bridesmaid Fall Over drunk
Drunk Bridesmaid falls over at the Alter after drinking too much champagne, passes out and is sick just off shot.
Views: 9496 davidslk
Too Much Champagne?
Dordogne post-soccer game
Views: 87 emilyh00
THE KAULITZ TWINS ARE DRUNK!! or so I think... i own nothing!! love ya, MyLoveKaulitz
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Tipsy Kitty Drinking Champagne
My Dad used to say he was having a glass of wine with his kitty after he passed away and she came to live with us we discovered that he was being serious, Kitty has a taste for champagne.
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6 year old Boy drinking (Non-Alcholic) champagne
a 6 year old boy drinks champagne .
The other side of Kimi Räikkönen = Dirty Kimi
Kimi never dies!
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chris wild drunk with hiccups
I was very drunk after drinking champagne wine and sambuca, first time i seen myself drunk
Views: 9946 chris wild
Fergie - Glamorous ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)
Playlist Best of Fergie https://goo.gl/5ZWDGg Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/M5LCMy Music video by Fergie performing Glamorous. (C) 2007 will.i.am Music Group/A&M Records #Fergie #Glamorous #Vevo #Pop #Ludacris
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Cassidy - My Drink N' My 2 Step ft. Swizz Beatz (Official Music Video)
Cassidy's official music video for 'My Drink N' My 2 Step'. Click to listen to Cassidy on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/CYSpot?IQid=CY2S As featured on B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/CYBiTunes?IQid=CY2S Google Play: http://smarturl.it/CY2SPlay?IQid=CY2S Amazon: http://smarturl.it/CYBAm?IQid=CY2S More From Cassidy I'm A Hustla: https://youtu.be/ypo677kw6Pk Condom Style: https://youtu.be/FMlkPoLfNnE Get No Better: https://youtu.be/Lo23zR9FRSg More great Classic Hip Hop Videos here: http://smarturl.it/CHHPlaylist?IQid=CY2S Follow Cassidy Twitter: https://twitter.com/cassidy_larsiny Subscribe to Cassidy on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/CYSub?IQid=CY2S --------- Lyrics: I got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step Got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step It's on! It's on, it's on (and I'm home) (Get the Patron and tell 'em that it's on) I got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step Got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step It's on! It's on, it's on (and I'm home) (Get the Patron and TELL 'EM THAT IT'S ON) I got my drink and my dutchie, I just beat a murder People think that I'm lucky, my link lookin husky Big stones, it's on, it's on, the kid home Get the Patron, and tell 'em that it's on Put the smoke in the air and get stoned The whip sittin on two-sixes, the lip's chromed My money used to be immature now my shit grown Big wheels, big homes, I'm doin it big homes (Now it's on! It's on, it's on) the kid home Get the Patron, and tell 'em that it's on I do my two step, and let the link swing Hold the drink with the left hand to show the pink' ring #Cassidy #MyDrinkNMy2Step #Vevo
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Jamie Foxx - Blame It ft. T-Pain
Jamie Foxx's official music video for 'Blame It' featuring T-Pain. Click to listen to Jamie Foxx on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/JFoxxSpot?IQid=JFoxxBI As featured on Intuition. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/JFoxxIntiTunes?IQid=JFoxxBI Google Play: http://smarturl.it/JFoxxBIPlay?IQid=JFoxxBI Amazon: http://smarturl.it/JFoxxIntAmz?IQid=JFoxxBI More from Jamie Foxx Party Ain't A Party: https://youtu.be/80J5MMxLXB8 You Changed Me: https://youtu.be/I26EwcssMbY Fall For Your Type: https://youtu.be/m9fUYcxP1UA Follow Jamie Foxx Website: http://www.jamiefoxxmusic.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamiefoxx Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamjamiefoxx Instagram: https://instagram.com/iamjamiefoxx/ Subscribe to Jamie Foxx on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/JFoxxSub?IQid=JFoxxBI More great classic RNB videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRNB?IQid=JFoxxBI --------- Lyrics: Blame it on the goose Got you feeling loose Blame it on Patron Got you in the zone Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol Ay she say she usually don't But I know that she front Cause shawty know what she want But she don't wanna seem like she easy I ain't saying what you wont do But you know we probably gonna do What you been feeninn deep inside Don't lie now
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Drunk champagne bottle open
Drunk Kayla opening a champagne bottle. NO!!!
Views: 309 Mark Elphick
Open Champagne
Every New Year's Eve, many people wonder how to open champagne. Chef Jason Hill of CookingSessions.com shows you how to open champagne the correct way using tips he learned during a recent visit to Domaine Chandon in Napa Valley. The winery is well known for its sparkling wines, made in the classic French methode champenoise style. Before opening champagne, be sure your bottle is chilled to about 45-55 degrees. I like to fill my ice bucket with half ice cubes and half cold water and chill the bottle for about 30 minutes. You can also chill the wine in the refrigerator for about 3 hours. Once the bottle is chilled, dry it with a towel and remove the foil over the cork. Leave the wire hood intact. You should never use a corkscrew to open a champagne bottle. To properly open sparkling wine or champagne, grab the neck of the bottle with your left hand and place your thumb over the top of the cork. Tilt the bottle away from you at a 45-degree angle, pressing the bottom of the bottle against your body. Next, use your free hand to pull down the wire tab and untwist it counter clockwise until it is loose. Now, with a firm grasp still on the cork, slowly twist the bottle and tilt the cork slightly to let gas escape. The pressure of the bubbles should push the cork out safely. If, for some reason, the cork will not release, try running the neck of the bottle under hot water. Freshly opened champagne, if sealed properly, will keep three days in the refrigerator. For more cooking videos, recipes and chef tips, check out my Web site at CookingSessions.com SUBSCRIBE! http://tinyurl.com/kfrblj7 LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK http://www.Facebook.com/ChefTips CIRCLE ME ON GOOGLE PLUS http://tinyurl.com/kabpxd9 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER https://twitter.com/ChefTips FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/ChefTips
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The Kimi Räikkönen Drunk!
This is footage of The Iceman, drunk as hell, about to break his neck! But, you like that don't you! You wouldn't want some well-behaved man like LEWIS HAMILTON! GET HIM!
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jadakiss flips on everybody for touching his rose bottle
Created on August 14, 2009 using FlipShare.
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Oz and James' Wine Adventure - Best of Season 1
I edited this one night with serious amounts of caffeine in my system (so if there's some weird moments that's the reason for it). Video includes my fav bits of James and Oz's 1st drinking holiday. Enjoy :)
Views: 17282 firmus90
Bono drunk talks too much...bah, as weel as he´s sover
Views: 46555 Oscar Camaño
How not to drink champagne
Topsy's birthday celebrations "drinking" champagne
Views: 514 simes34
drink fail
chloe and summer downing wine and smashing a glass and being sick ....
Views: 293 mitsimatt
Drunk Lionel Messi At FC Barcelona Party
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hot blonde drinking champagne
Enjoying a glass of champagne in the tub. Lol, I had to cut out a few seconds because there was a naked guy in the same room.
Views: 4118 weirdnbizr
It was 2006 or 2005 and we were drinking champagne in Ukiah, Gabe, ALana, EMily and Chet around new years...?
Views: 180 chet4peace
Single Ladies the drunken attempt
this is what happens when you drink a bottle of champagne with your friends... you try to do dances that you don't even know
Views: 193 HEB111
Danger: Alcohol And Breastfeeding!
You'd like to toast the birth of your new baby, too, but you're breast-feeding. You don't want a drunk newborn, but you really want that glass of Champagne. What REALLY happens if you drink while breast-feeding? Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=videojug Check Out Our Channel Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/videojug Like Us On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/videojug Follow Us On Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/videojug Watch This and Other Related films here: http://www.videojug.com/film/danger-alcohol-and-breastfeeding
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Rosie on Champagne
Rosie + Champagne + Wine = This
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White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin
A sentimental song about Christmas. This version is taken from the Australian 'Ready For This?' DVD. Every year, all proceeds from the sale of (either version of) this song during the months of November, December and January, go to an organisation which supports children and/or adults on the autism spectrum. This year, 2018, that will be Aspect in Australia. xt If you already have the song, you might like to gift it via iTunes or donate directly to Aspect here: https://www.autismspectrum.org.au/donate/ December 2012: "It's been six years since I wrote my little tribute to Christmas, and I've finally recorded a studio version. Huzzah!" You can download it internationally from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/white-wine-in-the-sun-single/id583324717 and for "non-apple people", it's on Amazon (UK) here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/White-Wine-in-the-Sun/dp/B00AHK84ME/ and Amazon (US) here: http://www.amazon.com/White-Wine-in-the-Sun/dp/B00AHI77UG/. It's also available internationally from 7digital here: http://www.7digital.com/artist/tim-minchin/release/white-wine-in-the-sun tx
Views: 5948310 Tim Minchin
champagne &wine = FAIL.
my first sip of champagne and wine at my friend's debu.. real classy huh?
Views: 89 melaniexpearl
Sierras drunk dancing
Hott drunk girl dancing off of champagne
Views: 383 Stephanie Gunn
All Time Low - Poppin' Champagne - DRUNK.
embarassing? yes. (girls like boys.)
Views: 954 PushPlay812
Drinking the Champers!
Dubois?! LITERALLY, the best champagne in the world! Thanks for helping us drink it girls!!
Views: 12252 misfit1978
Wine Explosion Post-Drunk
Matthew pushed the cork into the wine bottle with a screwdriver and it exploded all over him.
Views: 309 coo0kies
Train Champagne
Joanna and I drinking free champagne courtesy of Amtrak.
Views: 48 Sam Levine
Pop Champagne.. again!!
this bottle was opened a week before, and the quarter of it that had been drunk, was replaced by water. so i thought that the first pop was all it had. guess not. :P
Views: 431 Lovetob oard
Busta Rhymes - Drinking Champagne Final - Live in Athens (by Loukits)
Busta Rhymes - Drinking Champagne Final Live in Athens (by Loukits)
Views: 323 LoukitsVideos
de-vote.com- save water drink champagne- english
de-vote.com tee- save water drink champagne, designe by Hody Hong The slogan was inspired by phases such as "make love, not war" and then the design are constructed with 2 elements: 1 is the champaign glass shape, which assembles the container of the alcohol 2 is the 60s bubble type face, which assembles the affect of the alcohol, the lumpy and dizziness of the drunken sensation.
Views: 183 devotedevote
GTA IV Champagne drinking Ballad of Gay Tony Liberty City Rockstar Games
GTA IV Champagne drinking Ballad of Gay Tony Liberty City Rockstar Games
Views: 4751 MadJockel
Drunk luke
A very short video of luke drunk on cider! LOL
Views: 137 incubus130
Shit Girls Drinking Wine Say
Creating the perfect response to a text from the guy you just hooked up with is hard to do, especially when you drink a lot. With Abigail Marlowe and Amanda Fink.
Views: 5447 13redcliffe
Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman
Gretchen Wilson's official music video for 'Redneck Woman'. Click to listen to Gretchen Wilson on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/GretchenWSpot?IQid=GWRnW As featured on Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/GrWGHiTunes?IQid=GWRnW Google Play: http://smarturl.it/GWDWplay?IQid=GWRnW Amazon: http://smarturl.it/GWGHamz?IQid=GWRnW More from Gretchen Wilson Come To Bed: https://youtu.be/wzvUpUK_IXw Still Rollin': https://youtu.be/wi9kf6Sv0-Y You Don't Have To Go Home: https://youtu.be/HqpkbI6HgsY More great Country Hits here: http://smarturl.it/CountryHit?IQid=GWRnW Follow Gretchen Wilson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gretchenwilson Twitter: https://twitter.com/gw27 Subscribe to Gretchen Wilson onYouTube:http://smarturl.it/GWSubscribe?IQid=GWRnW --------- Lyrics: Well, I ain't never been the Barbie doll type No, I can't swig that sweet Champagne, I'd rather drink beer all night In a tavern or in a honky tonk or on a four-wheel drive tailgate I've got posters on my wall of Skynyrd, Kid and Strait Some people look down on me, but I don't give a rip I'll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip 'Cause I'm a redneck woman I ain't no high class broad I'm just a product of my raising I say, 'hey ya'll' and 'yee-haw' And I keep my Christmas lights on On my front porch all year long And I know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song So here's to all my sisters out there keeping it country Let me get a big 'hell yeah' from the redneck girls like me, hell yeah
Views: 39756803 gretchenwilsonVEVO
Circus Seal
Pabla drinking champagne like a drunken fool, before she passed out in my car snoring & drooling.
Views: 172 Jessica Roof
Views: 98 princesskealiegh
Dwight Stifler American Pie 5
Dwight Stifler Against a Nerd who think he can beat Stifler XD Stifler can drink this ALL DAY LONG :)
Views: 73856 Alcoholicmeister
Drunk 5 Year Old
lol thats me when i was 5. It was my sisters bday. Oh yea and i wasnt drunk lol.
Views: 2938 kevin ortiz

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